Sadda Haq 22nd July 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir goes to receptionist, he says today is the last day of paying fees. You will be kicked out of the college if you don’t pay the fees. Randhir says when did this rule implemented ? cashier says maya madam has new rules.

Chacha and chotu come there Chacha gives him his money. Randhir says wait a minute chacha let me pay my fees. Randhir gives the cashier his fees. Chacha says I found a costumer for you.
Chotu says I got a new bike for you. He takes out a toy bike from his bag and says this is for you. Randhir says you bought it ? He says I stole half money from your box and half from chacha’s pocket. How can I forget that its your birthday. Chacha says just be happy. sometimes we have to let go of things we love for better. Chacha hugs him and leaves.

sees him with chacha and wonders who were they ?
She goes and stops chacha and says I never saw you with Randhir who are you and whats the matter ? Chotu recognizes her voice. Chotu says she is sanyu.
Sanyu asks how you know my name ? He says I know everything. cahcha says Randhir has been coming for five years in our garage he works so hard. Its because of him that my nephew is going to school, he has helped us with a lot of things. There are just a very few people like him. He is like a son for us now. Sanyu says in heart he pretends to be so harsh and rude and look what he is.
SAnyu says I wanna do something for him. Chacha says no he doesn’t like taking favors. He tells her about the bike Randhir made and had to sell it later. Chotu says no he will like if sanyu does something for him. Sanyu says how you know about me this much ? Did Randhir tell you all this ? he says you focus on giving him the gift its his birthday today.
They leave.

Scene 2
Vardhan is talking to sponsors but they deny to fund too. he breaks the phone in anger. Maya comes there and says you have just these few things left don’t break them. We have the same vision just different directions.
Vardhan says i don’t entertain this i don’t like in my cabin. Maya says that means you will break these things ? He says this is my cabin I will do what I want. Maya says this was your cabin. She asks some men to come in. They take out his stuff. Vardhan shouts what is happening. Maya says you are no more a captain of dream team as there is no more dream team. So will sit in the staff room just like other professors. Its rather useless to own this cabin. She leaves. Vardhan says in heart I will make my dream now any how.

Scene 3
Randhir is out in rain and the song ‘main dhoondne ko’ plays in the background. He recalls his childhood. He remembers when sanyu gave him a gift and he was about to through It but he saw, from mom written on it and stopped. He sits on a side and says I hate birthdays, I hate my birthday I hate my parents who brought me in this world. I hate myself and my life. What should I celebrate for ? No one was ever there for me. No one is here to wish me. He randomly starts playing with a basketball. Sanyu comes there and says I need your help. He says why do you need me to help you all the time ? SAnyu says this is so important for me. He says if I help you, you will start saying I have a helping nature bla bla. SNayu says no I won’t. She goes and takes his hand. She takes him aside there is a water melon surrounded my candles. Randhir says what is this ? sanyu says you don’t like cakes so I bought you a water melon. Cut it now. he is quite. Sanyu says okay I will cut it myself. She is about to cut it but her finger cuts a little. Randhir takes the knife and says you can’t do anything. He cuts it and eat a little. Sanyu says atleast you could offer me a slice. He says cut and eat yourself. Sanyu says okay leave. He is about to go and sees his bike on the way. He is so shocked to find the bike, he wonders how is it here when chacha sold it. He sees a card that says happy birthday and Randhir. He turns back in anger sanyu is right at his back.

Sanyu says lets see if your just a mechanic or a rider too. At least youc an take me for a ride. I wanna go on a ride in this rain. Randhir starts the bike and looks at sanyu. She comes running and sits on the bike. SAnyu says Randhir you should wear a helmet.

They go for the ride. Sanyu is enjoying a lot, the song ‘main tenu samjhawan ki’ plays in the background. Randhir recalls all their moments. He stops the bike on the way. Sanyu says why did you stop ? Do wanna kill me ? he says get down. Sanys gets off the bike. Randhir leaves with the bike. Sanyu wonders what happened to him.

Scene 4
Sanyu is in her room. She is having flu. Kaustuki says what was so urgent that you had to go out in rain. Sanyu recalls the ride. SAnyu says tell me one thing if there is so much rain and I want a cup of coffee. so won’t you come ? You will naa. Just the same way a friend needed my help today, so should I stop due to rain ? Kaustuki says is that randhir ? he sold his bike to pay the fees. I used my scholarship money to to buy that bike again and gifted it to him. That money was useless for me. I have to leave in two months.
Sanyu says Randhir was so shocked when he saw the bike. I have just few months so I want to make him happy before I leave. They hear some knocking on the door. Sanyu goes to check but no one is there. Randhir passes the medicine from beneath the door. he looks at sanyu sneezing.

precap-Randhir comes to sanyu. SANyu says did you like my gift ? He hugs her and says we are friends na ? She says of course best friends.
Randhir and sanyu ate lying outside, Randir comes closer to her.
Later, sanyu fall and Radhir catches her in his arms. Sanyu says look I told you, I trust you. Randhir says I love you Sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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