Sadda Haq 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ranawat starts screaming and says stop it please. he says i will save it. Run from here, He runs out. Everyone is dazed. Chauhan says i would like to do my task. He continues with the task. Judge says in the end the winner of this task is vivek. We will see you in next task.
Sanyu sees the grease and barrel? She says wonders why ranawat behaved this way?

yoyo says to pals, this is a golden day. we are free from ranawt’s torture and clap for randhir who planned all this. Randhir says i had to do this. sanyu says how could you play with his fears and you are cheering here. You didn’t think what the history could be. Why the coal disturbed him so much. Randhir says enough, sanyu says enough of you. This is disgusting shame on you. randhir says that alcoholic can’t

make us win. vid says he is psycho not genius. sanyu says shut up, maybe he has a histroy. randhir says why should we care about it. parth says we can’t win with a mentor like him. sanyu says we lost him when we needed him the most. she leaves.

Ranawat cries and throws stuff in his room. Raghini collides with randhir. she says randhir there is something wrong. randhir says if you keep meeting me it will create problems. when i called in hospital in singapore they said they dont have a patient named karan. randhir says i gave a fake name of him. To save you from your brothers. Raghini says tell me his fake name. randir says i dont know. The hospital staff wrote it themselves. he says please go to your room. Raghini leaves, sanyu is standing in the stairs. randhir comes down stairs. she says you started cigertte again. I dont care smoke it. randhir says i was stressed so i did. sanyu says i know your reality be the good boy in front of whom you want to be. randir says whom are you talking about? she says how would i know? randhir takes her hand but she leaves.

Scene 2
The next task starts, sahil says we have to win this. randhir says ranawat is not here to demotivate us. Vivek says i am really sorry guys. Your mentor is not even with you. i think he knew you are goin to lose. judges say lets begin here is your second task. its simple you have to be in pairs and melt the machines parts. parth says i dont wanna make a team with vidushi, sanyu says i dont want to be with randhir. sanyu says i will come with parth, vid stands with randhir. judge says your hands will be bound while you melt them. Each team has to inter exchange their partner. vidushi says why sir? he says you chose the partner you feel comfortable with, so you have to switch your partner. sanyu comes with randhir and vidushi with parth. They rope their hands. Judges says your time starts now. randhir says i dont believe this you didn’t want to be with me because of that alchohlic. Randhir says keep the flames away from gas pipes or will blast.

Dream team is melting slowly, randir says to LITs team do is carefully there will be a blast if it hits the flame. All of a suddent the lab blasts, everyone goes out. sanyu is working. randhir says come from here, do you want to die? Randhir says i wont go until i complete the task. Viduhsi faints parth holds her. randhr says come with me. ranawat is watchin them. sanyu recalls what thruv said, ranwat says i am coming to save, the table is on fire Randir tries to hold sanyu, he sees ranawat on door ranawat tries to come in for help but he is scared of the fire. He runs. Randhir takes sanyu out she is faint. Randhir gives her mouth to mouth resurrection, she gets up,sanyu says did we win the task? randhir says shut up. And that ranawt he left you alone in fire, you would have turned into a coal if i wasn’t there.

Precap-randhir says you cant fight for that ranawat. randhir says he is weird and irrational. Sanyu says you are irrational and weird too like every genius is. sanyu finds a paper related to history of ranawat in his room.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Dekha rd tumhari bewakufi ka natiza ranawat left FITE now u all will cum to know hw genius he was n u all will go to bring him back to FITE agn bcoz u all need him for compition n dat also badly

  2. shenaz

    I think ranawat ne kisiko sab logo ko koile I mean coal par jalte hue dekha hai I think uske apno ko bhi n he wanted to save all but he couldn’t unfortunately n his chotay was 1 of dem as a result 2dy he wanted to save sanyu but he couldn’t bcoz of his past

  3. shenaz

    Aur chilao sanyu iss rd kay dimaag me koi baat aasani se nahi gusti idiot hai ek no. ka stupid hai realise karao isse issne kya kiya I mean hw can he do all dis nonsence work

  4. shenaz

    LITS ke boys n mentor n judges kya bhage hai situation ko dekh ke really I feel dey r amazing in running

  5. shenaz

    I think dere should b a compition for dem to run lyk bhag milka bhag I m sure d LITS mentor will win it he is d 1 to run away first seeing d fire

  6. shenaz

    I know sayu u r too stubburn but inta zidi bhi nahi hona chahia k lyk katre me hai n u r thinking about to complete d task to keep mom happy wt if anything happens to u den hw will ur mom n rd stay without u ha

  7. shenaz

    OK with all dis I finish my complains for 2dys sh shw n u guys know I luved complaining 2dy bcoz now 1 is here hehehe

  8. shenaz

    Bcoz d day is going amazing I talked to my sis aft 7 day bcoz she was gone on honey moon with jiju to shimla I just luv dat place n she is so happy aft visiting dat place so automaticly me also happy swthrt just luving 2days day bcoz everything is going good with my all friends c with u u got a week holiday sana finally opened her mail id agn I n Sara lyk mad completed our target of making more dan 500 akhil k exams aaj complete ho gaye n lots more swthrt so I m very happy 2dy dr

    • shenaz

      Let me complete my toucher fully if I have stared den
      I made a new friend name anusha on tu 2dy I I talked with my old friend Aisha Malay also 2dy really aft a long time n suggested her 2 os of sandhir from which she lyked 1 very much n she went to read another 1 n disappeared aft dat so I don’t know did she lyked it or not I talked a bit zaada to Nisha 2dy n really glad to have a big sis lyk her in my lyf now only wt I want is rv bhai jaan nuts fairy n niks to complete dere exams so dat I could meet dem agn very soon n I want to know about varshinis results also I know she must have got d results yesterday only but sadly v didn’t chat from 2morrow

  9. shenaz

    Tk u swthrt u all r really a very important part of my lyf so indirectly me also happy bcoz u all r if any1 of u r sad den automaticly I also turn d same n try to cheer u guys up

  10. shenaz

    OK bye liya I think u r also bc on sns n no1 is here also so bye swthrt cu all guys very soon tc bye guys luv u all tata

  11. shenaz

    Tk u swthrt u enjoy with ur sns friends no need of chating on 2sites n cofusining urself swthrt bye luv u ummah c u soon dr

    • shenaz

      I m not ur friend neither any1 from here Sara liya n janu all said me about u r as same as john

    • shenaz

      Yup dr I understood swthrt sry I was not here on tu na was a bit bc so couldn’t help u to get rid of her swthrt

  12. I wonder y DT didn’t try to understand ranawat xcpt sanyu!he is alcoholic bt tat doesn’t mean he s nt genius aftr al he s trying to help thm bt they spoiled evrythng

    • shenaz

      Yes Nisha dey spoiled everything bcoz in front of dere ego dey all can’t see anything not even dat dey r hurting some1 really bad

  13. Anusha

    Hi everyone.
    I am hoping at the end of this competion all will fine in sandhir’s life.

    • shenaz

      Hey anusha swthrt gud too see u back
      Yup lets hope so jab tak hum hope nahi karte tab tak hum koi bhi chiz ko pura hone k nazaria se nahi dekh pate so as said hope is very much important to fulfil ur dream requirement

    • shenaz

      So u read all d comments of dis pg dats gud
      Nisha dat means happiness have no boundaries dr cing ur luved once happy it automaticly occurs on ur face too
      N I’m happy bcoz I have many reasons to b happy swthrt as u all luv me d most na

  14. shenaz

    Replied u chk ur mail n if u feel lyk I m going to do wrong den stop me by ur 1 more mail

  15. shenaz

    I called meera here na she is only iffi well I talk to her every day n she is f9 now swthrt

  16. shenaz

    N don’t know where is varshini from 2 days I’m also waiting for her to cum here n say hi to us

  17. shenaz

    I don’t now about fida dr she vanished aft 1 dy chating with n n she didnt left any comment about her for not being on tu I think she must b bc or must have gone somewhere as still her holidays is going on I want to know about here results too she must have got it

  18. shenaz

    My aunt is back home 2days back only I forgot to infrom u n she is perfectly f9 now swthrt

  19. shenaz

    I m f9 swthrt n Nisha mailed me she is really sleepy so going to sleep so she went n I was answering all her ?’s bcoz I was not able to comment her due to net problem so mailed her dat I will answer all her ?’s she only needs to chk on tu in morning so was doing dat only u came here at before my last comment on tu

  20. shenaz

    Oh accha u was bc
    But 1 thing I can say for sure Nisha is f9 as I talked to her few minutes back only

  21. varshini

    After reading the abv cmts I was sooo happy dr bcoz I came hr just 4 days before but u guys treating me soooooooooooo good.luv u soooooo much drs

  22. shenaz

    I really don’t know I think news wale r gone mad dey said in 2 days dey will give d results but now see dey r saying news is not confirmed wtever it is I keep on chking results site everyday whenever it will cum I will say u guys OK swthrt

  23. naz

    k..[email protected]

  24. shenaz

    I think she is not up now she must have sleept otherwise she would have mailed me till now I know her dat much

  25. varshini

    Don’t say sry swty even though u was wrong OK bcoz it is one of the rules of friendship πŸ˜€

  26. shenaz

    Sooooooo much tk u for forgiving a stupid person lyk me I say anything dat cum to my mind

  27. naz

    no [email protected]

  28. shenaz

    I at 7:30 but will have work
    No I don’t have any problem swthrt u can also call me dat

  29. shenaz

    No wait I will mail n fida u don’t cum to sns with dis name OK n ha I’m at sns mails n sh so late reply guys OK u cum aft 10 min dr

  30. Jahnvi

    Ranavat z cool bt m missin vardhan frm sum days!..Dy never let us see vardhan wrkin fo a task!?

  31. shenaz


    Mon : rd wants sanyukta not to encourage ranawat

    Tues : sanyu is being held at gunpoint by goons in collage. Will rd will b able to save her ??

    Wed : sanyus mom wants to meet rd. Will rd meet her ??

    Thus : sanyu goes to village were ranawat is hiding. Will she get to ranawat ??

    Fri : no entry till now

    • shenaz

      Guys as I promised u guys I gave u all d spoilers only of Friday is left dat n d whole spoilers I will give till Monday agn OK

  32. shenaz

    Dis song is dedicated to all my luvly friends on tu

    Kuch khash hai
    Kuch paas hai
    Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai
    Kuch duriya nazdikiya
    Kuch haas padi tanhaiya
    Kya ye khumar hai
    Ya aitbar hai
    Sayad ye pyar hai
    Pyaar hai shayad

    Gm guys I hope dis song keeps u all energitic through d whole day luv u all guys ummah

  33. Anusha

    Gm all sandhirians
    I think Raghini will start liking rd and bcoz
    Of his frnd promise he have to accept her.

  34. shenaz

    Hey guys u both chat I’m litle bit bc so will chat later at 1:00 anyways hw r u both swthrts
    N did u both lyk d spoilers for d coming week
    Anusha chill nothing lyk dat will happen dujoy said dat raghini n truv will not break sandhir but will bring dem close so b happy guys ur sandhir is not going to break up or etc etc bcoz of raghini n truv OK

  35. i just want 2 ask 1 question is this sanyukta really mad……i mean in the dream team competion a blast has occured and every1 life is in danger and still she want 2 do the dream team task…i mean how stupid of this sanyukta how can she think that she can complete the task in that whole scenario……i think she dont that agar jaan hai toh jaahan hain……no doubt sanyukta is really brilliant ……this type of khatron ke khiladi vaala tasks our great sanyukta can only do….

    • shenaz

      Hahaha katro ke kiladi ha v know how stubborn sanyu is so yeh sab aajeeb thoughts tho usse danger ko dekh kay hi aate hai

  36. shenaz

    Jhanvi r u my old friend name jhanvi purohit on tu I think 99% no n still 10% yes bcoz my freind is always involved in studies she never commented about d shw she would only talk about studies to me so plz clr my doubt if u see dis mgs

  37. shenaz

    Nisha dis much commments on sh tu bcoz v really meet aft 1-2 days really a long gap for friends na so d comment rate is high in a night only

  38. shenaz

    Nisha OK wtever I know about him I m saying it OK
    Dr.Truv singhania real name some subir rana gupte he is a actor n a good model also he came to yeh hai ashqiki on 24th July 2014 as d lead actor in dat particular ep no 53 n he is not on twitter n fb so I don’t know more about him swthrt

  39. shenaz

    Guys who r on twiiter I n my 1 more friend think dat u guys r really very moody ppl harsti n parma r always active on twiiter even dey have a very bc dey cum on twiiter n see u ppl don’t tweet dem I mean how grt is dat na I think u ppl r more bc den dem na so u all r not tweeting dem ryt dis is not applied to ppl who r bc due to exams or having some problems in lyf it is for dem who r really very lazy ppl n sandhir fans
    So plz keep twitting harhi n parmu OK guys

  40. shenaz

    Very bad ha guys kal 260 maine khud kar k choda tha n now see d comments over here it did not cross 300 also I mean cumon guys atleast 40 comments tho u all can do without me na or I’m dat important to dis tu dat u all can’t

  41. shenaz

    Oh OK den I think no1 here so I’m going to have a gud nap
    OK so here is d tag for all my swthrts

  42. shenaz

    No no its OK u chat I already had half n hour ka sleep na so now I’m OK well not DAT much sleepy now

  43. shenaz

    No dr I didn’t chat to her on tu whenever I cum on tu I regularly chk tu but dat name is not present I think she changed agn her name I’m also missing her badly wala missing

  44. shenaz

    See I stopped my crying
    Hey varshini wc back dr z dis ur 15 min n fida ka tho aab tak over nahi hua

  45. shenaz

    Hmm varshini she is ur friend n aft her first day on tu some1 misused her name n from dat day she changed her name n was chating but now she totally vanished away
    But now ka target set by me is 450 varshini hw is it guys

  46. shenaz

    Hey sana swthrt he r u n same to u dr
    Yup varshini she is d 1 where is she is she f9 na

    Japan I’m with Sara on mails n u on all on tu

  47. she s our tu frnd shini.she wa vry hpy bt sme idiot misused her name aftr tat she vanished we talked to her for only two sad

  48. shenaz

    Hi priya he r u swthrt u know hw much v missed u

    No dr I didn’t not but hw cum u r here 2dy really aft a long time meet my friends Nisha whom I call jaan varshini priya whom I was missing a lot n naz I call her fida but now she is not peresnt over here

  49. shenaz

    Well I completely forgot who is lauchu is it sreelaxmi well I don’t know about d news I will confirm with Sara n will mail u swthrt

  50. shenaz

    Sana tumhara kal ka game bahut zaada interesting tha par mai kal bahut zaada sleepy thi so went but pakka v will continue 2dy at n8 OK swthrt

  51. shenaz

    Well I don’t know hw to create dat account priyu I will ask liya she has a dp set on her account

  52. shenaz

    Cum on hurry up guys reach ur target of 450 in 10 mins I have to b on kyy pg as I promised sana

  53. shenaz

    My sis is completely happy in her new home well her in laws r really gud luv dem a lot for keeping my sis happy

  54. shenaz

    I don’t now where is she she got a week holiday from school yesterday only but she is not present at tu now I think she must b sleeping or must b bc

  55. shenaz

    V r very close to complete ur target plz complete it somehw
    I will mail her Nisha don’t wry

  56. shenaz

    OK bye I will cum at 9:00 now tired of continous 4 n half hrs ka chating so need some break guys

  57. shenaz

    No no anusha u took it all wry swthrt
    I m doing part time job swthrt n ha really enjoying d job I’m a sales girl in a chemist swthrt I have completed 12th n waiting for results now I’m very soon going to join bcom for 13th n still confused with d course to do but I promise I will do it till I join my bcom OK
    I m from Mumbai dr

  58. shenaz

    Guys liya was gone to Karnataka 2dy now 4hrs before only she returned so she is tired

  59. Liya

    Very nice dr.road was through a jungle.v saw elephant,peacock,monkey,deer etc…i enjoyed a lot.there houses r too ppl also lives in a poorly manner.

  60. shenaz

    Guys join my single words n u will cumto know wt I want to say OK I think it is a fun game when u r alone on tu n want to increase comment rate it is 1 of my friends sanas idea not mine

  61. shenaz

    Hi priyu sweety feeling gud finally no 1can ccopy ur name dr n u can chat with us hahaha

  62. shenaz

    Liya gud to now dat u enjoyed ur journey n saw so many animal dere if I would have seen a tiger or any other wild animal den would surely have ran from d place hahaha dat brave I m

  63. Liya

    Gotta go.bye shenaz,sis nd priyu dr…priyu,its been a long time since v met but have 2 go.bye drs…

  64. shenaz

    C jaan
    In dat os of love story of angel n devil is rd marrys sanyu to take revenge from her dad kishore of his mom n dad for cheating dem in business n he cums to know dat sanyu is tho facing a very bad thing from only bcoz of her step dad so he decides dat I will not leave u for dis n puts him behind bars in fake drugs case n den aft dey lived happy ever aft

  65. shenaz

    Nisha fida also started calling me naz
    I know it is really gud os jaan but u now wt aishay read d os n said it is really emotional 1 n ya she will not b on tu till 3rd of june she said

  66. shenaz

    Hey hii varshini
    So u had dosha n samabar for dinner priyu .
    Well I didn’t had swthrt
    Nisha asked u when will all cum priyu

  67. priya kumar

    no shenaz iam here dear iam promise you na iam definitely spend 30 min for my friends

  68. shenaz

    Hmmm tk u priyu for d cake it is really tasty I luved it swthrt n luv u too sweety
    Hmmm OK done varshini luv u for dis

  69. yeah nw prblm u alwys knw my situation naz! I m too gud shini.biology?I thnk it s lil tough shini wil u manage?

  70. priya kumar

    OK varu and shenaz I think my 30 min is over.I have go to sleep now, sweet dreams, good night ,I love you.?

  71. shenaz

    OK u r also going gn sweet dreams luv u sweet heart ummmah tc b safe n healthy dr bye see u soon sweety

  72. varshini

    Shenaz swty I really sry my net is soo slow so I couldn’t mail her dr. I ll try to mail her tmrw I just came here 2 inform u swty bcoz I promised u ha πŸ™‚

  73. shenaz

    Its OK swthrt c u r breaking d deal done between all friends here on tu u should have said it without sry also I’m sure it would had worked

  74. shenaz

    Gm swthrts n dis song is dedicated to u all sweeties

    Hum tummmm
    ek kamre me band ho
    Aur chabi kho jaye
    Tere naino ki bulbulaiya mei pabi kho jaye

    Gm have a musical day ahead n always stay energetic n keep smiling sweeties

  75. Jahnvi

    Hello shenaz,..thank u so mch fo ua warm welcome…however m sorry to disappoint u bt I m not d Jahnvi u r luking I ll b glad to b ua friend.

    • shenaz

      Oh no no jhanvi swthrt u didn’t disappoint me as expected I lost only my 10% chance nothing else dr I would luv to have a new friend lyk u dr tk u so much for it dr

  76. Anusha

    Weekends do not have that much of fun that have other days.
    Also in weekends sh do not goes air.

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