Sadda Haq 24th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is in her room. She says he always gets me in this emotional drama. why should I listen to him? Do I love him this much? Vidushi comes and says you are tensed for ysa? Sanyu says I am not participating in ysa. Vidushi says what? You aren’t participating. SAnuy says randhir doesn’t want me to. Vidushi says oh I thought reason will be logical its romantic. SAnyu says its doesn’t matter if he wins or me. We will pay or both fees.

maya says the applications are too much. She says we should make an elimination round after which only two students will get to ysa. He says sanyu’s form isn’t in these. Maya syas it must have misplaced somewhere. Vardhan says did your family agree? she says I won’t change my decision for anyone now.. I don’t

care about anyone else.

Vidushi says in randhir should get out of ysa. This will bright mine and parth’s chances. She goes to randhir sanyu said to everyone that she backed out so you can win. She is blaming you for everything. randhir says will you keep your mouth shut? Vidsuhi says she is making you feel. I came to help you. He sas get lost stop lying about sanyu. I know what sanyu is. if you say anything about sanyu you won’t be able to participate in ysa. Vidushi says If you win so easily what will people say? Why the last tim\e winner back out to make you win. Randhir says in heart I trust you sanyu.

Randhir goes to sanyu and says are you upset? sanyu says no I am so happy for you. He says you know your support makes me feel stronger. He says you can participate I am okay with it now. sanyu says don’t think too much. Just focus on ysa I want you to win. He says of course I will. sanyu says in heart I know you are still nervous and it will risk our fees but I am ready to risk it to make you emotionally strong.

Vardhan and maya have summoned all the students. Vardhna says there are many applications. You all will be judged through elimination tests and only 10 people will make it to ysa. Vardhan says the task is to repair this printer. it will be done one by one by each student. The fastest 10 will make it to ysa. Yoyo starts first. He says I would do anything for kaustuki. He repairs the engine. Vardhan notices his time. Other students start coming in one by one. Its randhir’s turn. sanyu says all the best. Randhir starts working on the printer. Sanyu is smiling at him. Randhir does it in 25 seconds. sanyu says well done. Now its parth’s turn. Vardhan filters out the final participants. all the dream team members have make it to ysa. Vardhan sees sanyu standing outside.

Randhir comes to sanyu. He says I told you it will be easy. lets go to canteen I am hungry. sanyu says I have headache you should go. Vardhan stops sanyu and asks reason for not participating? She says I am not well so I couldn’t.

Sanyu goes to her room. Parth calls her and asks how are you? she says I am fine. He says can you come to corridor I want to talk to you. I won’t take much of your time. sanyu says okay I am coming. Parth says I know you are not participating due to randhir. I feel like he is going to mess everything up tomorrow. He won’t be able to control in front of his mom. he says what will you do when he fails? SAnyu says I am not afraid of anything. I have trust on him I will stay in this college from the money of ysa. he says you can do the college job like I do. I have even talked to sharma sir. sanyu says no I can’t back out from my decision. Randhir overhears it and says what are you trying to do? I will win it. We don’t need your suggestion. Parth says I was just giving a friendly advice. randhir syas I don’t want to know anything.

Sanyu goes to sir sharma she says I am thankful that you agreed to parth. Randhir comes in and says lets go out sanyu. Sir says randhir go out, sanyu says we will arrange the fees our self. He says that’s okay.

Randhir is studying at night. He gets a call from hasrsh? Randhir tells him about ysa. harsh says you will not get a better chance. You will insult her in front of everyone. vene her lover will come as well. don’t let this chance go. You can do this. Only you know what she actually is. Randhir says I want scholarship for fees. Harsh says you have to get scholarship. he says I can’t do anything. I want college fees. harsh says you are like your mom go leave me. Randhir wonders what to do?

Precap-Vidushi says to sanyu how will randhir win. he will be out. He won’t be able to control. And then me or parth will win the competition.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Meera

    OMG!!! PSB – Randhir kitnaa hot lag rahaa thaa… blue t-shirt me…. kitnaa handsome… mmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhhhh!!! hey wait – precap flashed “monday”… so is there no spcl epi on sunday??? s/one pls clarify!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. Amit

    The episode was nice but its the end that i m worried about i just hope Randhir wont mess up at the big day cuz sanyukta is counting on him anything wrong both of them would be in a big trouble…..
    Randhir please ignore what ur dad says.
    Randhir Ftw.

  3. saddahaqrox

    I think sun ko spl epi hoga.Coz last sun ko bhi mon ka precap label tha but epi hua tha.N last time they hd a genuine reasonHarshi was ill.But iss baar no reason. So chill guyz, and stay tuned 2 shq fm!
    Achu, aapka bhi dedication awesum th! luv u!
    Guyz, i may b wont b able 2 comment till mon now. Thats bcoz my mom doesnt exactly approve of TU and she is at home. Plus, there is hardly any net connection here,at my grandmoms plce,and v hv got guests……

  4. Mdh

    Hi Frnds,
    Aftr 2dy episod,
    I just want to say Randhir Shouldn’t behave always like this with Parth without knowing actual fact .

    Finally I doubt RD would win and If it is thn there might be some chaos waiting to happen . as he may be thinkg his Dads word or his Mom would do something wrong which may Heart Him.

    Lets see what CV planning to.

      • [email protected] changer

        mee too hate harsh…dil to krta hai AK47 se ise shoot kr do…dhichkyaoooo!!!!!

  5. [email protected] changer

    wow @meera its suprb…thanx 4 the link

  6. [email protected] changer

    hello meera ji……to be vry honest….i m getting mad….math ne to mera pavbhaji bana diya hai….pata nahi yar kya hoga?

      • [email protected] changer

        thank u soooooo much…. @ meera jiiii…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. All d best fr ur studies gc di!!!
    Hope u come out with flying colours. Waise toh thats a very standard wish, but hope its different this time bcoz its dil se.

  8. [email protected] changer

    @ nupoor thank u soooooooo much dear for ur dil se πŸ˜‰ wishes…. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. Thnx fr d info afa didi!
    Bt is the news given only on twitter?
    I mean, wht abt d promo? Has it bin changed? I havnt seen it recently but if any1 has then plz tell if the time hs been changed in d promo as well….

  10. @ NO NAME &@ rgerhsj amna,
    First of all, WELCUM 2 TELLYUPDATES!!!!
    and secondly, why such ajeebogareeb users?
    And i cudnt undrstnd ur cmmnts. Cn u expln?

  11. Haan yaar popat toh mera bhi ho gaya. Check out my above cmmnt-maine hi confirm kiya tha 2pm ka. Anywayz, chalo ab nai toh 8 baje sahi, atleast cancel toh nai hua!

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