Sadda Haq 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vardhan calls someone and says I will get sponsor but you won’t get such golden opportunity. Your wish your loss. He sees the peon locking his room. He says who asked you to do this ? peon says maya madam asked me to do so. Vardhan goes to maya and says what athe hell are you dping. Maya says I told you that cabin is not yours and this is not your class where you can come and shout. You will sit with rest of the techers. Vardhan says I will not alter my rules and pricinples for anyone. I will make the dream team no matter what. I will sign the resignation latter.

Sanyu, sahil, parth and Kaustuki see that vardhan’s room is locked. peon says there will be lab here now maya madam asked us to do so.

Vardhan says give me the resignation letter. Maya says you have to

serve one month notice period before you leave or all your work will be null an d void. She says I have found a new place for you. Right here in front of me.
Vardhan says you can’t break me you can’t take the spirit I gave to my students. Even if I leave they will make the dream team any way. Maya syas their attendance is already so low. If they miss classes they will be suspended. Vardhan leaves.

All of the dream team students are discussing Vardhan’s absence. Peon comes and says sir vardhan has called you all in auditorium. When they go there they see a video that starts from their first day in FITE. It plays all their dream team moments and when they won the competition together. In the end its says this is the end good bye students. Sanyu says what is this ? Vardhan says yes that’s the reality. Everything is finished. Dream team is dissolved and I will leave FITE after one month. I have taught you as much as I could. Rest is up to you. Sahil says sir we are trying we will try to get sponsors. Vardhan says dream team can’t be made until I am here. That’s the rule new dean made. SAnyu says we can’t even imagine dream team without you. Vardhan says you have got what you needed. Kaustuki says we can’t do that without you sir. He says shut up a mentor is just meant to show you the path you have to walk on it. Go out and do your best. Go look for the sponsors. Its your responsibility to build your dream team and maya should not know about your efforts else she will suspend you. sahil says how can we break her rules. Vardhan says there are no rules for fight. Go leave and find your sponsors. They leave vardhan says in heart I am never going to leave FITE but I had to do that to warm up you all.

Scene 2
Randhir is playing darts and says no one cares for me. They are all around when they need me not when I need them . Vardhan says I heart where are you randhir team needs you.

Sahil says how will we find sponsors I don’t want to be suspended. Kaustuki says I have got admission after such hard work here. Sanyu says what’s wrong with all of you. Parth how can you forget that you came here for dream team and kaustuki you have done so much to stay in the dream team. You were so depressed when you were transferred to IT and sahil you have a lot for dream team. How can you guys let this dream team dissolve just because of the fear of being suspended. You all know that vardhan sir always gives us challenges. Parth says we can’t let vardhan sir go. Snayu says I know but its a pay back time we have to show him what he wants us to show. SAhil says okay how will we escape from dean. SAnyu says I have idea for that too. She extends her hand and all of them vow on her hand. Parth says okay how will we get the list of sponsors. Sanyu says we will get that from vardhan’s cabin.

Kaustuki and Sahil go to the cabin where peons are working. They say let us make you video to show people that you work so hard. you just don’t have to look back at the camera. They are busy in working Sanyu and Parth look for the list and find it. They all run from the cabin .

Sanyu says you all have one list in front of you. We all know that the top companies have denied already its because we need them not they. We will call all the B level companies that need to publicize themselves. We will advertise them and they will fund us for our dream. Sahil says will they understand all this ? Sanyu says that’s the challenge we have to get their consent. We will select the companies according to our convenience and will talk to them. They all start making calls. Sanyu texts Randhir Hi.

Randhir is sitting alone, he gets sanyu’s text.
All the dream team students are trying to make the sponsors agree. They say we will make your dream come true. We have a dream like you. Some of the companies decline.

precap-Randhir comes to sanyu. SANyu says did you like my gift ? He hugs her and says we are friends na ? She says of course best friends.
Randhir and sanyu ate lying outside, Randir comes closer to her.
Later, sanyu fall and Radhir catches her in his arms. Sanyu says look I told you, I trust you. Randhir says I love you Sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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