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Sadda Haq 22nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat says when will you be professional about it. He is mad at randhir. SAnyu says to randhir why you did this. Randhir says you will cover up. Sanyu faints. Randhir says bring water. He takes her to medical room.
Randhir says to sanyu you can cope up. Doctor says don’t talk to her about competition. Let her rest. randhir goes out.
Someone comes in the room. Sanyu opens her eyes its akash. sanyu says randhir again. Akash says you remember randhir in this condition as well. she says you remember people who care for you. He says i care for you. Let me show you, there is the list of companies associated with agarwal group. After one month i will sell these all out. Sanyu says you wont do anything. She says you can’t do this. He says anyway these flowers, get well

soon. He goes out.

Renuka comes to agarwal. she says can you take some time out for me. I wanted to inquire about dream team. Ranawat says everything is fine and everything is going well. Anything else. She says you can’t order me. He says i am not ordering you nor are you my boss. She says i came to ask about randhir. He says your son has lost in first round. Randhir was winning and then he forgot everything and tried to save sanyu. None of them won. Renuka says i want randhir to be driver. He says the one who deserves will become the driver.
Renuka comes out and says sanyu has made ranhdir a fool. He left his race for her.
Parth is frustrated in his room. randhir says vid did this because she is selfish. Parth says maybe she was forced to do so. randhir says she just wants to win thats all. Parth recalls vid that she wanted to say something and that she has been worried past week. Parth says there is something, i wont let this happen to her.

Sanyu comes to randhir. He says why you came here, you should have stayed in room. She says i came here to thank you. she says cant i do this for you. He says no you shouldn’t have come. she says okay i am going. He says no you should rest here now. You look so good in this get up make it permanent. He says why dont you stay here for the night.

Randhir sees renuka in FITE. She says i have brought you lunch. Randhir says what you want? Renuka says why you lost your chance because of sanyu. Randhir says what you wanna say. She says competition is so important for you. He says sanyyu is important for me as well. Thanks for this i am full.

there is a car on fire in the ground. Everyone gathers there. Parth says who did this. They all panic. Ranawat comes with fire extinguisher and extinguishes it. Ranawat says I am the answer i did this to check presence of your mind. you all panic this could happen in race as well. You dont keep your nerve and find out the solution.
This is your task you will have to save your partner from fire in 2 minutes. Your presence of mind has to be tested. Randhir says we wont back out. Randhir says who will sit in car and who will save. Ranawat says take out chits from this bowl. it will be the partner who will save you. sanyu takes out the chit, its parth. Randhir takes out its sanyu. Parth takes out, ranawat says its obvious parth, randhir is your partner. This could be a matter of life and death.
Randhir says to sanyu back out of this task. Parth is already distracted. sanyu says he will save me. randhir says i dont trust him with this. Please back out. sanyu says i can’t. Renuka comes and says i wanna talk to randhir alone. Sanyu stands up. randhir says we are talking. sanyu says no we will talk later. She goes out. Renuka says to randhir why are you so concerned about sanyu what about your life? She can’t save you. she isn’t good enough. Randhir says she is the best. You have no right to say that about her. Renuak says you are blind because you love her. What if something happens to you. randhir says what do you care? i thought i could give you a chance but i was wrong. stop interfering in my personal matters.

Precap-sanyu says to ranawat without safety measures its risky. He says if you are scared then back out. Parth tries to save sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Randhir was amazing in today’s episode.

  2. I am just watching the final chapter.still it is really amazing.Ihave become a fan of Sandhir.

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