Sadda Haq 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun says you had problem with her engineering. You need to ask yourself why? Randhir says its a long story. He says you have confront her and apologize with heart. When I had time I couldn’t say and now she is in Banglore and I am here.
Sanyu sees Randhir in chamber. Sanyu says what are you doing? He says I have ruined this machine. I have stopped you from engineering. I want you to be engineer and take me out of here. I owe you this. I want to show that your passion won over my ego. Sanyu says I can’t fix it in 5 minutes please come out. Randhir says I am not doing this for myself. I have lost you one. Sanyu says please come out. I can’t lose you. The gasses start filling in. Randhir coughs. Randhir says only you can take me out of here Sanyu.
Sanyu fixes

the machine and takes Rnadhir out. sanyu hugs him and says stupid idiot. Why do I love you. she says rest here. Randhir says don’t go. Sanyu says you need rest. Randhir stands up and hugs her. Randhir kisses her cheek. Randhir comes close to her and kisses her cheek. Randhir says I promise I will take care of you and us. We have a bright future. He hugs her.

Sanyu is sleeping. Sanyu says to Sanaya I told you about Karan. I didn’t tell you whole thing. Karan died saving his gf. I took care of her and sent her abroad. Sanaya says you are doing so much to apologize him. sanyu says I am looking for her on internet so I can apologize her.
Sanyu comes to boys room everyone is asleep. Sanyu throws papers at randhir to wake him up. Randhir gets up. He comes out. Randhir is about to kiss her. Sanyu says what are you doing. He says I do this is dream all the time. Sanyu says I am actually here. He says sorry I thought I was dreaming. Sanyu says I wanted to talk. Randhir says let me change. SAnyu peeks in when he takes his shirt off. Sanyu says this letter is by Karan’s gf. She was pregnant. Her son calls your randhir chachu. She has named him Randhir.
Randhir reads the letter, the child says thank you randhir chachu, i wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my mom. Thank you for making our lives comfortable. My mom tells me a lot about you. Regards, Randhir Karan Singh.
Randhir recalls his times with Randhir.

Randhir comes to cafe. Sanyu gives him coffee. He says you remember the coffee I liked. She says can I forget? Randhir says what you wanted to talk about. Sanyu says I wanted to apologize. Rndhir says what for? You don’t need to. Sanyu says I need to.
Joy is texting Kritika. He says Arjun and says did becky text? He says no. She is checking in every pub in banglore. she is enjoying and I am sitting here. I feel jealous when I see Kritika and Joy. Have you kissed her? Joy says shut up there is time in that. Summit says people kiss first. Joy says that depends on her. We are space scientist not some street boys.
Randhir comes in. Sumit says when did you kiss sanyu? Arjun says before relationship? Randhir recalls when they were fighting. Sanyu slapped him and he kissed her. Sumit says learn joy. Arjun says just kiss already. Rnadhir says I am thinking how many times have I hurt her. Arjun says you will take a year.
Randhir says you can kiss someone else to make her jealous. Joy says kissing someone else is cheating. You guys might not like it.
At the end, your heart loves someone. According me, loving someone else is not cheating. Arjun says if you love someone else and date someone else thats cheating. What if sanyu had dated Aryaan. Sanyu says both of you are right. We were not together for two years. She never loved Aryan that is why she didn’t commit to him.I am glad she chose me.
That means sanyu didn’t cheat me and I cheated on her. I hope she forgives me.

Precap-Randhir hugs sanyu and says I am sorry for every tear, for every time I made you sorry. Sanyu says I am sorry I never tried to contact you. I am sorry too. Randhir kisses her forehead.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Ok have a suggestion for another game also .see not everyone liked every character or scene so write about character you hate the most,character you disliked,character you wanted bit to me more better .similarly wrote about the scenes can openly bash aboutt character and even actor but no one will object you and you will also not object and one more thing neither Sandhir nor Parsh will be included in this as they are the leads.Even if anyone want to say something about one of them then he must use polite way to point that negativity and will also have to praise one positivity with that but to others anything is aloud .so I asking for permission from all .should we start the game or not

    1. Sheena

      Yup kushagra…nice idea..
      Bt guys, no abuses plss….i know ab esa koi gaali dena wala nai h bt still….

      1. KUSHAGRA

        Yes no abuse and not a single word against Parsh .sheena dear so just start

  2. dear it was effect of saas bahu drama.few days ago I met a foreigner who came in student exchange program and she is friend if my friend.she asked one question is it true that after marriage mother inlaw always shouts and ex wife enters in your life again .I asked her who told u this bullshit .the funny reply she had given me that she was given a indian girl as a room partner and she used to watch melodramas such as yeh hae mohabattein daily and she used to explain her in english lolz.I was burst in laughter

    1. Sheena

      Hahaha..! Yaa, some saas bahu sagas leave that impression?

    2. Haha!!
      Funny 🙂
      Dear !! Yaa saas bahu serials can leave this impression … 2-3 marriages and all the thing

    3. Richa

      arrey they talk about sanskaars khud ke kahan gayi ??? bhaaji plaao bnnane

  3. Sheena

    Ok..i’ll start !
    For me, nkrman was the worst character…n i’m so happy that he is out of the show now…he is so wicked…n usko kch knowledge b nai hai…i mean…look at vardhan sir’s authority, his knowledge, his attitude..nirman me sirf negativity thi aur kch nai…n he never motivated his team…he just found ways to torture them …
    The best guide will always b the one n only – VARDHAN SIR !! n second comes ranawat..i dont even consider nirman as a guide..
    N i personally dont like sh2 supporting cast..i mean dont hate i just dont like their acting…but yaa, sanaya is good 🙂 arjun ko toh spcly kch nai aata..n i dont like his attitude n his thinking..
    Ok i shared my was just for the characters..nothing personnel..


      Character I loath the most was that of aryan .as he was a hacker and murder.moreover he alwayys wore black which is color of evil .his extra high blo*dy and expressionless face reminds me of vampires and werewolf .that dialogue of him in which he said. Rd you r good but am better at that time I just wished to kill him .the way used to be harsh to rd I it irked a lot .and his mindless love towards sanyu was also very obsessive .see how can anyone be so nice to one person and so harsh to others .I hated his doublestandedness .I hated this character from core of my heart

      1. KUSHAGRA

        That word is body not blo*dy it got misprinted I swear .I was talking about his height not abusing him .honestly it was a mistake

  4. sorry for offense to the fans

  5. surprisingly misconception enters her mind about indian marriages bcoz of these melodramas

  6. Richa

    heyy karuuuuuuuuuuuuuu no need for sorry dr i tooo make mistakes ndnope i donttrust translaqte rather ii trust DABH romanian site i ju8st hate guggggal translate hindi to english horrible translation

  7. Richa

    @@@@#@@@@@@@ nishaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa were r uuuuuuuuuu??

  8. if conjuring was made in india then there would be songs in which ghost will be romancing with members

    1. hahaha rit dear..that ghost of bill wilkins would have danced with janet n tht devil with lorraine warren…
      ur foreighner frnd incident was to fuunyy dea…

      1. yes dear bcoz of this saas bahu saga many serials are getting off air .now dehleez is going off air which is very good of the reason is aunties they don’t have anything to do rather than watching this craps

  9. Sanyukta Rathor

    Good evening guys hw r u all

    1. Sheena

      Gd evening sanyu!! I’m fine 🙂
      How r u?

  10. hii everyone..
    the character i hated is becky….look at her cry baby face.her was really very funnyy…

  11. hii friends how ar you all sheena mayuri richu richa kushagra shivu karina nisha vrushi….

    my least fav character is aryan…his acting is too dumb n his style is also not worth it…n the way he spoke was like he owned sanyukta n she would not be able to do anythng without him…n then again he was a hacker..n i dont like hackers..u cant feel safe with them..n aryan always spied on sanyu and i know he is still….

    1. Richa

      hyy rits
      welll i agree to u but u gonne agree he looked cute 🙂

    2. Mayurii

      Hii … Rits how r u dear 🙂

  12. ya ur rit dear shivu this saas bhau dramas is the reason why our tv industry have no quality content..
    all aged women watch these dramas n then get addicted to it…n shows like SH go off air..

    1. Sheena

      Yaa i mean just look at all those shows like balika vadhu, diya n bati n worst of them all – sasural simar ka..all of them r so illogical n still they r being telecasted regularly ( offence to viewers of these shows)…n good shows like sh n d3 go off air?

    2. yes rits dats y I am saying please support these serials who has really. very good concept but go off air due to low trp


    Hey friends I have posted my ff “just because of you ” Please grace it with your reads

  14. please provide your support .many of the good serials are air so I request please come front in the support of dehleez ans skr .they are doing partiality with many shows even.though have good trp it’s ok if you don’t watch but or.comment on the page may be star plus change decision for the sake.of good serials it is humble request if you don’t use tweeter it’s ok comment on please

  15. I know sh page but due to melodramas very good seriqls does.not get a chance


      Shivani star plus is like this only thy can never bear new thinking and change they just orthodox serials of bechari bahus and terrifying sasu’s

      1. thats why many good serials which shows

      2. thats why many serial which shows which shows women empowerment air they just want to show woman like gopi who is begging always irony

  16. sorry for making u bore

  17. Mayurii

    Guys … It totally looks like get together 😉 🙂

  18. Mayurii

    My least favorite is becky because she acts a little mean and I don’t know what she want and she is just too much … Don’t like her

  19. I found nirman very bad .he is rude totally.I don’t like him

  20. Does anyone know what ashwini is going to do next???? if anyone knows please tell me……..


      Hey good morning to all but I am very disappointed so less people read my ff .Is it that bad yaar

    2. Mukti

      I think he will be seen in warrior high 2 on MTV..dear u just check on net to confirm it..

  21. Mukti

    heloo guys…howru all
    shivvuu dear ur rit these saas bhau sagas are ruling our tv industry n shows like sh go off air..
    starplus colours zee tv all these chanels have nathng else to show..thy nvr experiment somethng new..that sasural simar ka shows ghosts n nagins n tht orthodox things..

    1. hey dear it will rule until people will watch things.they are enjoying in watching such sagas which shows women weak than men

    2. sasural simar should be named as sasural bhoot ka .

  22. Mukti

    my least fav character is arjun..he is so boring n selfish too..

  23. hii shena mayuri sanyukta richu richa shivani kuhagra rits mukti howru all
    my least fav character is aryan..

    1. hllo vishal

  24. Sheena

    Helllooo everyone!!! Dhruv bro, mukti, piku, nishu, karu, rits, vishal, shivu, richu, kushagra, parsh, sanyu, vrushi n all missing ppl (come back fast)!!
    How r u all?

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      Hello sheenu … I m back dear 🙂
      I m so happy that everyone is coming back 🙂

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    I m sorry I couldn’t talked to u much before … Where were u bhai .. U haven’t came in a while ….
    But now let me welcome u …

    Welcome back 🙂

  26. blo*dy hell

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