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Sadda Haq 24th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Yo yo comes and sees that everyone is busy on the calls. He wonders whats going on? He sees the list and says oh they are talking to sponsors he sees a Punjabi company’s name and calls there. they say we are not from Punjab.
Sanyu texts Randhir how are you doing ?
Sahil says to the sponsors that its beneficial for both of us. Parth gets a sponsor who is coming to see their demo. He is so happy he asks when ? The sponsor says next month. He gets disappointed again.
Sanyu texts Randhir I hope you are okay.
Parth says we have called almost 50 sponsors no one agreed.
Randhir replies sanyu thanks for the bike but I don’t accept gifts. I will returns your money someday.

Scene 2
Randhir is sleeping. Parth comes in anger and starts hitting the

boxing bag. Randhir says whats wrong ? Parth says not your problem. Randhir says you are disturbing me. Parth says yeah you, yourself that’s all you care about. Why would you care about anyone else ?
Parth says dream team is ending vardhan sir is leaving but you won’t do anything because its not your team. Randhir says is sir vardhan leaving ? Parth says what will you do ? We are looking for new sponsors. Randhir says you’re right what difference it makes to me. One day everyone has to leave.
Randhir comes out of the room and says in the heart selfish people they need me now so they will come and taunt me no one will ask how am I. And that sanyu who pretends to be a friend, my foot.
He sees sanyu in front of him. Sanyu is sneezing so bad. Sanyu says Randhir how are you now ? I was looking for a sponsor I am so tired of these calls. Randhir says in heart ask what you want me do. She says will you like some coffee ? there is just one cup we have to share. sanyu drinks half and then gives it to randhir. He says she will just say want some help for the dream team. Randhir drinks the coffee all in one. Sanyu says calm down. Sanyu says I think we should all; go for a movie. He says you have called me here for movie ? Sanyu says okay don’t go I am going for sleep. She leaves. Randhir wonders why she didn’t ask for something. SAnyu drops her earing while leaving. Randhir picks it up and places it in his pocket.

Sanyu goes to her room. She tells kaustuki that she was with randhir. Kaustuki says did you ask for his help ? Sanyu says no we were just sitting. He like entering in the end like a hero. Kaustuki says you have made him friend, here etc does he even considers you a friend ? Sanyu says he will. Kaustuki says but I will always be your best friend. Sanyu says of course. kaustuki asks where is your earing ? snayu says I dropped it somewhere is guess.

Parth sits and sees the picture of amrita and says everyone is doomed. You used to smile and say everything will be all right. I used to lose all the tension but now nothing is working out.
Parth, sanyu, sahil and kaustuki get call from different sponsors and they agree to see the prototype but they say that they need confirmation from official team. Kaustuki and sanyu tell each other. They are trying to call each other so they find the phones busy. Parth’s call gets on sanyu’s phone. They all gather in the corridor and tell each other about the sponsors. Sahil says where will we get this official confirmation from ? Maya will suspend us on the spot. Sanyu smiles and says no she won’t.
Sanyu says maya will call sponsors and give them the confirmation. Juggy is not here but his magic is. They recall when jiggy made an application that convers the voices.

All the four sit on stairs and call the sponsor. Sanyu starts talking to the sponsor as Maya. She says my students have put in their best effort in this team and we are happy that you are willing to fund us. Our team has done many wonders. The sponsor says yeah I am impressed the work of your team. The sponsor says we met at Dehli techfest I talked to you about something. You had negative opinions about FITE and their dream. Now you are parsing them. Sanyu says yeah that was based on what I listened and after being in FITE I have rectified my thoughts there is no shame in that. Sponsor says we are interested in participating. Sanyu says okay then you have my consent now my students will co ordinate with you. They are all so happy. SAhil says wow sanyu you talked so well. Parth says now we have to put in our best effort and develop a prototype. Suddenly sanyu says we should accept that dream team is no more. Its all over. Kaustuki asks are you okay sanyu ? Sanyu says no my nose is dripping. I get ashamed if someone sees , she points ahead. Vidushi is standing in wonder there. Everyone gets shocked to see her.
Vidushi comes forward and says now you all are here to march for the dream team ? Go and study there is no dream team that can save you only marks can. Sahil says I will kill her someday. Sanyu says how will I attend lectures I am not feeling well. Parth says yeah one of us will go with you. Sanyu says we need a room where there are no cameras so we can prepare the blue print. SAnyu says to parth we will be in your room. Kaustuki says what about that mini devil randhir. Sanyu says we will handle him.

Precap- Parth says to vidushi I feel something different for you now. Vidushi says really ? ANd hugs him. Vidushi is abducted in a room / Maya and vardhan come there. Maya says tell me who did this with ? I will suspend him on the spot.
Sanyu falls randhir catches her. sanyu says I told you I trust you. He says I love you sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. i luv to see dream team wrking together kal ke epi mein woh kaustu video bana rahethe aur sanyu ki woh coding superb tha lekin rd ke bina na its smthing incomplete !!!

  3. i just luved it when sanyu said – rd ko na last minute mein hero ki tharha entry marna acha lagtha hai wow !!!!!!!!!

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  10. well AN ab jao so jao raat hogayi sd tc….aur ha dream me rd ko mat dekhna…

  11. lekin kyu nahi dekhu mein rd ko ???

  12. jab bhi koi SH ka dream aajathi hain toh koi na koi disturbance toh hothi hi hai jaise alarm clock,radio etc etc

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