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Sadda Haq 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir comes home and asks renuka and harsh can i sit together with you both? Renuak says yes. They all spend time together.
Harsh gets dressed and asks randhir how i look? Randhir says you used to hate her. He says she has regrets and I have forgiven her.
They place family photo on wall. Renuka’s PA calls on dinner but she doesn’t pick. She says I wont give family time to office anymore.
Sanyu prepares for the test. Next morning they all get up. Sanyu stops randhir from playing games and asks him to study.

Sanyu and Vid start getting ready for interview. Randhir and parth get dressed as well. Parth says when you have so many hopes attached to you. You get a little nervous. Randhir fixes his tie and says you are so hard working, relax. You will ace

it. Parth says wow is it randhir or my mom. Randhir punches him. Yoyo comes, randhir wow formals.

Harsh calls randhir and says you have placement interview today? Randhir says you remember? He says yes. harsh says you sure you wanna give interview. Randhir says what you mean? Harsh says you can always work with saniyal group. We can talk to renuka. Randhir says I have decided already. I know what I have to do. Harsh says okay all the best.
Renuka says harsh why were you so nervous. He says not used to lying. Renuka says what did he say? Harsh says he is going for interview. But i hope he listens.
Sanyu says to randhir all three companies have interview at same time.I will skip the two.
Interviewer says to sanyu we are really impressed. You have everything an intelligent employee should have. You have to clear another round of interview. Sit outside we will call you any moment. sanyu comes out and hugs randhir. She tells him that they have asked me to wait. They were so impressed. Randhir says I am waiting for parth to come out.
Parth comes out and says i gave wrong answer even when i knew the right one. Sanyu says stay positive. Randhir says they know your potential. Randhir’s name is announced. Vid goes in as well.
The interviewer as impressed by randhir. They say your parents must be proud of you. We were planning to hire the one before you but he was nervous. We need someone like you. Randhir recalls parth’s hopes. Randhir says why dont you hire both of us. They say no we can hire only one person. Randhir says my mom is renuka saniyal. I am the sole heir. I think i should work in my company. the interviewer says are you sure? He says yes. you should hire parth. He is smart and genius. Randhir goes out.
Parth asks how was it? Randhir hugs him. They announce parth’s name for second round. Randhir says just go and kill it.

Randhir calls He says i will join mom’s company. Hrash says very good. Harsh tells renuka, they are both so happy.
Sanyu is waiting for her second round. She asks the interviewer why didn’t you call me for second round? They say we can’t hire you, we have hired someone else. Sanyu says i didn’t give other interviews because of you. They says that was your choice. Sanyu says this is unfair they say we are sorry and leave. Randhir tells sanyu that he will work in saniyal group. sanyu says they didn’t select me. They said they have selected someone else. Randhir says but the positive point is that we can live together. Aren’t you happy for me? sanyu says i am really happy. Randhir says lets celebrate parth got his dream job and we will live together.

They all celebrate at night. Parth says I hope everyone finds their dream job very soon. Randhir asks sanyu to forget it. She says college will end and you will work in your company and i will work as well. how will we meet. Randhir says i am the owner i can leave whenever i want. SAnyu says i hope vid also finds her dream job. Randhir says yea. Renuka calls sanyu and says still upset about your interview? its okay. cheer up? sanyu says how you know? She says there is barely anyone in this field that i dont know. I got that guy selected. I told you i can do anything for my son.

Precap-Sanyu says how should i tell mom. Randhir comes to sanyu and says i wanna take you somewhere. Renuka says to sanyu i offer you a job. Sanyu says i need to think about it. renuka says accept my job. sanyui says i have self respect. I cant take this gifted job.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Interesting track…i like it…hope harsh and renuka wont separate sandhir…sanyu and rd are made for each other…hope vids and parth get back together soon coz i miss their scenes…

  2. nice epi. yes Renuka couldn’t seperate Sandhir,lets see how Sanyunkta finds new job

  3. Where is today’s wu ???? Pls post it soon…thanks…

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