Sadda Haq 24th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aryan says in heart I cant see someone disrespecting you sanyu, even if its nirman. He gives sanyu her phone back. Sanyu says I am sorry. He says its okay. Sanyu gives him water. He takes some sips.
Joy gets a call from Minka. He cuts it. Minka stops him and says you cant run away from me. you can’t ignore you, you will be in trouble. You should thank me that I stopped you here. Joy sees Nirman coming in. Joy says I am not stupid you can’t blackamil me. Minka says he is my target you are not. Joy says I don’t car what youa re doing. Stay away from me. Don’t bring my dad in all this. I have a choice, I choose not to mess with Nirman. She grasps his collar and says mission mars will fail and all will die. And you were right your dad didn’t have a choice

but you do, to save your team. He hugs him clicks some pictures. She says now go and take rest and if you tell someone about it, I will send these photos to Nirman.

Warden comes in room, sanyu hides with aryan behind closet. He is close to her. The song ‘yeh fitur’ plays in background. Warden leave. sanyu says laptop is open and comes out. Aryan says I will see you.
Vid is roaming in ISRC, she says I am not going from here that easily.
Sanaya is listening to music and dancing while randhir works. She says sheikho you don’t even look at me. He says you are following dance like no one is watching. I am too focused today. Why are you so happy. She says if you do something I will be happy. you are so boring and old. He says you asked me to do it. She says are you hallucinating? Take a deep breathe. He says dont act. SHe says you are doing overtime. He says we will fail our mission and nirman agreed. sanaya says nirman knows you are doing this? Nirman will fire Arjun yayy.

nirman receives and email of design. He says this is sharp. Becky says where are you going? Nirman says to meet randhir. becky says we have a meeting. He says I will go and meet him first. sanyu receives mail, fantastic design. She says nirman? Aryan sent him the design. sanyu stops nirman and says thank you for the opportunity. Nirman says I don’t have time. She says but this mail. I sent you design and your replied me this. Nirman says thats you design? He sees randhir coming in. Sanyu says yes it is mine.
nirman stops randhir and says how dare you. you sent her design from you email.
Randhir says hacking is so easy these days, I haven’t sent you any mail. Nirman says you may go. He looks at sanyu. Sanyu says I dont know how.. Nirman says you did the same thing again. You wanted a chance and you have proved yourself. You are a thief and nothing else. He leaves. Nirman comes there he says in heart i am sorry sanyu, i will make everything okay.

Aryan comes to sanyu, sanyu says please dont say something. He says I wanted nirman to see your deisgn, he would never open your mail so I used rnadhir’s. sanyu says I don’t wanna talk about it. Aryan says in heart I am sorry sanyu I hate my self. He says sanyu.. Sanyu leaves. He stops her, sanyu shoves him and says aryan please. He says I am sorry. sanyu says I know you did it for me. But I have to survive alone. She leaves.

Vid says to sanyu call papa and tells him I will stay here today. I stay home all day I feel so exhausted. I need a small break. sanyu says but.. vid says papa will never say no to you.

Precap-vid says we are at this place and two special people of my life have come back. They are sanyu and randhir. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. This is really bad. Why the hell Nirmaan negative things out of whatever sanyu does. Why can’t he see arjuns arrogancy

  2. This is really bad why the hell Nirmaan points out negative things out of whatever sanyu does

  3. I hate u Nirmaaaaaaaaaan GO TO HELLLLLLLLL

    1. Yes he is meant to be hated..n owr sanyuwil shw him his place

  4. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Today’s episode star was vidushi..hats off to nisha..undoubtedly vidushi is one of the pillar of SaddaHaq
    The most awaited meetup..Vidhir meet up happened today..
    She was so happy to see her unsaid friend aftr so long..
    Once again vidushi provd me right..she mayb evil harsh from outside bt her heart is pure n has immense love for randhir sanyukta parth…the imp. Person of hr life..
    Now waiting fr parth’s entry..
    Ths four will burn the screen

    1. Totally agree with u dear…Vids is one of the stars of SH. Cant wait for paran’s meeting.

  5. Nirman is bakwas

  6. Aryan will break down??

  7. I knw nirman’s a bit arrogant and yaa egoist too but I don’t think he is that bad. Shortly he will be best mentor sanyu can have…. Let’s hope sadda haq 2 is much more than just emotions.

    1. He is. Bakwas…evn he bcm good mentor he dsnt respect a girl properly..ds iz nt the way to treat anyone..all people on d top they dnt act like they have seen dis man is totly mad..he had no respct 4 girls..

  8. See thats why i always said Aryan is not good for Sanyu…i know he wanted to help her but his way is always wrong…he only knows how to cheat…first he made Sanyu enter ISRC by cheating and now he did the same with the desine….rd never made sanyu feel ashamed of her doings…he always brought the best out of her even when they were hating each other…really now aryan has lost all the respect i had for him…
    About my crazy and sweet Vids i can only say that im so glad to see her back and i really hope she will manage to remain in ISRC and divorce ankit..
    I cant wait for parth and rd’s reunion…i hope parth will come to ISRC too…
    I also want vidarth back together…im missing them badly…and of course i want sandhir back as well…

  9. I simply love this programme

    1. Mee too. <3.

  10. Wow… Exciting precap! Sadda haq back in action…

  11. Vidhusi is bac in action… Waiting for parth…. They will make this season complete for sure

  12. Guyz one thing is not clear why is Randhir behaving like Sanyu doesn’t even matter to him now. All his affection , care could not be seen. I am a huge fan of Sandhir and I hate seeing them like this.

    1. Hey 🙂 rd is behaving this way coz in his mind sanyu is responsible for parth’s accident…he doesnt know that parth was the one that pressed the button…

  13. Sanyukta and randhir are still married or they have been divorced??

    1. In the news they said they are divorced but frankly i dont think they had time to get divorced coz after the accident in dream team competition everyone went on their own….parth in coma, rd left the city, vids got married and sanyu spend those 2 years blaming herself and visiting parth in hospital…so i guess neither her nor rd thought about filling the divorce papers…

  14. Eagerly waiting for todays episode when everyone wuld get to know abt Sandhir love

    1. No prajval, they will give some excuse and make them understand anything. Directors know it very well to make suspence


    Oh my god


    This is all we wish to see vids back in action.

    NOw we will see what our vids is doing boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

    kyaa hogaa aage

    Vids is blackmailing sanyu for what reason

    assuming hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm randhir see achi vajah kuaa ho saktee hai

    LOve the reaction of vidushi

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee entry of vids

    love u suru karu anu shreyaanu

    Dear anu not now busy a little let see dear once agin continuing the fanfic writing after some time.

    1. Hey my cutie…nice too see u…love u too…

  16. Wht u thnk karina. Nirmna iz not good as human rit..he shd respct her..he thnks. She iz lier bt he mst aprreciate her good wrk na.
    I thnk vidushi will remainder only..I thnk smehow vidushi n parth wil be in isrc or ther will be nomeaning..

    1. Yeah vishal i also want vidarth in isrc..
      About nirman i agree he is very rude with sanyu and he is behaving like sanyu is responsible for something which affected him…i think when he ll find out the truth that sanyu didnt stole that fuel prototipe and that she was actually the one that made it…im sure nirman will totally change his view about her…but yeah i agree he is exremly rude to her more than he is with others…

  17. Sanyukta rathor

    Good to see vidu’s action. And aryan pls nt sad it’s ok , your intantion was not wrong . Love you aryan

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