Sadda Haq 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is texting someone, sanyu comes and looks in his phone. He says you wont stop these girly things? sanyu says i am a girl. Sanyu says are you stalking someone? he says two girls, and they are my girlfriends. he says are you jealous? sanyu says why would i be? show me who is it? sanyu snatches the phone and sees his picture with karan, she says here are you two gfs? He says i was missing karan and old friends so went through these pictures. sanyu says stalk her later, come to the class. Red suits you btw. Randhir says thanks.

They are all with their dream car, parth says it finally means somethings. Randhir holds sanyu’s hand on the car. Yoyo says i think we need to clean it. randhir says before that we need to repair it as well. Vidushi says we will get placements easily

when we win competition. They all start repairing it. Peon comes and says abhay has called you all. They all go to him. Vidushi says i don’t wanna make a new nest. yoyo says there must be some drinking party. When they enter corridor a lot of twix falls on them. Ranawat comes and says now you look perfect. i heard that you guys dont need me. I wanted to clear misconception in your tiny minute bird brains, i don’t care. randhir says we don’t need an alchohoic mentor. Ranawat says there will be many challenges in front of you, I advise you to be obedient. randhir says what if we dont listen to you? Ranawat says there are a lot of people wanting to be part of dream team. what you thought? you will dance on my head if i signed a form? sanyu says we are ready to accept your challenges. Randhir says we will prove what we are. ranawat says lets see.He leaves.

Randhir and parth come to their room and see that everything is messed up. Randhir says someone has done it. sanyu and vidushi’s room is locked. Warden says abhay has locked it. Dream team gathers, Parth says he has ruined our room. vid says our room is locked. Ranawat comes, Randhir says what are you doing sir? He says you are trash team you should stay where trash lives. yoyo says what did he mean by that?

they enter the trash room, sahil says how long will we stay here? Vidb says i am going to washroom, peon locks the door. He says ranawat asked me to lock the door. vid says i have to go to washroom. he doesn’t open. parth laughs at her. Sanyu says lets clean up the room. Randhir says to sanyu you look good doing all this girly work? sanyu says stop talking like girls, and work like men.
They all clean it. vid says where will we sleep? Yoyo takes out some cottons and says we will sleep on this. There is no fan in the store room. ranawat comes in, he says why are you guys staring at me? did you expect me to send you to a 5 star room? you cleaned it? you can do cleaning at least. He goes out, randhir chases hi, sanyu holds and hugs him. vid says i am going to washroom, rest go to canteen.

Ranawat is working on a machine in lab, he gets grease on his hands. He starts panicking again. he screams and says get out you both. He cleans his hands and says i didn’t do it. i will come to save. he sits there and drinks.

When they come to room, its all dirty again. Sanyu says he is doing this to provoke us, we will clean it all. sanyu says lets clean it up. Vid says i am really tired. randhir says to sanyu sleep on my cotton your is wet, i will sleep somewhere else, sanyu says we can both sleep on it. They both sleep on the same cotton.

next morning, they all wake up and start working on car. sahil says i am really sleepy. sanyu says everyone is irritated and thats what abhay wants. abhay comes in.

Precap-abhay says task is to stand on this plank for the girls, sanyu is about to faint and she falls.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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