Sadda Haq 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 24th March 2014 Written Update

Parth maintains saying that he’s innocent. Dean doesn’t believe him. Vardhan wonders why Parth would do this. The cop was about to arrest him, but Vardhan stops him saying first they will do their internal investigation.

Sanyu doesn’t think Parth can do anything like this. Randhir opposes her. Vidushi supports Randhir while the rest are more on Parth’s side.

Vardhan checks the footage and some CCTV footage is missing. Vidushi again speaks against Parth that people can’t digest coming second and Parth came just to take revenge. Vardhan is helpless. Randhir also says bad about Parth. Sanyu stops him and asks how he can do that. He just started believing him and made him a captain. She asks how can his decision be wrong. Randhir thinks. He then starts

talking about her relationship with Parth and that’s why she would definitely support him. Sanyu tells him not to talk anything about her character. About last night, she didn’t even go out of her room. She says more than that, she doesn’t need to give him any explanation. She leaves. Randhir gets lost in some thoughts.

Sanyu decides to prove Parth innocent. She asks Jiggy, Kastuki, YoYo, Sahil for help to make device so they can locate Parth’s laptop.

Randhir goes to Sahil and questions him about last night. Sahil says he was studying with his friend and he can check his notes. Randhir says now only Vidushi left. He meets Vidushi and asks where she was last night. She tries to avoid question saying what kind of question is that. Randhir repeats. She says she was in her room only. Randhir receives a call from YoYo who calls him in the auditorium. Vidushi quietly leaves.

Randhir meets everyone and says they must be wasting their time as usual. Sanyu tells him no one called him here, if he doesn’t want to help, then at least let them try. Jiggy says he can’t make device. Randhir says if it was him, then he would have made in 2 minutes. Sanyu challenges him and he now helps them to make device. He asks IP address and no one knows it. He says without IP address, device can’t work. Sahil comes and tells everyone that Dean’s investigation is done and police is arresting Parth.

The cop tells Dean and Vardhan that Parth has done many offences in past. He then whispers to Parth that he has special place for him in his jail as he’s a repeat offender. He also says, last time Parth got saved, but this time he won’t. He drags him out.

Parth tells the cop that he can’t call him a thief until he’s proven guilty in the court. The cop gets mad and asks if he’ll teach him the laws and orders now. He raises his stick to beat Parth, but Randhir grabs it from back.

Precap: The cop pushes Randhir back and asks him to stop staring at him. Sanyu comes forward and tells the cop that he can’t talk like that. The cop stares at Sanyu.
Randhir tells his team if laptop is turned off, then wifi won’t come and they won’t be able to save Parth. Sanyu tells him not to take his revenge at this time and asks him to check the device properly. He does.
The cop beats Parth in the lockup.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. come on!!!
    be fast…

  2. can u plzzz update a little fast… atlst u cn giv d summary of d epi….

  3. And wt abt d precap??

  4. wat the hell!!


  5. Hey guys we chat every day so I’m just curious to know that which part of the country u all r talking from.Are all from maharashtra. By d way l am from Mumbai what about others…..?

  6. shimla
    nd waitng 4 update dear

  7. Andhra

  8. Nishi , could u be a little fast in updating dear ? We are eagerly waiting. I kno u have others works too but…
    I am from Hyderabad 🙂

  9. Yaar bohat der se wait kar rahi hoon updates ke liye.vaise toh i have seen in precap that randhir and sanyukta try to prove that parth is innocent.nd that police wala is hitting sad.

  10. Great! every one is from different part we even don’t know each other still we talk to each other. Great to know this! 🙂

  11. sadda haq connects us all

    1. absolutely!! <3

      sadda haq rocks \m/

      1. Did u know that the girl playing sanyukta’s character is actually an engineer ?

  12. hmm she mentioned in one of her ivs

  13. yeah i know harshita gaur she is engineer

    1. and she hals from a family of docs

      1. and she hails from a family of docs

    2. Yes she has completed her engineering than done modeling and know she is acting.

  14. guyz wo koi bhi ho hame usse kya hame to sirf sanyukta se matlab hai i just luv sanyuktas character

  15. nd i m crazy abt randhir
    i so want 2 meet him once

    1. Mee too ^_^

  16. thnx for d full update dear

  17. Thanks for the update.

  18. Farr from Saudi Arabia.
    awesome…..its getting thrilling..,

    1. Really

  19. Thanx fr updating..

  20. it has been a wonderful exprience sharing thought here wid all of u guyz…..

  21. Go got it really pain when parth is getting the beating… i wish i could share the pain anyway from DELHI…i read all.your comments.. thank to Adnirv it is.a.grt thought……. and totally sure it is viduahi’s work….

    1. I want to share that everyone has problem in d life. Initially I thought that TV actors r so very lucky but in reality everyone has to face life. But v should never forget ‘Jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hota hai’

  22. Randhir is so jealous abt sayu and parth’s chemistry… guys parth have many.crimal story… wht he did in his past …. i am very egar to know…. parth and criminal not a good match……

  23. guyz may be that police cop wants to take revange wid parth bcoz the way he is treating wid parth it is obvious that he dsnt like parth.

  24. guyz may be that cop want to take revange wid parth the way he is treating parth is obvious that he doesnt like parth

  25. May be !! as usually vardhan is playing games for team strongness ?? : )

  26. Ya i agree with zil…… but wht is parth’s ….. why take revenge from.sweet cute shy handsome parth…. ooooo god..wht will happen

    1. As far as i remember , he was shown hitting some guy as a kid. May be he was very agressive when he was young and now he realised nd turnd into a good guy ( whon we all LIKEEE).

      i agree witg ryll.. The story IS getting interesting. Wish the episode dould be a little longer.

  27. luk how dat Vidushi changed….i feel lyk slapping dat girl….She luvs 2 make othrs lyf troublsome..

  28. I agree wid riya vidushi must be stabbed to death.but den d stry wont be intrsting.

  29. I agre wid riya.vidu must b stabd 2 death.aut den d story wont sim ” INTERESTING.VERY,VERY INTERESTING”

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