Sadda Haq 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya says where were you? I was looking for you. And why is your forehead bleeding? He says go and sleep. She says I know you love her but sanyu should know too. He shoves her and says leave.. Sumit and Joy come in.
Sanyu recalls the accident in her sleep. Sanaya comes in.
Sumit texts joy again from his phone with another name. Arjun and sumit laugh. Joy checks his phone.
Joy gets a text from nirman and its says wake me up at 4:45. Joy says why is he asking me? but well I have to.
Joy keeps knocking his cabin. He says what should I do.. Nirman opens the door. He says whats wrong with you? Joy says I am very responsible. Nirman says you woke me up to say that? Joy says you texted me.. Nirman says get out here or I will sack you, you should be left at mars.

says that was weird. but maybe he was taking my test.

Sanyu comes to aryan and says you didn’t come for breakfast? He says I am not hungry. Dark shadow is busy working. Sanyu says its okay I will wait. He says don’t wait for me. I am not hungry. SAnyu says I will wait. Aryan says you are doing this because of last night? She says no no. Aryan says relax.. You know I like about you is that you are not dependent on situations. Sanyu smiles. They both eat breakfast.

Sanyu comes out. Randhir stops her. Sanyu says I have to go. SAnyu says to receptionist I ordered some DVDs. She hears watchmen saying that old man is here again.
They hit harsh and say get out. Harsh says randhir is my son. Sanyu asks what happened? WAtchman says a man keeps coming and saying that his son works in here. Harsh sees sanyu..
Sanyu recalls everything. Harsh says where is randhir? Please ask him to meet me.. SAnyu runs.. Harsh faints.
harsh is in med room. sanyu keeps calling randhir. Harsh wakes up. Sanyu says keep lying please. Harsh says I am sorry about what I did with you. Please forgive me. sanyu says uncle don’t say that. I am calling randhir. Harsh says don’t he is really mad at me. If he gets to know you brought me here.. Sanyu says he should be here.
Sanyu says why didn’t you call randhir outside? He says I have been coming here since two days. He said into my eyes that I am not his dad. This is all my fault. What I did to you and then there you are.. There is no repentence of my sins. Sanyu says whatever happened is past. Harsh says I don’t have a right to request you but.. I just wanna talk to randhir once. Only you can do this. He will listen to you. I did the same mistake with renuka I never realized her value. Today she is not here. I don’t want randhir to do the same mistake. Please sanyu..

Sanyu comes to cafe. Aryan says how long will I wait? He says for the coffee. Aryan says you look worried? SAnyu says nothing. I feel so strange at times. Aryan leaves. He brings a dessert. Kritka says is this for me.. Krittika says thanks.. She says just kidding. Kritika says you are so sweet. Sanyu says yes very sweet. Randhir comes and sees them.
Nirman announces everyone report at lab. Sanyu says I am bringing my file.. Aryan says let me come with you. Krirtika says she can go alone.
Randhir says I will kill myself. You met aryan again. Sanyu says this is my life I will do whatever you want. Randhir says you chose me some years ago. Now everything has ended. Its fine with me.. but I can’t see this. I am the biggest problem of your life right.. I will end this problem. this is world’s strongest poison.

Precap-Nirman says this is the most toxic thing on mars. If you can’t survive this then say good by to mars mission. Randhir and sanyu go first. Randhir says your life is in my hands.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. hey Aryan, for youh

    Awargi se dil vargeya hai
    teri (galin) main rehne laga

    galiyan teri galiyan
    mujhko vabe galiyan (teri) galiyan

    teri meri meri teri prem kahani hai muskil
    do (lafzoon) main bayana ho paye

    lafzoon se jo tha pare
    khalipaan ko jo vare
    (kuch) to hai teremere darmiyaan

    kuch to hai jo nind ayee kam
    kuch to hai jo akhein hai naam
    kuch to hai jo tu kehde to
    haste haste mar jaye (hum)

    hum na rahe hum,jo theee (kabhi)
    khud ko hai chora piche kahi

    kabhi yuvi aa mere dil mein tu
    tujhe umr var main rok lu✌✌

    i am starting with you
    finishing with you
    don’t say dat,i don’t love you

  2. jasmine

    what is in randhirs mind?he is planning sth.why is he doig this?
    feel bad for aaryan

  3. And a msge to some of us(let’s not take it personally and let’s not mind plz)

    if Aryan helps Sanyu,thn he is kala saya and we abuse him
    if rd helps her,thn he is a hero

    Aryan never hurts sanyu,still we hate him
    rd hurts sanyu,thn cv ki bacci gonna kill you?

    if Aryan does something on love,he is obsessed
    if rd does,thn it’s love;

    Aryan bet sanyu,he is characterless
    randhir bet sanyu,cv has made a mock of a girls life

    i am impressed that rd character has made an impact on us.but i support the right always✌✌ yo yo

    • I agree with u completely… I am a randhir fan n will always b…BT as a girl I fell Aryan is ryt fr love if ull b more happy with d one who loves you sanyu will b happy with Aryan more than rd

  4. Sanyukta Rathor

    Rd ko kya problam h

    Jada mrne ka shok h to thek h na or sanyu tum kya rd ko itna bhi nhi samz pai ho ke wo natak kr raha h disgusting man

    or Aryan ye kya naya hair style h acha nhi h

    Aalu u like this hair style

    Hey guys hw r u all


    • dear be’s warrior high and khamakha will find this look on these shows.i mean i guess.because,i saw on instra

    • Mayuri


      Sanyu dear have u seen the emotion in aryan’s face like he was so so adorable when he was confuse at that time he was saying to sanyu that he will also come with her to take file and kritika say no … And we have to hurry and then he come back to table … Have u seen at that time???

    • pia.angel

      Hey hey hey…. rd naatak nai karta… he is short temper person…. he’ll do what he said…. and sanyu know it very well….. that’s the problem…..

    • Aaliya

      Haa di … Mujhe v zyada aiccha nhi lga……. Bt ‘chalta hay…. Aryan looks dam cute in every style….isn’t it….?????

      Di,,,,, it’s sanchari…. Aur,,,, mujhe Na pata nhi ki ff pe kaise comment krte hay!!!! Actually I dnt know whts it’s full frm….I know,,, it’s jst a foolish qstn….??? bt dnt feel ashamed,,,, kyuki apne di se puchne me kya sharm!!!!!! ???????

      • Sanyukta Rathor

        Aalu gud morning , dear ffs mene fan fiction ,,, s ka full fr to muze bhi nhi pta pr jo Anda lekhti h na wahi ….hahahahahabababahahahaha

        U know na ke me sabse badi pagal hu hahahahahahahahaha

        Gud day dear love u soooooooo much ???????????

    • Sheena

      Hey sanyu! I’m gud…what about u?
      N dear, me studies k wajah se episode nai dekh pati thats why i read wu…so can someone send me a link showing aryan’s new haircut? If its not pssbl then its fine πŸ™‚

  5. Ena

    he he he
    it’s a laughing stock.Randhir said himself that he is obsessed (indirectly)
    Ya right, we can be happy with a guy like him.
    look at his love,so passionate,, he is controlling, threatening, blackmailing, still.Agar Aryan hota to hum usko zinda na jala dete

  6. I have never seen such a ridiculous show. Confusing disgusting..hate rd now more
    anyway,sadda haq telly updates a kono Bangladeshi ache ???

  7. And r ekta kotha,oi Randhir ato iccha thakle nije mor.don’t force sanyu.tor problem kire?
    khud to pagal hai,also wants sanyu to be a mad.If she doesn’t meet with anyone on your fear,she will be a mad for sure.chagol ekta.

    • Aahna

      No no no an incomplete love story..
      Already I feel really bad with the fact that the show is ending…
      It shatters everything….
      I want at least a happy ending..
      If they really want it to be incomplete…they should start a new season at a new channel..maybe star plus (what about mars mission…what about love triangle and tashan…what about other things)
      I m disappointed and irritated

    • Sheena

      Wwwhhhhhaaaaattttt???? They’ll leave the love story incomplete??? Is this a game or what? Like “PEEK A BOO”. Really, this is disgusting

  8. m wondering wht z going in SH2 … sanyukta thinks …perhaps she startd…perhaps for Aryan…wht z in her mind …its never been cleared in Season 2 . n y didn’t tell rd abt his father …n yeah rd’s obsession track…hate dis…he z trying 2 control her…n precap showed he said det ur lyf is in my hand…wht z it yr…really hate dis…when will we smthng gud… waiting fr… πŸ™ πŸ™

  9. Rochelle

    Today’s episode was much over-board. Rd crossed his limits. Sanyukta has the right to be with people she finds comfortable with. Who is rd anyway to decide? I am a sandhir fan but now I really am in a dilemma, whom to support? Aryan or Randhir?

  10. Aneesha

    Guys actually I was fan of sandhir in season1 even in season2 to some xtent
    BT he started hurting her turned into the present state if he had love fr sanyu he would never thought of hurting her respect her decisions
    N never try to cheat her,BT its not fare to blackmail her who is he to control her? if any1 says that he loved her where is the love wen he left her without trusting in season1.I dont think he
    stopped sanyu from proposing Aryan as he loves her, its bcoz he don’t want sanyu to get Aryan support n love n achieve in her life.If he really loved her he must have have committed b4 bcoz he always thought Aryan as her gf n used to taunt him.Aryan is so gud that he asked sanyu to talk to rd on kiss
    Scene.If CV really wanted to make sandhir at the end they should not highlight aryan.what’s there if
    they make Aryan as lead in season2 if they does so they would have send the msg that love with respect n trust is always successful.I will b gud that if randhir realises at the end n support aryukta as he knew hw
    Aryan loved sanyu bcoz I don’t want rd to spoil himself bcoz of his ego.Its just my opinion.If iam in that position i will propose aryan.In today’s epi Aryan should know that sanyu is helpless plzzzz.sanyu shldnt b so wk its her life.what rd is doing isn’t love its sadism.Aryan is simply superb plzzzz writrs make aryukta at the end plzzzzz

  11. Aneesha

    Sry guys fr such a long comment ,I just want to xpress my feelings .I was so disappointed that sanyu just said tq .actually Aryan deserves more that that.he is soo sweet n ryt pair fr sanyu

  12. Aneesha

    Amisha what u said is absolutely ryt I am also a fan of rd BT I want aryukta as she will b happy with him only

  13. Ramya

    It’s not that it’s just tat v tell stuff abt Aryan coz v lyk Rd ots jus tat Aryan does things for sanyu without her asking lyk how Rd does but sanyu had a feeling for Rd which she dies not wen it’s Aryan she looks Aryan lyk a frnd lyk parth tats all from my point of view

  14. sandhir track finally loving it atleast now show will end with etenal yet unique love story of MCP and his FARZI

  15. dhruv

    sadda haq is getting bored….dnt even wnt to read tu.they spoilt rd character..its a fairytale now.anywz by..i dnt thnk i will cme here again.such a boring sreial..
    ritika y shd i get angry on u??n stop this nonsense.i m not ur bf.shame on u to say this on a public site..
    moreovr people here r thnking i m kind of guy who can tlk with anyone n posting cmnts abt me as if i am celebrity..WTF…anywzz tired of this…bye

    • Sheena

      Ohh !! So dhruv bro, now u r leaving? What is this man??!!
      Pls ritika, do not pass such comments n make the situation awkward for dhruv n all of us…we all r like brothers n sisters here…pls don’t spoil it…look, i don’t wanna be rude dear, but its just that only a few days r left n i don’t want any of my frnfs leaving…so its a request. Pls share ur views about about sh but don’t make the situation awkward…
      N bhai, why do u always wanna leave? U told her naa that u don’t want all this. N i also asked her not to do so…so i hope now she’ll not repeat such comments…
      There’s no point in leaving bro

    • Mayuri

      Yeah … Ritika … I agree plz stop this now … It’s enough .. And Bhai what is this u r just gonna leave all the sis over here .. Every time I used to say I m leaving .. This is not fair and this is my order cone back and now I also said to ritika to stop this cause we r brother and sis over here …
      And about the boring serial sure CV have some plan to make it interesting and only few days r left so no going anywhere

      If u go I will never talk to u ever again ???????

    • Sanyukta Rathor

      Hey bhai what is this yr jab dekho byeee byeee bolte ho kha ja rahe ho

      kahi nhi ja rahe ho ok

      And where is revu or aap bhi aaj kal busy ho kya ?????

      Be Happy bhai ?????????

  16. pia.angel

    That’s seriously blackmailing yaar….. randhir bhi n.a….. he doesn’t know how to confess his feelings not even aryan know

  17. karina

    wow CVS have made a total jock out of Rd’s character…so dissapointing…first they removed VidArth and now they made Rd look like a villain…and to top it of they ll end the show with an incomplet love story…such a brainless writters…this show was so good and now they spoild everything…the CVS has lost it completly…

    • anjali

      Exactly….. Writers gone mad.. They are fooling audience who took sandhir and vidarth in their hearts and part of their life since 2013( November I guess)

  18. i m both hppie and sad today…hapiness is becoz fans of aryukta are increasing day by day bt sad bcoz the show is gonna end….atleast i hope dat the show ends wid aryukta united not sandhir…randhir is boy can control a grls life…she could do wat she wants…aryan is best for sanyu…nd pls sanyu dont get blackmailed by rd…aryan is wid u at all times

    • Aaliya

      Mee too yr chetan,, feeling the same…..

      It’s suprb how Aryan understand sanyu,,,,, tht she didn’t come to tell him thank u….. ARYUKTA ROCKS…..?????

  19. anjali

    Some people here think sanyu loves Aryan..BT in my view she’s confused about him..she is thinking may be Aryan is right person for her..BT she’s not sure about it..she still loves randhir.. That’s why she’s concerned about him… Sanyu is a determined girl.she do whatever her heart season 1 it’s clearly depicted that if she wants to do something she will definitely do it at any cost… So those who think sanyu did not commit Aryan only because of Randhir blackmailing her, that’s not true. If she was sure about committing Aryan she will surely do that…BT she herself is confused about it and also she’s concerned about Randhir..

    • karina

      yeah its true…i always said that Sanyu doesnt love Aryan she is just gratefull to him for his help…it would have been unfair for Aryan is Sanyu comitted to him only out of respect or gratitude…lets face it Sanyu still loves Rd…u cam see it in her eyes…sorry to aryukta fans but thats the true…

  20. anjali

    And one more thing…. Sanyu said in some previous episode that Randhir doesn’t respect her and she also said that if she were with him then she will not be in isrc…how can she say that?? How can she forget everything??? If Randhir were not with her she will not be able to complete her engineering… She would have married with that idiot whom she got engaged…

    • karina

      Yeah ur right…apperantlly Sanyu forgot all the things Rd did for her…from helping her in her careear to even risking his life for her and that too many times…even Aryan didnt do for Sanyu all the things that Rd did for her in past…

      • anjali

        as a regular viewer of sada haq i have watched every single episode of it ( both season). and am sure about that rd is much more deserving than aryan. for me it was sandhir, it is sandhir,and it will be sandhir forever…

      • karina

        Yes Anjali i agree…for me also SanDhir forever…and i also watched the show from the beginning..

  21. BK

    Hiiii guyzzzzz gd evng to all of u……….
    I’m bckk with a news…….
    2days epi z vryy bad….jabardasti aryukta dikha rahe hai……and fr RD…..he z doing all this intentionally 4 bet…..coz..

    • Radhika

      Hey BK! You know what it’s difficult to read in capital letters. I don’t want to hurt you but itna Sara capital letter padha nai jata mujhse. Pata nai dusron ko v ye problem haihai ya sirf mujhe ye problem hai.

    • yeah BK ..i has also read on fb page det aryan said d ending will be totally unexpectd… means incomplete hi hogi i thnk SanDHIR’s union at d end….. bt literally SH2 was nt as intrstng as season 1…each n every epiosde n its track were amazing…d chemistry of SanDhir jst unique n luving…writter spoilled deir chemistry in weel as dey spiled rd’scharacter…. hate dis….na season 2 inna intrstng rha..ab uski ending v brbaad………. huh :/ :/

  22. BK

    Mujhe lagta hai ki yeh show ka naam sadda haq nhi….Sadda aryukta hona chahiye…….coz jab dekho aryukta aryukta aryukta…….ooo goshhh its irritating……
    CHAL BETA ARYUKTA LE LE RE………lol….sryy fr long cmmnt

    • Sanyukta Rathor

      Nhi nhi eska nam to kabhi khusi kabhi gam ke trha kabhi sandhir kabhi aryukta hona cahiye ….yar en logo ne mars mission ko to mazak samz rkha h ….hahahahahaahahaha

      • yup..totally agree wid y dea…… literally yr…. season 2 z….. πŸ™ socha ni tha…aisa hoga… πŸ™ :/ i think writer must be proudy after success of season over confidence me…dey spoild rd’s character as well as season 2

  23. yeah true @anjali ..totally agree wid u…I has also written on tu det y she said lyk dis…even in d beginning of SH2 it z showed det sanaya didn’t want 2 stay in isrc BT rd WS 1 who told her to stay in isrc…n came to help her…he rd came for sanaya n he wanted sanaya to stay in isrc den wht WS d need to say abt rd…y d writer gave sanyukta dis kind of lines to tell….season 2 is totally messed up as well as mislead itself ..while season 1 was so so…amazing…even though still I see sh on hotstar..their scenes ,their chemistry.. :* <3

    • anjali

      yea.. iam also watching those superb episodes on hotstar.. what a chemistry they had.. season 2 is not that intersting than season 1. they had a good cast. oh my god. it was awsome. in ths season they are showing silly things as in todays episode joy getting fooled.. are they really scientists??? its sure that the mission with these kind of childish characters will surely fail. the writers have to research for what a mars mission would excatly look like.
      in season 1 their engineering clg life was depicted in really good way. but as engineer and a person who love to wrk in isro, i cant even imagine that this is a team who has been selected for such an important mission

  24. anjali

    sorry guys for posting such long comments if you are not agree with my opinions… i just said everything that came in my mind since this season 2 started. sorry if i hurt anyone.. bt am sure that if you guys are regular viewers of both seasons you will agree with me. iam sandhir lover but that doesnt mean i hate aryan.

    • Sheena

      Hey anjali…no need to say sorry dear…u r free to share ur views about sh.. πŸ™‚
      Even i agree with u…n like u, even i dont hate aryan but i’m a sandhir fan

    • karina

      No need of sorry dear…everyone is entitle to have their own opinion…and u stated ur opinion in a polite and decent manner so no need of sorry…and im also a big fan of SanDhir and also of VidArth…such a shame they removed Parth and Vids from the show…season 1 wad far better…the new cast of season 2 just couldnt connect with the audiance…and about Aryan i also dont hate him…he is anice character but like i said befor i cant connect with him…donno why but he isnt getting my attencion…the chemistry of Param and Harshita is just unbeatable…so i guess thats why Ashwini couldnt connect very well with most of the fans…im reffering to the fans that watched Sadda Haq from beginning…

  25. Ohhhh…. Randhir was too good wow…it is amazing and how is that mean and selfish sanyuktA ??? ….but leave her selfishness aside bcoz at least she is concerned about randhir and cares about’s good !!! I think sanyu helps to reunite the father and son and she is also reunite with their hubbby????SANDHIR????SANDHIR ONLY …N REAL FANS ARE CONSTANT AND TRUE FOR THEIR HEROES IN ANY SITUATION ….SORRY if anyone is offended with my comment….but TRUTH IS TRUTH… LUV TO ALL SANDHIR FANSSSSS AND STILL BE SANDHIRIANS ONLYYYY…..AND DONT WANT TO Tlk about that AryAnnn…sorry for such A LONG COMMENT!!!!! BUT I AM LIKE THIS ONLY ….ACCEPT IT OR IGNORE IT…??????

  26. Ena

    guys wht if RD wins d bet?nooo.Sanyu cannot hate Aryan. at least be his frnd.u guys also know that he is good

  27. jasmene

    Is it confirmed that the show will end soon ? And if it is toh kab ???
    Please reply..I love sadda haq and don’t want it to end so soon…:(

  28. Aneesha

    Sanyu went against her father n joined FITE.In colg she faced the same situation with rd.BT she herself created a place in colg without rd help.even if rd wasn’t in sanyu’s lyf
    She would have succeed in her career .Aftrall she joined colg alone n completion of eng is not a big deal fr her,she had her mothers support nt rds.Rd was not with her in her tough tyms.she had to stop her studies after eng.I bet if Aryan was there he will never leave n trust her.If rd is doing fr bet ,its very bad he could try to win the bet genuinely like Aryan BT not by blackmailng hw could he do if he really loves her?.If rd committed sanyu in emotion r to win bet in future ,sanyu has to face same prob as in SH1 ending as there is no trust in their his luv.If this happens there is nothing that sanyu could do.I am very sad that SH is ending soon BT I wish fr happy ending “aryukta” aryukta fans r incrsng as Aryan deserves it loved his character
    #Aryukta #

  29. Mayuri

    Somebody can tell me that when this sadda haq gonna end … This month or next month … Plz .. Plz …

  30. yogiraj

    hii guys…gm hv nyc day..
    It’s bad news for aryukta..dey’ll nt unite..bcoz there posted it’s last day for Aryan on set…
    Means lastly I think we will get to see sandhir reunion…:-):-)
    Still 1 month is there n happen much more abt sandhir…:-):-)waiting for parth..

  31. Radhika

    Im a sandhir fan. But with rd’s behavior these days, I don’t want sandhir. But I don’t want Aryukta either because sanyu doesn’t love him. Everybody is thinking about sanyu’s good but think from Aryan’s side also. Do anybody like to live in a relationship where your partner is accepting your love but she/he is not loving you back? Isn’t Aryan deserve to be loved? What if your bf/gf is in relationship with you not because he/she loves you but only because they want your love. Isn’t that mean? Hence, I neither want Aryukta nor Sandhir. If sanyu feels for Aryan in future or Randhir changes then then it will be good.

  32. Sheena

    Hey!! Nowadays many of my frnds r missing…why? Revu, nishu, liya, mukti, rits, richu, princess n dhruv bro, seems like u r also busy nowadays..

    • Mayuri ??

      Yup…. I agree .. Please come n … Only few days r left .. I m missing u guys please come .. Revu where r u , nishu I m dearly missing your awesome awesome comments :), muku muku come n , richu rits yarr aaa bhi jao plz , liyu r u busy if u r then still please come , princess princess where r u cutie , dhruv Bhai everything is sorted out ab AA bhi jaiye Bhai … Shreyu how r u dear , aishu where r u …

      Guys plz come back n …

      And thanks to u all friend who r here Sheena , karu, sanyu, aalu, me ,Raj , Richa , shivani, bk , ena , and everybody .. Tha ks a lot πŸ™‚ ?

  33. Aaliya

    Hey richa…. The link of Facebook u posted,,,,, ispe BENGALI pe likha tha bohot Kuch…. As,,, thnk u (in Bengali, dhonyobad)…. R u bangalee???

    Yarr wo video suprb tha….?????

    • richa (titli)

      ame bangali nako aaliya but through TU FRNDSS LEARNED A BIT……… LOL ru bengalii dr thn plss do teach me more of itt.

  34. Aneesha

    Tq aliya:-) really writers disappointed πŸ™ if they r gng to end this way wats the need to highlight Aryans role .whatever is the writers decision aryukta is the best.

  35. Hey everyone…how r u all…..missed u a lot….
    She is as getting boring scencierly……
    Hey everyone…..where r u mukti liya raj aish…Apu..

    Dhruv don’t leave nah yaar…
    Sanyu meri January how’s u yaar….

    Aalu ur die hard fan of Aryan right…cool n how’s life….

    Sheenu shivu mayuuuuu three sissy of mine kaise ho…..

    Karu r u busy like me…..

    Nishuuu bohaut Dino se tumhara comment mai padha…..

    How r u all…
    Luv u??

  36. revu

    hiii frnds hv nice day..hey shenu di mayu di richu di shivu nishu karu muku sanyu alu liyu diiiss howru all????????
    missed uuuu
    shenu dii busy thii…howru???????????u r so sweet di.u alwz misss me..lvuuuuuuuuu
    lvuall tc..

    • Mayuri

      Revu … I was also missing u always dear … That’s bad really ( just kidding ) but I really missed u .. Now r u free how r u dear missed u and where is our bro dhruv … He is missing and wanted over here anyway revu r u free now dear .. Missed u πŸ™‚

  37. Diya

    To helllll with Randhir..whats wrong with him?Hez behaving lyk a blo*dy sickooo..This is just tooo much.I honestly dont understand why the writers are bringing out the worst out of him..soo cheap of him to blackmail Sanyukta to stay away from Aryan.Randhir be a blo*dy man and fight for your girl the fair
    way,win her heart dammit!! All the Randhir fans out there lemme tell u i used to love him too but he just turned out to be utterly intolerable and disgusting in season 2.

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