Sadda Haq 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
priyali comes in. sanyu syas I know taking classes in the same way is pretty boring. Lets do something new. Lets orally revise all the course. I will be asking the questions with multiple choice answers. Students say please write it on board. when sanyu turns to board rajveer says to priyali write It well. Its a topper’s copy. Better you didn’t took the challenge. Sanyu says rajveer go to your seat. class is over. rajveer says now you will know whom you have messed up with. Rajveer takes notes from priyali and says what is this? You have not numbered them even. He tears the register. He says make notes by tonight. sanyu says you don’t have to tolerate all this pryali.

Sanyu comes back, the owner’s wife says my nephew is coming. You have to shift in the

room above It. sanyu says I made all the arrangements . she says my nephew always stays in this room. SAnyu says I just settled. The owner says what stuff you have that cant be settled again.

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sanyu goes to her room and starts packing the stuff. She goes to the room above cleans it and takes a bath. She says why is priyali scared? like I used to? Sanyu calls randhir. He says whats wrong? sanyu says I am making tea. he says I know you are concealing something. sanyu says did you find a place to live? SHe says I was looking for sugar. It has ended. he says ask your neighbor. Sanyu says yeah hold on. Sanyu goes to shaureya’s room and asks for sugar. The owner is there as well. Shaureya goes in. The owner says you have to focus on dressing. What are you showing to other girls?

Sanyu says randhir are you there? sanyu says who was he ? how dare he talk to you like that. He says what are you wearing? Sanyu says what I wear everyday. Calm down. Ignore him like I do. I don’t have to live here forever. He say I cant calm down. Since you are not here I don’t feel anything. I become nervous and agitated. SAnyu says go and apologize to the administration. He says I will handle that.

Scene 2
Priyali goes to cabin and gives notes to Rajveer. He says are they all? She syas yes. While leaving she says you are vikram are so unfair to sanyu.

Rajveer comes out and throws water on the notes. He says I don’t like printed one. write it with your hands by tomorrow. She says I will have to stay up whole night? He says go and talk to vikram if you have an issue. You made a good choice by not listening to sanyu. He throws water on all of her desk.

Sanyu’s door knocks. She asks who is there? Randhir says its me open the door. sanyu says who me? She opens the door randhir hops in. sanyu says what are you doing here? He says I thought you’d be happy. sanyu says you got me scared. how you came in? He syas I jumped the boundary wall. sanyu says what are you doing. He says I came here to meet you and you are rude to me. sanyu says don’t talk loud. if anyone sees you they will make a fuss. randhir says I don’t like you to live alone. I don’t have any place to live. What could I do? sanyu says so you packed your bag and came here? He says I know everything I cant live without you. sanyu says you only think about yourself. he says fine I am leaving I thought you’d be happy to see.

Randhir goes in the street and says she has a lot of problems with me. Sanyu says what a stupid he is. She goes to him and says you could have sat there in anger. Lets go in. He syas I don’t wanna live with you. Sanyu says don’t me a kid. where will you go:/ He says I will stay anywhere. sanyu says you have to follow some rules. Sanyu says I will call you thief. come with me now. She takes him to the room.

Sanyu tells him about rajveer and priyali. He sees a bruise on her hand? sanyu says I think I got it while jumping the wall. Sanyu says my mind has stopped working. randhir dresses her bruise. He says why you have to mess with him? Sanyu says he has been teasing me. I have to teach him. randhir says I want to break his teeth. sanyu says breaking of his pride will be more painful. He says now stop thinking about all this. You need rest.

SAnyu takes out a matress. He says are we sleeping out? sanyu says you are sleeping outside and I am sleeping here. He says why aren’t we sleeping together? sanyu says I wont feel comfortable. He says sit here? why are you uncomfortable? Snayu says please don’t argue. He says okay fine I will sleep here and you will sleep outside. sanyu says okay. Randhir wakes up and goes to sanyu. She is asleep. He picks her up and take her to the room.

He goes out and sleeps on the matress himself.

The woman tells his husband, someone came to her room. I could hear two people. He says whom are we stuck with. He says I made a mistake by giving her this room. She says I will find whats going on there. She goes up and rings the bell. randhir says who is this? he is about to open the door.

Precap-sanyu wakes priyali up and says haven’t; you gone home? Rajveer comes and says yes I asked her to write all the notes. He throws them in the air and says I have studied it already. Sanyu says apologizr her. rajveer says she should thank me she studied an engineering sucject because of me. Priyali says now I will show you what I can do. I will bgeat you in annual exams.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. [email protected] changer

    are yar CVs is sanyu ka fees pay krdo aur isko hostel wapis bhejdo yar…abhi TCC ka track bahot boring lag raha……

  2. RS

    Hii everyone
    Yr yeh shq vale kya krte hai pta nhi kha se pehla ek genius boy le ate hai then competition k liye girl, at the end as usual girl hi jitegi No suspense πŸ™
    Likin agar competition sandhir k bich ho to Acha lgta hai… πŸ™‚

  3. RS

    Parsh tum gift dena chahti ho na sandhir ko Tum aise kro money hi gift m dedo vase b Param always yh kehta hai k mera account no. Lo aur use money se full kro….

  4. Alina

    Atlast priyali ne challenge accpt kiya n also agree wid u @RS end me ladki hi jeet thi h bt lets c kahaani me twist bhi aa sakta h

  5. RS

    So gya yeh jahaan(Sandhir area),
    So gya aasmaan…
    Are koi hai ??
    Guys agar aisa haal rha na toh NOOPUR ho 25th ka target 1500 complete….
    Advance m congratulations πŸ™‚

  6. parsh

    And i know SH bore ho raha he par i love sandhir, i can’t here negative about SH. Bore he par fir bhi SH ke sath hun till it’s end.

  7. Daksh

    It’s nt emosnal blackmail dear plzz come der yr I rqst u, as u cn c we ppl nw come here rare so I wanna c U der :$

  8. RS

    Ya thanku very much Parsh itne bde comment k liye πŸ˜‰
    & Daksh thanks dear for such a humble rqst so sweet πŸ™‚

  9. RS

    Yr kon khta hai shq bore ho rha hai….
    Guys real life always interesting ho ti hai nhi na isi liye serial ko real rkne k liye problems dikha rhe hai so it’s good na….
    Han agar sirf Romance dekna hai to ungli movie deklo πŸ˜€

  10. [email protected] changer

    are yar tum log ko paise dena hi hai to mujhe dedo na param aur SH haq team k pass bahot hai……;-)..:-D:-D:-D:-D:-D

  11. RS

    Ok guys !!
    Good night & sandhir dreams (right Parsh)
    Take care
    ਸ਀ਿ ਸ੍ਰੀ ਅਕਾਲ ΰ¨œΰ©€

  12. afra

    Haan yaar mai bhi SH ko endn tak dekhungi come whatever may πŸ™‚ waise mai toh dekhti nahi sirf TU par hi padhleti hun πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  13. [email protected] changer

    haha…very funny @rs…such me yar bt i mean jo serial pasand nahi hai usko ye log dekhte hi q hai pata nahi…

  14. RS

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    Good night comment pehla post kiya hai read Kr lena.
    RIHAAN Hii & bye pta nhi kab ate ho aur kab jate ho !!

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    Ya Parsh yh Rihaan kab aata kab jata maluum ni padta !!
    Next time RIHAAN address chod dena jha main Tume ghar aa k punjabi sikhaogi πŸ™‚

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    Daksh mera IF p account already hai bus apko join h krna hai aur vo to Kabhi b ho skta hai , right ??

  17. steffie

    Heya guys wishing u all hearty congratulations 4 d completn of 1 year of d show which has brought us 2gether. SADDA HAQ

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    Arrey haan 1 aur baat-
    GM EVERY1!!!!!

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    WELCUM 2 TU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    what they r u wil get 2 know tomorrow whn every1 participates.

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    *makes a teasing face*
    lekin koi KABAB ME HADDI mat ban jana, k??!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. [email protected] changer

    beta @nupoor zara link to dena

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    @nupoor i got the link…to yaha link post mat krna…haha dono ka convo….vry naughty!!!!!!!hahaha……..

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    Is der any1 who don’t knw me ??? Any1 I repeat…
    @ Noopur bachha apki prblm mujhe samj ni ati πŸ™
    Jb waha ni jata to gussa ab gya to ye sb advertising , I c u
    Nt fair haa !!

  25. [email protected] changer

    @daksh…i know u both were kidding and i was also kidding…..
    bt phir b I M SORRY…

  26. saddahaqrox

    arrey gc di m sure Bhai ws joking!
    kuch bhi kehne se pehle im sorry if I hurt u lekn wahaaan sanu di ro ri hain( umm….haan meri wajah se) aap jaake pehle unhe samhaalo! πŸ˜‰
    aur rahi baat meri toh aa jaao jang-e-maidaan me aur muqualbala aamne saamne karo! πŸ˜‰

  27. Daksh

    @ gc
    I knw u understand me n shraddha too
    Tx 4 support.
    @ Noopur
    Pta h m last nyt hi waha vo kidding wala msg krne wala tha bt @ dat time screen flash a msg it said —
    “In order to protect our forums from Link Spam we DO NOT allow Newbies to make more then 10 posts within 24 hours time period. ”
    Dats it I posted it today it
    Aur m tujhe abi thread pr hi milta hu:-)

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    yaha sab kuch bhag raha hai…haha…bhag milkha bhag….:-D:-D

  29. saddahaqrox

    phir shuru ho gaye tum dono???
    bilkul sandhir ki tarah ho…kahi bhi shuru ho jaatey ho……..
    kabhi IF pe toh kabhi yahaan
    waise agar aap log shuru ho gaye toh main kyun ruku??????????/
    main bhi shuru ho gayi hehe

  30. Daksh

    wo aksar mujhse kehti thi,
    agar pyaar karte ho to serious ho jaoo…
    maine bhi usse keh diya,
    m mazaakiya banda hon, dafa ho jao.. πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

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