Sadda Haq 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir is gets dressed in white to meet sanyu’s mom. He says now I should work on my hair and keep them simple so that will leave a good impression. He says I should look like a gentleman. He says aunty is weird. She called me suddenly and asked me to meet. Sanyu is on the pole. SAhil says what are you doing up there? SAnyu says call randhir. Sahil goes to randhir and says whats wrong with you sanyu is waiting for you on pole and you are here getting ready. Randhir says let her stay there and give her something to eat up there. Rajveer comes to sanyu and says wow madam ji you look good there. He laughs sanyu says shut up and get lost.

Sanyu calls randhi. randhir says its such an important interview for me today and this girl keeps calling me, sahil says what interview? Randhir

says I have to meet sanyu’s mom. Sahil says wow that’s so good. Randhir says don’t tell anyone right not even sanyu. Sahil says I arranged kaustuki and yoyo’s meeting and never told anyone. SAhil says to till you are back she will be on pole? Randhir says yeah let her. Sahil says are you taking any gft for her mom? Randhir says no. Sahil says you should. sahil says look at your hair. randhir says what can I do now. He says I will buy some gift on the way. SAnyu says you really left me randhir.

Priyali sees sanyu and says ma’am what are you doing there? sanyu says please call randhir. Priyali stops randhir and says sanyu is on pole. He says I am going to meet her mom. don’t tell sanyu. Let her stay there. Tell her that I went to take your books. Priyali says I will say you went to library and I didn’t meet you. randhir says that’s stupid. Go and tell her that you didn’t find me.

Scene 2
Randhir is in café. He is preparing how to say hello. A waiter drops some tea n his shirt ranhdir grasps his collar and says are you blind. anju comes in. randhir says I was asking are you okay? Be careful. Randhir says hi aunty namastay. How are you? Anju says sit down. Randhir says is everyone okay in house.

Sanyu says sahil I asked you to bring randhir and you are here. He says I didn’t find him. SAhil says jump on this stool. Priyali says this is risky. SAnyu says I will have ankle fracture. Sahil says noting will happen. Sanyu is scared. Sanyu says bring ladder. sahil says I went to admin office but they were off to lunch. sanyu says go bring that rope. He gives one end to sanyu. SAnyu binds it. Priyali says please be careful ma’am. Sanyu says don’t scare me priyali. she slides down the rope and falls. Sahil says you okay? They pick her up. SAnyu says did you gys find randhir? SAhil says no. Priyali says he has went to buy books. proyali says you need to change your shirt.

Randhir says would you like something aunty? Randhir says coffee? He says you don’t like coffee. Okay bring lemon juice waiter. Oh but it has ice. Anju says tea. She says I have not asked you to come here to scare you. We love sanyu so much. We can’t forget what has happened. We have no more strength to bear anything more.

sanyu says to priyali what books has he gone to buy? were those books so important that he left me there. Sanyu says I will call him. sanyu calls randhir. He says I am in market to buy some books. Take care of yourself and priyali. Don’t fight with vidushi and don’t go to lab. sanyu says tell me priyali where is he? sanyu says I feel so bad. priyali says he has went to meet your mom. Randhir says it was my friend. anju says I don’t want to ask any stupid question. Nothing is more than sanyu’s happiness for us. We can’t stand her in tears. Anju says do i look strict? If you were a girl your mom would be the same with you. Randhir says I don’t live with my mom. My parents are divorced. I haven’t seen my mom in 10 years much. My family is so incomplete. I live in hostel or with fahim chacha in garage. WHen I met you I wished I has a loving mom like you. And don’t worry about sanyu I will always take care of her. She says I have to go now. randhir says I brought this gift for you. When she opens It, its a juicer. Randhir touches her feet and she caresses his head.

Sanyu is tracking randhir’s location. He goes to canteen and says I am back but sanyu isn’t there. SAnyu comes in. He syas I came to save you. sanuyu says tell me what did maa say? Okay fine I will call her and ask her. randhir grasps her phone. randhir says you are so lucky. She says because I have an idiot bf like you? Randhir leaves. Rajveer’s pals go to manish and say we have a party for freshers come with us. They take him to a class. There is a cake. He says is it for me? Rajveer comes and throws his face in the cake. He pretends on call and says yes ma’am I have done what you asked me to sanyu. Can we go now? Rajveer says please pardon me but they want me to do this. They take off his shirt. He says its her order I cant let you go. She is my mentor I can’t do anything. They take her out in the ground and bind him with a tree. They rope him and leave,

Precap-rajveer says to ranhir I thought you would break my legs? what will you get. randhir says get lost. Rajveer says lets go for arm wrestling. if you win you can do anything with juniors but if i win you wont touch any junior. Randhir says challenge accepted.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. saddahaqrox

    yes guyz…..
    u all will say like dat only now
    but im srsly leaving coz no 1 here cares enuf I shud not leave
    bye forever

  2. blue sea

    oh com on saddahaqrox..nobody is telling u to leave..just want to know the truth that you dont want to confess coz you dont have koi ab tak tumhari care hi krta raha and u have been playing with their emotions..just accept it was a prank…

  3. saddahqrox

    LONG time no see!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OMG its nearly 2 months now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GAWD I dunno how I stayed away from TU and u all!!!!!!!!!!! lekin kya karti….I told u ppl tht my final yr bharatanatyam exems were there….and them=n I enrolled for spell bee & French Olympiad as well… mighty busy!
    ur chotti missed u sooooooo much!!!!!!!!
    well I cn c so many newbies!!!!!
    im sure main nhi thi toh kisine welcum kiya ni hoga aap ko…
    chalo chodo
    maaane im so excited I cn hardly stay still!!!!!!!!
    n I still have 2 count up the 25 TH Nov cmmnts!
    yahaan aate hi SABSE pehle I checked those
    CONGRAGULATIONS guyzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1000 ka target crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have 2 go now, but I will b back REALLY soon, k!!!!!!
    so excited I can hardly stay still!
    ok bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ps- oldies, I hope I havnt forgotten u all……
    plz come, k!

  4. saddahqrox

    who is this new saddahqrox??????
    arrey baapre!!!!!!
    oye apna user change kar jaldi!!!!!!!!!!! yeh username SIRF mereliye res hain!!!!!!!!
    and yeh sab chod k jaane waali baat kya hain?????

  5. OMG please noopur even after all this we are wanting you to confess
    But you have again changed the topic 🙁
    Dont play like this its not funny

  6. blue sea

    so guyz lets the game begin..
    saddahaq rox k comment me “gaud” wrd same waise use kiya..jaisa kal MEERA k comment me use hua tha…
    fake meera k…
    so finally guyz she confessed luekemia wali baat prank thi..
    game finished….
    so heres my real name guyz
    [email protected] changer”

  7. saddahqrox

    ek….ek sec
    gc di ye hain kya mujhe batao pehle
    n aap “blue sea” kabse bann gye??
    what is happening???

  8. Just cant blive this
    Noopur who used to be good and sweet to everyone she was playing with everyones emotions
    Huhh we unnecessarily trusted you

  9. blue sea

    i was waiting for rite time…kal mai ne sab pat a ho kr bhi jhoot kaha k wo Meera k cmnts nupoor ne nahi kiye..coz humiliate nahi krna chahti thi mai isko…so i was quite..but yar is ne to apna game band hi nahi kiya..
    so i did all this as my name is [email protected] changer

  10. Rupal

    Aur ab hum tujpe believe nahi karenge kyuki tu aaj hi kyu laut aayi, bad me bhi aa sakti thi ya isse pahele. Aaj hi sab sach hame pata chala aur tu bhi aaj hi aa gayi.

  11. [email protected] changer

    so mis RS dekh liye na guts mere..;-)

  12. Rupal

    gc di is blue sea, RS is red sea and i am sea. But last TU pe maine bhi noopur ko question kiya lekin usne answer bhi nahi diya

  13. Thanq gc actually even i had doubts but i did not speak out thanq for taking the blindfolds out
    Noopur everything has end and limits
    Tu aise hi jhut pe jhut bolti jayegi to kya hum pagal ke jaise chup baitenge?

  14. [email protected] changer

    @nupoor ab ye sab band krdo..confess krlo..aur phir se hum log ki frnd ban jao..guyz plz forgive her

  15. Rupal

    Hi sanyukta, if u r new here just ignore this matter. U can’t understand anything 🙂 WELCOME here sanyukta 🙂

  16. Pata nhi vo ee ko tha (fake wala) actually he was the one who caught first i think you know it gc he kept on saying fake meera is nupur

  17. [email protected] changer

    i dnt know who
    bt jo bhi hai oldie hi hai..

  18. RS

    Agr log bura krne par bhi apna name hide nhi krte.. then tum kuch acha krke bhi name hide krti toh vo justice nhi hota…
    N mujhe pta tha k tere me guts hai Isi liye challenge ki k guts dikha… so ab tu bol m hon na smart 😉

  19. [email protected] changer

    @sanyu mai tumhe b sorry kehna chahti hu..plz yar gussa mat hona..but aarav mai thi randheer ka mujhe nahi din mai ne dekha koi b banda rd k name se comment post kr raha aur tum rd ka wait kr rahi thi so mai ne randhir ka chapter close krna chahi..aur aarav ban kr comment post ki…
    bt mere intension bilkul galat nahi tha..agr hota to mai tum se baat krna continue krti bt mai ne limited baat kr k chali gayi.but rd kon tha mujhe nahi pata
    again sorry yar

  20. [email protected] changer

    bt nupoor tujhe to manna padega yar..kya smartness k sath jhoot bolti…tu sab ko bewkoof samajhti hai na…
    bt sab se badi idiot tu hi hai…mujhe to hr baar comnts samajh aagayi bt kabhi kuch kaha nahi mai soch kr k kabi tumhe sab ki frndship aur pyar samajh aajayega…

  21. [email protected] changer

    @rupal kaha gayi…

  22. [email protected] changer

    nupoor tujhe koi idea bhi hai..tere us luekemia wali baat ne sab ko kitna dukhi kiya tha…pradipta jis ko tu apni sis kehti hai wo roi thi na.. tune usko b cheat kiya…

  23. Aisha

    O M G !!! I can’t believe this !!! I really can’t believe this !!! U were my DI noopur di ! How could u do this ???? U know i actually believed u that u r in hospital and all that !!! But u lied !!! U hurt me to the most noopur di ! In the class and in the home also i used think that how u suffer from the pain in the hospital and i prayed atleast hundred times to god for ur health ! But it was all a lie ! U r not my di now ! Cuz u have hurt us ! Who cared for u !

  24. [email protected] changer

    and yes guyz let me tell u all one thing..
    guyz may b future me mere username ka missuse hoga cuz ab mai target pr hu..
    so guyz mai ne apni poori life kabi abusive language use nahi ki aur na kr sakti cuz meri apni self respect or class hai..
    so guyz kabi beleive mat krna k wo mera comment hai

  25. Ok
    I get it now. I read up everything. And had dinner, thts why i took so long but khaana mere gale se ni utar raha tha woh alag baat h.
    First let me get one thing clr for whoever still believes @saddahaqrox
    ok. That cleared, my turn.
    When i was reading the cmmnts, i was feeling k i simply have 2 find whoever is the new shrx. But after reading 2days cmmnts, i m having a while diffrnt feeling.
    Gc di, sabse pehle toh aapka ‘gawd’ ka mention
    Me n @sandhir fan class me likhke baat kar re the toh usne whenever she said ‘god’ she said it like that. So woh maine bhi copy kar liya like i copied ‘moi’ for ‘me’ from IF
    Par aapka observation A-1 hain di.
    Main abhi aisa feel kar rhi hun jaise mera koi duplicate aa k……u know…i m not even able 2 find correct words for what i want 2 say.
    First i felt ki like gc di, i will find out who did this.
    I have enough reasons 2 b hated at scul. N many frm scul r silent readers of TU as well.
    But now i m fweling like i cn do anything 2 get ur frndshp, even though im innocent, coz u ppl r my life. I cant live without u, shq n TU.
    So if this helps,
    And Aisha,
    Main abbhi aapki di rahungi. And i will prove to u ki i am worthy of being ur di, i m not as cheap and giri hui as u think.
    This may take time but i promise i wont let this do.
    But in the meantime i need my friends. And i dont blame u guyzzz for not trusting me anymore right now…..i can understand what u must have gone through when gc di found him/her out
    And i will not even blame u if u call me jhooti or anything
    Coz i know it must have come as a great big shock to u that i apparently had leukaemia. And then that i was apparently lying as well.
    But i need my friends to put ANY remaining scrap of faith together so that i can prove u all.
    Jitni pyaari dream team vardhaan sir ko hain utne hi pyaare tum sab mujhe ho.
    (If u dont want me to remain vdhan any longer, i can understand. I shall willingly step down if any one so much as hints at it. And in that case, gc di, plz become the vdhan. Coz v need a vardhaan here)
    So tell me guyzzz
    Tell me
    Can my dream team manage THIS task?

  26. [email protected] changer

    hii @RA..

  27. Gc di kuch bolo…..
    Daanto,gussa karo jo karna hain karo ignore mat karo m already on the verge of crying. Agar aap kuch ni bologe toh main sacchi mein ro doongi….

  28. [email protected] changer

    saddahaqrox have lil bit shame and just get lost from here..
    aur agr aisa nahi krna to drama band kr k ye sab confess krlo aur phir se frnd ban jao..

  29. [email protected] changer

    @RA bhai aap AR se pooch lena usko sab pata hai..bahot badi kahani hai ye…:-D

  30. +-+_

    Nupur manne to kuch v samaj me na aayi Tu eh bata aakir tu chati kya hai? Manne pata ha tu kitni giri huyi hai jo aatentn paaneke lie jhoot p jhoot bolti gyifir b ab maan nhi rhi chiee kaisi ladki ha re tu

  31. [email protected] changer

    thanx for ur support RA bhai…;-)

  32. [email protected] changer

    okk call krlo…..:-D:-D

    • Aisha

      Hey any1 saw that this was the name for which every1 was blaming me !! See he and me commented on the same time so we can’t be same ! Uff atleast i proved it …. And u +-+ just get lost u tried to blaim me !

  33. +-+_

    tu aur vardhan??? Tu aur mentor?? Eh lo jo itni giri hui ha jo apne aap ko mentor ya vardhan maanti ha
    Kuch to sharam kr..ab kya aik aik ghante k baad nye nye jhoot bolreh ha? Bs kr v cnt here lies aftr lies
    Ya toh accept kr ki tu jhoot bolrhi thi ya to yha se chale jaa

  34. [email protected] changer

    no samaira i dnt know @RA prsnally..
    aur bhai ha bhai hi samajh lo usko mera…:-D

  35. Aisha

    Hey any1 saw that this was the name for which every1 was blaming me !! See he and me commented on the same time so we can’t be same ! Uff atleast i proved it …. And u +-+ just get lost u tried to blaim me !

  36. Aisha

    Really !!! Then why u used my name that day ?? First u commented my name and then u posted the same commented by ur name !!! So that i will be blamed !!! So cheap thought of urs !

  37. Aisha

    Huh bye guys …. Bye samairaa di and gc di and rs di and ra and ar … Lol soo many ‘and s’ !!! Good night tc …

  38. [email protected] changer

    @RA even want to go now..
    byee gn

  39. [email protected] changer

    @RA even i want to go now..
    byee gn

  40. +-+_

    Aur rahi baat proof ki tujhe kisiko dikhane ki zarurat nhi ha ki tu innocent ha veh to sabko pata rehta hai k tu kaisi ha hr baar fas thi ha fir b kuch na kuch faltu ka bkws krke jaati hai

  41. +-+_

    Nupur kitna time legi nya jhoot bolne k liye?…Chahe kinna v jhoot bol tu koi tujpe firse attntn nhi dega..tuje vrdhan ka label nahi jhoot ka label milna chahiye…u r worst person dan nyone else on dis page..yhi itne jhoot bolti ha pata nhi real me kitne bolti hogi..

  42. +-+_

    Sry agar tuje bura lag rha ha to..
    Lagna to chahiye hi kyuki tune kaam hi aise kiye ha…ab maan b jao k tu jhoot bol rhi ti nhi to ma aur bura bnte jaaunga..

  43. RS

    Meri ek frnd hai Rupal jb vo aati hai m mostly Tabhi aati ho.
    Sorry for late reply.
    Good night all
    Sd n tc
    Bye 🙂

  44. :-@

    Agar ye guilty feel kar rahi hoti.. to ab tak maafi maang chuki hoti..bhool jao ise ye ek bura sapna tha..jisme ek buri ladki thi

  45. Huh?
    Ok guyzzz
    If that is what u want me to do, and not the truth,
    4give me……………………
    Sorry sorry sorry
    Gc di sorry sorry sorry
    Aisha sorry sorry sorry
    Samaira sorry sorry sorry
    Parsh sorry sorry sorry
    Newbies sorry sorry sorry
    Oldies sorry sorry sorry
    Groupbies sorry sorry sorry
    And i will step down from this post untill and unless u ppl think that i am fit to do this again.
    And good morning to all sandhirians n non sandhirians
    Except me coz mera toh bad morning ho gya.
    Jiska bhi last cmmnt hain,
    Main late reply ki not coz i was taking time to think, main so gyi thi. Page load hi mhi horaha tha .

  46. aap log choti ko yaani ki shqrox ko ithni sona kyu rahe ho? mujhe patha hai usne jo kiya acha nahi kiya but we can forgive her. hamari achi achi dost thi na vo aur dost hi rahegi. usne puura ka poora sach bola yahi tho badi baath hai……iska matlab hai ki vo juthi nahi hai. har vakth burai vaala side hi nahi, achai vaala side bhi leni chahiye.

    @CHOTI,thum esa kaam phir kabhi nahi karogi, samjho ki tumari badi di ne daata hai.

  47. saddahqrox

    guyzz maine abtak jo b bola who SAB jhoot tha.
    lekin I have reasons
    and they r not excuses
    and I will tell u
    mere class mein ek ladki hain, muskaan. Who aati h yahaa..kabhi kabhi lekin main uska username nhi reveal karungi.
    There is sumthing VERY private going on in my life, and I was already pissed off bcoz of that.
    and she found out what it was.
    and she told me k she is gonna tell it 2 the whole class n scul.
    so I said why?? coz I really didn’t need the matter going out @ scul.
    she said bcoz I hate u coz u r always overacting n all.
    I said I never do anything like that
    so then she said ki what u don’t do poore TU pe toh karti hai tu overacting vdhan banke. Agar tu chahti hai ki main yeh kisiko nhi batau, toh fir tu meri ek shart maanegi.
    I was really desperate then, so I said yes
    so thn she said ki TU waalon ko bol k tujhe leukemia hain
    pehle 5 days I kept refusing
    but then she went n told 1 prsn.
    so then I had 2 do this.
    trust me I used 2 cry everytime I used 2 post such things or u wud express sympathy 2 me
    and then yesterday,whn u were questioning me, she was reading cmmnts. she called me up n told me what 2 say 2 u ppl
    but I deliberately did not do wht she told me coz I really cudnot handle lying 2 u anymore.
    I deliberately let u catch me.
    2day, she has gone n spread the matter all over scul.
    I m…literraly…quizzed to death abt it
    nasty comments r being passed on me
    but I let that happen coz I had decided tht u ppl r more imp n closer 2 me thn my scul mates.
    I know u all r thinking k this is my new drama, ki maine new aane ki acting se b u didn’t believe me so im doing new drama,(that new girl thing also muskan.) but now jo tha maine rakh diya aapke saamne, I promise not 2 cum under peer pressure anymore, but now if scl ppl have left me(all my frnds have) and u all also leave me…….
    I will not b able 2 live.
    plz believe me
    and If u donot
    I m srsly considering……

  48. rebecca

    I know ki how u would hve reacted.
    Dats y plzz b fine ok n dat goes 2 evryone. Varna rebu apna Marathi start kar degi 😀

  49. steffie

    Noopur is dis really u??
    N if dis was d matter den u could hve told us mayb on IF by sending a pm
    A/w ab muje gussa bhi nhi aa rha h
    Don’t know y bt agar yeh sach h toh idk……….

  50. rebecca

    I know its not funny. But only I know how u used 2 react wen sumthin used 2 happen 2 others in school
    U easily get affected by external things
    So dats y I thought of lightening up ur mood

  51. saddahqrox

    OMG yes……
    why didn’t this occur 2 me b4…*slaps forehead*
    ofcourse I cud have sent pms……
    oldies bhi maaf kar do muhe I promise peer pressure mein aake aage se aisa kuch kabbbbbhi ni karungi

  52. Ok noopur you lied about it
    But why did you extend the matter saying you got surgery and you asked all of us to pray for you?? You also said something like you wont live longer

  53. sanyukta

    Oh damn ye toh kuch jyada hi ho gaya fir bt @noopur i don’t know what happened bt here ppl r ur friends n dey care abt u so such things affect dem a lot
    can i be ur new friend

  54. saddahqrox

    yes sanykta
    but whatever I did, I can assure u I had no attention seeking waale motives behind it
    and what all I said, surgery and all, who sab bhi mus. ne hi bole the.
    infact even the words were not my own. sometimes I used 2 get it written frm her what I have 2 type n sumtimes she used 2 use my usernames.
    so I have changed my user
    frm saddahaqrox to saddahqrox
    not v diffi but it still is
    sorrie again

  55. saddahqrox

    @sanyukta if it is ok with u YES I wanna b ur frnd
    lekin first tell me can I welcome u here

  56. sanyukta

    Noopur pls can u use ur real name noopur lets give it a new start whats say even i will use diff too many sanyukta out there

  57. saddahqrox

    I had posted this yesterday as well but I guess not many ppl saw it

  58. [email protected] changer

    oh god guyz ye is ka naya drama hai….
    tum log itne pagal kaise ho sakte ho ne itna bada drama itne time se continue kiya..
    still u guyz r believing her.
    or rahi baat second chance sanyukta is ne abi bi wahi drama continue kr k rakha hua hai..such to ye keh hi nahi rahi hai..

  59. saddahqrox

    gc di I know maine aapka trust bohoth bure tarike se toda hain lekin please see why I did what I did
    maine apni scul ki frnds ko compromise kar di just because u all were WAY too precious for me
    and u r the most precious 2 me after achu
    agar aap hi aisa karoge toh
    di maine pehle kabhi aisa ni kiya n agge b nhi karungi. Kya aap apni behen ko ek chance nhi de sakte???

  60. [email protected] changer

    or agar ab b is ka such ka reveal na hota na jane kab tak ye drama continue krti ye..

  61. saddahqrox

    di agar kal yeh drama reveal ni hota toh main aaj khud karne waali thi
    coz maine mus. ko itna sunaya n then I began crying at scul as well because muskan ne mere sab frnds ko bata diya tha, meri bff class mein thi nahi 2 stand up fr me who absent thi, n most of all yahaan aap sab n esp aap soch re the ki maine attention paane k liye yeh sab kiya

  62. [email protected] changer

    just shut off..ok..
    ok luekemia wali baat ko side me rakho….
    wat about MEERa..
    tum ne us ka username use kiya agr mai pata nahi krti k wo meera nahi hai..tum meera ban kr mere sath baat krna continue krti…
    ab ye sab krne kis frnd ne kaha tha tumhe?????

  63. saddahqrox

    sanyukta u TELL me how I can prove it so every1 believes me???
    I will do whatever u want so I can prove myself….

  64. saddahqrox

    Di I swear on TU ki @Meera main nhi thi.
    aur yeh baat n @meera waali baat prove karne k liye main KUCH bhi kar sakti hoon.
    aap bas batao mujhe k main kya karu

  65. saddahqrox

    lekin who bhi kam aati hain so I doubt k u will know the username
    ok wait for a few mins main abbbbhi use call kar ri hoon n I will tell her 2 come n clr the matter here

  66. saddahqrox

    lekin agar main use bulau n then tumlog bolo k maine hi username change kar k comment type ki hain toh??

  67. Noopur this shart wala thing also is not your reason you are giving excuses but you are not admitting it
    If you really want to gain trust again do it by saying truth till now you gave many reasons but please i suggest you to stop creating new reasons
    it is very clear that you did for attention seeking accept it and end the matter here

  68. [email protected] changer

    nupoor tum kya proffesional lier ho???
    plz ab jhoot bolna band krdo….
    mujhe aur kuch argument nahi krni…

  69. saddahqrox

    exactly….what if u say I used diff names???
    mera dimaag nhi chal rha….plz aaplog jo bologe main who karungi

  70. steffie

    Noopur agar Muskan ne yeh kaha tha tumse kehene k liye, den 4 wat use r parents n teachers der??
    Tum complain toh kr sakti thi na??
    And itna bhi kya peer pressure???

  71. saddahqrox

    sanyukta I dint understand….
    what do u want me to do??
    and I am very scared
    agar usne aane se mana kar di toh main tumlogon ko hamesha k liye kho dungi….

  72. [email protected] changer

    chuck it guyz..this girl is never gonna accept it….
    again she will start a new plz its better to close diz matter here..

  73. saddahqrox

    nutty di,
    agar main teacher ko bolti, ya mom dad ko b, the irst thing they wud ask was k why is she blackmailing u?
    like what will she do if u don’t do wht she says??
    and fir main kya bolti??

  74. sanyukta

    N tumne aisa bhi kya ghunah kiya tha jo vo tumhe itna black maill kr rahi thi n tum kuch nahi kar sakti

  75. Samairaa

    @steffie some secrets we cant tell to parents and teachers i know that as i was in same problem in scul some years ago

  76. saddahqrox

    gc di aap kyun aisa bol rahe ho
    aare murder krne waala is also entitled 2 a second chance
    toh aap plz aisa kyun bol rhe ho di

  77. tajun

    dude noopur if any of my classmates told me to do such things i would have refused to do cos iam sensible enough to differentiate between right and wrong

  78. sanyukta

    Noopur every say dat u did it n no one will ever talk about it we want u as a friend bt after saying dis

  79. saddahqrox

    ok tajun u r….
    but that time I was already so depressed coz of it
    and uppar se yeh muskan piche pad gyi thi
    jaise abbhi mera dimag kam ni kar rha, waise tabh bhi ni kar ra tha

  80. [email protected] changer

    nupoor mai kya keh rahi hu..bus itna hi to keh rahi kiya hai wo accept karo.keep ur ego aside….
    or rahi baat second chance ki to tum such accept karo to baaki log phir tumhare frnds ban jayege

  81. saddahqrox

    i can tell 1 prsn here ki what had happened that time. But then whoever i tell has to promise not 2 tell any1 here n stand up fr me if they think i was justified.
    i think this only 1 way i cn prove myself

  82. saddahqrox

    muskan’s username- @sandhirian.
    lekin whts the use? aap log bologe k maine aivanyi apne mann se bana ke made-up username bola h…

  83. [email protected] changer

    okk…my ID is fiza18…
    but i m damn sure you r a still i m giving u chance…

  84. saddahqrox

    RA m koi drama ni kar ri…..
    gc di aap plzzzzzz aa jaao
    ya toh fir koi aur aao jo gc di ko samajha sake
    plz for my sake

  85. [email protected] changer

    yes @RA its her new drama…
    but dekhte to hai kya or kya jhoot bolti hai ye

  86. saddahqrox

    gc di i guess u know ur words r hurting me like hell
    but i know i deserve it
    bt plz stop saying k main jhut bol rhi hoon n LISTEN 2 me once……

  87. [email protected] changer

    ha wahi ID hai meri…bt tumhare PM me kuch nahi tha..

  88. [email protected] changer

    ok guyz mai is matter me ab aur nahi padna chahti..mai jo baat clear krna chahti thi wo mai kal kr chuki hu..
    ab aage aap sab ki marzi jo krna hai karo..
    mujhe is me apna dimag khali nahi krna..i m nt gonna believe diz gul..
    byee tc

  89. saddahqrox

    di u srsly can NOT do this 2 me
    how cn u decide how my charctr is if u don’t even wanna listen to me?
    I did not want 2 fight with a person jo itne time se meri di thi
    but ab paani sar k uppar se jaa raha hain
    aapko agar meri baat sunni hi nhi hain toh u have NO RIGHTS 2 say anything 2 me, get that straight
    I never imagined I wud ever b shouting at u but u have brought me 2 this

  90. saddahqrox

    n by the way maine pm me bola tha k
    “this is just n id check…I don’t wanna find out later k the id was wrong

  91. RA

    Tumne jo kiya he, uskeliye ye sab jo kar rahe vahi right he saddahaqrox. Thanks gc 🙂 tumne sach baher nikala.

  92. saddahqrox

    guyz I know aap mujhe believe ni kar re ho lekin yeh mai ni hun caho toh gc di ko pucho I was busy typing a loooong pm 2 her explaining wht had happened
    but jisne bhi kiya,
    thnx fr ur peace making eforts

  93. Aisha

    @noopur i can’t believe u now !!! Ab to i m doubting ki r u really 13 ?? Cuz itne mind games to bade hi khel sakte hai ! Now coming to the point do u really have any friend named “MUSKAN” ?? Really ur name is noopur and a lots of QUESTIONS …. Uff i m tired and speechless guyz !!! Chodo what can we do ??? Let it be just close this bad chappy of ours !!

  94. saddahqrox

    Ya nupur it was nt ur cmmnt i jst wantd to tell hw to ask sry keeping ego aside…d way u askd sry was nt sry at all i know u wont say it datz y said sry instd f u to close d mttr…

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.