Sadda Haq 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu and Vidush come to their room and say its so messed up. Vidushi says lets clean it together. Sanyu cleans the floor and vidushi picks up all the stuff. sanyu says do the mopping. Vidushi says i can’t my nail paint will be ruined. And i feel lazy. Sanyu takes the mop and runs after vidushi. Vidushi says what are you doing, I don’t feel lazy anymore. She takes the mop and starts cleaning. sanyu sees her photos with randhir, Vidushi coughs.

parth asks randhir have you seen my psychology book? Randhir says are you changing you career path? parth says no, but tell me. randhir says this psychology is so stupid. They don’t take things simply. Parth finds sanyu’s bangles in randhir’s book. Parth says what is then anyway?

Vidushi is singing a song.

sanyu says whats with this song? Vidushi says you made me sing this. you and randhir talk still don’t understand each other. why don’t you give each other another chance. sanyu says we will fight again. Vidushi says you don’t get to do the romance as well. sanyu stares at her. vidushi says sorry but give him a chance. saanyu says we are poles apart. This is going to hurt us again.

Parth says why have you kept these bangles with her? Randhir says i forgot to return them. parth says have you forgotten her? no? randhir says have you become a baba? Vidushi says go out on a date with him. give him a chance. Randhir says to parth i date? are you psycho? Parth says just now you said, keep things simple. Vidushi says to sanyu it will work out, even if it doesn’t whats wrong in letting go? Randhir says to parth go and read you book. these stupid books make you think such stupid things.

Randhir says even if i ask her, will she say yes? After all that has happened in past? sanyu says in heart i should ask him maybe vidushi is right. Randhir says how about a last try?

SAnyu and randhir collide with each other in canteen. sanyu says you here? he says can’t i be here? SAnyu says i thought you must be in room. he says i wanted to say.. i mean eat something. randhir says why were you looking for me? she says no vidushi was looking for you. sanyu says why were you looking for me? Randhir says i wanted to ask something. But i will ask it later. sanyu says no please ask it right now. he says have you put on some weight? parth said you have lost weight but you look fat. sanyu says you are fat look at you tummy, its like a canteen. randhir leaves.

Sanyu goes to vidushi and says he said i look fat. vidushi says he is mad, he can’t say things. you should tell him that you will take control of this relationship. sanyu says i need to go out. Vidushi asks to issue a book, librarian says its already issued, she points at parth. Parth says you can keep it. i will take it later. Viduhsi takes the bok. Parth says i looks so good that you are so serious about dream team. let me know if you need my help. vidushi says arpita has left so now you want to help me? help yourself and realize what you want. i am not a door mat.

Randhir is playing basket ball. sanyu says playing alone? are you afraid to fight? sanyu says if i win you will do as i say. He says deal. They start playing. randhir keeps doing points, its 4-2 to randhir. sanyu gets two more points. its a tie. randhir says whoever gets the next basket is going to win. sanyu slips. He sis and says sanyu are you fine? sanyu snatches the basket and puts it in. he says you cheated? Sanyu sas everything is fair in love and war. he says what is it? love or war? sanyu says whatever, i have won. so now you have to come on a date with me. we need to sort things out. randhir says i have lost so i have to listen to you. sanyu says see you in the evening.

Vidushi comes to sanyu and says why have you taken it all out? sanyu says i don’t know what to wear? Vidushi says where? sanyu says i am going on a date with randhir, vidushi says really? i will make you look hot and spicy. Randhir is trying different shirts. parth says are you going for interview? Randhir says mind your own business. Parth says wear that one you will get a job. sanyu will like you anyway. randhir says who told you i am going on a date? parth smiles. randhir says sanyu asked me. parth says yeah you wont ask her. Vidushi helps sanyu in dressing up. Parth helps randhir and says all the best. and yes last advice, remove past from your mind and start anew. you and sanyu are perfect for each other.

Randhir and sanu come in the ground. randhir smiles at her.

Precap-sanyu says i need you and i love you randhir. randhir says i love you too. a guy drops something on sanyu’s dress. randhir starts fighting with him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Zindagi pal pal delti hai
    jaise rait muthi se phisalti hai
    Shikayate kitni bhi ho zindagi se
    Par haste rehna kuyki
    Yeh zindagi jasi bhi hai bas ek hi baar milti hai

  2. shenaz

    Chahat hai ki hum tumse dur rehte hai
    Kabhi koi gila nahi karte hai
    Tumne pyar ko bewafie ka naam diya
    Kambakt hum chup chap sehte rehte hai

  3. shenaz

    Dil diya tha jisko diwani samaj kar kha gai vo dil ko biryaani samaj kar
    Ek aaso bhi na choda uss bukad ne aaso bhi pi gai nibo pani samaj kar.

  4. randhir

    M randhir me yaha nahi to kya saas bahu serial me aunga @shenaz??
    Oh meri sanyukta dekh tera randhir as gaya

  5. shenaz

    I know dat dey both were looking beautiful mind blowing awesome i mean words hi nahi hai describe karne ko.

  6. $$$

    no ways..guyz ye wo rd nhi hai…..or wo rd kabi aayega b nhi…
    now dnt ask me mai kon hu..
    m 101% sure wo rd nhi aayega..

  7. Jo bhi hi new ya old at least m not interested in entertaining him
    I really feel vidz is right dis time parth seriously usko for granted let’s hai

  8. randhir

    Me to abhi aya hu I dun kno jyna wala non tha so don’t f8 over me girls me toh surf sanyukta ka hu
    Shenaz vo bhagi nahi hai she might b blushing

  9. ###

    Randhir to sanyu k piche bhi nahi bhagta
    usko apne style mein impress karo. Randhir look hot with his attitude aise nahi….

  10. $$$

    oh come on man..du u really think we r fighting ovr u……
    so let me clear one thing
    i just wanted to clr that u r nt the old one…
    othrwise nobody is intrstd in u..

  11. shenaz

    Sanyukta kal tum bhi nahi aai ur mei bhi nahi jara aaj ka comment rating dekho tho kitna kam hai .

  12. ###

    Nahi koi prblm nahi hai mei toh isliye boli kyun ki usne hi kaha tha ki no one intreted in you (new rd)
    shakti kapooor haha suits u

  13. $$$

    oK mr.randhir thank u.
    and u ### just coz i asked him few questions it doesnt mean i m intrstd in him

  14. shenaz

    OK bye sanyukta n shazana have to go really urgent bye see u both in 2days epi bye have fun guys enjoy ur old memories tc n final wala bye.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.