Sadda Haq 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu talks to media. They ask you are injured? Have you made any changes? sanyu says it doesn’t change our determination. Agarwal is watching on Tv. He says is the injury serious? Anyway she is never gonna listen.
Vid is working on the car. parth says what are you doing here? Cheating on your team? You are working with Shin? No? Vid says Shin and shahid want to destroy our car. They have a remote through which they can destroy their car. I was waiting here so I can record and show it to the committee. Parth sits with her.

Shin and Shahid come. Parth snatches the remote from them and says you wanted to destroy our car. He says no we just came to see it. Parth says with remote? Shahid says what can you do? Shin says you dont have any proof. They leave. Parth says vidushi,

I am sorry. I mean it. I normally say it but this competition is so important for me. I blamed you in stress. She says you always under estimated me. But I dont feel insecure anymore. I am not as selfish as you think I am. You guys are an important part of my life. They hugs each other.

Parth and vid tell sanyu. Yoyo says to shin you tried to damage our car.Randhir comes and says some people are so scared and insecure. Sanyu says we are safe because of parth and vid. Shahid says you are scared. Parth says we have to win the race not ego war. Sanyu says we will monitor from tent. coordinate with parth randhir. Randhir says I know what to do. Announcement says there are 5 minutes to start.
They have to finish the track in 5 minutes to qualify for the final race.
Randhir, sanyu and parth coordinate through microphones. The race starts. Parth asks randhir to go easy. Sanyu says randhir dont go too fast. Pakistan is leading. Parth says its too much to pressure. Sharp right after 300 meters. Sanyu says the car would break down. Parth says why dont you listen please slow down. Parth says we just have to cross the line in time not overtake them. Randhir overtakes Pakistan’s car. sanyu says careful please.The car suddenly stops. Ranawat says I said it. Sanyu says I asked him to slow down. Randhir tries to start the car again. All the cars overtake them. only one minute is left. Pakistan drivers woo at them. Korea and Pakistan cross the line.
Parth and randhir come out of the car. They push the car. only 20 seconds are left. They pushed the car. Commentator said will they be able to make it in final with this car.
Randhir says we made it guys. sanyu says we have to repair the car. Ranawat says this is what I trained you for. Keep it up. No discussion of what couldn’t be done. Enjoy the achievement. sanyu says well done parth. Yoyo says this party for you parth. If you weren’t calm today something wrong would have happened. Parth says have you seen this car? We could lose this car. We worked so hard for this car. This is because our team members are competing with each other. They will lose but wont lose their ego. They dont care about the teams but wont sort them out. You dont win with a team when you have egos. You both are intelligent now think whether you want the team to win or your ego. He leaves. Randhir says he is senti, i will repair the car. Why he had to do this drama. Randhir leaves as well.

Sanyu sits with path. Parth says I shouldn’t have shouted. I couldn’t bear. sanyu says you dont have to be sorry. I can understand. There is too much stress.
And you were in race. This had to happen. Parth says its not just that. This competition is my life. There is a difference between you and me. You are Kishor agarwal’s daughter. I have no back. sanyu says what are you saying. Parth says my family expects from me, We dont have anything. I hope i can win for my family. This is not just a race for me. sanyu says we will win this competition.

Precap-Yoyo says this is our last night night together. you both should spend time together.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Vidarth’s scene was so emotional i miss this couple some much and i want them together as before…Vids proved she isnt as selfish as all thought she is….its just that she needs to be understanded and supported so that she stays on the right path….parth was so right rd was about to ruin every thing coz of his ego….sandhir should try to sort things out and not get divorced so quickly….nice epi
    Deep & Deepika where are u guys ? Pls share ur views about the epi.

  2. Nice episode,Parth and Vidushi both prove their worth to the Team.Parth was rightly complemented by Ranawat.
    Let’s see how Sandhir resolve their issues.Nice comments Karina but it seems that CV are not interested in Vidharth now.

    1. Yeah i also feel the same….and its such a pity coz they make a great couple and they have awesome chemistry…hope the CVs will change their minds….i am a big fan of vidarth i think the bring passion to the show as much as sandhir….what do u think about sanyu’s decision to let rd be the driver ?

  3. Nyc ep
    Nyc to see vid is not really selfish
    Actually karina I have never seen vidarth romance bcz I have started to watch sh after adaa’s entry.

    1. Oh i see 🙂 yeah actually they were a great couple in my opinion….their chemistry was awesome….i will really miss them if the CV wont bring them together again…

      1. I also want to watch their chemistry

  4. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Good to see so many vidarth admirers r here….evn I m a crazy Vidarthian…jst cn hope fr thm to be togethr…n I.also believe rd n vidu r vry much similar..thy r harsh frm outside n may be egoistic or selfish bt bth of thm needs affection n cn reciprocate it as well but in thr style

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