Sadda Haq 22nd June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 22nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to Sanyyu you are different. Randhir says everything about you, your looks, personality, smartness. You are not like other girls. You are different and difficult. You are better than me in things. That is why I was jealous of you and used to fight about you. Sanyu says sure about looks? you used to say I am a mess. Sanyu says what you did after FITE? I know about your crashing job. Was it good risking life? What you did two years? He says truth or lie? Sanyu says only truth. Sanyu says I missed.. Sanyu says truth. Randhir says I missed you every moment. I was living but my soul was dead. I was missing everything about you, I don’t know what it is called. All I know is that this emotion should be called something. This emotion is strong in my life. The day this connection

ends, I was like a dead body. Sanyu says Randhir.. he says let me speak.
Deep down I knew it was not your mistake but mine. It was all because of my ego. I know I apologized so many times and did the same mistake. What can I do this is my nature. I am egoistic arrogant, I have seen so much in life that it became a part of me. But I have always loved you. I always will. come what may. I know it is not easy to live with me. But for me living without you is more difficult.

Arjun says can we stop drinking. Sanaya says you guys don’t know how to handle. Arjun says she gave me chances but I know her decision won’t change. Sanaya says I know you are stupid. If I was into girls I would have approached her. Arjun says we don’t have a future. We have different demands. Sanaya says all you boys are mad. You love the girl but don’t wanna commit then you cry when she leaves. Arjun says its not that. I am not sure about my feelings how will I commit to her. Sumit says if he loses interest then what? Sumit says why girls want commitment all the time. SAnaya says have you been on a date? Sumit says no. Sanaya says then grow up kid. They all drink again.
Sanaya says hi love birds.. Kritika says carry on guys.

Randhir says to Sanyu I spoke a lot your turn now. Sanyu says ask whatever you want. He says tell me what you did all two years? sanyu says truth or lie. He says truth only. Sanyu says I waited for you.
Sanyu says promise you will never hide and emotion. Rnadhir says I thought you would have married a business man and would be playing your kids with machines. Sanyu says you are fat too. Randhir says very funny. Are you so hot? There are better girls than you approaching me. I never gave anyone signal because I still loved you.
Randhir says we missed each other. Sanyu says I learned we shouldn’t make hasty decision. Either being with someone or breaking up. Randhir says too much emotional talks. She sits and extends his hand and says would dance with me? Sanyu says yes.
Sanyu and Randhir dance. They hug each other. sanyu says if we haven’t met our lives would have been so different. Rnahdir says I would have died crashing cars. Sanyu says never say that again. She hugs him.

Precap-Randhir says i thought sanyu was here. Randhir says I was writing on board how many times I have hurt sanyu and apologize her. sanyu says I said to randhir we have to realize all our mistakes. I have decided I will apologize for all my mistakes.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. SidMin

    Loved the episode hope they show Sandhir together in the end irrespective of the spoiler that cv’s will leave the end incomplete
    please do read my ff TASHAN-E-REVENGE TO SADDA LOVE please

  2. Wow!! Superb episode????

  3. Akansha

    i want nirman back on the show…. like seriously in ISRC they are doing all the things expect fr the mission……. i want nirman to be back and guide sanyu

    1. The show is all about Sandhir and Sanyukta’s determination to achieve her goal. Nirman was an obstruction to their love, so true love could not be separated for long. He did not guide Sanyukta, he demotivated her that in a sense, motivated Sanyukta. He is a criminal..

  4. One word for SanDhir….AMAZING..
    I wish we get to see VidArth and Yoyo in these final episodes of Sadda Haq…

    Hey guys where are u all ???

    1. Mayurii

      Hii!! Karu !! How r u dear !! Glad u r back miss u … And I m so happy that your thesis went good .. Dear happy for u 🙂

      1. Hey Mayu…missed u too dear…and where are all our friends ?? Im fine sweety and u ?

      2. Mayurii

        Karu dear … Actually most of our friends r busy .. Many of them already gone … Revu , sanyu , aishu , aastha won’t be also come here and no idea where is nishu .. And richa , raj , dhruv , and many rarely comment now …. Mukti , and Sheena r a little busy …
        So it ends up with us and kushagra is also there …


    Nice episode impressive chemistry of sandhir made the episode really worth

    1. Mayurii

      Kushu dear … Where is your ff … Waiting for it. .. Dear , I like the way u set the plot and all … Please write more ..

  6. Mayurii

    Hii guys !! Aalu dear !!
    U asked my description .. Dear do u use fb if yes then take mine name or give your .. I will add u but not over here after u register u can tell me by messaging. ..
    Dear ..
    I m chasmish whose height is 5’2 hair r black face Is mid of oval or circle color medium … A little bubbly and cute ..

  7. Mayurii

    Guys !! Have u notice that before there used to be so many new comment or a who want to join us and we warmly welcome them but now hardly 4or 5 …
    What happened guys !!


    Lovely episode….. so cute and romantic….
    I wish real life me bhi do tarha ki love stories honi chiye like sanyukta and randhir and dev and sonakshi (from kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi)


      I know it can happen only in dream but not real… as reality is different.. but kash aisa hota….

  9. Radhika

    It’s going good. Worth giving half an hour of your day but season 2 hasn’t the charm of season 1. Sandhir moments are also weaker as compare to season 1 I guess. In 1st season Randhir was so helpless loving sanyukta.
    The transformation of Sanyukta from hating Randhir(at least she thought that) to loving Randhir is not connecting with each other. And the way of ending Aryan’s plot is not so digestible.
    Guys what happened to vidyudhi? She wanted divorce and freedom na? What happened to her? Did they left her cooking food for ankit?

  10. omg tears in my eyes

    crave to see u all really missing u all like really

    hey friends how ru all.

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    hey kushagra howr u dear wow you are here nice to ssee u too dear how r u and hmmmmmmmm

    we all loving sd these days

    and my favourite scene

    abssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss nhi hai tumhare randhir

    parth ke saath rehke bhi abs nhi bana sake

    sab kuch hai bs abs nahi hai

    wow I laugh harder

    looks like more parsh less sandhir yesterday more reall


    love u friends

    hey where are the missing party love u gang member in sandhirian eshtyle


    dhruv , maddy , mukti , aaliya, sanyukta rathor naam sunaa hai hailaa, vishu , raj, revu , princess, shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, sheenu,uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu,,

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    pretty pretty wala pleasessssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee came

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    param life ok new serial lady

    what do you think about this pair

    param with the star plus girl disha aka pankhudi ( the star plus character famous name )

    param is playing a harayanvi

    with co lead acotor

    huda from left right left hope u remember


    u know one of the fans of her call

    disha + param = parsh

    why why why they have to take name parsh

    gosh why not another name

    leave its just a serial

    but I get all of u by that

    love u all and be smiling

    I be there till last episode

    and after that with karu where she want

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    hey dia missing ladki beautiful kar gayee chul where are you 3

    miss u all love u keep smiling

    1. hiii nishu howru??
      no one is here now so i stopped comenting..n i am doing job from last 2 months so dnt get time to come here..wtsup?

    2. Awww Nishu my cutiepie missed u so much sweety and love u till the moon and back…im so happy u came and sweety after the show ends i ll still come here on ffs pages so pls u too come from time to time…love uuuu
      And dear about what u asked i totally agree with u…ParSh is only for Param and Harshita and nobody can match their bonding and chemistry…loveee uuu cutie 🙂

    3. hii karina nisha vishal howr u??i am elly do u remembr me guys.

    4. Sheena

      Hey nishuuuu!!!!! I missed ur lively comments!! Luv u dear! How r u?
      N dont find param-disha pair very appealing…disha is tooooo tall for param ..hehehe!! N thisss is not fair!! How can someone name them as parsh???!! Parsh is only for param-harshita!!

      N dear, do u know about liya’s whereabouts??? Ita been a long time since she commented..

    5. Sheena

      N nishu, one more ques…do u hv any hint about sandhir’s future?? Will they unite or not? Coz rochelle said that they won’t unite…yr..i don’t want this!! They must unite sandhir..

  11. Hi I’m new here to comment…
    but I not happy for param singh for his new role because he only look cute with harshita… parsh is only for param and harshita ??????????
    Thanks nisha for the news

    1. Sheena

      Hi parsh! Welcome here! 🙂

  12. hi parsh welcme..
    nishu our parsh are best!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks elly ??

  13. hii friends i miss vidarth badly…by the way howru all????
    nisha karina suranjan vishal elly its like a get togdr..i opened the sit n saw elly karina nisha vishal here…whre r shreya suranjana rits n all

  14. whre are all those commenters of januaary

  15. Do you know harshita’s native place is in DELHI and if I m not wrong then param singh next shooting is in DELHI so……………..☺???????

  16. Sheena

    Hey frnds!!! How r u all? First of all i’m very very sorry ….i didn’t get much time to comment…bt i’m here now 😀

    Hey!! KARU, NISHU, VISHAL!! I’m sooooo glad to see u guys back!! Missed u all a lot!! How r u all?

    Hey muku!! Thnx for ur lovely words n sry for late reply! N yup, i’m a biiittt hyper sometimes..?

  17. Sheena

    N sanyu, u told about ur achievement…i’m really happy for u…congratulations n lots of love!! N good luck for future endeavours 🙂

  18. Thanks for welcoming me ☺????

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