Sadda Haq 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to parth have you practiced? Parth says i will handle everything. Randhir says nothing should happen to sanyu.
Randhir is welding in the lab. Randhir says i am scared. Sanyu says parth will handle it and ranawat must have taken safety measures. Randhir says parth is acting weird after vid’s incident. Sanyu says give him a chance. He says chance for what? Risking your life? Sanyu says i trust parth and you don’t. Just like you trust me but your mom doesn’t. I know he will save me. She tickles him and says nothing will happen. Randhir hugs him.

Rishab calls vid but she doesn’t pick up. Vid covers her face and goes out. She says he can’t blackmail me now. Rishab sees her and says vid come out. If i find you, you will be in a problem.

Vid says shit that means he recognized me. Vid goes to library. Rishab comes there, he says i caught you. She says i did all you asked me to, now let me go. He says that is not enough. You have to do two more things. Make sure randhir is disqualified. And sanyu shouldn’t come out of car. Vid says she is already injured and worried. Rishab my happiness is already important. You have cheated your team already. Vid says please stop it. He says i am uploading his video. she cries and says don’t do this.

Sanyu comes to Ranawat and says sir you don’t wanna tell us about safety measures. Ranawat says this is not a drama. Nor are we shooting for a reality show. This is a real thing. sanyu says but it is very risky. Ranawat says only then we will know if you have potential or not. Sanyu says what if something happens. He says you are nervous. sanyu says i am talking about whole team. God forbid if someone is injured. Ranawat says this happens. I don’t believe in God. I believe in myself. You have to do it yourself. do you understand? Dont come for competition if you are scared. You may go now.

Rishab stops vid again. He says dont be too scared. You know that video isn’t still uploaded but if you try to act over smart then you know i can do this. vid takes his phone and breaks it. vid says go upload. To hell with you. He says how dare you to do this. Vid says how dare you to blackmail me. Rishab says i can tell parth everything. How will you stop me? You are finished. Your game is over.
Parth is looking for vid, no one has seen her.He comes to her room and sees a letter. she writes i want to tell you something, i made you strip videos for money. She tells him how rishab blackmailed her. she says i can’t show you my face after what i did so i am leaving. I am sorry I really love. He crumples it up and says how could you.
Parth comes to rishab and starts hitting him. Rishab says go beat her she sold you for money. Parth leaves. He comes out. The competition is about to start. Randhir says to parth i am sorry about how i behaved parth. Ranawat says this is the most dangerous and risky task you ever did. Show your passion today. Maybe after today you will never be able to do another task. That task is to save you trapped partner. The one trapped inside can press the buzzer if he doesn’t trust his partner. This will disqualify the one outside. Randhir says but you said there is no back up. Ranawat says should i take it back? Parth says no its okay. Randhir says this will create doubts. sanyu says we all trust each other. Ranawat says 1st randhir will go in and sanyu will try to save him.

Precap-ranawat says there are three bluetooth. Take it to communicate. Sanyu tries to save randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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