Sadda Haq 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to Nirman and says I want to talk to you. Nirman says I don’t want to. Out. Sanyu says no I won’t unless you listen to me. You are unfair. He says you are disturbing me. Sanyu says I have my right. He says go and do drama with media. Inside ISRC only my decisions work. Sanyu says decision that you ego decides. He says you are nothing but a fluke. Get the hell out of my room. Sanyu says you are right. I am not your enemy but you are making me, because I hurt your ego. I deserve to be here and you wont agree. And for that you will eliminate me from task.
He says you think you deserve it? He takes her to frozen room and says stay here for one hour. If you are alive, I will change my perception about you.
sanyu stays there. Subri comes and says there is emergency

video conference with ministers. Nirman says I am busy. She says they want to discuss asteroid. Can’t say no.

Sanyu is feeling cold. Nirman starts the meeting. He says I am doing my job. Minister says keep a lookout on funding of ISRC,you are accountable to us. Time is 58 minutes. Nirman is still busy. Sanyu knocks and says its one hour. She is sobbing and shivering. Aryan is looking for sanyu. Sanyu says I can’t lost. Nirman gets a call. He says okay I am coming.
Sanyu is fainting.
Aryan comes randhir and says where is sanyu? Randhir says must have kicked you.
Sanaya later asks randhir where is sanyu? No one has seen her. No one knows where is she. Randhir burns his hand with hot water. He says she wants sympathy and attention.
Sanyu is freezing. She says I can do it.
Sanyu recalls all her good moments,the one with randhir too.
Randhir says aryan, its her habit to seek attention.

Nirman is busy in call. Becky spills her water. Nirman says get out of here. He starts cleaning his files. Nirman sees his laptop and sees sanyu in the chamber. He is shocked because he forgot about her. He says how could I forget.
Nirman runs towards the chamber. Aryan says to Nirman sanyu is missing. Where is she. Nirman says she is not a child and I am not her caretaker.
Sumit sees nirman running. nirman comes in the chamber. Sanyu is fainted there. Nirman tries to move her. He starts crying and says how could I do this. He hits the wall and says dammit. Sanyu moves her hand.
Nirman picks her up and takes her to medical center. They give her CPR, Nirman says sanyu please open your eyes. Doctor asks him to wait outside. Doctor comes and says honestly I wasn’t expecting this.

Precap-Sanyu is in a chamber where she can’t stand up. Nirman says its not easy to become lead. Randhir says she was always over ambitious.But this risk. Aryan says this task was no less than a suicide. Sanya says I never thought this would happen. Nirman says I am shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Heyyy anisha whats ur problem dear….
    Bhai toh kuch bhi……
    Sry I said in hindi….
    Dhruv bhai will bare it but sanyu cannot…plz stop tar getting her sweetir…..sanyu dont worry kuch bhi bolte hai log

  2. sanyukta rathor

    R8 dhruv

    Ab koi kuch bhi bolo lado maro i don’t care

    Me bas sh epi se mtlb h

  3. plasticity and kranti what is your problem

  4. Go to hell or whatever dnt telk me..
    Give exms wtch sh leave dnt tell me…
    I don’tcareee..
    I m not ur brothetr anymore…noo
    Byyyyyy tuuuu.

    1. sanyukta rathor

      Ab aap kya huaa

      Bhai mene kuch kiya kya

      Pls esa mt bolo

  5. sanyukta rathor

    Ache kase friends the par pata nhi logo ko kya problam h

    Ab mil gai santi

    Enka to kuch hota nhi h faltu me hame paresan kar dete h

    Sab ko bagado yaha se tab puri santi mil jaegi

    Kase kase log h yar

    sab ka dimg karab kar diya


    1. sahi kaha sanyuuu bewajah ake tym pass krte hae fake id

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