Sadda Haq 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yesterday it was Channel V Holi episode in place of Sadda Haq episode. You can read update under D4 – Get up and Dance.

Episode starts with Kritika asking help from Sanyukta for pinning her clothes… Sanyukta finds a tracker in her bag and become furious… She reached Aryan’s room and yelled on him… Aryan sees himself in the mirror and behaves weird…

Sanaya meanwhile finds out Aryan’s secret him being the Dark Shadow… Kritika, Sumeet, Joy and Arjun spend some free moment in the canteen… Sanyukta entered the canteen and ordered coffee… Arjun walks absent minded and trips and spills the hot coffee… Aryan comes in between and protect Sanyukta…

Nirman works alone in the control room when the power goes off… Nirman orders to switch on the power and finds Maneka inside the room… She threatens Nirman that this time she would find out what he is up to…

Sanaya and Randhir spent some time together talking… Randhir finds Sanaya writing”SanDhir” on the bench and remembers all the old memories with Sanyukta… Sanyukta meanwhile goes to meet Aryan and asks him to join her for a walk…

Sanyukta had made noodles for Aryan but he said it was horrible after tasting… Sanyukta is furious coz of Aryan’s rude behaviour and leaves… Aryan leaves too… Randhir watches and eat the noodles made by Sanyukta… Sanyukta comes back to get her phone and watches Randhir enjoying the food…

Randhir wake up next morning and realises he had a peaceful sleep… All the team members are asked to submit their files… Everyone except Randhir, Sanyukta and Sanaya submits their files…

Precap :: A party has been arranged for the team where Randhir and Aryan had a drinking competition… Randhir and Sanyukta later shared an intimate moment which shocks both of them…

Update Credit to: Lavender

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  1. Wow!!! Sanaya write SANDHIR but that stupid think that it is sanaya and randhir::;;

  2. Hiii guys!!!!! Can I join uhh all in our favourite SaDDA HAQ !!! if uhh all agree

    1. Of course u can join us dear…ur most welcome 🙂

  3. It was so sweet to see Rd again enjoing food made by Sanyu…such a lovely scene…and cant wait for the precap to be shown will be a blast…Thanks for the update Lavender…

    1. You know karina I feel they will sjow that scene on Monday and tomorrow the precap will same… Just a feeling cause this happens every time.

      1. Yeah it can be true…but in the spoilers said that tmrrw will be shown this moment of sandhir…i guess we have to wait and see 🙂 and about vidarth im in love with this pair as much as i love sandhir 🙂 they were really good in S1…its such a shame the CVs didnt kept them in S2…im sure if u would have seen them u would liked them…they were the spice of the show 🙂 and sandhir was the sweet of the show 🙂 hahaha…sincerly Aryan didnt got my attencion either…donno why but it didnt captivated me…i guess the CVs messed up his character a lot….the actor who playes Aryan its nice but i just cant connect with him…

  4. Amazing but what I disliked about the precap is that they share moments in drunk state. 🙁 🙁 . But koi nahi…. I just hate aryam dunno why people like him so much his acting is also not up to the mark like sandhir.
    Also I have seen everyone showing love for vidharth but as I didnt watched the epis for a year and read it all in two days.. The vidharth scene never thrilled me.. Though i like ankit and his physique. 😉 😀

  5. I was eagerly waiting for this scene…and karina u were right that cv had messed up aryan character…….
    At last Friday will be a sandhirian day ?☺️?
    It is ironical after doing it they get shocked themselves…but at least it will surely become a start for new love between them which will be better……….

    1. Yep
      Soooooo sweeet of Randhir whn he was eating noodles. Don’t know y sanyu was hiding behins d walls when he got up.

      Can’t wait for today’s epiiii….
      Gud morning everyone
      Luv u cuties. …..

    2. Aahna dear unfortunatelly the CVs really dissapointed me with S2…first they got VidArth out of the show….then they made SanDhir like living zombies and now they totally messed up Aryan’s character 🙁
      Hey Richu dear 🙂 have a nice day love u…

  6. Hiiiii guyzzzzzzz……sryyyy guyzzzzz I was bzyyy these days….so that’s wy I couldn’t update my opinion……..btt here I’m bckkkkk with upcoming episode spoilers of sadda haq……….
    Mon-Randhir z shocked when Sanyukta reveals a personal secret….
    Tue-Randhir lock himself in the gas chamber with Sanyukta……
    Wed-Randhir Sanyukta and group have to work together to stop a meteor crash…
    Thu-Randhir is made leader of the team & he swears to make sanyukta’s life difficult……
    Fri-not updated… …
    So guyzz wts ur opinion about next week spoilers……????….
    I hope u all offff enjoy holi vryy colourfully………loveeee u sooo much sh family…….

    1. Again… Disgusting arrogant rd is back……
      I thought that moment will change him but …..
      Actually on other hand it is right too after all if everything is gona sort out too early then how audience interest will maintain…..
      I m sure cv must have a great story in mind for us ?

    2. Hey dear glad to see u back 🙂 love u too…

  7. I don,nt know why rd is creating troubles 4 sanyu n dat sanaya i hate when she wrote sandhir 4 her n rd its jst 4 our SANDHIR

    1. Yup i didnt like this either…SanDhir is only for Sanyu and Rd…

  8. aryan pls don’t do this , i am not happy for you ,what are you doing .

  9. Karina, Roshni I feel u guys, to be honest I tried to like Aryan but I just can’t connect with him, I can’t not coz I like Randhir is just his character I can’t connect with and the CVS are trying so much to make him the perfect guy but they messing up with his character. I’ll rather see Parth in his place. Guys all the new characters are not doing it forme if Randhir nor Sanyukta wwe’re noteren’t part of season 2 Sadda haq will b so boring OmGod

    I hate Sanaya gosh I wonder when she’ll step away from Randhir, writing Randhir down with a heart what is wrong with her I thought she and Randhir were just friends, what is wrong with cvs I’m totally disappointed the name Sandhir means so much to fans they shouldn’t have done this.

    Well the precap, they are drunk and I’m not happy at all

    The spoilers, let’s see if Randhir will succeed in making Sanyuktas life difficult, all I know that the more he hurt Sanyukta will be the more he hurt himself.. This hate love of Sandhir was the one thing that made me fall for them and this time Randhir will fall for Sanyukta like never before. I’m so excited for next week, I just hope they remove Sanaya from my screen,

    1. Yeah dear i agree…Parth would have been better…and im sure if they would have kept Vids she would have managed the show better then all this new characters that arent practically doing anything to attract the audiance…if it werent for sandhir S2 would have been quite boring 🙁

      1. U r right that without sandhir show will be boring…
        But I m sure that vidarth will be back soon after all how can cv will break its audience heart……
        But I want yoyo and Tanya back too…I love them too…Infact I want my whole dream team back…..

    2. Yeah Aahna i agree…i also miss the S1 cast badly…hoping for VidArth comeback but im not sure it will happen 🙁 now Ankit Gupta will be seen in Begusarai 🙁 donno for how long…

  10. sanyukta rathor

    aryan what happened, what are you doing dear

  11. I have Stopped watching Ds…???
    funniest Season ever …huh huh

  12. Such a jerk…?? intimate moments,like seriously..!!
    Aryan Should go out from ds jerk…i don’t want him to be a villain… he is a perfect lover??

  13. Frankly I don’t like Sandhir.i love Aryukta

    1. Actually i do like the same
      Randhir dont deserve Sanyukta
      Aryan actually by looks i really dont like but his character is so nice
      And additionally both Sanaya and Aryan are good by heart i want both of them to be same
      Plz dont make them villain
      Bcz good friends bhi reh sakte hai

  14. It means u never watch season 1 and sandhir’s love hate relationship they can understand each other even without saying a single word

  15. Yes Shreya she didn’t watch season 1 coz if u don’t like Sandhir that can only mean u don’t like Sadda Haq hence the show its more about them reconciling

  16. helooo friends.

    Tired after holi

    but excited for today episode.

    A little sad for aryan also.

    hey dark shadow secret is that easy so that sanaya can easily purchase a dvd on hacking and in one minute she can open the secret of dark shadow
    when aryan take so much precautions while doing these all works.

    doesn’t understand

    but loving when aryan is angry on sanyu over the noodles rd is watching all this

    loving it and he came and eat and theek to bana hai ufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    and sanyu seeing him eating while hiding herself adoring him. ufffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    lets see

    well precap make it clear that the kiss is a slight small kiss and the scene too but still want to see the scene of today

    Hey guyssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    one more querry

    how many of you are interested to watch Aryan with sanaya

    voting friends lets see what you all think

    Aryan with sanaya

    Aryan with sanyukta

    Aryan with sanyukta and sanaya watching it

    Randhir and sanyukta and aryan watching

    Aryan and sanyukta and this time romancing and randhir watching

    so what you wish for

    I know we all have craves to watch wat we all wish.

    so what do y0ou think.

    love u all love u karu suru shreyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu both , sanyu, love u vishuuuuuuuuuuu, aahna

    sanahki bicky richu roshni,

    love u friends sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Keep smiling

    and keep sharing your heart.

    I to write it do you or don’t ??????????????????

    heloooooooooooooooooooo preet kour,ena, ayana , opshora, malvika

    love u all and welcome

    keep smiling

    love u all .

    1. Hey cutie love u too 🙂 missed u 🙂
      I saw u commenting on sandhir & vidarth ff….it was nice to see u ans Suranjana also commenting there 🙂
      About ur queery for me SanDhir will always be the best for each other just like VidArth (which i badly miss).
      I like Aryan and Sanaya as a couple…i think they are cute together 🙂
      And of course i dont mind Aryan beeing friend of Sanyu and Sanaya being friend of Rd…but only friend nothing more 🙂 Love u my cutie Nishu…

  17. hi every one im new can i join u guys.

    1. Of course dear…ur most welcome 🙂

  18. hi dears….I’m back!!!
    Hi ayeesha, princess,karina,Bicky dear………missed U a lot.
    and my dear sanahki,shreya,aahna,pihu, kriya.
    Richu??? nikki, aishu??
    vishal ….hi!!!!! hw r U?
    hi rits!!!
    past 4 days I didn’t watched sadda haq.
    anyone plzz say wat hpnd after rd ate the dish cooked by sanyu??

    1. Hey dear welcome back…we missed u 😉

  19. Hello friends, I am new to this comenting society….sadda haq is my fav show…..i agree that the other isrc memmbers are doing nothing well compared to the dream team to attract audience…

    1. Welcome to our group 🙂

  20. it’s a nice game nisha……
    I wish sanyu n aryan romance n rd watching…. Bcz wen he see sanyu wid aryan rd feels guilty…..
    rd loves sanyu….bt his ego didn’t allowing him to feel fr sanyu…….
    wen he feels fr sanyu wen she is romancing wid aryan….. he undrstnds hw much he loves her.!!!!
    hi…sakshi, roshni,malvika,preet kour,ena,ayana,opshora…..!

  21. hey karu

    Just missing me too parth and vids

    but You know they make their characters remarkable and we doesn’t need to get depressed

    they also have to do different roles This is a new journey of parth which start from begusarai now
    well I doesn’t like that serial but

    I know one thing he doesnt; ever forget the character of parth what we all love and cherish and he himself also

    and same goes for vids too.

    and yaa one song for both of them crazy s*xxy couple of sadda haq
    Goriya re choriya re
    Goriya re choriya re
    Tera jalwa dekha toh dil huaa Milkha
    Badi tez bhaage re..
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage

    Dil jagah se hil gaya re
    Dil jagah se hil gaya re
    Tukdo mein nikla re dil ka chilka
    Tune phenka khaa ke re
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage

    Saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya
    thaiya daiya daiya

    Mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya
    thaiya saiyan saiyan

    O mere saiyaan, saiyaan saiyaan!
    saiyaan.. saiyaan..

    Dil ki phansi hai naiyaa majdhaar mein
    Sun le vistaar mein
    Ho lut gaya pyaar mein
    Ye toh bata de mere jazbaat ka
    Itna kam rate kyun hai tere bazaar mein

    Karke waada, kyun na aayi
    Karke waada, kyun na aayi
    Huaa dil ka jagrata
    Halka-phulka sa dhokha kha ke
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage
    Manma emotion jaage re
    Manma emotion jaage

    Tu jo mila mujhe mohalle ke mod pe
    Express highway ke baaju wali road pe
    Badtameez gaadi roki seeti maari
    Mujhe chheda kiya mujhko ishara
    Ashleel aada tedha
    Dekha muda badha bola
    Lakht-e-jigar mast figure
    Aake idhar beth jaa
    Baaju waali seat khaali, aaja beth!

    Saiyaan.. mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya thaiya daiya daiya

    Mera desi typical saiyan
    Peepal ki thandi chhaiya
    mein naache ta ta thaiya
    thaiya saiyan saiyan thaiya

    love u karu me too miss parth and vids dear

    and yaa the answer are the same but I think I also wish to see some jealous part of these trio


    I want to see three of them burning in jealously

    lets see what we all can see

    sd is all about unexpected things lets see what they give us this time.

    hey rakshi dear heloooooooooooooo

    mee too dear

    but make it more dramatic

    aryan is with sanyu and accidently some romantic scene happens and rd watch and rd fight with sanyu later on

    and the passionate dramatic kisss

    How many of you remember their first kiss something similar similar or any fight scene

    when they both equally fights something happens what we all want

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooS2 and sakshi singh

    love u both welcome deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees. waitiung suru love u karu

    1. Yeah dear ur right Parth and Vids should get on with their careers coz they deserve better…
      Yeah dear i too wanna see jelouse Rd and of course i remember tgeir first kiss which was more of a hate kiss 🙂
      Love u too dear 🙂

  22. i think is task me shanaya, aryan, randhir or sanyu ek dusre k secrets reveal nahi krenge.

  23. Thanks for your warm welcome karina in your group

    1. My pleasure dear 🙂

  24. very short update, it’s not detailed. Can any one just elaborate and say that noodles scene pls. Yesterday also I asked for the update but no one gave me an answer. U all can watch the serial ryt, I can’t watch it as I am staying in hostel. After reading the updates I am imagining all those wonderful sandhir scenes. Its my request. I beg u all, any one of u pls answer me. pls pls pls pls pls pls pls .

    1. Hey dear sorry i cant help u coz i didnt see the epi either…but i can give u a site where u can see the video of the episode…i watch the episodes there coz SH isnt telecasted here in my country…so u can watch the epis there if u arent able to watch them in tv 🙂
      The site is- after u enter on this site u go to Sadda Haq page and there u will find the episodes posted….hope it will help u 🙂

    2. Noodle scene is nt actually that interesting
      When Sanyukta serve noodles to Aryan he ate and then Sanyukta ask him how it is he said arrogantly ITNE BAKWAS NOODLE BANANA SIKHA IN 4 SAL ME
      She then says i was trying to sort it out bt you are so stubborn so i dont want to talk to u
      He also left Randhir watches this whole incident
      Then he come to the table and eat it and thinks its okey in taste why Aryan said this
      Then sanyukta realise that she forgot her cellphone there so when she reaches she saw Randhir eating noodles
      Randhir was about to left she hides. And when Randhir left she takes her phone and left thats it Niraja

  25. Sandhir will always be the best for me, just hate love triangle coz 1 person will be broken.. I wouldn’t want Sanyukta to romance 2 men!!
    —Sanaya and Joy will make a good couple
    —Aryan and —— will make a good couple as long as its not Sanyukta

    1. Dear ur like my soul sister 🙂 u and i think almost the same :))) hahaha love u…

  26. Thnxxx Karina dear for accepting me :””:;

    1. My pleasure dear 🙂

  27. hey everyone….i just see this on tv never commented…but its taking a interesting turn….hey karina….i think u r the same twiraj fan …right?? well what if one of our choice didnt match…good to see u as a sandhir fan…

    1. Yup dear thats me 🙂 nice to see u again 🙂 glad u joined us 🙂

      1. same here….nd m loving the way ur replying others..

    2. Aww so sweet of u to say that…thank u 🙂

  28. And nisha I want that aryukta romance and rd watching it with full of being jealousy in RANDHIR’s eyes!!!

  29. Hey nisha obviously i vote 4 our sandhir n about aryan n shanaya i don’nt know but agr unko couple b banate hai to chalega

  30. Hey Karina, “great minds think alike””
    I’m glad we are on the same team

    1. Hahaha me too dear 😉

  31. Its not working for me Karina. but thanks a lot at least u considered my request.

    1. Ur welcome dear and im sorry i couldnt help u more…

  32. Is ther any page on Instagram for sadda haq?
    Where we cn get the spoilers and other updates?

  33. sanyukta rathor

    Hi I nosh how are you dear

  34. sanyukta rathor

    hii nishu how are you dear

  35. I am new can I join u every one

    1. Sure dear…ur most welcome 🙂

  36. Thank you nisha , nice to meet you dear

  37. Where are all my other friends : Suranjana, Shreya, Princess, Himanshi, Richu, Nikki, Chinnu, Ayeesha, Yogitaj, Rits, Vishal, Aparna, Ragini and all the others ????

  38. We many people are waiting to watch sanyukta and randhir together many people started to watch saddahaq due to randhir and sanyukta chemistry so looking forward for their patchup

  39. Hai guys ….,Nisha,richu,princess,Shreya,himansha,Ragini,aparna,aahna…hw r u.? Hv u forgotten me.?

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