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Sadda Haq 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vid says I think randhir will have to drive. sanyu comes in. Vid says you should be resting. sanyu says i will drive. Yoyo says you can’t even stand. Randhir says see who is being selfish now. Sanyu says yeah right. randhir leaves.
Pakistan team is working on their circuit.
Another team’s person brings drink for Vid. She drinks with him.
He tries to come close to her but vid shoves him a little. She makes him drink much. She says how you make a car safe? He says its like.. and comes near. SHe gives him another glass. The guy is completely drunk. Vid gets different answers from him about their team strategy.

Sanyu is test driving the car. Suddenly she wakes up and realizes it was her dream. She writes the path in her book. sanyu says sharp left or

right? What am I doing? Its race tomorrow. I have to study race track. She gets up but her stomach hurts. she says this can’t happen. I have to prepare myself. She lays there.
Sanyu goes to randhir and says I want to talk to you about something. He says what? Don’t tell me you want to control my personal life as well now. What? She says you will drive tomorrow. He says what did you say? I will drive tomorrow. Finally our captain realized someone else can work as well. sanyu says i have decided it for the team better. Come on time tomorrow. She stands up and is about to fall again.
Randhri holds her. sanyu sits there in tears and recalls everytime he healed her. she stands up and walks again.

Vid is working on car. Ankit calls vid. Yoyo tries to talk to her but she keeps talking to ankit. Vid says did you see my picture in newspaper? He says yeah I am seeing it. He says you look pretty. Yoyo keeps teasing her. Agarwal takes the paper from ankit and sees sanyu’s picture in the paper as well. He says these papers publish stupid news now.

Sanyu discusses the strategy with parth. Randhir comes and says this is absolutely stupid strategy. we will go from corner. sanyu says thats risky. He says our car is capable. We will use this strong exit. sanyu says no we are not doing that. Randhir says we have to do this. sanyu says we have to complete the track in time. randhir says i will handle it. Parth and sanyu leave.
Sanyu gets a call from someone. She says okay i am coming. Sanyu looks in at randhir changing the strategy and leave.
Ranawat says to sanyu committe has decided that mentors wont enter the camps. sanyuu says but who will talk to randhir then? He is talking complete opposite. Ranawat says even if I could come to camp i wont have talked to randhir.
You have chosen him as driver. Sanyu says i hd my reasons. He says you have to control, convince him. You are captain. It is your responsibility. Sanyu says okay sir.

Precap-Yoyo says this can be our last night together. You both can spend time together. Its bonfire. sanyu dances with randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I thought sanyu will be the driver but she once again proved that she more then anyone deserves to be the capitan coz she always thought about the betterment of the team just like now when she choose rd over her coz she knows that now he is her only option….i dont think if rd was in her place he would have done the same coz of his ego….hats off to sanyu….i cant believe the CVs are keeping this nonsens track of vids marrying ankit…i want vidarth together….atleast after sandhir’s divorce we would have got vidarth’s ronance…all in all it was a nice epi…really enjoyed it.

    1. romance*

  2. Guys see this video posted by telly bytes on youtube, it says last dayof sadda haq season 1….its really nice interview taken by aqsha of param harshita ankit nisha and price . – link.

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