Sadda Haq 23rd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to randhir and says I blamed you for the video, I got to know you didn’t do it. I just wanted to say.. I am reallyy.. randhir says its okay I don’t need anyone’s apology. sanyu looks at aryan. He nods.
Sanyu says to Aryan thanks. She goes to her room.
Sanyu recalls randhir saying you can never love anyone. I won’t let you live happily. Sanyu recalls everything sanaya said. She sees aryan saying thank you so much for coming in my life. randhir says I hate you. Aryan says you are special I love. Sanyu screams. then she sees sanaya and kritika asleep.
Sanyu hears anju’s voice its hard to decide but you are my strong and sensible girl I trust my daughter.

Sanyu texts aryan dark shadow never take vacations lets do his holiday this

evening. Aryan replies dark shadow is the boss.
Joy gets a call from nirman.. He says why did he call?
Arjun kritika and Sumit are laughing. Joy says I should run. Joy gets a text from nirman.. I am impressed with you good job. Joy says really? He is dancing. Arjun texts him again and says come to work station and lets me Rs 500. Joy says why does he need money? and 500? He looks rich.
Nirman is with everyone in the work station. Joy gives him 500. Nirman says are you out of your mind? Get out of here. Joy says you asked for them. Kritikka sumit and arjun giggle. Nirman leaves they all laugh.

Sanaya says to sanyu I am sorry for last night. I didn’t want to offend you. Sanyu says I had to hear it from someone. You asked me to decide. I have made my decision.
sanyu emails aryan, dear dark shadow please make aryan available for me this evening, 8pm garden view restaurant. You won’t take aryan from me. He replies, dark shadow is very busy but he can’t dare messing with lead astraunot. Aryan would be available and he will come to meet you.

Sanaya comes to randhir and says before randhir gets to know I have to tell him. His heart shouldn’t break more. Sanyu chooses her clothes. Aryan decides shirt too.
sanaya comes to randhir and says.. sanyu and aryan..

Sanyu gets ready. Randhir burns his hand. Sanaya says what are you doing. come to med center with me.
Sanyu says I have made the right choice. Respect is more important in a relationship.
Sanyu waits for the cab. she says aryan its time I will tell you.. I also.. Someone places a cloth on her face and she faints. its randhir.
SAnyu wakes up in the car. She says stop the car. Whats wrong with you. Stop the car. Listen to me. Where are you taking me. Randhir says so you can commit to that aryan? I won’t let that happen. sanyu says this is my life and my decision. He says my decision is that I will kill myself. Go. Sanyu says I won’t go please slow down the car. He says you will commit to him? Sanyu says I will talk about it. Please slow down the car.. He stops. Randhir says I get it. You want to commit. But I can’t see you with someone else. get out. he takes the car.

Aryan is waiting for sanyyu.He says where are you sanyu I hope everything is okay. Randhir hits the car with wall. His head i bleeding. he says if you commit to him I will kill myself. Sanyu says okay i won’t.
Aryan is waiting. SAnyu comes. He hugs her.
Aryan says come sit. She says I am sorry. He says no no its okay.
Aryan serves her wine and give her a rose. Ayran takes her hand and says whats so special?
Sanyu says I.. Sanyu recalls the accident. Sanyu says I wanted to sanyu thank you. For being in my life. She hugs him. sanyu says in heart i dont deserve you.

Precap-Watchman says that man is here again. They go to kick him out. Sanyu sees harsh. Harsh says sanyu please tell me where is randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yaarrrrr us dn man kiya tha Rd ko thappad lagau….. Aaj man kr raha he,,,,, uska gala dabake Mar dalu!!!! Rubbish disgusting randhir!!!!!

    Sanyu kya kavi khush nhi reh Sakti!!!!! What’s this yrr!!!!! Rd made her life hell…… She must tell the whole story to Aryan and wait fr rd’s recovery…… Sick randhir…..

    Feeling vrrrrrrryyyyyy sad fr Aryan and sanyu ????

    ….. I lv u ARYUKTA….???? I lovve u ARYAN….??????????

    1. Sanyukta Rathor

      Man to mera bhi yahi kr raha h

      Mera man kr raha h rd ko ek pillar se band kr itne tappad lagau ke wo behosh ho jai or pher use wapas tappad lagau kabhi hosh hi aae use disgusting man

      Pta nhi kya bimmari h use kabhi sanyu ko hate krta h kabhi use pareshan krta h kabhi mere aryan ko calange krta h kabhi sanyu ko bolta h ke me tumhe kisi or ke sath nhi dekh sakta pta nhi kya cahta h

      I think sanyu ko rd ke ek bade se photo ya murti banwa lene cahiye or din rat uski puja krni cahiye tab sayad rd use happy rahne di

      Any way

      Hw r u my aalu dear

      Good morning


      1. Sanyukta Rathor

        Hey aalu kl mene epi nhi dekha bas update padi

        Kya tum muzee bta sakti ho ke sanyu aryan se pyar krti h ya nhi ???? Plssss


        Yes yr di…. Sanyukta loves ARYAN…… She wanted to commit bt bcoz of tht rubbish hell randhir,,,, she couldn’t….. Kash ki wo Aryan ko sb sach sach bta de abt randhirs plan…..

        Di,,,,, avi to mera fb accnt nhi hay ….pr entrnce k bad me accnt kholungi….. Aap kab khologi????

        Actually na di,,,,Me aapse bad me v connected rehna chahti hu…. Me jnti hu ki yahan public site pe Kuch v personal bolna risky he…. Bt really di,,,, me aapse bohot jur chuki hu…. Aap to jnti hi ho mera good name and my state…. So u can also get me in fb later….. ?????

    2. Hi guys I’m new here.
      Guyes if sanyu commits Aryan then it will be very selfish of her. To being in a relationship just for respect is not enough right? There should be love between them. I’m not saying that Sanyu should go to Rd but she should follow her heart. If sanyu commits Aryan without love in her heart then it’s cheating.

      1. if there is love, there will be respect. there is no love bw rd and sanyu

      2. and and and if you love someone you will never insult that person, you will never disrespect him/her, you will never discourage him/her and you will never be the reason for that person’s failure. you will be the reason for that person’s success. rd doesn’t have these qualities. only aryan does

  2. Hello my lovely friends h r u all ? i had a little free time so i came here πŸ™‚

    I must say today’s epi was really intense…i agree this time Rd is doing wrong but i also think that Sanyu wasnt right either when she decided to choose Aryan coz she doenst love him and its not fair for either one of them to leave in a relationship where only one person loves the other…it wouldnt have been fair for Aryan to be in a relationship with Sanyu coz she doesnt love him…i agree respect is needed in a relation but it cant replace love…a relationship without love is a nightmare for the one that doesnt receve the same love from his partner…u need both love snd respect to make a relacionship work…the only difference between them is that respect can be learned in time but love not…the love its something u feel…its either there or not…in this case Sanyu loves Rd and he loves her back…it wouldnt have been fair to Aryan if Sanyu would have comitted to him just out of respect….i think the way the situation turned out to be is the best way…yeah Aryan will probably suffer for sometime but he ll get back on his feet…its better to suffer now then his whole life…this is just my opinion…i dont intend in hurting anyone…

    Love u guys…see u soon…

    1. Hi karu !! I’m fine dear…how r u?
      N u r correct karu…one sided love is always painful for both the partners …so its better to stay with the one U love n also that love shld be reciprocated by ur partner…

      Anyways karu…how’s ur project going? I hope everything is going as per ur expectations….good luck dear πŸ™‚

      1. Hey my dear Sheenu im fine…project is finished and went really good…now im busy with my master theses πŸ™‚ hope i ll finish that soon too…love u take care πŸ™‚

        And it seems my other friends forgot me coz they arent replying to my msgs πŸ™ on the other pages was same…only Shenu and Aastha and Nishu replyed πŸ™ thats so sad….hahaha just kidding dears…missing u all πŸ™‚ stay safe

  3. I m so sad they r spoil rd character. If sandhir will not unite at the end I will seriously get mad
    Hi guys I want to say that everyone has their choice. I seriously see nothing good in aryan. He is like a robot. But from mine choice. Aryukta fan I hope u will not mind but which ability does u like in aryaan.
    Is there any oe who is rd fan becoz dayby day aryaan fans r increasing

    1. Yaa princess…i too desperately want sandhir to unite….n afterall, they r married..doesn’t aryan know this? I wish vids n parth n yoyo come n help sandhir to realize n confess their love for each other…it’ll be fun to see the sh1 team back together…i hope cvs do something like this…lets see…

      1. N yup. I’m a die hard rd fan?✌

    2. hi actually m fan of both .one thing about rd he actually loves sanyu but he does not express his feelings and aryan is supportive

    3. I too dont undrstand y people like aryan…mjhe to uski actng bilkul achi nai lagti….i jst luv sandhir n randhir ki jagah koi nai le sakta..sab log aise kaise badal sakte…we were watching sadda haq bcoz of sandhir again…toh how can these people tgink negative abt randhir…rd ye sab cv’s ki wajah se toh kar raha hai…

  4. i m id..hi frnds..hi mayuri shena nisha princess priya richu..howru?
    hi dhruv can u be my frnd?
    r u angry on me??sory if i hurt u..sory whre r u??u didnt cmnt

    1. Hi ritika ! πŸ™‚

  5. Dhruv bro? Where r u? N revu is also not coming….all ok?

  6. Hi, I am commenting for the 1st time….but I’m a consistent visitor…..I like sanyukta’s character but the way they are showing her character weak is just irritating …Same applies for randhir’s character….And both the men just donot respect Sanyu…They just want her by hook or by crook which is unfair..

  7. Sanyukta Rathor

    Gud mornig lovely bubbly friends ????????

      1. Sanyukta Rathor

        Hey shivu hw r u

    1. Good morning sanyu dear πŸ˜‰
      And my chubby Cutttttiiieesss sanyu πŸ™‚

      1. Sanyukta Rathor

        Hey mayu hw r u bubble dubble

    2. Gud morning sanyu !

      1. Sanyukta Rathor

        Hw r u sheenu

    3. m fine dear how

  8. Now Sanyu can say “Randhir,Sadda haq hai.i will whatever i want”
    if she loves Aryan,she is Aryans
    she is not bound to be with any type of phyco
    i wonder,who still loves the character?
    Randhirs love is like a season
    which comes back according to his mood
    he hasn’t accepted sanyus apology because of his ego
    such a big ego.idiot??
    he can’t force girls choice

    1. Sanyukta Rathor

      agrry dear

  9. hii frnds.hv nice day

    1. Sanyukta Rathor

      Hiii revu gud morning ,,, hw r u dear

    2. Sanyukta Rathor

      And where is dhruv bhai

    3. Hi revu …. Where were u … And yes have a marvellous day πŸ™‚

    4. Hi revu ! Wish u the same πŸ™‚

  10. Yrr…!!
    mjhe RD se zyada gussa toh Sanyuu pe aa rha h..We all know Randhir is kind of possessive guy…but Sanyu..??
    She was not even sure abt her decision. I dont know what she expects from guy..!!What Aryan has left to prove that his love is pure and he cares abt her more than anything..
    Even I am just tired of Sanyuu’s indifferent attitude..
    feeling sad..!! ??

  11. Aryan kai sath aachah nai hua voh itna jayda aachah h kii yai sab honai ki baad bhi sanyukta koh pyaar Marta h respect Marta h rd ko sach mai bahut marrnai kaa Mann kar raha…..sanyukta kii life ha voh kisi ko phi choose kare who is he to interfere and Aryan deserves sanyukta….but sanyukta she doesn’t deserve him…kyunki voh bahut jayda aachah h …she deserves that rd Jo usai jindaggi Bharr apnai mutabikk cahlayai…not like Aryan jisnai uskii life ko firsai track paid laaya

  12. I think rd is doing intentionally to remove aryan from her life because he is sanyu strength I am not sure

  13. The show ws about how destiny brings back randhir n sanyukta together.ver it s gng.I really don’t understand.sanyukta is selfish.she didn’t think about rd.n dat accident happened cz of parth.serial me itna kuchh tha.ab wo aryan ke wajahse boring ho raha hai.sanyukta aryan pe dependant ho gyi hai.sanyukta is really selfish

    1. no rd is selfish. he doesn’t love sanyu. and he never lets anyone love sanyu…tell me who is selfish…he has no respect for sanyu’s feelings…she has the right to be happy.

  14. Sandhir r meant to be can sanyukta forget dat she s married.kab serial me itna kuchh dikhayenge.aryan ko pata chalna chahiye na ki rd n sanyukta r married.tired of watching dis aryan stuff.n randhir ko achha banake bhi toh sanyukta ki lyf me la sakte the na.negative banake kyon.dis serial is about sandhir.I used to watch sadda haq cz of sandhir.

    1. Sanyukta Rathor

      Barry pai nice to see u hw r u

      1. Hii fyn n u

    2. Hey richu !!

    3. Hey Richu richanshi haan..cute name baba

  15. bad epi..dnt show Rd lyk dis…badly missing parth..he is nly guy who knw all abt sandhir…Aryan is gud bt nly as best friend…..
    guys where r u all….hv nyc day…

  16. Kya yar…aise hi hota he kya….aryan or snyu ka jodi….aryan ka role ….ko koi importance nahi he kya!?
    .extra twists are disgusting!

    1. Yeesssss yrr…. I also lovveee aryaann……. I want ARYUKTA back….. ???????????? he really loves her…..

  17. Gm sry for late reply

  18. Yrr ….sandhir plzzzzz !!!!!###_sanyu-rannu plzz

  19. You all r mad…. idiot

    1. Who r u judging us????? Actually u lack common sense that u use such language here……

      1. Just ignore him aaliya….maybe he’s just rying to grab some attention…

      2. Trying*

  20. Hi friends,I want sandhir together….

  21. Some1 asked fr good qualities of aryan
    Supportive,respects sanyu,trust her,not egoist, never hurt her while rd always did in season2,thinks sanyu goals as his n support her,never cheats like rd cheated sanyu in tasks,n darkshadow worked fr society

    1. Suprb dear anessha….. Aryan is d bst fr sanyu…..????

  22. Hii everyone I am new here ? I understand that the way he stopped sanyukta proposing aryan was not cool , but unfortunately guys he had no choice ? if Randhir would have been tried to convince sanyukta with soft talk and love and she would have never believed him ,she would have thought Randhir is trying to manipulate, after all Randhir loves sanyu from the bottom of the heart and they are adorable, Randhir didn’t wanted to loose her at any cost so had to do this yaar.. And all know Randhir’s ego right? He is just bad at expressing his love but he loves her more than anything else..
    Take care friends!

    1. I agree with u….actually ppl dont understand that ut would have been worst if Sanyu would have comitted to Aryan without loving him…sorry to Aryukta fans…but if u all like Aryan that much u should have known that this isnt the right way…it wouldnt have been fair for Aryan if Sanyu comitted to him out if respect…she doesnt love Aryan the way he loves her…Sanyu’s love is a frienship love…whereas Aryan loves her as a woman…this kind of relasionships never last and both the ppl get hurt…especially the person that is trully in love with the other one…in our case Aryan…

    2. ryt hiku…i think even sanyu also nt knw Randhir properly..she sees nly his anger, other Dan dis he is guy…n situation made him to behave lyk dis..

    3. U r right hikku. Basically it’s all Sanyukta’s fault. She committed to one person already and now out of the blue, wants to go to another guy for commitment. She should have got separated from rd officially so that he did not claim his right over her.

  23. Man Kata hai rd ko zinda gaad do

    1. Mera mn krta hay Rd ko piece piece krke kutto ko khila du… ????

  24. Is any 1 online guys.?

    1. Yaa raj..i’m here…but seems like our frnds r busy nowadays…

      1. yes dr..everyone at a tym busy na…?

  25. I m just asking opinion don’t compare with it is a just a point of view.would you still.prefer a guy who humiliates you and say he loves you???I have faced similiar situation

    1. Never shivu….. I shall nevr trust him ….. If I love him,,,,, still I shall nt be with him….bcoz it’s better to cry a day without him then suffer the whole life being with him….

      1. thanx dear for opinion

  26. my pov
    jo agree karte h reply kare
    just imagine rd blackmail nhi karta appolize karta …tu kya sanyu bhaagi bhaagi chali aati….rd mai aayi…vo ab us per trust nhi karti…so appolizy s baat tu nhi benane wali thi…
    so rd thought to blackmail her kyu she kne sanyu is very nic girl…koi aur girl hoti tu commit kar deti aryan ko sab sacch beta di but sanyu itna khuch jone k baad v rd k bare m socha.

    And shivani …aryan jaisa ladka tu sab ka dream boy hota h ( sry agar koi hurt hui ho to ) bt y tv serial n mai suru se hi randheer ko like karti mere liy possible nhi h ki mai apni vhoice change kar do.
    So sandhirians enjoy …bcauz now there are chance of sandheer maine suna h ashiwini ki shooting katam ho chuki h…..
    And rd agar first deka hu tu yaad karu ..vo apni mom k wajah s sari ladkiyon ko hate karta tha..fir sanyu aayi aur uska life change ho gya…. sanyu became her life… rdvaisa hbkyuki uskabba khround aisabh..bechare ko bachpan s apne parents ka pyaar nhi mila… vo jo h apne circumstances k wajah s h
    and vo aryan s jyada sanyu ko deserve karta h phucho kyu kyuki aryam ko sayad koi aur mil jaye …bt rd k life ka girst and last love and frnd sirf and sirf sanyu h…ayr sanyu k alwa koi aur usse samaj nhi sakta aur na hi change kar sakta h…
    he deserve to ve loved bcsuz he had suffered a lot and these are the resulrs of circumstances that rd is behaving like this….. he donot knw how to express love bt he knws how to love …how to care …

  27. sry for the mistakes and shivani in short i wanted to say in real i will choose aryan and in reel life i will choose rd.

    1. I know dear it’s not comparison.wid it’s real.lyf situation what would

    2. it is different situation sh but m asking for real lyf situation

  28. Ohh goddd…i m totally sick of this Sanyukta..poor Aryan :'(…Why wudnt she jus leave Aryan alone if she is that fickle minded.Why does she have to ask him out on a date and then hurt him like that.I mean seriously how hard is it for her to understand that she cant have both the men in her life and needs to let go of someone.First gets married to one then splits up and then turns to the other,hurts him as well.Just yesterday she asked Randhir to stay away from her,now refuses to get out of the darn car.Such a hypocrite..if she doesnt mean what she says then why say it at all?? I am totally mad at her today πŸ™

    1. I agree with you. Aryan is a sensible guy who loves her from the bottom of his heart. Sanyukta never thought over her feelings, whether she truly loves him or not. Just respect mila toh wohi mere saath rahega. Rd did what any other arrogant egoistic guy would do, khud confess bhi nahi hona aur dusre ke saath commit bhi nahi hone Dena. Why doesn’t she officially split up if she really wants to commit to Aryan? I mean.. Divorce?

  29. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hey my dear aalu me also feel the same dear me tumse hamsa contact rakna cahti hu coz u are not like my sis u r my sis love u dear

    Ur name is shancari r8

    Dear u r sooooo sweet

    fb ke ro bad me sochege but pls show kahtm hone ke bad tum ffs pr commet krna ok

    Love u Mango Pai ?????????????????

    1. wow mayu thank you dear

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