Sadda Haq 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to Nirman and says I want to talk to you. Nirman says I don’t want to. Out. Sanyu says no I won’t unless you listen to me. You are unfair. He says you are disturbing me. Sanyu says I have my right. He says go and do drama with media. Inside ISRC only my decisions work. Sanyu says decision that you ego decides. He says you are nothing but a fluke. Get the hell out of my room. Sanyu says you are right. I am not your enemy but you are making me, because I hurt your ego. I deserve to be here and you wont agree. And for that you will eliminate me from task.
He says you think you deserve it? He takes her to frozen room and says stay here for one hour. If you are alive, I will change my perception about you.
sanyu stays there. Subri comes and says there is emergency

video conference with ministers. Nirman says I am busy. She says they want to discuss asteroid. Can’t say no.

Sanyu is feeling cold. Nirman starts the meeting. He says I am doing my job. Minister says keep a lookout on funding of ISRC,you are accountable to us. Time is 58 minutes. Nirman is still busy. Sanyu knocks and says its one hour. She is sobbing and shivering. Aryan is looking for sanyu. Sanyu says I can’t lost. Nirman gets a call. He says okay I am coming.
Sanyu is fainting.
Aryan comes randhir and says where is sanyu? Randhir says must have kicked you.
Sanaya later asks randhir where is sanyu? No one has seen her. No one knows where is she. Randhir burns his hand with hot water. He says she wants sympathy and attention.
Sanyu is freezing. She says I can do it.
Sanyu recalls all her good moments,the one with randhir too.
Randhir says aryan, its her habit to seek attention.

Nirman is busy in call. Becky spills her water. Nirman says get out of here. He starts cleaning his files. Nirman sees his laptop and sees sanyu in the chamber. He is shocked because he forgot about her. He says how could I forget.
Nirman runs towards the chamber. Aryan says to Nirman sanyu is missing. Where is she. Nirman says she is not a child and I am not her caretaker.
Sumit sees nirman running. nirman comes in the chamber. Sanyu is fainted there. Nirman tries to move her. He starts crying and says how could I do this. He hits the wall and says dammit. Sanyu moves her hand.
Nirman picks her up and takes her to medical center. They give her CPR, Nirman says sanyu please open your eyes. Doctor asks him to wait outside. Doctor comes and says honestly I wasn’t expecting this.

Precap-Sanyu is in a chamber where she can’t stand up. Nirman says its not easy to become lead. Randhir says she was always over ambitious.But this risk. Aryan says this task was no less than a suicide. Sanya says I never thought this would happen. Nirman says I am shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Nav07

    OMG!!! Such a thrilling episode. But I luv it
    Sanyukta is such a strong girl. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode

  2. titli

    Awsm awsm epi πŸ˜€ u knw y? Bcz wried Rd NdNIRMAN (NIMBU) ROKD D EPI luking at nimbu’z cnditn made me laugh 1ce at a moment it lukd nirman <3 sanyu bt all abt his misn bt nimbu 2 hav a phobia so sanyu or DS shudnt knw it 😎
    lol no ofens bt sanyu ke liye mst woried was aryan lukd he wil cry nd he dsrv gud nd sanyu tâø bt S1 se v hav beèën watin 4 sandhir al v emo aatyachar :'( so may b R.I.P SOMEONE Frm the lv triangle wil do a li'l bit les unfair
    lov ma lovz hw u all?

  3. mayuri

    One of the epic episode … I think Niemann can be good also…. Its gonna interesting… All the moments today we enjoyed aryukta as well as sndhir moments….
    Sadda haq rocks πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  4. Aahna

    Suddenly what happened to nirman….?
    His reaction is strange……really strange
    Suddenly concern for sanyu or what
    Plzz somebody explain this

  5. Liya

    Hello guyz…..
    Gud epi…nah?
    Was Nirman showing care 4 sanyu??
    Happy that in one of her gud moments,sanyu rmbrd Rd!..
    Anyways I hope that sanyu is OK..
    Waiting to see our SanDhir nd VidhArth….
    Sadda haq rocks..!!
    How are u guyz?

    • mayuri

      The precap is the same precap or I can say advertisement which Karina gives link of … That they all say that sanyukta take risk and she is freezing … That one

  6. ayeesha

    omg!!!! for the first time nirman showed concern towards sanyu!!!! did nirman really cry for that situation of sanyu??? I jzt can’t believe this….

    hii guys…. h r u all???
    hey Rakshi where r u dear???
    princy where r u??? no reply to my mail????….

  7. sanyukta rathor

    Hee aishu bro kahaho tum ek joke sunanah tumhe

    Teacher – Itne dino se kaha the ?

    Student – Bird flu ho gya tha !

    Tea. -par ye to birds me hota h insano me nhi !

    Stu.- Insan samzha hi kha h aap ne roz to murga banati ho ?????????????

  8. I felt gud that nirmaan worried about sanyu….
    How can he forgrt…anyways brave sanyu…..
    Hmm I think im the first one to comment hrre….hii everyone…
    Sh rocksss…..

  9. Bk

    Hiiii guyzzzzzz….good evng to all……….
    2days epi z so mindblowing amazing….. …..fav epi…….
    I loved 2scenes in today’s epi….
    1st- sandhir flashbacks……sandhir tattoo scene,SANYUKTA proposed RD scene…..1st bike ride scene……ohhh I loved it…..
    2nd-R- Sanyukta mili??? look how much he is craving for her literary begging but don’t wanna show this is call true love?…..

    And 1 last thing guyzzzzzzz…one of my friend in Instagram said me that at the pool party we’ll see SANDHIR (SANYUKTA & RANDHIR) dance in RD’S DREAM……..not sure about it……..
    Btt I hope its happen……finger crossed….n eagerly waiting for 2morws epi………

    • pia.angel

      The spoiler shows that on Wednesday nirman’s new decision pushes randhir to hate sanyu….. may be she considered as lead astronaut…. not sure……only a guess
      Thursday aryan invite randhir in sanyu’s celebration party…. and
      On Friday randhir wants to make sanyu jealous ………. fun n.a…….

    • Liya

      Thnk u bk 4 dat fab news….SanDhir dance…???I hope their dance happens.m.waiting 4 that epi..
      Anywyz Thnk u again bk..!! πŸ™‚

    • pia.angel

      You must see today’s video….. he just forgot because of the conference with ministry…… ya it was his mistake too….. but his face when seen sanyu when he saw the laptop was just like he had got a very serious shock his eyes were widened….. even after that he didn’t miss a single sec…& ran toward the room

  10. Sanaya

    Hello guys
    I think this episode was very similar to Left right left ‘s episode when naina is in the freeze chamber!
    Any left right left fans here?

    • mrunali

      Ya i am dead fan of Left right left but until Rajeev Khandelwal left the show
      afterwards the serial lost its charm
      and my favourite onw is Arjun Bijlani playing Alekh mindblowing character and he played it too well too
      nice to know u are aksi fan of that serial
      episodes are there on youtube of whole series if u want to see it again

    • mrunali

      It was their physical test which was taken in earlier episodes bt that time rajveer sir was cheering up her and that was amazing episode
      and dont forget my alekh was also there and that was the first time they became friends and then became best friend
      i would love to talk about it anytime its my favourite show
      watched it twice again and had all the memories fresh in mind yet
      and always ready to speak about it at anytime

  11. Sanakhi

    Best episode my favourite part
    *Sanyukta and Nirmaan, great perfomnce
    *Randhir’s concern for Sanyukta, damn he was worried pretending he’s okay, poor Randhir your heart can’t take your lies anymore
    *Sanyukta in the chamber, Harshita Gaur is killing the Sanyukta role, she’s perfect
    And the memories with her love ones, her parents, her Randhir. She truly loves him and this moments with Randhir are wht gives her strength
    #TeamSandhir can’t wait to see them falling back together and this time stronger than ever!!

  12. mayuri

    One of the epic episode … I think Nirmaan can be good also…. Its gonna interesting… All the moments.. They were fantastic… today we enjoyed aryukta as well as sandhir moments and scenes ……
    Sadda haq rocks πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  13. kranti

    Ohhh nirman showing concern for
    This will literally changethe tract..
    Rd acting superb n when he found abt sanyu..omg..
    Hope that pool party is full of sandhir..
    Heloo can I Join u

    • dhruv

      Ohhh nirman emotional side…
      Sanyu killed the epi yr…wht an acting..
      Hey karu how r u????
      Ur crazy frnd was missing u na

      • kranti

        What the hell….who r u..why r u saying m name is kranti.
        N who told u ur my frnd cheap faltu guy…
        Listen from 2013 I am here n I kno guys like u dilebrtly talk with girls.

    • kranti

      Thnx karina n liya..
      Cute names…
      I am very old member of sh…
      We talked here n the comments were lIke 900.
      By the way now I am back..

      • mukti

        Bat karni ki tamij sikhai nai kya mom dad ne???
        U Dnt evn know how to tlk..
        N who told u dhruv was talking to u???
        U know such attention seeking people is nothing new here..
        N yes 1st learn how to tlk with others n then come…n dnt give urself so much importance..
        Dhruv n calling u karu..
        U dnt even desreve to be talked
        Miss typical small town girl..

      • dhruv regard all the girls as her sister and he never make any comments.which hurt anyone so please don’ t call him cheap faltu

  14. anda

    wow this epi was really amazing…nirman was so concerned for sanyu i really liked that…and i hope we will get to see sandhir moments coz im missing them badly and vidarth as well…anyways the epi was amazing harshita performance was awesome..

    • karina

      hey Anda glad to see u here…im waiting for ur next chapter of the ff…hope u ll post it soon…but only when u have time…no pressure πŸ™‚

  15. pia.angel

    Seriously today’s episode was superbly fab….. first nirman forgot sanyu in ice room for full one night…. you can understand for how much time….
    Secondly aryan was worried and was looking for sanyu here and there in ISRC….
    Thirdly randhir was worried but not showing his concern to others..
    Forth…. nirman remembered sanyu still in ice room….
    Fifth nirman was was walking in speed even when sumitsee nirman in that speed he unknowingly said sir is in that speed as if someone going to be died…
    Sixth nirman was crying an shirt himself but doesn’t care about his injury….and even feel relieved when he saw moving finger of sanyu..
    Seventh nirman took sanyu and rushed to the medicinal room….
    Eighth when doctor was giving shock treatment to sanyu then nirman shout open your eyes sanyukta….
    Ninth… when doctor told him to go outside…. his eyes were full with caring and was just looking at sanyu…
    Tenth….he was reckless and even when doctor came outside and tell him that he didn’t even expect that…….. at that time it seems like he was about to cry….. we can see care for sanyu in his eyes….. his eyes shows the care but not the guilt…. it’s clearly seen it was just care for sanyu…
    I have not this shade of nirman… not even when his ex-gf was died or we can say he killed her……. even he didn’t like the same nirman who hate sanyu…

  16. karina

    Hey guys h r u all ? The episode was mind-blowing i loved it….Nirman was actually concerned for Sanyu…i hope Rd and Sanyu come closer to each other…i want my SanDhir back and also i hope they ll bring VidArth back coz im missing Parth and Vids badly…good night guys…love u all…sadda haq rocks…

  17. dipshikha

    Sanyu ne flashback me randhir ko yad krke proof kar dia DAT she still loves him , hope sandhir will be back soon leaving their ego .

    • pia.angel

      And randhir ki heart beat be show Mr dia that he is still madly in love with him.
      Even the dream……?????? he got up as saw a horror dream after seeing sanyu in aryan’s hands…

  18. Liya

    Guyz,I have a doubt..
    What happened to menka really?after she fell…what happend?is she alive or not?
    Can anyone xplain that part and also what happened to the pen drive??

    • pia.angel

      According to me she is died….
      There was a lot of blood surround her….
      She was fell from the building or we can say pushed…. but her death was a mystery…..
      And the pen drive……… it was with sumit….. nirman thought he had the pendrive which was not true….. he have fake one…. it’s also still not shown…….

  19. yogiraj

    Wt a epi…nirman cried n dat too for sanyu…ow….wt a turn cv back on track…gud going..n acting of nirman n sayu is fab…SH rocking…:-)

  20. I think the cvs could bring vidharth bak in this pool party…..with them it would be so sizzling….honestlly my hrt is broken coz weel see aryukta and sandhir aka sanaya nd rd dancing together in the pool party. …but y does ayran give invitation to rd…….
    Its gud to see aryukta together but not sanaya rd…..

  21. Appy

    mujhe lagta hia nirman sara blame sanyukta pe daal dega ki isne khud esa kia. mujhe to iske bare me pta b nhi tha.

  22. Appy

    wese agr sanyu bachi b to koi logic to hona chaiye almost 20-24 ghan te koi b freezing room me wo b jub tempreture minus me ho kese survice kr skta hia blood to barf ban jana chaiye.

  23. Dear kranti plz dont think lyk that sweetheart……..dhruv bhai is our most trustworthy bro………..
    Nd yes dear welcom bak where were u thee days…..r u serious 900 comments …..woow…..
    Truly this epiii was epic…..this might change nirmaans opinion. …….hope for the best …..
    SH ROCKS. …..

  24. kranti

    Hey richu I was busy cz of studys..
    Yes u can see August 2014 comments..we even reached 1000…
    At that time comments were not moderated…
    Bt then people like dhruv sanyukta came n defended each other n abused people..
    Thts why tu started moderation n al.

    • plasticcity

      Hiii kranti I m fluffy..
      I am here dear bt didn’t comment cz people r so boring…
      Yes dhruv sanyukta karina nisha all r,fakers…
      Yes this are the same people cz of which we leaved tu..
      This,sanyukta n dhruv…
      N y shd they cal we mis u n all.this site is not for this

      • sanyukta rathor

        Ooooo hello padna nhi aata ya samzna nhi aat dhruv muzse nhi karina se bat kar raha tha

        What’s ur problam yar

        Kyu fight kar rahe ho

  25. plasticcity

    This for the losers dhruv n sanyukta..
    I read their cmints kranti..even tweety n Trisha r here…
    Dhruv n sanyukta even if ur bro sis,gf bf or husband wife…we dnt care..
    Dnt make this site personalwith ur personl relationship dhruv n sanyukta…

    • karina

      omg chill dear they are not really bro and sis…we all are friends here but we consider each other as bro and sis…stop spreading negativity and if u can see the comments u can clearly see that we talk about the show but that doesnt me we cant have a nice conversation with our friends…stop assuming thinks that arent real…thank u…

    • sanyukta rathor

      Wait wait ….. samz aaraha h kya bol rahi ho …

      Look i don’t know who r u but kesi ke bare me soch samz mar bolo to acha h

      Or mene kya kiya first jakar ache se comments pado mene kranti ke liye koi wrong word use nhi kiya h . Me to bas misunderstanding clear kar rahi the

      and u really want fight to jakar kisi or se lado muzee sok nhi h kisi se ladne ka

      Dear i don’t have any problam with u but muzee es trha ke comments pasand nhi h

      Sooo pls soch samz kar bolo ki kya bol rahi ho kise ko hurt bhi ho sakta h

      And pls jakar mere or kranti ke comments pado phir bat karna

  26. plasticcity

    My comments got deleted kranti..hey tweety rishab Trisha santa come frnds..
    We need to take khabr of Dhruv sanyukta the sandhir sanyukta+dhruv of tu…
    They r teasing krantuu..
    Theyfought here n we all felt like readingthe story of these idiot people rather than sada haq…
    So plz sh old commenters come again…
    Tu needs us

    • karina

      why do u still want to spread negativity…all the ppl here answerd u that it was just a misunderstanding…Dhruv was talking to me…pls stop all this nonsens…noone said anything about ur friend…read the comments properly…Kranti pls tell ur friend to stop all this….goddd i just dont get this type of ppl who only wants to pick a fight even after the matter is solved…take a chill pill and stop spreading negativity…

    • karina

      And one more thing…who the hell are u to call us idiots ??? mind ur language coz here nobody adressed u with such words…

    • sanyukta rathor

      If u talking about me then tell me mene kya kiya mene to as ye bataya tha ke dhruv karina ko karu bol raha h .

  27. Hey dear who ever u r dhruv is everyones bro over here…..u dont kno our national pledge….all the indians r brothers and sisters and thats our duty if somtin is going wrong to correct…..its just a misunderstanding…nd still if u want to blame we can register ur complaint……
    Dont worry dhruv bhai sanyu sweetheart we r with u…

  28. karina

    Hey Dhruv im here…sorry was a bit busy so thats why couldnt come…im fine and h r u my crazy friend ? πŸ™‚

  29. There is no personal relationship between they both……..
    U dont kno our national pledge. …..we all indians r bros nd sisters…..its our duty to protect them…it was just a misunderstanding. …..nd still if you want to blame them we can register ur complaint. ……..

    Dont worry dhruv bhai sanyu sweetheart. ….
    We r wid u……..

  30. Sanahki

    Hey guys it’s been long since I’ve been here.I miss my SanDhir very much. Nwadays i watch season 1
    I miss even Vidushi, I dont know why she’s not back she’s the only character who brought spice to the show.

    I saw some disturbing photo from the pool party episode, im like disappointed at Randhir and Sanyukta for dancing for others and enjoying it. Will Sandhir come back together or what

  31. nisha

    I love both sandhir are the same in acting too somewhere looks like their bond is strong of friendship orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aap samajh hi jaayengeeeeeeeeeee

    yesterday episode for the precap eagerly what they gonna give us but


    naye precap ke naam par purana promo de diyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    ye naaensaafeee hai re

    Old promo instead of an interesting precap

    Marketing strategy to make the interest of the people

    Exceptional episode of season 2 must say

    I never enjoy any scene in season 2 but this is somehting beyond exceptional

    I mean when we all expecting rather randhir save sanyu or aryan save sanyu

    Surprise surprsiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Nirman came there and he save sanyu and

    see on the top of that when he take sanyu and going to the doctor nobody see him and sanyu

    her two bodyguards sanaya and the team no one


    but nirman dialogues his acting in the ice chamber Fantabulous

    for the first time I like him seriously what chemistry with sanyu

    so what not loving one but he looks good too

    No offence but now

    ! aam 3 beemaar

    lovingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg the scene a lot

    and rd’s dialogue 1 ladki ka khayal bhi nahe rakh sakta for aryan is amazing

    seriously loved it

    and both gonna mad for sanyu

    no matter i am eagerly waitng for today episode

    and gonna watch it anyhow .

    lvoe u all friends

    hey my poky richu u seriously hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    not even came to talk to me i leave so many replieeees dear and also tried to find u and u came here and no message no talk

    I am sad coz u did this

    Hate u richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaj toh tune bhi dhokhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa de hi diyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    ab toh hum tohree bhaiseeyaa ko jama jama ke ye bade bade andaa marengee

    sach maa

    love u dear I know u r busy in something love u always my poky richu keep smiling

    hey anda dear very happy to see u here same dear nirman acting awesome sanyu fantabulous wiating for sandhir and some more exciting stuff love u

    hey sanayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


    sanaya dear you are the first one here who talked about left right left

    yeah such a nice series

    not nice hit series on sony sab

    left right left

    Naina singh ahluwalia and rajbir sir aka rajiv khandelvaal

    chemistry is awesome

    and the same freezing task for soldiers

    but yes they all are in group and I love that group too

    aalekh , udi, naina, ali, some girl naina friend and their sir,

    Ilove it all

    and hey u alll know that Ranawat sir,

    is also a mentor in Left right left

    and he is brilliant there and he is also the mentor and special towards the lead there too with naina

    that is also an youth centric show

    hey shanaya I mention the scene before too when I see the promo of sd

    and mention here that this sd gonna beat that scene of left right left or not

    and no doubt sanyu single handedly beat that scene


    this is for u sanaya the promo of left right left

    love u dear keep smiling

    and always do share ur heart

    hey friends how r u all

    from now On I have to be a little talking coz of the ban of comments so more about series and less about other things

    but loving u all always

    love u karu my sweetheart , now friee or not dear , hey dhruv buddy how r u, why why why dumbledore omg am i a buddhi lady whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buddy why itnaa emotional atyaachar mujhi par kyun, hey mukti maddy, raj, vishu,

    hey dhruv i am same to mukti age group dear plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz no dumbledore

    hey richu my sweetheart me too thinking the same i so wish to see vidharth in pool party

    are guest baanake hi invite kar lo wee get happier

    love u richu

    hey sid piya how ru friends love u

    hey liya if they doesn’t reveal anything about it that means they want to store this part for another dhamakedar episode just wait and watch dear

    wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo karu sadda haq rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss dear

    hey kranti dear

    misunderstanding gone dear

    start to be friend us all and you get lots of love

    and yeah dhruv is a nice buddy we all love each other friends

    welcome dear here and do keep sharing ur heart

    hey bicky thanx for the news dear I am so waiting for twist and turns love u dear keep smiling

    hey sanahki mayuri sanyu , sanyu dear how r u all

    love u deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    keep smiling

    • karina

      Nishu my cutie pie im fine dear…yup im still a little busy…and i agree with u everyone was expecting Rd or Aryan to save Sanyu but we got a big surprise coz it was Nirman…nice twist i must say…love uuu

    • mayuri

      Hiii nishu… Dear ur comments r as fabulous as always …. And I agree with u… I did expect either randhir or Aryan will save her but suddenly….. WHATT…
      Nirmaan save her instead of them…. Today’s episode is damn epic…. I love it … And how r u guys … Sorry I was little busy… And everybody please don’t get involved in fights…. Ans dhru bhai good luck for your exam…

      And yes dear pia.angel…. U r an angel just like your name … U r correct about the scenes … I m very curious to watch today’s episode πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  32. nisha

    hey pia loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u dear

    what an long but worthy explaination of the scene lovely dear

    I love reading ur comment especially today

    keeep smiling pia you are just like an angel so sure. love u

    hey dear plasticcity

    there has been an misunderstanding

    nobody here teasing kranti dear

    read all the comments

    i know u are an old friend and she is an old commentor

    but first she started to say wrong things to dhruv and than dhruv doesn’t reply at alll bad

    and mukti is just came here to save his prestige as he nothing even did , he said all the things to karina dear

    we call her karu

    and without even knowing this you said all this in reply mukti said all this

    we all need to forget this matter

    as the starting is start on a misunderstanding

    your friend is safe here dear

    we all love each other

    and we welcome kranti too dear , and you too get lots of love

    no need to start any more fights

    we all bear so much earlier all the fights no more fights please

    we just want peace in commenting

    and yeah if you want to welcome your old gang then do welcome

    we all happy to see old commentors and

    who even reach to 900 comments

    these days tu stop us to reach this in 543 some comments

    they close the comment box he he he

    love u dear always keep smiling

    and stay peace dear

    make each other happy love u both

  33. dhruv

    Are daye bahe kaie kamar tu julay
    Physcis samaj nahi ayee.eeee..
    Hey plasticity tune muje 12th ka elasticity lesson yad dilaya..hehe kidding dear..:-)

    Are kranti physics plastic baby mera koi personal relation nahi hai sanyu ke sath…

    Wo bechari to sb clear kar rhi thi…
    Or bake jo u said I am used to it physics ke diwani..
    So chil

    • anisha(plasticity for dhruv)

      Omgg dhruv ur s o cooolllll.
      Yes I am physics ki diwani..I love physics…
      Thnx for such a cute name
      Hats of to u dudee…
      All started fighting bt u r the guy any girl would like….so cooll n cute..

      • dhruv
        Ur name is so cute dear..:-)anisha dear…
        Plz dearsanyu ko kuch mat kaho na..
        Or agar wo meri real sis to tumhe kya dear..
        She is like my real sis dear…
        So dnt talk ill abt her

  34. have a nice day karu liya princess dhruv bk mukti richu mayuri sheena aishu sanyu maddy .you all forgot to give a name of mine he he .sorry nishhu your name left and everyone

  35. dhruv

    Hehehehrrhehehe are Dumbledore nishuuu ur thoughts are like Dumbledore like,a clever smart person:-):-)
    Hehehe…aj laughing day hai dear..
    Today all r acting funnyyyy…:-):-)

  36. dhruv

    Ohhhh karu exm is there dear???

    Are richu chilll dear..

    Sanyu behna tension kyu leti hai tera bhai hainaa..
    Dnt reply to them dear..i will see it..:-):-)

    • karina

      Hey Dhruv….yup im busy these days i have so work do complet so thats why im not very active here…but after im done i ll come here πŸ™‚ have a nice day ny crazy friend…

  37. dhruv

    Muktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii stoppppp naa…kitna bolti haiiii…u dnt get involved or I will killlll uuuuu….

  38. Himanshi

    Hi everyone h r u ? I am so happy what an episode yaar!???
    But poor sanyukta it seems life is very difficult and challenging for her.? but still I think that it will be better with randhir.
    High Katrina di nishu di dhruv bhai sanyukta richu di mayuri
    Hey thanks karu di for baby doll and mayuri for lovely names and everyone who have me so cute names.?. And my hobbies match u guys. :
    Singing (sanyukta dear same pinch )
    Horror movies (dhruv bhai same pinch )
    And also reading novels. Hahaha.???
    Ok so I will join u guys later by.☺

  39. Himanshi

    Yes sanyukta I’m passionate about singing but I like engineering as my career.
    So u know why I’m connected to shq. But I love sandhir and Aryan as sanyukta s friend. ????????❀?????????????✌?

  40. sanyukta rathor

    what the hell……

    Sab ko bas fight karni h

    Soch kar bhi nhi bolte kya bolna h

    I am leaving yar

    • dhruv

      Why happened??
      She is fine now dear…she is nt talking abt us..chil..y leaving behna..
      Bhai ko bhul jaogi kya????

      • sanyukta rathor

        Dhruv toda upar enki sari comments pado then u know ki kya hua

        Muzee samz nhi aa raha h problam kya h muzse me etne ache se bat kar rahi hu but they want fight only

    • Liya

      Sanyu di…don’t leave coz of the messages di…just don’t try to read the messages which u don’t lyk…
      Come back naahh…

  41. dhruv

    Hey kranti n anisha see cz of u sanyu leaving…
    U can talkwhatever u want abt me cz I dnt care n for me it’s nathng…
    Bt she is a girl even ur girls…
    U kno how it feels even if any guy name joint with u..
    It’s so bad..
    U dnt talk like this with her plz.

  42. dhruv

    U all target 1 person…
    Bt wht u get by doing this????
    Hey sanyu u can’t leave dear…
    They may be boys doing this..
    So dnt reply dnt leave

    • sanyukta rathor

      Ya u r right 100% they are boys

      or bhai mene to kuch kaha bhi nhi

      Pta nhi kya problam h enko

  43. kranti

    This sanyukta is mad…we commented it in morning…
    Now everything was fine..stilk she is acting like that..

    • Liya

      Kranti dear…
      Plz nah don’t talk to sanyu lyk that..dhruv bhai nd sanyu di are very gud frnds..
      She is good di…nd he is a gud bri…
      plz be our frnd and u will undrstnd it….I give u my word…
      Plz nah be our frnd nd stop these f8ss…!

  44. sankya

    Girls y u al don’t understand each other??
    Y fighting richu karu nishu sanyu I kno u all..
    Stop n be frnds..
    Plastic wht a name n kranti stop this..
    Pairing sanyukta dhruv????
    They even dnt kno each other…
    Dhruv is a guy he will laugh…
    Bt sanyukta??
    She is a girl how she will feel???
    Infront the people she evn dnt kno ur taking her name with a guy she nvr in her life will saw….
    So cheap..

    Girls y u.all.dnt’s so bad..

  45. Liya

    Hello guyz…!!
    Am happy to see all of u here..
    Well I won’t be active from 28th April till 8th may coz I hav some imp xams nd have to prepare fully for that…so will miss u guyz terribly
    Keep watching sadda haq and be happy
    Sadda haq rocks!
    Sadda haq tu family rocks!!

  46. Hey hey dear chill yaar everything is sorted…..ab koi jhagada nahi karega….
    Dhruv bhai im fan of u bcoz of this u take it so coolly yaar. Hey himashi….hmmmmm thats a gud point only difficulties wid sanyu……
    Hey nishu……karu….shivu…….
    Sanyu u dare think to leave from here….u r not going anywhere. ……
    Hey so everything is sorted so we al r friends rittt……..
    Welcom bak…

    • Liya

      Hey dear…I just want to say that plz stop calling her mad…she is really a gud di
      Plz be a frnd of us nah..u will surely undrstnd how a gud bond we share…
      Plz don’t take me wrong but we all are having a healthy and a gud frnship here…
      Plz be a part of us nah…and plz stop these f8s also…plz

  47. Liya

    Hey guyz rmbr talk abut sadda haq also here….or else again tu wil close our cmmnt section….
    So guyz be happy and be positive
    Plz nah..we are sh ki tu family nd we r alwyz having a gud frnship….!
    So be happy and keep on watching sadda haq…!!
    Luv sadda haq…
    Luv SanDhir…
    Luv u guyz very much…!?

  48. I have some name
    karu-barbie doll
    nishu- teddy bear
    mayuri – rainbow
    richu- marigold
    mukti-little mermaid
    sanyu- anarkali
    sheena- lily
    dhruv- spiderman
    ha ha sorry bro

  49. dhruv

    Talk whatever u want do whatever u want..
    Call people anythng…
    Fight like loosers..
    I dnt care..
    I am here only for saddahaq..bored with this daily drama…
    Hey elasticity physics ki padaikr ja.:-D

  50. nisha

    dhruv agreed or not

    You are the most wanted bakra of tu

    sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy buddy

    par jisko dekho tumhare pichee he pada rehtaa hai

    I am not going to talk about any name

    par guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    why do I think that this same thing happened before too with dhruv


    oh godddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

    now to I am speechless what to say what not to say.

    I am speechless today.

    hey sanyu ignore dear some one need people to know them and you are being targetting by them

    just ignore their comments and doesn’t reply

    we also do the same dear coz we love u and always with u

    hey dhruv don’t think we are away from you.

    we are here dear

    when ever u think we need to do something against them then we did too.

    coz what happened here its not good for sure.

    if u want we all report their ids in group so that they can’t comment

    as per your comfortableness tell us your decision

    we all respect it dear

    till then we all want u to be happy don’t take tension dear .

    less time more work need to go guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    love u buddiesssssssssssssssssssssssssss dhruv sanyu take care friends . seriously

    tomorrow halaal hoke mat aana

    pata chale morning I am comming here and see sanyu and dhruv both are cooked.

    Please be happy

    god know we all want peace here

    and here all are going to eat each and every piece of our peace.

    what to do kya karoooooooooooooooooooon

    kuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh maloom nahi.

    • dhruv

      I dnt care…
      Whoevrr want to leave can leave or stay..
      Dnt tell me..
      I am nor ur guardian.anywysur rit..
      I am fedup with this..
      By to all do whateveru want guys..

  51. nisha

    hey shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu luv u dear thanks for the cutest name

    luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu karu liyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa richu mayuri dear thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx pikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u dear

    hey sankya first time you are commenting but I respect dear each and everything you said is right love u dear and welcome in our group love u dear for u respectable thoughts about us keep smiling

    hey himanshi himuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dear how ru

    lets ask from some formal question how r u

    uncle aunty kaise he tum kaise ho

    kuch zyada hi ho gaya

    leave it dear ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh singing very cool ,

    well I doesn’t love singing but sometime when in a mood

    my all time favourtie is dancing

    love u himuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu keep smiling dear and stay happy. soon to be persuing your career to engineering amazing decision dear all the best for that luv u

    hey dhruv buddy hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now get it why dumbledore
    you don’t beleive but for a sec I thought am i looking like 100 year old granny

    so you calling me dumbledore

    hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabut its all cool buddy stay happy

    luv u mukti stay happy and cool dear the person neeed attention we have to find a resolution

    once and for all

    any idea guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz do share.

    luv u all.

  52. Heyyy anisha whats ur problem dear….
    Bhai toh kuch bhi……
    Sry I said in hindi….
    Dhruv bhai will bare it but sanyu cannot…plz stop tar getting her sweetir…..sanyu dont worry kuch bhi bolte hai log

  53. dhruv

    Go to hell or whatever dnt telk me..
    Give exms wtch sh leave dnt tell me…
    I don’tcareee..
    I m not ur brothetr anymore…noo
    Byyyyyy tuuuu.

  54. sanyukta rathor

    Ache kase friends the par pata nhi logo ko kya problam h

    Ab mil gai santi

    Enka to kuch hota nhi h faltu me hame paresan kar dete h

    Sab ko bagado yaha se tab puri santi mil jaegi

    Kase kase log h yar

    sab ka dimg karab kar diya


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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.