Sadda Haq 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal is going through sanyu’s childhood photos. Ankit comes and says she was weird since then. Agarwal says you had a meeting have you forgotten? He says no no I remember. Agarwal says go to market and bring almonds. Ankit says yes you should eat them, it helps in your age. He says to sanyu’s picture, today you favorite kheer will be made, like your mom used to make. And ankit eat rest of almonds so you remember your meetings.

At ISRC, Aryan says to Nirman I want to talk to you. Nirman says I hold all the administration of project. Aryan says its about how the interns are treated here and how they feel. I think you should give it a thought. Nirman says some people didn’t succeed, because they had way more courage than need or they had way more attachment then

needed. I see both issues in you.

Vid coms to kitchen and sees everything messed up. She is about to smoke agarwal comes and says Vid come here. Taste this kheer. Vid says its really good. Ankit comes in and says why is kitchen to messed up. agarwal says why don’t you clean it. Its your house too. Vid must be tired. Vid says papa I will pack this kheer and give it to sanyu. I haven’t met sanyu in a long time. Agarwal says okay.

At ISRC, Aryan is working on his design. sanaya says look at that design randhir. See what we should do. Randhir says its his job let him do it. Sanaya says we are all a team and should work together. Randhir comes and tells arjun how to sort his design. Arjun says thank you so much, first you prove my design faulty and now you are giving suggestion. What the hell do you think of yourself? What you wanna prove? Randhir says I am sorry I tried helping you. Sanaya says you idiot he was trying to help you.
Sanaya says randhir wait. He says see they dont deserve him. Sanaya says we will all suffer because of him. Randhir says you are right.
Sanyu recalls how nirman treats her. Sanaya comes and says sanyu you didn’t tell me. I thought you are nice and genuine. But you are selfish, I never even thought it. Sanyuu says sanaya.. Sanaya says what facewash you use? I smile so much yet my skin is dull and you cry so much still your skin glows. Sanyu says you’re a sweet roommate that is why. Sanaya says that means you are not. Sanyu laughs. She says thanks for making me laugh.
Vid calls sanyu and says I am on reception. Sanyu comes there. Vid says this place is really nice. She collides with someone and kheer spills down.
Sanyu comes, Vid says papa sent kheer for you. Sanyu says papa sent it for me? She tries to pick it up and says its okay.

Becky says to randhir nirman is busy, you are wasting your time. You can’t disturb him. Randhir says I am waiting for him. Becky says whatever message you have give it to me, I will convey it to him. Randhir says I will wait. She says okay good luck.
Sanyu calls agarwal and says this is exactly like ma’s kheer. Agarwal is in tears. He says I will talk to you later.
Sanyu says to aryan I really miss him. She eats the remaining kheer. Aryan eats it. sanyu says give it to me. He says no. she runs after him. She falls on him. Sanyu says its mine. He says yes I am all yours.

Nirman comes out. Randhir says you knew I am waiting. Nirman says since its you, you have 10 seconds. Randhir says arjun can’t do it. Nirman says then who can? Randhir says you will suspension design before deadline. Nirman nods and leaves.
Aryan and sanyu come in girls’ room. She says I want you to see my design. Sanyu shows him design. He holds her hand and says I trust you. Sanyu says I don’t know even if he will see my design or not. Aryan says in heart I will make him see. He says do you have water? sanyu goes out to bring water. Aryan emails the design to Nirman.
sanyu comes back in and sees him on her laptop.

Precap-Becky asks randhir where are you going? He says to meet randhir. Sanyu says to Nirman thank you for the opportunity. Nirman says is this your design? She says. Nirman says to randhir why did you send her design from your ID?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    So vidhir meetup ws undone..vidushi jst missed a chance to meet randhir
    secondly, apart frm alcohol, vidushi is also addicted to smoking…is she so upset n bored with hr ths life ??
    Thirdly, is this the first step of vidushi towards her new life??
    But i thnk vidushi is hiding lot of pain..n will vidarth happn??

    1. Hiii..vidharth iz gona happen.. cz it’s seriak dy,dnt care married or chil n ankit will,andr girl maybee
      N randhir iz going to usa it’s news next mnth so he wll nt be dr next mnth 4 1 wk

      1. Epi was iz bcmng bore wdout,sandhir. When will they show thmm..
        I can’t watch it anymore.

      2. Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Hi vishal, I dnt know how do u knw all ths…but if vidarth happens, it wl b bttr fr the show….

  2. Aryan u r superb….waiting for 2mrw episode…

  3. So from what i read in the precap…the spoilers are wrong coz they said both Sanyu and Aryan hacked Rd pc but i guess only Aryan did this so that Nirman sees Sanyu project and he mail it from Rd ID…im sure Sanyu doesnt know about it coz she wouldnt have agreed to it coz of her past with Rd…

    1. Hii u r rit karina dnt stop watching trps are very less..n dats y they told us to wtch during d4 launch…
      Guys trps are low n chanvl v said.its necessary to increase trp or they will wrp show cz new show iz going to launch. Aftr 3 plz watch sada haq or will reget it…n dat iz the reason vids n family iz shown again

    2. Yeah ur ryt…i totally agree with u and i encourage the fans to watch the show on tv…unfortunatelly i cant watch it on tv coz in my country isnt telecasted…i only see it on internet coz im not from India.

      1. Ok no prblm bt send d msg to everyone u we want vidhrth n sandhir bt 1 st of all we want sada haq

    3. Yeah its true we want our old SH gang back…

  4. Guys I hv my sources n u will nt regret d info I m telling

  5. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    So fans have won..its bcz of low trp….thy bought vidushi bck n evn parth is comng bck.and
    now i guess a track is heading fr vidushi’s career which wl affct both randhir sanyukta parth n vidushi

  6. heyy can sm1 tell me correct pre bczz it looks fishy randhir going yo meet randhir …………

  7. love sanyu and aryan…the best is sandhir….i don’t care about blo*dy vid..

  8. Rock Aryan.
    great job.finally my sanyu will get a chance

  9. epi was gud. . .and s thre any chnce 4 vidharth?? ya. .trp s very low..i thnk thats y thy gve scrn spce 2 vdushi.. m waitng 4 sandhir nd vidharth..

  10. It’s my favourite show.. aryan and sanyu look great together..

  11. Luv aryan & sanyu together.when will sandhir be back.

  12. Sanyukta needs a partner like a Aryan because his helping and caring nature always place her in a comfort zone. There was a philosophy “love those who loves you”. If we look in the past randhir always put a stone in her way or criticize her for every being a girl. And for this reason they were split up their relationship . A person gets a true partner once if you loose it then never feel regret for it. So randhir do the same and lost her. Life always give a second chance to a person. So I expect in this season i would like watch the romance of sanyu-Aryan. Because a girl like a sanyu deserves a sweet boy like a Aryan .

  13. For me sandhir will always be the best together so if Aryan is in the show or not it doesnt really matter to me no offance for his fans. And yeah i also want vidarth back coz they were the spice of the show.

  14. I also love Sandhi. Coz of Sandhir and Vidarth i watch this show. I dont have anything agains Aryan and Shanaya but they cant beat Sandhir’s chemistry ever.

  15. Im also for sandhir & vidarth. They are the best. If the cvs will bring vidarth back together in the show and also if they ll start to show more sandhir scenes im sure the trp will again raise.

  16. For me sandhir will always be the best coz even when they were fighting u could see the love and care they both felt for each other. I know rd wasnt always fair to sanyu but at least by his actions sanyu grew stronger and he never made her weak. Aryan is supportive towards her but she isnt at her best level when she is with him. Actually i feel dissapointed of Aryan coz he practically cheated to get sanyu admitted in ISRC and that is sonething that Sanyu never accepted in her life and she never did this kind of things when she was with Rd coz he always brought the best in her even if they were fighting and “hateing” each other.

    1. I totally agree with what u said about Sandhir. And im also a Vidarth fan so pls bring them back in the show.

  17. Wah alliyah…really proud of ur reply…:-)
    luv u…yar…:-*

    1. Awww so sweet of u. Thanks for appreciating me 🙂 love u too.

  18. Guys……

    nw people wud b very happy who say we will quit and bash thm jst keep doing tht kyunki ap yahi toh chahthe ho actors ke bolne par bhi u cnt hv patience means ab kuch nai bolsakthe aplogon ko frown emoticon ‪#‎prathusha‬
    Parsh: Sadda Haq’s photo.

    channel v has given 3 mnths time 2 increase d trp 0f SADDA HAQ SEAS0N2 either they will replace it with sme new serial

  19. Guys….plz keep watching Sadda haq!!…if n0 Sadda haq thn n0 Sandhir nd no Vidharth.

    1. Yeah ur right dear we have to support them.

  20. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys u r right..n i thnk vidushi is shown to attract the viewers…
    Cz sandhir n vidarth r soul of SaddaHaq….

    1. Very true dear….

  21. Again another new iv of Parsh by Telly bytes 😀 enjoy….

  22. Oooo sanarya u guy’s are so sweet keep it up love you aryan

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