Sadda Haq 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu goes to Parth and yoyo and says ranawat has called us in lab for signature. He will give us a challenge. They are both under hangover. She goes to randhir’s room he is asleep on bed. sanyu caresses his face, he opens his eyes and sleeps again. sanyu says get up, ranawat has called us in lab. He says i am coming in a while. sanyu says i will take you with me. He takes off his shirt, sanyu says what are you doing? he says i asked you to leave. He changes the shirt. Sanyu takes him with her.

They are all in lab, ranawat comes in. He comes with a nest, ranawat says to sanyu you are vidushi right? She was staring at the this i asked her to bring the team. none of you got the meaning of it right? you jokers should be in a circus. all of you will make a nest. this is your punishment.

sahil says but we haven’t even slept. he says go and sleep then don’t tell me that your deadline is over. he leaves. sanyu says we needs his signs, its just a nest we will make it.

Nikil and some boys throw away a tool. ranawat picks it up his hands blackened, he starts acting weird and cleans his hands. the grease doesn’t leave. Ranawat madly cleans it with his shirt and puts his hands on his ears, he says leave that please please. Nikhil and boys run. ranawat sits there.

Randhis is busy in making nest, sanyu says you can’t make a nest. He says this is easy but the twix sucks. Sanyu says a prick is there in your hand. let me take it out. He says i am not a delicate doll. sanyu sucks his finger and takes out the prick. Nikhil comes to vid and asks what is she making? she says a nest. he says of a mouse? Vid says run from here. sahil, yoyo and parth are also making one. Randir gets a call from karan, randhir says did you call by mistake. Karan says i am sorry i ran away from touch when you needed me most. I really apologize for it. Randhir says tell me why have you called now? Karan says i got to know abot FITE, i just wanted to know if its fine now? randhir says fite is fine now. he says how is that girl sanyu? randhir says there is nothing between us now. He says she is gem of a girl, dont let her go away. randhir says i am upto a task i will talk to you later.

Ranawat comes to lab, dream team is half asleep. Ranwat says lets see the master piece you created. randhir asks vidushi where is sanyu? she says i don’t know. parth shows his nest to ranawat. ranawat says your should have worked on your brain as well along with your body. He throws away vidushi’s. He says to randhir you stick it with glue? the birds have more brain than you do. he throws away randhir’s. Ranwat says you are all wasting time here. you should all have been in a circus, you are all good for nothing. sanyu comes in and says sorry sir i am late, here is my nest. Ranawat checks it, he says what you see in it? sanyu says there is twix, grass, small bits of paper. He crumples it up. Ranawat says i am completely wasting time here. parth says only 3 hours are left. vid says everything is over, sanyu says dream team can’t end. randhir says he has been making fun of us. i will show him now and don’t intrude this time sanyu.

Randhir goes to ranwat’s cabin and says what you wanna prove sir? that you have authority? you don’t know our team and its ability. its like life and death situation for us. Ranawat throws a paper on him and says go. Its the for with his signatures. Randhir leaves.
Randhir comes running in and collides with sanyu.
randhir says here is our form with his signs. vid says how? radhir says got it. sahil says we don’t understand him. Sanyu looks at nest and says there is something about it. Randhir says think about competition not that alchoholic. sahil says lets go submit the form.

Sanyu says to randhir i feel so weird and tired now. i will go home and sleep. sanyu says dont you wanna eat ice cream today? he says you could ask for lift directly.
Sanyu and randhir eat ice creams together. randhir swipes it from sanyu’s lips. Sh says its melting because of you. i feel so happy now. finally we are going to international competition. everything will be fine now, randhir says in heart i hope everything gets okay between us as well.

Precap-ranwat comes to team and says i heard that you don’t need me. I dont care about your tiny brains. And there are a lot of students who want to be part of this team. you are going to face a lot of challenges.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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