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Sadda Haq 23rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu is working on the floor, vikram comes to her and says didn’t you go home? She says i was working on this design. I am trying to get a new idea. I will go in a while. He says okay. Sanyu starts working on her design. Vikram gives her a file, he says in my internship i got same kind of task, here is this file. It has some ideas, you can implement, you have spark of a true engineer. sanyu says please don’t get me wrong but i want to win it on my own, your motivation is enough for me. Vikram says i knew you wont take it. Now go to hostel and rest, you will get some idea.

Ankit sees a disk, he plays it. it has all his videos with his gf. She calls him and says i have got a disk that contains, videos of all our dates and that picnic too. Ankit says calm down i know.

I got the same disk too. She says please do something, who is doing all this. there is a number written on it, please give him money if he wants, my life will be over if it get leaked. Ankit says relax i know what to do, just don’t tell anyone. Ankit calls the number, the man says i was waiting for your call. ankit says what you want? he says i will tell you in person note down my address.

yoyo comes to parth and says you look worried? Parth says i am hacking rana’s bank account. I am trying to find evidence against him. yoyo says he is just security office, parth says we will know it later. Parth takes out jiggy’s hack book. Yoyo takes out his phone and texts rana. Rana stops and student and takes him to a dark room. he says sir what have i done? parth says sit here, you have to put lock codes in someone’s account. The student starts working. The student says your account is locked, rana says transfer this balance in these five accounts. Parth says he has lock codes. The student says sir its transfered. Rana says don’t mess with me parth. parth checks the account its only 50k.

Ankit comes to the building, he says is someone here? i will give you anything you want. Kunal walks in. Ankit says you sent me that video? how dare you. Kunal says behave yourself, it will take me two minutes to leak that video. Ankit says why are you doing this? do you need money. Kunal says i need that best intern trophy. Ankit says you did this for that trophy? He says yes is did. I don’t care i want it at any cost. Ankit says after that? Kunal says you will have its original copy. Do as i say, you have no ither option. Someone comes in and burns kunal’s laptop, its raghu. raghu says you can’t have a copy because original is burnt. Ankit says you will blackmail me ? raghu says i will handle him sir. kunal says why you always intrude? They both start fighting. raghu says is this trophy only for you? you attacked sanyu and blackmailed her brother. kunal says are you her bf? Raghu says she is an inspiration for me. If i support her that doesn’t mean she is my gf.

Arpita goes to randhir and asks i want to ask you some questions. you and sanyu were the best of dream team, now you are not together will dream team work? Randhir says i am alone enough for dream team. Arpita says don’t you perform well when sanyu is with? Hasn’t this break up affected your mind? Randhir says i a not affected at all. arpita says are you hiding youe feelings behind that i don’t care? Randhir leaves.

Randhir and sanyu recall what arpita said. sanyu says only we both can end this pain for u. They are sitting on benches, they imagine how they would fight or dance together. They sleep.

Sanyu says there is nothing new to invent now vikram says every time there is a break through when we think there can’t be anything new. you have to find out, you don’t have to give up. I am sure you will crack it, sanyu says thank you. He says thank me when you get your idea.

Yoyo comes to rana and says what have i done? Rana says you are playing a romantic film? you have to do something for me? He gives him a pistol and says you have to kill parth. yoyo drops the gun in shock. yoyo says he is my pal. rana says you can’t say no to me. yoyo says i wont do it. Rana starts hitting him. Yoyo tries to hit him back but rana grasps his hand. He says you shouldn’t have done this. He hits yoyo had. yoyo says hit me but i wont do this.

Randhir is on the floor, he is whistling and irritating everyone. Ankit says papa you promised sanyu that you will give her my cabin if she wins? Agarwal says she wont get anything. randhir comes in, agarwal asks randhir are you in mood tp do something? randhir says show her that you are on her side and i will paly my master stroke in her car’s testing.

yoyo is in his room with the pistol. He hides it. Aister comes and asks whats wrong? why are you crying? yoyo hugs her. He says i can’t do it. She says what? yoyo says rana is such an evil, he has crossed all limits. Aister says what he said? yoyo says he has asked me to kill parth. how can i kill him? Aister says calm down we will o to cops, yoyo says they wont do anything. Aister gets a text and says my lecture has started i will meet you after that. she hugs him and leaves.

Raghu says to kunal don’t plan anything again. kunal says sanyu will win the tropy. raghu says you don’t deserve it after that. if you want me not to expose you, then go and help sanyu. kunal says why would i help her? Raghu says because you know that she is deserving. it will take me a moment to tell your parents what have you done to win the trophy. He leaves.

yoyo collides with parth. parth says you look worried? yoyo says i am looking for aister. Parth says look in girls’ hostel, still if you don’t find her do let me know. yoyo looks everywhere but couldn’t find her. He gets a call, why you are worried? your gf is lost? i found her. Aister says leave me. caller says if you want her back, do what i asked you. randhir is roaming around the floor, he goes to raghu and kunal and says when did you two become sanyu’s assistant? Raghu says we will do anything to help her? randhir grasps him by collar and says who are you to her? RAghu hits him back an says who are you to ask? They start hitting each other hard. sanyu says leave him randhir, you can’t hurt everyone. dare to touch him again. randhir says why are you worried for him? don’t ever think about any other man. Sanyu shoves him.

yoyo calls parth, she says parth i want to meet you. He says dont waste my time. Vidushi says i just want to meet you once, just for old times as a friend, parth says okay. She says class room no. 3. When he walks in the classroom, she isn’t there. Suddenly the door is locked, vidushi comes in a jumper and hugs him. She says i missed you a lot. i don’t like anything without you. Nothing matters to me anymore. parths says are you done? should i go now? SHe says how can you end it all in a moment? parth says you broke my trust slowly. she says kill me will you be happy after that? She says i love you so much i am suffering every moment, he is leaving. Vidushi says you have got feelings for arpita? heer name reminds your of your ex? parth says think what you want. she is at least better than you. He leaves.

Sanyu is in her room. She recalls how radhir troubled her at internship. She syas i can’t believe i left my family for him. I wish he never came in my life. She searches something on internet and finds about some driver. sanyu calls vardhan and tells him about her task. She says maximum road accidents are caused because of driver’s dizzines.s i want to make a device that wakes him up with an alarm. vardhan says its such a good idea.

Precap-agarwal sits in the car and says sanyu has designed this, i will try it. The car blasts.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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