Sadda Haq 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says all I wanted in my life was Engineering. My father and brother always opposed me. I thought I would never love because that person would so the same thing but you couldn’t even respect my dreams. He says you just want me to praise and boost you ego. You drive and I become cheerleader. Sanyu says you can never praise anyone. I just thought you wouldn’t laugh at me. He says that is the reason not to make me driver? sanyu says you are not driver because you are not good enough. You take things for granted. You would never win this. You can’t accept that. He says okay its my fault. I couldn’t get you.Randhir says now everything is clear. sanyu says its late we will talk after race tomorrow. Randhir says there is nothing left to talk. Sanyu says just go right

now. He says there is no tomorrow. Good night.

The race is about to start. The media says the first female driver in history of this race is sanyu. Agarwal sees it on TV and leaves in anger. Sanyu says to Parth we can’t make any mistake. Parth says we wont. Sanyu says monitor everything.
Agarwal asks his driver to take him to the race.
Sanyu and parth sit in the car.

Agarwal asks for the tickets of the race. He gets them. Everyone comes to their places. The race starts. The commentator praises sanyu’s driving. The race is on going. The person agarwal sits next to cheers for sanyu. Agarwal says to the man I am kishor agarwal. Do you know her? He says I will hire her when she completes the race. Agarwal says whats so special others are performing well as well. Korea and India are fighting for the lead.
The businessman says I had a daughter. She had dreams like sanyu. I stopped her from everything. I got her married. Her in laws allowed her to chase her dreams. So She has everything in life now. Except me, she has no place for me in her life now.

The last lap of the race starts. Sanyu presses the red button. Everyone is dazed. Sanyu completes the race. She wins it and suddenly they meet an accident. Parth and sanyu fall out of the car. Parth is badly injured.
Parth was badly injured. He was taken in ambulance. Sanyuu was sitting there in shock as well. They take off Parth’s helmet. Randhir is with them. Randhir holds his hand.
Ranawat says forgive me. I killed you again today. your brother can’t do anything. He is good for nothing. I thought we will win competition. See, I won but I still lost it.
Sanyu said to randhir why it happened to me randhir. Randhir said you should ask yourself. You have all answers. You have ruined everything. You never listened to me. You see nothing in front of your ego not even your husband. Congratulations you have proved that you are better than me. I couldn’t do what you did to win. I can’t take someone’s life.
Randhir says to sanyu I wanted to marry a homey and understanding girl. You just care for yourself. I wanted to marry a simple girl not someone ambiitons hungry. Someone who destroys everything for success. Good luck for you life. I hope you get everything you want. he leaves and sanyu cries.

After some days, sanyu is sitting in garden. Agarwal comes and caresses her. She says I destroyed everything. My friend died because of me. It happened because of me. Agrwal hugs her.
Sanyu recalls the race track.

The end.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    What a worse end??parth dead..n what an abrupt incident it was…n there ws nt a single scene of vidarth….why??

  2. karina

    No way Parth cant die 🙁 there must be some mistery here….i hope the CV arent so fool to kill parth’s character.

    • karina

      Deepika dear lets have a little hope maybe this is just a twist in the story andparth isnt dead or if he is dead at least i hope the CV will bring Ankit again in the show and will give him a new character in the show…like a new entry of parth’s look-a-like….donno 🙁

      • Deepika

        I don’t think karina
        Bcz it’s all happened infront of them so there is no mistery .
        Let’s see what happens after week.

    • karina

      Yeah i understand ur point Deepika but donno my heart isnt ready to accept parth’s death and vidarth and sandhir’s separation yet 🙁

      • Deepika

        sandhir separation is ok as we know that they will reunite in sh2 but after parth’s death 🙁 no hope for vidarth. 🙁

      • karina

        Oh 🙁 yeah i know its really hard to belive in vidarth’s reunion but donno i still hope parth is not dead….hope i wont be dissapointed.

  3. riyaz

    may be sanyu is dreamig,
    parth is very good person,he daved sanyu many times,he cant die
    and if its true then what a joke first jigy thenprof vardhan and now parth

  4. karina

    Guys i still hope this is only a strategi to end season 1 in a dramatic way coz i sincerlly think the CV arent that fool to kill parth’s character coz after sandhir, vidarth are the most important characters….as for jigy’s death he wasnt so important in the show so i guess thats why they kill him and for prof vardhan the CV didnt have in plan to kill him but Krip Sury got an offer to play lead role in Kalash and thats why he requested the production house to end his character…he said it in an interview.

  5. Rendani

    Why didn’t they give us a happy ending, why didn’t Sandhir and dream team find love and career. I hate bad and sad ending it makes watching pointless

  6. karina

    Hey guys lets not panic…lets wait till season 2 starts ( i think it will start after a week of break ) and see what will happen…hoping for vidarth and sandhir story along with our crazy yoyo.

  7. Deep

    Worst end,foolish end by cv’s killing Parth and useless finish,but gteatful to the CV’s to end like that,now have no interest in watching Season 2.

  8. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Thy transformed vidarth’s love story painful mess….the.couple with so much chemistry n potential…n vidushi didn’t react a bit on parth’s death…she forgot parth so easily n.nw wl marry tht ankit….not done

    • karina

      It is confirmed that Season 2 will start next week or in about 2 weeks it is not sure…but season 2 is coming 🙂 and am sure all this mess with parth’s death and vidarth and sandhir separation will be sorted out 🙂

      • Suranjana Bhattacharya

        U r abt vidarth….i knw sandhir wl.reunite…bt.inspite of being.Vidarthian no hope.left

    • karina

      Yeah dear im optimistic 🙂 coz season 2 hasnt started yet so anything can happen….i love vidarth to much to lose hope so easily 🙂

  9. Sohini dutta

    Is it really the end of such a popular serial and that 2 such a bad one ….or end of part 1…how can parth die….sandir relation end just like this….

  10. prathmesh

    What the hell this cant be the end Of the show.i am feeling like crying how can randhir leave sanyukta easily and how could parth die.And what about vardhan death and where has rana gone?

  11. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Check channel v fb pg.u wl gt 2 knoq abt sadda haq sure….n.sandhir wl b defo. vidarth no…n so ve quit the show

    • karina

      Dear are u sure vidarth wont be there? Coz as far as i know they didnt announce anything about it on social media….and im sure if they ll see fans reaction about parth’s death and vidarth’s separation the CV might change the current track.

  12. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Vardhan’s death z an old story…he died.saving hs students…n rana died out of bomb blast which ws plantd in his body by.vardhan….

  13. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    I knw thr z no confirmatn.frm thm yet…bt On twitter I personally ve tweeted 2 cvs many tyms….n nw the fans whch r remaing r sad abt ths …n many ve accptd vidushi wd ankit… N cn.u tell me abt wht nisha n ankit said in tht latest dream team iv regarding s2?

    • karina

      The latest iv which i’ve seen with the entire SH team was the one posted by telly bytes….and from what i’ve heard and read when the reporter asked them about season 2 they said that they arent alowed to tell anything right now but prince aka yoyo said something not so audible and the smiled at the camera in assurance that all will be well in season 2….i donno what will happen but a lot of fans asumed that prince indirectly gave us a msg that we shouldnt be dissapointed and keep watching the show….im really sad about the happenings in the show abd if they really killed parth then for me the show will not be the same and im sure a lot of fans will stop watching it so yeah hope the CV arent that dumb to lose the fans of vidarth.

  14. nisha

    Hey deiraeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees do someone tell me that this serial end now. Coz I really loved it but as I can see this part it looks that they end the serial and in written update also they write The end . Well if this is the end than this is the worst end ever I mean such a rocking start and rocking serial than this kind of end with sandhir away from each other and parth death and vidushi what happened with her . I mean disgusting what the hell they are planning have any idean then plz tell me any link or any news on social media Love u all sadda haq fans.

    • karina

      Dear this is only the end of season 1.
      It is already confirmed that season 2 will start soon….it will start from monday itself or after a week of break it isnt clarified yet…but yes the show isnt ending…season 2 will come.

    • MyrcellaStark

      I am not interested in Season 2 unless there is Vidushi and Parth in it. Those two are why I watched this show. And the second last episode Parth was pretty much horrible to Vidushi when he spoke about his first impression of her and yes I wanted Vidushi to move on but I did not want him to die yaar. Crappy ending tha.

  15. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hey nisha,sadda haq season 2 wl start within few days,confirmed v…n.season 2 wl ve sandhir in it…n abt vidarth no idea….

  16. karina

    Guys i dont get it why u all are saying that u waisted ur time by watching the show coz this is just the end of S1 its not like the show has ended for good and this is the final epi….the story will continue in S2….yeah i agree with u all that this was a sad and stupid ending of S1 but i will never regret that i watched this show coz it was one of the most unique, beautiful and inspirational show i’ve ever watched. This is the show that teach us that no matter what we should always fight for ur dreams so yeah im sad coz of such ending of S1 but i will never regret i’ve watched it nor i’ve wasted my time with it.

    • Deepika

      U r right.. I totally agree with u dear..
      This is what i want to see on tv … No saas bahu type drama… reality of our society…. Educated ppl like sanyu’s dad & bro still not support his daughter/sis…
      She is also my inspiration…
      I m also disappointed with d end…. But its just one ep …. We have watched so many inspirational and unique ep …. we have seen how girl has to fight for her dream…

      • karina

        Yes Deepika dear…SH is a great show that has a message to transmit to the sociaty…really hats off to the actors, crew, production house and all the ppl that made this amazing show.

    • MyrcellaStark

      I used to only watch it for Vidarth. This show taught me that my opinions don’t matter by only taking the feelings of Sandhir/ParSh lovers and using Vidarth as tools to create and solve problems between Sandhir. Maybe it is my fault that I feel for the “Not main couple” and I wrote like 20 fanfiction stories on Vidarth. This show makes me cry because of the way they ended it. I don’t just feel like I wasted my time but also my words plus my emotions. All the same I want to keep Vidarth in my heart and I refuse to believe that Parth is dead.
      I always consider this scenario lately:
      What if no one died but Sanyu was severely injured? How would that change things?

  17. nikki

    very true karina. i agree. and ya there have got to be something in S2 or else what’s the need to cntinue.i always loved it. ya felt sad but i m stll optimistic, it will turn some other way. just hope it don’t turn the same boring track like every other story, i mean i don’t want them to show something same to reveal the ‘real truth’ of Parth’s death.
    and wish that Sanyu turn more independent in the next season and Randhir soon realise his mistake.
    loved it, both the season and the news that the serial is going to be continued.
    just hope Parth’s not dead, and ya I too want some Vidarth seens’ some really spicy ones.ha. ha ha ha ha ha

    • karina

      Thank u Nikki for ur support 🙂 yeah lets hope for the best and maybe our wish will be fullfilled and Vidarth will be present in S2 🙂

  18. karina

    Guys i wanna tell u all that although this was one of SH sadest epi im glad with the response of the fans….from long time this page hasnt so many comment by so many fans and its really sad coz this show is awesome…so my request to u all is that u comment ur views on each episode….pls guys share ur views on every epi from now on coz its really nice to see u all commenting and expressing ur views 🙂 thank u…

  19. Rushali

    In Season 2 – When Randhir breaks up with Sanyukta. I would love to see her paired opposite her Mentor Abhay Ranawat. I know – I am dissappointing Sandhir fans and it sounds a weird Student-Teacher relationship, but I think Gaurav Chopra can pull it off. He is the one who understands Sanyukta’s Aspirations, dreams, strengths, and weakness. He has always given her the right advice, motivation and direction.

    Also for some reason, Randhir’s character is only filled with emotions hatred and ego. They will never let his love for an ambitious and successful character like Sanyukta survive. Nor will he allow her to make any logical decision.
    I think it will be hard on him, but some people learn it the hard way. He is always forgiven and so he takes all his relationships for granted – never learns from his mistakes. This will probably make him more careful and responsible in a next relationship.

  20. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah u r r8…sach pucho toh i really wsh vidarth z thr in S2…thy brng nw ntries as mch thy wnt bt the bonding of sandhir and vidarth z the USP of the show..i wnt sanyukta to b more independent,sum frndshp btwn randhir vidushi n also sanyu vidu in parth’s absence…I also want vidushi to deal wd her insecurities…n 1 more thng i am glad 2 c so many vidarth fans here..n I d also tell my frnds 2 visit ths plce

  21. karina

    Guys Channel V confirmed on fb and twitter that season 2 will start from this monday itself withouth a week break…so tmrrw S2 will start.

  22. nisha

    hey dearieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees I read all ur comments I do want to watch some more scenes of them yaar.

    actually all of them different angles why always lovy dovy scenes yaar. I mean Sanyukta new pair up and Randhir new pair up I want some new in next season what about u all.

    Having any ideas in ur mind for what happened in season 2 and what u want in season 2 .

    hey by the way hey RJ nikki how r u dear , I never knew that u like this serial too love u dear sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

    hey karina and sunjana Bhattacharya love u dear both of u , thanx for telling me about the next part . Love u loads deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Love u all the fans of sadda haq I am new here. waiting for next part eagerly

    REading some fanfic on Telly page and writing 2 fanfic on fanfic page and loved to talk with u all. coz I really genuinely loved this serial a lot.

    Specially Vardhan character I know when he left the serial I feel bad but it is sandhir what make me bind then and now I want so many things in season 2 what about u all. loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    Love u all

    Keep smiling
    Once a friend always a friend.

    • karina

      Awww so sweet of u Nisha dear….we love u too and im really glad SH has so many fans…ur comments are really nice and i enjoy reading them…kisses for u 🙂

  23. Rushali

    That is Super cool. I wish Parth is NOT dead, we really want to see Parth and more of Abhay in S2. Parth’s character has seen lot of struggle to complete engineering, definitely should not go in vain. Also, we want to see Sanyukta’s father in a more supportive role, instead of taking advantage of the situation to demoralize her. Sanyukta’s character has an immense potential and she needs to be with people who will give it a push, and make her more independent.

    I think Randhir’s character has a great potential too, but NOT sure why his character is shown using it in a Destructive way instead of constructive way. He has NO goal or direction, and does not allow Sanyukta to have one either. He is always looking for reasons to hate or blame someone and does not forgive. But, he expects everyone to forgive him without making any efforts. He just walks in and out of any relationship according to his mood swings. Some people are really lucky, they get as many chances as they can afford to make mistakes.

    • karina

      I couldnt have agree with u more dear.
      I also have a lot of expectations for S2 and i really hope CV wont dissapoint us….its really nice to see some many fans that love this show as much as i do…

  24. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hey nisha, thr z no need of saying thnx…we all r sadda haq fans….so its ok….n karina ,lts pray tht our wsh gts grantd…n definitely thr z more to the lives of these four charecters….bt we should forward our views to cvs,esp. for vidarth
    as vidarth fans need to voice thr views

    • karina

      Yeah dear ur totally right we should do something so that our Vidarth will be present in S2….hope our wish will be fullfilled.

  25. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Hey rushali ,one thng z confirmd tht asr z nt in Season 2 as he himself said tht…n u r r8 randhir n vidushi r two such charecters which cn be explored in bst possible way…..plz parth come bck

  26. Rushali

    I want to see ASR in Season 2. I am a big fan of Gaurav Chopra and loved his entry in Sadda Haq, after Krip left the show. I shud admit CVs have done a great job with the character of Dream team mentors both Vardhan and Abhay

  27. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys lets make wsh list of wht we d lyk to see in season 2 n pich some of the ideas in fb n twitter……it wl hlp in frwrding our wshes to cvs

  28. karina

    Suranjana dear that’s a great idea i will write down here my wishes….but i wanna request u something i dont have a fb or twitter account so if its possible for u can u post my msg on fb as well if u ll forword ur msg to channel v’s fb or twitter…it will mean a lot to me….i think u and i have almost the same expectations for S2 🙂
    So here is what i want for S2: 1. i want Parth to be alive, 2. i want vidarth together again, 3. i want sandhir to resolve their problems and not to get separated, 4. i want ASR to be a part of the show in S2 as well, 5. i want sanyu’s dad to be more supportive thowards sanyu coz its high time he realises what girls can do.

  29. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah definitely….karina, I d surely pich thse to.cvs….bt asr wala wsh shayd na ho ske….cz he z nt a part of show anymore n newyork nw

    • karina

      I really hope that he changed for good but im not very sure coz he might get back to his old avatar if sanyu decides to follow her dream anyhow.

  30. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Sanyu n.vidu wl do wht thy wantd always??that z why thy had 2 part thr ways frm randhir n parth…isn’t it so??bt i jst want thm to b independent

    • karina

      Yeah i think the same as u…sanyu and vids needed to part ways from rd and parth so that they can be independent but yeah i also want them to be couples again.

    • karina

      Dear u can post ur ff here u just have to contact TU team for it or u can just submitt ur artical by posting it in the section that has this name ( go in the menu – its above on this page….click on the menu button and then u will see 3 categories and the last one is “submitt ur artical” u click on it and then follow the steps there)….i would love to read ur ff on sandhir & vidarth. Pls post it soon

    • Deepika

      It will be grt if u post ff of sandhir & vidarth… I’ll love to read… Plz comment here whenever u post … Best of luck

  31. MyrcellaStark

    I cannot bring myself to watch the ending.
    Without Parth, sadda haq is nothing to me.
    I’m a hardcore Vidarth shipper.
    If there is no Vidarth then I’m going to make up my own spinoff.

    • Suranjana Bhattacharya

      Hey Myrcella I m also.a big vidarth fan….n its same fr all vidarth fans…I dnt knw what wl happn in show bt here we wl post vidarth fics which i hope wl make u happy

  32. Rushali

    I think Ankit n Vidhushi don’t deserve anyone better than each other. Both sly, materialistic, wanting an easy life and looking for returns effortlessly.

    I would like to see Parth with someone new – more strong in personality and morals. Probably Arpita, who was seen in the track where students were held as hostages.

    Randhir’s character needs to be resurrected. Has been introduced as a genius, who has lost focus in life n career. Currently he is only obsessed with Sanyukta and fighting his own insecurities and failures, venting out his frustration on her, and it really getting annoying.

    • karina

      I get ur pov but i think Vids isnt as selfish as Ankit…Vids had a though past unlike Ankit who got everything that wanted in a blink of an eye and also Vids was trying to change herself she did a lot of good things for her friends and DT but Ankit since the show started i never saw him doing something good for his sister let alone other ppl…so my opinion is that Vids deserves som1 better then Ankit some1 that can help her be on the right side and not pushing her further in the dark.

  33. shenaz

    Dis is wrong I didn’t wanted part to die n rd how can he blame sanyu n leave her alone n poor sanyu she tho don’t have any choice ryt now left with her except to sit n blame herself for everything but I hope sh is not ending on dis sad track plz CV do sm smthing

  34. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah karina, u r absolutely r8…vidushi has a tough n terrible past ….her parents dumped her she got divorced…bt thn also.she had done many good thngs to parth randhir and sanyukta……N she ws the one who accptd parth wd all hs past…both rd n vidu need time….

    • karina

      Yup dear both Rd and Vids had a difficult life and never had the support of their familys…..although parth and sanyu had a though life as well they werent alone coz sanyu had her mom and parth had his parents.

  35. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys, its a request whoever here r on twitter or fb, plz pich ur request of vidarth being a part of S2…plz …I ve already done tht

  36. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah….thr r mny ideas relatd to the fic in my mind……samajh nahin aa rha kounsa use tym milte hi main likhungi n post krungi…pakkka …..

  37. karina

    Guys im a little confused….now they are saying that SH Season 2 will start from 4th January 2016 after a week break and not from today. From what i read this week they wont telecast the show but instead the actors will give some interviews about S2 and then from next week the show will start again….i donno if channel v will telecast this interview or it will be posted online but is some1 sees it pls give a brief wu about what they talked in the interview for the ones that cant see it on tv like myself 🙂 thank u…

  38. Rushali

    Yeah both Randhir and Vidu had a terrible past and have done some good things in the past. However, it does not take them a moment to change their opinion about anyone and get vengeful. I think they carry a lot of negativity and blame others for their mistakes.

    Like Vidushi blames Sanyukta for her breakup with Parth, but does not admit, its b’coz of the vedios she made. If parth had made vedios of her and sold it for money – would she forgive him ?? She would have probably scandalized his personality and even put him in jail. Making vedios of a guy, does not make her offense any less disgraceful, dignity of a man is as important as that of any lady. It was unbelievably disgusting and disgraceful on her part. I am not sure if anyone can ever trust someone like that. Anyone could probably forgive her for everything she has done, because her priorities are different — but this — I don’t think Parth should forgive her for this.
    Specially she has herself been through a scandal of an uploaded private vedio- If her friends had not supported her she would have been rusticated. She should know how it feels and try not to put anyone else through it. Honestly – I am totally disgusted with her overall personality

    • karina

      I get ur pov dear and im not trying to justify any of Vids or Rd doings im just saying that unlike Ankit this two( Vids & Rd) tried to change themselves and help others and i think every person deserves a second chance if he or she wants to change themselves. I think its a great thing to be able to recognise ur mistakes and to ask for forgivness but its a greater thing to forgive the ones that did a mistake thowards u….

  39. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Yeah karina i compltly agree wd u…..N rushali, u r r8…thy ve done many things whch r unacceptable….bt thy rnt comparable to ankit…….it ws same rd n vidushi who didn’t cared fr thr lives n saved sanyu n parth durng rana’s attack….n.thr unconditional love whn parth didn’t evn acknowledged her……N parth also playd a bet wd namit on vidushi… wasn’t right

  40. MyrcellaStark

    It’s me again. Like, I have a few Vidarth fic ideas. My questions are:
    1. will anyone be willing to read it?
    2. Where do I post it?

  41. Rushali

    Not sure.. Ankit is imcompetent and insecure, so he is arrogant and being brought up in a patriarchial family, he doesnt support women empowerment. MCP he is, I guess he has done things to keep everything under the control of men in the house, just like even his father has groomed him.

    And Pls Vidhushi’s unconditional love for Parth, I dont think she even knows what she wants to do with her life and whom she wants to be with. If he says NO, she conspires against him of misusing funds, she is guilty – she tries to support Parth’s medical condition by robbing her classmates, instead of taking up some job. What kind of help or love is that.
    Sometimes shez with Namit, sometimes with Ankit, whoever gives her a shoulder to cry or puts up with her tantrums. She broke up so she wants sandhir to break up. I think she needs some serious counseling to sort out herself.

    But yes we want her in season 2, She creates All the drama in everyone’s life to make it all the more interesting.

    • karina

      Hey friends 🙂 Rushali dear in a way i agree with u Vids wasnt the best person in the world but at least she tried to help Parth and DT….i know it wasnt the right way but in the end her intentions were good…like i said im not trying to justify her but also she isnt the only one to be blame 🙂
      Suranjana dear i also agree with u and i know ur a Vidarth fan just like i am and im sure u love this two as much as i do …i still hope Parth will be present in S2 and Vids as well coz as Rushali said she brings the spice in the show 🙂

  42. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Say rushali.i dnt wnt to 1 thng ,.at firs she looked fr jobs only…bt the medical xpenses ws so huge tht it ws impossible to collct the money through jobs in a span of 3 weeks….if u remember ths….whn she ws caught, her at stake bt thn also she cured parth….n parth also treated her lyk trash…she murdered some1 fr parth…n.namit…she made it clear to him tht he z her frnd only….n in season 2 randhir n vidushi wl definitely learn frm thr mistakes

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