Sadda Haq 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu comes to workshop and says I want to meet manager.
Randhir comes to hospital and asks to meet Dr. Sablook.
Sanyu waits for the manager. She says Mr. Ashwin I wanted to talk to you its really important. He is busy checking his car. Sanyu opens a bonnet and does something. The car starts. Ashwin says what are you doing? She says don’t take this car, it can malfunction. He says who are you? She says I want to talk about randhir? He says you are his friend? sanyu says yes.
Randhir says try to understand I called him. I have to talk to him. Its urgent. Nurse says what you wanna talk about? He says I want to talk about Parth, his patient. Nurse says are you his relative? We can’t provide you with information. Randhir says then how someone else has his bills?

Sanyu says they are not relatives. A doctor comes and says are you talking about parth kashyp?

Ashwin gives sanyu tea. He says I have been running this site for 15 years. i have never seen a person like randhir. SAnyu says what you do here? He says randhir used to check car crash tests here. Sanyu says that is so dangerous. He says randhir was not scared of anyone. Companies were scared of him. It looked like he was on some suicide mission. Like he was seeking some revenge. I felt like he was punishing himself. Sanyu says i think I know why.

Doctor says I have been in this profession for 20 years. sanyu showed me something no school or hospital could teach me. See that patient, none of relatives came to meet him since a month. Sanyu was not like them. she used to come to meet parth each and every day. I was dazed to see her determination. I asked her not to come, but she never listened. First I thought that she had a guilt then I got to know that she was only concerned about Parth. Her love for parth was unconditional and because of her Parth recovered. she proved everyone wrong here. If you meet her tell her that we still talk about her.

Sanyu comes back to ISRc, she recalls what Ashwin said. Randhir looks at sanyu, she trips a little randhir tries to come but stops. Randhir says in heart I guess you have see troubles as well past two years. Sanyu gets a call.. She says wanna meet me? Okay. Who has come to meet me? She goes in waiting area. Randhir’s house’s kaka is there. He says you forgot your stuff there. sanyu says thank you. He says you are the first person who came to ask about randhir in past two years. I saw your and randhir’s photo. I thought you are the girl who should be told this. Sanyu says what? Kaka says something only I and Randhir knows. He gives her a paper. he says when you read this you will get all answers and will know why I care so much about him. When you meet him tell him that it was not his fault. He leaves.
Sanyu sits down and reads the letter.

It says “my dearest randhir, i don’t know where to start to from. I am thinking what to say to my son. you wont want to listen. You were never wrong, I was always. I was so busy in my life that I couldn’t see you waiting for me. I couldn’t be a good mother. I was wondering why were you so mad? I dont know when I went so far from me. I am lucky that you considered me a mother. When. I realized I got to know how weak I am. I can’t face your hatred. I don’t want to live a life like this. Where my son doesn’t call me mom. I know you will hate me even more after reading this, but I will be gone far away. Where your hatred can’t reach me I couldn’t me your mom but I always wanted to. Please take care of yourself and forgive me. I love you son.”
Sanyu says this means randhir’s mom.. and he is blaming himself? She crumples the letter. Sanyu says he can’t do this. Sanyu says you are not wrong. sanyu comes to lab and sees randhir working. Sanyu enters the lab. Rnadhir sees her too. Sanyu drops some files, she picks them. The song ‘bolna’ plays in background.
They smile at each other. There is a spark in circuit. Sanyu holds his hand.

Nirman has a drive in hand. He opens it and is shocked. He says becky listen, no one should access my servers. Detach everything. Everyone is on work. Nirman comes to lab. he says listen up move out now. All of you.

Precap-Aryan collides with someone. Coffee spills on him. Sanyu says I am not a good chef but four years of college made me noodles expert. Hope you will like them. Aryan eats them. sanyu says how are they? He says really bad. Its been four years yet you couldn’t know how to make them.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Helloooooo……dear friends.
    Today’s epi was awesome
    I think soon they will cm together. …………especially the precap.
    How stubborn about Aryan to say that.poor Sanyu but whn Randhir was eating d dish smiling.I was sooooooooo…….

  2. Just waiting madly fr nxt epi….
    Soooooooooo excited.
    Loveeee u all sweethearts..hv a good eve…

  3. Fir poora precap nhi hai-aryan and sanyukta both leave from that place and then when sanyukta comes back she finds randhir eating the noodles.And yes u know sandhir r goin to dance on saibo in tom’s holi special
    waiting to see the together in holi special <3

  4. Sanyukta rathor

    What happened aryan why u r behave like this, and sanyu what the hell are you doing, kabhi randhir kabhi aryan ,what’s your problem. .

    And aryan stop this nonsense. Don’t behave like this , and also sanyu pls yar don’t do it

  5. shreya

    You r right richu but 2mmorow is holi special so practically i am waiting 4 thu’s epi…..n i feel pitty on aryan he is jst trying 2 avoid sanyu 4 d sake of her safety n m happy 2day is no shanaya scene i hate d way she always stick 2 randhir

  6. richa

    heyy niswaaa and krreeenawa hw r uuzzzz????

    oyeee kareena plss clear a dobt that……. rd’s daddy is still alive naa bechaara hameesha drunk state m hi dikha πŸ™ alsooo what abt parth’s parents ??/ vid’s parents left her at 18 na…. and sanyu’s dad used to hate her but y??
    alsooooooo aaj maaza aagya and nirmaannn tashan me tashan me……… wahhhh maza aaya aalsooo lemme guess i think sanaya ne aryan ki history k liye hack kiya … or may b spyyyy πŸ˜€ hope it’s sanaya πŸ˜› and agar sanyu ne m noodles me nut and boltes daale ho?/
    \Poor rd. πŸ˜› LOL
    nddd mmmm hm….
    eyy niswa lllllllooooooooove that wasnt ur smile pic that wasa guy -_- lagta hai ki tumhriii senswa bhooki thi ghaaswa charne gayii thi πŸ˜› LOL

    alsoooo FB scenes aur hone chahiye they πŸ™

    • karina

      Hey dear h r u ? missed u a lot πŸ™‚ im fine dear…
      Yeah dear i guess Rd dad is still alive…his mom passed away…about Parth parents we dont know anything they werent shown and also Vids parents werent shown as well…
      Yeah Sanyu dad didntlike Sanyu being an engeneer and doing work but now he changed and he is supporting her πŸ™‚ Love u dear…pls do come here more often…

      • richa

        missddddd u 2 LOL m fynn dearrrr πŸ˜€ and hope for good πŸ™‚ kAREENA πŸ™‚

  7. Sorry every1..
    I will not be in touch with u since my exams r going to start. …….
    I’ll miss u guys.
    Its possible even to stop watching aftr a few days.

    But I’ll definitely not miss this week…..
    Luv u evry1 Shreya, nishu di, karina, ayeesha, bicky, princess, suranjana, sahanki, rakshi, yogiraj, sindhu, ragini………..
    I’ll miss u all very muchhhhhh….

    These xam tension

    • Miss u too richu all the best
      So emotional episode the cvs should not get renuka died. I like her character. At least rd should given a chance to understand her mom
      Renuka should be alive to act as sasu maa of sanyu. How interesting it can.
      Ayeesha,rakshi where u guys go
      Missing parth and vidushi please get them back
      I like vidushi characters she is sooooo nice.
      And Nishu has (emir in yolu)star in India. If it is then please tell me what’s going on
      Hey himanshi how r u. I like your way of calling elder di. That’s nice
      Hi nikki,ragini,karina,suranjana ,bicky,yogiraj
      Where r u sanehka. Please come back
      And karina thanks. Bcoz u reply mine and everyone every signal conment and take time 4 us
      Bye girls I should now study tommoriw is my math exam

  8. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Today’s episode was full of sandhir scenes…
    Its true that randhir suffered a lot but vidushi too suffered a lot..her parents left her at 18..she got no one’s support….faced domestic violence…lost parth..
    Randhir punished himself by going on to a suicide mission n vidushi is slowly ending herself through cigarette smoking n alcohol
    the pain which sandhir and parth hv gone through is known to all bt one evn cares to know not evn her parents

  9. ayeesha

    at last our hero came to know the truth….
    show is really getting excited…. can’t wait to see next episode…
    hey guys h r u all????

  10. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    And this one is exclusively fr nisha..
    Hi nisha dear…How r you??I m fine..
    Sorry fr replying late…
    I hv seen ths pics on thnx a lot fr ths pics cz u knw what I like..
    Love u…

  11. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    And guys I m writing a Two Shot on SaddaHaq..ths wl basically focus on vidushi n sanvi frndshp…
    Vidushi’s perspective ,her struggles , pain which is overlooked..
    Is anyone willing to read??

    • karina

      Of course dear…i cant wait to read it….pls post it soon dear πŸ™‚ dear why don u try to write an ff on vidarth im dieing to read an ff on them? πŸ™‚

      • Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Thnx dear….let me first complete ths two shot..
        Why dont u start something on them??

      • karina

        Dear actually im not so good in writting stories….i preffer reading them :)))) i love reading books on any subject…and the ffs are my new found love πŸ˜‰

  12. shreya

    And this teaching job i hate dis,i ‘ve 2 live in a village 4 some tym n no propr internet connection

  13. Sanahki

    Today was Sandhiricious. I’m loving this episodes.. Sanyukta is too caring no wonder Aryan thinks she loves him. I mean she’s sending him wrong signals… I’m so glad they didn’t show Sanaya, I really don’t like her at all. I’m so broken by Randhirs loss. I wonder why he’s always the one who losses the most, what the hell. Suicide!! Actually I feel like Renuka was very selfish, how can she kill herself knowing what Randhir will go thru. I hate her now that she’s dead. My poor Randhir, I wonder what he went thru reading that letter this is really sad…

    For the first time im Aryan for his behaviour not eating those noodles and then my poor baby end up eating, I’m sure he’ll realise Sanyukta made them #TrueLove. Sandhir know each other in and out, they are made for each other.
    Sorry for the long post, I’m just loving Sandhirs episodes!!

  14. yogiraj

    Wow osm epi..loved lot…bt feeling v.bad for Aryan…hey guys Karina,nisha,richu,suranjana,Shreya,princess , sd tc..

  15. Sanahki

    Hey guys, hi Princess, I love u all guys, Karina, Sura, Ayeesha, Shreya, Nisha, lots of love

    Sura, I’m sorry dear I know how much u love Vidarth but now I don’t even think Parth will ever come back. Im so angry at CVS I also miss them so much

  16. Himanshi

    Hey thanks princess! I m fine Actually I am a single child n i always wanted an elder sister all of my cousins r younger than me but here i got many sisters like karina di nishu di. … haha
    all d best princess fr ur mat exm.
    All the best richa
    suranjana di u r doing a great job plz do write
    m also feeling bad fr aryan yr yogiraj

  17. Shreya

    Hello every1… Nisha,Suranjana,Karina,Princess,Shreya,Silpa,Yogiraj,Richa,Richu,nd all. How r u guys?? 2days epi was full of Sandhir scenes…nd also lit bit emtinal scenes…fnally bth cme t0 knw secrets. bt missg my Parth,vidhushi nd yo yo !!

    • karina

      Hey dear πŸ™‚ yup our SanDhir rocksss…and yeah im also missing badly our VidArth and Yoyo πŸ™

    • I m fine dear how r u
      Wow suranjana u are wriiting. Best of luck. I also think about it. And I will write it after my exams. And himanshi u welcome
      Hey rakshi please reply me at my mail
      Ok gud nite shreya,karina,himanshi,sanehka,Yograj,pri,ayeesha,richu,Richa,anshu,aditi
      Thank u anshu
      Happy holi

  18. Aahna

    Today’s episode was awsm I can’t wait their hug???
    But I also pity aryan… but it is also true that Sanyu really care for aryan no matter what…
    And happy holy to all and I wish that ur all life will full of colour toooo.?

  19. I want rd and sanyu to be real life couple. They both are single ryt then why can’t they become a pair. They are such a cute couple. pls god make them fall in love and get married. And they should be together until death.

  20. yogiraj

    gm guys hv nyc day n happy holi… I want to enjoy dis holi wid al SH family..nisha,Karina,suranjana,princess,Shreya,richa,himanshi,niraja,aahna,aditi,Roshni,aanshu…always be happy n colourful guys?

  21. Deboshmita

    It was d best epi of s2 till now…..loved the sandhir scenes…feeling bad for aryan………hope the cvs continue d track in this way only…..

  22. rits

    hey guys hiii..
    hi nishu karu princess, i was a littl busy so can any1 tell me sandhir hug hapened or not??
    plz guys n how sweet to see so many newcomers…..

  23. nisha

    helooooooooooooooooooooo friends how r u all

    happy holi to all friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Love u all my lieleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  24. nisha

    heloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo richu ragini, roshni sanyu after so much time dear sanyu how r u my rathor girl ,

    hey richu dear going for exams Dear all the very best for exams

    and yaa no matter you are going we didn;t forget you at all We wait for you

    At least till that time if I am in tu I wait dear

    and when you came you get all of us here for you Don’t worry Keep studying harder for studies and when you find yourself stressed come here

    we make your battery charged and you are charged to study once again

    luv u dear keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shreya and shreya , aditi raj helooooo dear

    helooooooooooooooo deboshmita aahna anshu , aditi pri how r u all

    Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy holi to all of you friends

    helooooooooooooooooooooooo princess dear

    hey princess darling feriha is ended dear the third part not air I watch it once online but not on tv

    well it is also known that the third part is flop dear because mostly people loved it because of feriha and femir

    and not because of just emir.

    so this is the reason nevertheless i miss it to watch

    but love sd and you too princess , how r u sweetheart

    hey do you celeberate holi dear

    Today is holika dehan holi Festival of colours , and tomorrow is holi for playing with colours

    Love u dear keep smiling

    hey rits how ru dear long time happy holi rits sweetheart.

    helooooooooooooooooooooo himanshi dear happy holi dear

    how r u my sweetheart. , hmmmmmmmmm looks like you get lots of love with mom and dad and they pamper you also.

    but yes we all are here to celeberate holi so happy holi and celeberate holi too dear

    love u dear

    helooooooooooooooooooooooo sanahki dear happy holi daer

    true sandhirious episode because I love all sandhir scenes and specially scenes on bolna song

    my wish is to see them on this song

    love u dear keep smiling

    hello ayeesha happy holi dear


    suru karu how r u my lilieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    hey sweetheart karu how you celeberate holi with family Answer needed dear

    hey suru I am dam excited dear Start writing an ff or anything which makes your heart happy

    Because when your heart is happy it makes you happier

    and we just want you to smile always dear

    Told us the time and day we reach dear

    Love u suru I am damn excited for what u write dear

    love u suru love u karu keep smiling

    happy holi

    happy holi to all sd friends

    • karina

      Hey cutie πŸ™‚ actually we dont celebrate Holi dear…we dont have this fest here in my country but i wish u all enjoy ur celebration πŸ™‚

  25. nisha

    Areeee oh richa

    kaisat ho darling

    Are hme laaagat hai tum apna commentwa bhul gayeee re pagleeeeeeeeee

    tum kahee thee naa kee us pic maa hmree tasveer hay re

    toh hm bhi uhee bol deeyee

    ki hmree esmile toh badee hi fantasticwaa hai

    par ab tum bolat ho kee uh hm nahee the

    Are hmm ka maane kaa nahe kuch samajh naahe aawat re

    aree oo richwaa are agar sanyu maggy me nut bolt dal det toh kaa hoisakat

    Are Randhir aur aryan ke pet kee toh waat laee gawat

    are dono beythat saath mein aur dono sanyukta ke peechae uhee maggy lege pad jaawat

    le khaa tu appnee maggy 2mins wiht nut bolt

    he he he

    are fb scnees toh humko bee chahee par kaa kare

    are o richwaa tum sd teaser and promo dekhat ho kaa

    kaaa reaction sasuraa samajh hi naa aawat

    Kaaa reaction are humko to h bataao taneek pagli

    luv u richaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    my sweetheart poky richu

    happy holi and keep smiling

  26. ayeesha

    hey nisha karu suru princess shreya sanahki himanshi richu ….. sry for not commenting was a little bsy wid some work…. at last suru u r gonna rite ff on vidushi n sanvi… can’t wait to read them pls rite them fast…..

    hey himanshi I have a frnd with same name… I thought this name is very rare bt now got to know that there r many with this name…
    luvvvvv….u all guys……

  27. Aishu karthik

    In season 1 I thought sandhir was the best couple but now my mind has changed a little bit and start thinking aryuktha is the best couple. The way he comforts sanyuktha and also the way he give respect to the women. He is totally mad for sanyuktha . Sad to know that aryan has no parents and friends , if sanyuktha is with him ,he will be happy and relaxed that at least he has a girl friend who loves and cares for him. When we talk about randhir general he is ecostic male dominating character, he totally hates women. So Sanaya only suits for him because she is not so ambtious girl . So naturally no compatition between them.whenever he gets irritate , she tries to manage him properly.this is what i try to say so i wanna know who are all agree with me? Karina, nisha, richu what do u say? I know you are all sandhir fans and ofcourse me too but I try to realise this point of you also.

    • karina

      I get ur point dear but actually i dont really agree coz u know the saying that oppositess atracts…well i think this is the same with sandhir coz they are polls apart and thats why they fit each other so much πŸ™‚

  28. rakshi

    hi guys……
    hi princess,ayeesha,nisha,Karina,bicky,yogi,chinnu,shreya,richu,himanshi,pihu,aahna,aastha,aishu,suranjana,ameesha,aditi,ragini,roshni,and all my SH family!!!
    yesterday episode was awesome…….
    eagerly waiting fr tday episode.
    hw cute rd n sanyu!!!!
    hw sanyu cares fr rd wen he got an injury…….
    best couple made fr each other……
    I lyk aryan as well….. bt in precap he behaves rudely wid sanyu!!!
    tmrw is my economic s xam…!! vll miss U guysssszzz.
    luv U all my dr frnds…..especially princess,ayeesha,nisha,bicky, Karina…..

  29. rakshi

    sry guys….continuation frm 3rd line….
    shreya,suranjana,ameesha,kriya,aishu,pihu,ragini,roshni,aditi, richu,…….himanshi welcome U dr!!!!
    all the best guys….himanshi do ur xam well!!!

  30. karina

    Hey my lovely friends although here in my country we dont celebrate Holi i wish u all enjoy ur celebration with ur family and friends πŸ™‚ and yeah i cant wait for today’s epi of SH…

  31. Aishu karthik

    Guys I wanna know why randhir hate himself in the car crash test and also sanyuktha told I know y he did and suddenly sanyu reminded her car accident for the dream compatition what is the link in it.?

    • karina

      Rd blames himself for his mom suicide πŸ™ and i guess Sanyu thought about how she also blamed herself for Parth’s accident and i guess she understands Rd pain…

  32. Himanshi

    Hey ayeesha I also thought the same way but in my coaching itself I got 1more with my name hahaha. ….
    n thanks karina di I will be like this.
    Nishu di u r sooooooooooooo sweet
    happy holi yogiraj n my dear shq family and can anyone plz tell me what is the full form of Cvs?

    • karina

      Love u sweety πŸ™‚ i think CVs is the short form for creatives (as in the creative department that writes the story for the shows ) πŸ™‚

  33. Himanshi

    I know that it is sandhir for ever but one thing which bother me is d more aryan hurts sanyukta na the more he punishes himself and somewhere he knows that dark shadow business is nt safe for him as well as sanyukta. I can’t see him like this crying inside, sanyukta and randhir r for each other but no one for aryan till now.
    I was crying while seeing d episode n especially d precap.
    plz cvs don’t destroy the character of aryan pleeeeeeez i beg of u.
    I can’t see him like that i can’t.

  34. Himanshi

    Hi Rakshi my exams are over dear. All the best for ur exms dear.
    n ya aishu karthik i agree with you dear but one thing which is true that one sided love is never successful as i said before, here only aryan loves sanyukta not she loves him. She only understands aryan her best friend like parth and d same fr randhir.
    I have sympathy and love towards aryan ashe is doing well. And also the show is about sandhir ups and downs. I onluy wish that aryan could understand sandhir s love and can get a nice pair maybe sanaya i know she is far too irritating Sometimes but she is good prson. Sorry if I hurt youbyy my comment

  35. nisha

    love u lakshi raj himanshi ayeesha, karu heer aishu

    hey rakshi all the best dear and me too loivng the episode a lot

    hey aishu actually I liked sanyukta with both

    dear we doesn’t have anything in our hands , we want vids in show we want parth yoyo in show but it can’t happen

    but we wish


    we love sandhir

    but I ca’nt deny the fact that I love aryukta too a lot

    I mean sanyukta looks great with both of them I love aryukta scenes too and I love sandhir scenes too

    but you know what there is something done by the cvs of sd which makes sandhir scenes more intense passionate

    and the chemistry just create havoc. and fantabulous

    It doesn’t matter the equation because what happens what cvs wants

    bt me too love to watch aryukta also

    Love to see some jealous part of randhir too when


    what happen if

    sandhir kissed

    and then patch up between

    aryukta and sanaya and randhir

    then the situation get more interesting

    when they both have to watch each other with different partners hugging to them

    even when they both aryan and sanaya confessed their feeling in front of them

    the situation get insane.

    So I love each and every bit of sd

    and enjoying a lot

    except that
    the side characters
    the other scientists I mean there is nothing to do for them in the show
    forcefully giving them scenes
    Its kind of injustice

    Better to not showcast them if you do not make their character interesting and the screen space.

    What say friends what do you think


    You love




    whats your opinion or point of view

    Respect to each and every point of view.

    love u all.

    • Aishu karthik

      Thank you for your quick reply my dear friends ,yar I accept your view I get irritated with tat arjun ,krithika & all. It was nice to watch the other character in season 1 , yo yo , parth , vidhu . Each and every character could easily win our heart except season 2 . We could nt get
      that easily . Any way I really missed season 1

  36. Aahna

    Aryan is the only new characters in Sadda haq s2 which have made places in audience heart
    I also love aryan……
    I wish sanyunkta will split into 2 one for aryan &another for red…….
    I love seeing both aryunkta and sandhir and I can’t choose between them….
    I don’t really like aryan with sanaya….he looks good with sanyu….
    Rd and aryan are both so cute and both love sanyu very much….
    Both are crazy for her and can do anything………..
    It seems like sanyu is very lucky to have both of them on her side…..
    But in the end we now that it is sandhir forever …
    I really want to request cv please don’t let aryan do bad to himself and sanyu…
    Sry for life long comment

  37. Gowri

    Very much happy that sandhir is back…..but I am desperately waiting for PARTH to come back….love him so much ..

  38. rakshi

    thanxxx ayeesha,himanshi,nishu,and karina……
    studying yaar……bt my thought is only on rd n sanyu……
    luv u SH ..!!
    And also luv u sweetie cutie frnds….
    c u tmrw

  39. Sanyukta rathor

    Hii nisha, sorry for late reply. Happy holi dear , i am f9 u say dear, where are you for a long time , miss u so much , wish you a very happy holi dear, love u

    Happy holi to all sweet friends , love u all

  40. Sanyukta rathor

    Happy holi one’s again nishu and all of you

    Have fun in this holi …………….

  41. Pihu

    Feeling bad for aryan…. I want some aryukta scenes…
    Precap was awsm.. But aryan shouldn’t do this to sanyu….
    Happiee to see that rd got to know the truth regarding sanyu….
    Love sandhir n aryukta both… Cant choose btwn them… Love all d SH family n Happieee holi guyzzz…..

  42. hey plz write full precap na …..
    wow it was awwsome !!! sanyu’s smile after she saw rd eating the noodles !! πŸ˜€
    and the promo ! so…. i guess this was the intimate moment they were telling ???!!!! πŸ˜€

    plz don’t make me hate aryan yaar … he’s so cute n nice ! just to make sandhir together they can’t just spoil aryan’s character na…. i mean they can still remain as friends na !!!
    no yaar this is soo irritating !!

    just hoping to see the best happen …. be best i mean sandhir together and aryuktha as friends !

  43. hey guys watch param and harshita reherse for holi spcl !!!!!!!
    just go to youtube and type “param and harshita rehearse for holi special ”
    sooo adorable !!!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯ πŸ˜€

  44. karina

    Guys some spoilers are out…look at tuesday spoler…im dead πŸ™‚


    β€ͺβ€ŽMonday‬: -Randhir is shocked when Sanyukta reveals a personal secret.
    β€ͺβ€ŽTuesday‬ :- Randhir locks himself in the gas chamber with Sanyukta.
    β€ͺβ€ŽWednesday‬: – Sanyukta, Randhir and group have to work together to stop a meteor crash.

  45. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Good morning…..We will finaly get to see ankitgupta in &tv’s begusarai…..

    • karina

      Hey dear πŸ™‚ thanks for the info…im glad Ankit is on screen again he deserves it coz he is a great actor but im realy sad that i wont see him in SH πŸ™

  46. vishal

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    hiiiiiiiiii ritsssssss how were exms????????????
    missed u lot dear….. whre r u sharon n tofty ?????
    hey sharon check sada haq twiter u will find the video there dear…
    hey nish how was holy dear?
    u too keep smiling like that dear missed u

  47. mukti

    hiii i am new here..can i join u all?
    i am ver big fan of sandhir…
    nt i alwys wtched it on tv n nvr came on tu…
    so hiii frnds..

  48. rits

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    hiii vishu i dnt mind bt u look good in ur own picccccc!!!!!!…………….
    exms were superb dear..
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    hii nishu i was busy with exms dear..
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  49. next week spoilers only till wednesday rest not unloaded yet-monday-randhir gets shoked as sanyukta opens her personal secret
    tuesday-radhir locks himself in gas chamber with sanyukta
    wednesday-sanyukta ,randhir and the group have to work together to stop a metior crash

  50. preet kour

    hii everyone , can i join you guys ,

    i am bigest fan of sadda haq. i can not see season 1 reagularly , but season 2 is good .

    • karina

      Hey dear i gave the spoiler for Thursday also in a comment below…the spoiler for next Friday isnt out yet…i ll post it when it will be out πŸ™‚

  51. If any one saw yesterday’s and today’s epi then pls can u give a short summary. I’m living in hostel so I can’t watch sadda haq. These updates are the only way of knowing about SH. But now they are not updating it. so pls some one just give me a short update pls pls pls its a humble request.

  52. karina

    Thursday spoiler is also out…

    Thursday: Rd is made de leader of the team and he swears to make Sanyukta’s life difficult.

  53. Hey guys karina, richua, princessand everybody would u like it if i write a ff after every epi’s telly update
    do reply plzz hope u would like the ff coz i write small stories fr magazines so i m kinda gud writer

    • karina

      Hey dear pls do write an ff…we are eagerly waiting…the more ppl write ff on SH the better for us the fans…so pls deardo star writing πŸ™‚

  54. karina

    Where is today update ???? U didnt give yesterday update either…pls at least post today written update…thanks.

  55. Diya

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    Right na ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.