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Sadda Haq 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The dream team is asleep in the canteen after last night’s celebrations. Admin comes and scolds at them. Vid says parth had to get a job, he is a guy. Sanyu says he deserved it. Randhir comes in suit. He says I am here as representative of Saniyal industries. Sanyu says you joined it? He says yes. Vid says now you will get a job too. Only i will be giving interviews.

Sanyu says should i tell randhir about what her mom did. I have to get a job. Randhir comes in sanyu’s room. He says come with me. sanyu says where? He says come with me, I have to show you something. Randhir comes close and is about to kiss her. She shoves him. He takes her out. Renuka is there. She says I asked randhir to bring you here. Are you confused? Its a good news. I am offering you a job. randhir

says this wasn’t my plan. Mom wants best two form FITE. We can work together. Renuka says randhir accepted the offer I hope you too. Sanyu says I need time. Renuka goes out. Randhir says you wanted to work with me. sanyu says yes i do. we are getting what we wanted. Sanyu says it will be awkward for me. Randhir says everything is in place. And what are you hesitated. You will be in front of my eyes always. sanyu says you feel insecure. randhir says i thought you would be happy. Sanyu says i dont want a gifted offer. Randir says you worked hard that is why you are getting it. sanyu says people will say that. Randhir says when did you start caring about people. Randhir says okay you will give saniyal industry’s interview tomorrow. Randhir leaves.
Renuka comes in and says this is the best opportunity for you. This is a piece of cake. sanyu says i dont like cakes. Renuka says you will be working on a level. SAnyu says you want a trophy wife for your son. Renuka says why not. Sanyu says you think i will accept your offer. Renuka says you will have to. Because no one else will offer you a job. Sanyu says I have self respect that is why i am rejecting your offer and I will get a job in another company.

Scene 2
Next morning, everyone gives more interviews. The interviewer asks sanyu do you speak french? sanyu says what? They say we need someone who speaks french. Vid is hired as well. She says but the salary is a bit low. I am ready to work under a bond but reconsider the package. They say okay we will reconsider. Vid comes out and is about to hug parth but she stops. Sanyu comes out upset.
Parth says sanyu you will get better than this. Randhir comes to sanyu and says please listen to me. You dont need to do all this. Your desinty is saniyal industry. There will be no partiality with you.
Sanyu comes in for the interview. Renuka and Randhir are there as well. The interviewer says we can’t hire you. Renuka says we should give her another chance. Sanyu says no that would be unfair. Its okay. She leaves. randhir goes after her. He takes her to a room and says what were you doing? She says i am tired. He says you didn’t know answers of such simple questions. Sanyu says my mind was numb, i was blank. He says its our own company you can get the job. sanyu says i dont want it this way. I wont feel satisfied. He says you are deserving you know that. I would have said that even if you weren’t my gf. When you are my wife in future I wont let you work in another company. Mom is being so nice to you. sanyu says she is just doing me a favor. He shoves her and says where did self respect come from.
They sit together. randhir says you know you are wrong. sanyu says i know what i have to do. I am applying it HTWAuto. I will do it. he says you will go to Dubai. She says you should apply too. We will both go together. That was our original plan. he says i am not going anywhere. She says we have to be together. He says my family has reunited after such a long time. sanyu says i will do what i feel is right.

Precap-Sanyu gets a corrier. She says there is no corrier. The man says please come out to collect it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nice episode shows Sanyu’s capabilities to strive under pressure and tough conditions.

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