Sadda Haq 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agarwal gives sanyyu’s photo to vid and says I have to place it somewhere. Vid says sanyu is astronaut? Agarwal says I asked someone to photoshop. This is sanyu’s favorite dress, she should have a photo in it. Vid says I will hang it here.

In ISRC, Sanyu is working. Kritika says would you mind if i turn lights off? I am sleepy. sanyu says its okay I will complete in lab. Kritika says you will prove your point to nirman. Sanyu nods.
Sanaya says sheikho this is so funny. She tells him game. She says why dont you laugh. She hugs him from back and says in heart I know what you have faced is tough but I will not let you stay sad. He says go and sleep I will stay here and work. She says I am on a tough mission to make you smile. Randhir says you will fail. She says

I wont breathe until you smile. He says you will fail. She stops breathing. He says when you faint should I drop you in hostel? Why are you behaving like kids, smile please. Randhir laughs a bit. Sanaya forces him to smile more. Randhir laughs, sanaya breathes.Sanyu sees them smiling together. sanaya says I wish you always smile like this. They hug each other.

sanyu says to aryan I came here to work. What are you here for? He says I came to disturb you. sanyu says if people get to know dark shadow has such bad sense of humor. He says I don’t care as far as you trust me. He says Nirman will discuss design with company tomorrow. sanyu says I have made an even better design. Aryan says in heart i am so proud of you sanyu. Sanyu says I am disturbed now, lets work.

Nirman and sanaya are together. Nirman sees them. He says these bright people lose focus like this. Some people have every quality yet they are distracted by stupid things. He sees randhir’s design and says absolutely brilliant.

Next morning, Vid burns sanyu’s photo with arti’s flame. She screams papa.. Agarwal throws water on the picture. Vid says sorry papa I was doing arti in the house. Ankit says are you okay? Ankit says you didn’t do it intentionally. Is this a bad signal? Vid says I hope sanyu is okay. Agarwal calls sanyu, he says she is not picking up. Sanyu picks up. He asks are you okay? sanu says yes. She says I am getting late I will talk to you later. He says sure.

Sanyu comes to lab and sees nirma giving lecture. She sneaks in. Nirman says interns are not allowed inside, get out. Nirman gives super computation tasks to aryan. They all give their data to attendant. Aryan breaks a glass. He says I am sorry. I will get it done or we need an intern to clear this. He asks sanyu to come in. He says we need help inside. They all see data computing suddenly it crashes. Nirman says what is this? you have all failed the first step. You all think you are perfect. I need answers right now. sanyu raises her hand. Nirman says you blo*dy stay out of this. Randhir answers it. Nirman says you all have 48 hours to correct this deisgn or I will consider this team a failure.

Precap-Sanaya says to sanyu, enough. You thought you could hide this from me. Sanyu says what? sanaya says stop changing the topic and answer my question.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I will kill this in nirman he is so rude to sanyu

  2. Again no sandhir scene ?
    I think sanaya and Aryan will try to unite sandhirif they are true frnds ….

    1. sandhir if *

    2. Hey dear…i also hope they will bring sandhir together and wont try to separate them…

  3. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    So as I said vidushi is annoyed of sanyukta,
    firstly she is insecure fr not having a career lyk sanyukta inspite of being capable..
    Secondly,.misunderstanding hs nt yt clrd btwn sanvi..vidushi thnks tht hr only frnd sanyukta hs brokn her trust..hs taken hr love frm hr.
    But at the end of the day she will be beside sanyukta …n sanyukta will be thr fr her..
    Now tht ankit aka parth will be coming paran interaction..
    I will be waiting fr the day whn thse four will meet fr the first time togethr..
    And param said thr will be vidhir friendship..
    So sandhir vidarth sarth vidhir sanvi paran all the way..
    Trps will eventually rise

    1. Yeah dear im very happy also…i cant wait to see paran bromance, sanvi sisterly bonding, sandhir and vidarth romance, sarth friendship and finally vidhir bonding 🙂

  4. blo*dy nirman dnt u dare be rude with sanyukta. Sanuykta and Aryan u make a grt couple…..

  5. tik….tik….aftr long long tym!!!Yippee hpy to c season 2! wow!!sadda haq alwys rocks!!! bt, missing my guys badly!!! h r u guys???still remember me or forget me!!!or hard to recognize me!!!wer r u al??? missing u al guys!

    1. Hyyyy nishu sis…………..h r u???? After a long time……….and u remeber me?

    2. Hiii I m nw here..I like ds show..

  6. N seriously fr long tym I m missing vardan sir N especially his dialogue ‘interesting….vry interesting’!!!

  7. Ohh..i loving her attitudes, calmness. well done sanyu..
    nd thnx Aryan for being so caring…loving u too

  8. i am liking this serial day by day.i didn’t see the first part.that’s why some characters are unknown to me.but still i love ashwini and his supporting character. both sanyu and aryan are inspirational characters. keep it up??

  9. Gud Epi… I like the way Aryan helped Sanyukta t0 enter in by breaking mug…no words for that. And the smile cmes on her that moment i feel happy nd smile. RD bhi aaj muh khola..its a gud sign….Vidhushi’s expressn and that smile….no wrds. Precap mein ye sanaya itni chillathe kyu? i thnk sanaya askng abt tht hackng

  10. Nice episode..really happy with s2…randhir bro I lv u..

  11. I cant wait for sandhir and vidarth scenes. They are the best. I hope the CVS will not dissapoint us and guys if u have twitter or fb pls keep telling the CVS to bring sandhir and vidarth back. Stress them with your messages guys till they wont have any other option 🙂

  12. Missing vidarth and sandhir. I want them together soon.

  13. Gud epd……….i m waiting for sandhir cute scence

  14. Day by day Sadda Haq 2 is becoming more n more interesting… Love d channel V

  15. New iv of Parsh by India Forums…

    New iv of Parsh by Telly Masala…

  16. not njoying …. no sandhir…. no saada haq


    hey guyz even I too missed so much this kind of talk of sandhir love u

    and I am good shreyu fit and fine and ready to be fine by watching sadda haq today

    love u karu suru


    good news parth is in the show


    very happy

    now the masala has to be begin

    parth vids and sanyu randhir

    love u friends waiting to watch sd today episode eagerly

  18. hey anu dear I am always a friend of you and you know I mean it once a friend always a friend

    Always dear I recognize you from the first time you came here I write your name too so that you recognize happy to meet you once again

    how ru dear

    and you also love sd nice very encouraging show and lovely

    and what makes you love this serial dear


    hey anu are you actively writing fanfics till now

    on manmarziyaan then please provide the link dear

    love u

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend

  19. Hai nishu i m fine dear and u? Our show will be rock but i will miss vidharth and sandhir scence….. Sry yaar i m not in ff and one thing u r write ff on manmarziyan??????

  20. The show iz very nice. my sis watched nthus I strtd watching…can anyone tell. M is yoyo be der or not?

    1. Hi…and welcome….unfortunatelly we dont know for sure if yoyo will be apart of season 2…i hope that he ll come in the show again…

      1. Thanku so much dear..n tanya?? Iz,she gonna come. she iz my darling actrss

    2. Ur welcome 🙂 and about Tanya i dont know anything either…i hope both yoyo and tanya will come back but i donno…

  21. Welcome to SH family vishal and enjoy our show…….

  22. Hi karina h r u?

    1. Hi Anu im fine dear and u ? 🙂 nice to see u again here 🙂

  23. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    Guys randhir hs already come n parth wl cm bck in few days
    sandhir wl happen for sure..
    So how many of u thnk vidarth will happn?? cz
    parth is moralistic
    vidushi is married
    ankit agarwal behaves well wd vidushi

    1. Yeah dear ur ryt about vidarth…buti still hope they ll get back together coz as much as they both deny it vidarth still love each other and they get the good out of them only when they are together…

  24. Offo,none my guys r here!so sad so sad!miss u al guys n ll cme here til tmrw!plz plz ny1 cme plz! LJ Arzu SI Chief Iffi PK PN I juz hope al r fyn!n shuld b else ………u knw wt ll I do!hope ll see u al soon!

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