Sadda Haq 23rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vid asks ankit why did you call me so many times? Was it urgent? He says no I haven’t been talking to you for days so I thought I should call? Vid says if sanyu know she will be mad? He says sorry. Vid says how is work going? He says going good. I am responsible. Women should sit home and rest. Vid says yes thats right. Don’t you get bored with work? Where do you party? He says I don’t get time. She says I wanted to go watch Express but not possible. I have to wait for it to be broadcasted on tv. He says why don’t we both go and watch it? I’ll pick and drop you. Vid says that perfect.

sanyu is at date venue. She says you have set it up all for me? Now come and enjoy with me. Randhir says you dinner is getting ready. Randhir cooks for her and says

your dinner is ready. He says I want to talk about something. sanyu says what? He says later. Randhir serves her the dishes. He says i only know this. He serves her the pasta. sanyu says wow.
They both sit and eat together. Randhir says start. Sanyu says what all this surprise for you? He says i dont need a special day to surprise you. Sanyu says mission accomplished. Randhir says now that we are engaged. We are partners. sanyu says yeah. Randhir says if one of us decide something we should both be satisfied. sanyu says what? he says we should have mutual understanding. sanyu says what you mean? He says why dont you stop you experiment. It is infuriating ranawat. Everyone is blaming you. sanyu says so all this was to persuade me. randhir says no. Come sit. sanyu says i am sure parth suggested you all this. Randhir says that experiment is creating problems. Sanyu says i am close to crack it. It can be useless for you but not me. randhir gets a call from sponsor. Randhir says unless i find sponsors dont do something that creates problems for team. sanyu says good night and leaves. Randhir throws away all the decorations. Sanyu watches him do this. she says in heart i am doing this so you guys are not down.

Scene 2
Vid is with ankit for lunch. Vid says that villain was like sanyu. Control freak. ankit says even hitler would have committed suicide. Vid drinks from ankit’s glass and says sorry.
Ankit drops Vid back to college, she kisses his cheek and says thanks for wonderful evening. yoyo sees them.
Yoyo says what was sanyu’s brother doing with you? She says he is planning some surprise for sanyu. For her graduation. any problem? Yoyo says no. Vid says dont tell anyone because its a surprise.

Sanyu is working in the lab. Randhir says i talked to her rudly. She must be sitting in room. i should go to her room. randhir goes to sanyu’ room and sees that she is not there. He says where are they both? Randhir goes to lab and sees sanyu working there. He says you get nothing with love? we are all suffering because of you. sanyu says listen to me. randhir says we are suffering. How can you be so selfish. I have lost all my patience. randhir graps her arm. Its hurts her. randir says show me. She says i wont. randhr says you are wrong. sanyu sas i dont need to give anyone justifications. I know what am I doing. randhir says fine do whatever you want.

sanyu is standing in lab. randhir comes and hugs her from back. he says i am sorry i shouldn’t have shouted. Please buck up. He picks her up. Sanyu says wow i feel better now. He says shut up and sit here. sanyu says you wont go out. sanyu says unless you dont stop being mad at me i wont let you go out. Why you get mad at me so much? randhir says you cross me. She kisses his cheek.

Precap-Vid sees sanyu dn randhir kissing. Sanyu is in her room. she drinks water and faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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