Sadda Haq 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says I am enough for you and sanyu. Aryan says we shall see.
arjun comes to his room. his dad is there. Arjun says it was not my fault. That machine was faulty. He says it was your mom’s mistake that she gave birth to you. He starts hitting her. Kritika comes in and says if you hit hm I will call security. He says you use a girl to save yourself? He leaves.
Arjun says what you wanna prove? you insulted me. She says I didn’t. You insult yourself this way.

Kritika sits with Sanyu in cafe. sanyu asks you okay? She says yes. Kritika says I really care for someone but he doesn’t understand. sanyu recalls her FITE moments. She looks at randhir. Kritka says sanyu.. I am sorry. I have been boring you. sanyu says its not like that. I am coming.

says to sanyu you can’t do anything against me. Sanyu says i feel sad that my so called rival is so immature. Grow up.
Sanyu recalls everything randhir did. She sees aryan sleeping and says I shouldn’t annoy him. Sanyu walks, she trips. Randhir holds her and saves her. he leaves her and she falls down. Sanyu says you fail every time you try to fail me.

Nirman says you will be in chamber with real low chambers. If you love your life over the title than you can back off. Nirman says but you will be medically checked first. Doctor checks sanyu and says you are not fit for the task.
Doctor says to randhir your heart rate is high. I have to update nirman. randhir says this momentary. Randhir says take readings again.
Sanyu says I am fine. Check again. Nirman says enough sanyu. sanyu says this machine gives wrong readings. Nirman says you think you are right all the time? Just leave form here. Doctors know better.
Everyone comes in chamber.
Sanyu goes to her room and cries.
Everyone is freezing. Radhir gives his jacket to Sanaya. Sumit falls down. Randhir rings red bell. They take him out.

sanyu says randhr keeps playing mind games but I have to do this task. But how? She looks at anju’s picture and says I promised papa
only randhir and kritika are left. Kritika rings the bell. She goes out. Only randhir is left in chamber.
Sanyu says I will fight for what I deserve. Randhir comes in with tissues and says you will need it. sanyu throws stuff on him. He grasps her arm and shoves her.

Precap-Sanyu says nirman I wanna talk to you. What you are doing with me is unfair. He says go and protest in front of media. ISRC is mine. Sanyu says your ego takes your decision. He throws sanyu in chamber and says I will come here after 1 hour if you are alive I will change my perception about you.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Liya

    Hello guyz! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Spoiler alert!!?
    #Monday-Sanyukta confronts Nirmaan
    #Tuesday-Aryan and Randhir search for a missing Sanyukta.
    #Wedneday-Nirmaan’s new decision pushes Randhir to hate Sanyukta.
    #Thursday-Aryan invites Randhir to the celebration party of Sanyukta.
    #Friday-Randhir wants to make Sanyukta jealous.

    Guess its a goood week ahead…hope the track changes…

  2. Bk

    Hey guyzzzzzzz gd evng to all……..sry I was jstt little bzyyyy so that’s why I couldn’t update comment yesterday……..okkkk anyways….
    Very interesting week guyzzzzzzz…….waiting for Thursday and Fridays epi………..
    And I hope Randhir won’t do any stupid mistake to make her jealous coz last time he kissed ishika

  3. Nav07

    Oh god , the precap was scary??

    But the show is getting interesting day by day . Hope she will do her best and nirman understand her abilities

  4. mayuri

    Randhir’s heart rate increased when he was gazing at sanyu …. And the precap is not full after this nirman have to go for an urgent meeting and sanyukta still be there at chamber and freezing and even got fainted ….

    Bk spoilers please πŸ™‚

  5. mayuri

    Oh…. Sorry dear bk … It update little later because of moderation … Sorry

    And a very big thank you for spoilers dear bk and liya πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

  6. Liya

    Oh My God…nirman plz nah leave sanyu alone…really scared with the precap..
    CV, pleaze do change Rd’s negative attitude nah…plz

    Hey guyz…Gud n8…do take care..
    Keep lovin lyf and even sadda haq!!
    Take care

  7. karina

    Liya & Bk my sweeties thanks for the spoilers…

    Today’s epi was pretty good…at least it had some movement in the story and we got some sandhir scenes…

    Love u all guys…stay safe…

    Shubhi dear welcome to our group…i saw ur msg on yesterday’s page

    Shivani & Mayuri dears my fav is chocolate….and to be more precise i like one particular flavour of chocolate…and thats coffee chocolate…as in chocolate with coffee taste πŸ™‚

    Nishu & Shreya sorry guys for not replying to ur msg but im a little busy right now…

    Love u alllllll

  8. Thnk u soomuch liya n bk 4 d spoilers…. i hv been waitng 4 dese 4 a long tym… today rd holding sanyu in his arms ws awsm… old sandhir bg tune after soo many days…n hii evry1 How r u all???

  9. Liya

    Hey mayuri,karu,swarna dear…ur most welcome guyz!!??thnx fr reading d spoilers..let’s hope for the best!! πŸ™‚

    • Liya

      Hello Niranjana dear…welcome dear to our grp(sry i replied to u ystdy BT tu deleted it).
      Can I call u niru?(coz I hav a frnd calld Niranjana nd I call her niruu)
      Anywyz hope u wud enjoy our company dear!

  10. shreya

    Hey liyu n bk thnx for the spoilers,n karu no need of sorry we r frns so there is no sorry n no thnx btwn frnds.
    Now what nirman is planning against sanyu,on the other hands rd is trying to defeat sanyu coz he knows well that only sanyu can defeat him.

  11. shreya

    Hey i like chocolates as well n it is the only thing i can’nt share with any1 i my fav is dairy milk silk..

  12. dhruv

    Wht rd is doing is crct..he will slowly get.more n more close to sanyu..
    Bakwas Aryan he is like sanyu bodyguard..
    Mad person..
    No offence to Aryan fans

  13. dhruv

    Hey maddy bakwas bandd.
    Guts can u believe my luckkkkm exm got postponed to 7 may from 27 aprilllll…

    • shubhi

      Hello ayana …….ya you r r8 aryan was looking very much cute every time …….he is soooooooooo cute like a baby …..!!!!

  14. dhruv

    Hey nishu very sweet of u…bt now exm is till 5 may relax..then late night stds:-):-)
    I am addicted to cold drinks dear..
    I can’t live without them:-P
    Thnx for spoilers bk..u r very,sweet girl.always give spoilers:-)

  15. dhruv

    Hey mukti babe whre r u???????????
    U will see this tomorrow..
    So this msg is for tomorrow itself babe..<3<3<3
    By babe lvu:-)

  16. shreya

    Touch ur heart,close ur eyes,make a wish,says good night,sky so wide,stars so bright,off ur lights and sleep so tight.Good Night guys
    (Karu,liyu,richu,nishu,bk,shubhi,niru,mayuri,suvarna,shivani,miley,sanyu,yogi,aaliya,ayesha n others)
    Dhruv best of luck for exm sorry thoda der se bola:-( .miss u come back soon after ur exms

  17. Nia

    in precap Aryan was looking different. But RD was Also Desperate… Why!
    Anyway Loved episodeβ˜…
    Aryan is my shining Starβ˜…β˜…*β˜…β˜…

  18. pari

    Aghrr i so sick of Aryan…he is always after Sanyu…i just hate him
    Ashwini is a nice actor but i cant stand him as Aryan….i miss SanDhir a lot

  19. Sheena

    Thnx for the spoilers bk n liya..
    Hey guys..nishu(my soul sis coz i feel really connected to u, u r just like me) n all my sweet frnds liya , karu, princess, rits, dhruv, maddy, mukti, richu, shivani, shreya, mayuri, bk, sanyu, aaliya, ayeesha, vishal, n all the new members of our r u all? favourite thing is my friends’ smile… I can do anything to put a smile on my friend’s frndz,keep smiling aleways..luv u all

  20. Sanahki

    Wow this episode was the best, less Aryan no Artukta more Randhir more SanDhir, I just love it. Randhir is the best he tried to help his friends..

    Spoilers, Sanyukta doesn’t get jeolous but I hope she does this time. Its about time I see her affected as well…. Its always Rd who gets jeolous

  21. mukti

    Hey frnds thnkui somuch for ur love m care…
    Helo shivani I mfine dear..:-)have a nice day

    Hey shenna m fine..u?
    U r in which std?!

    Thnku nishu:-)
    Ur sooo cute dear…thnx again..
    N ya I will beat them:-P

    Hey richu babe..nice name..
    No need to say sory..I shd say it dear..

    Hey bk n liya thnku for the spoilers..
    It seems a very interesting week.
    Have a nice day frnds..


    Bye babes n dude bk:-)

  22. mukti

    Hey mayuri karina aishu I forgot to write ur name guys soryyy:-)

    Hey aishu whre r u dear???

    Nishu dear thnx for the pics dear…
    Can u plz give m param pics plzzzz
    Dear. I m his diehard fan…
    If its convenient to u dear….

    Hey dhruvvv…
    So u gonna waste time to 5 may n then again std with pressure????
    Very bad:-D

    Anyways frnds need to go now…
    Very busy…
    Byebye lvu..seeu soon

  23. Gosssshhh plz save sanyu……..
    Hry liya bk u both sweethearts ty fr the spoilers. ……
    Nxt week is going to bw damn interesting..

    Mon….sanyu confronts nirmaan…
    That means sanyu will be locked in d freezing chamber….

    Tue aryu nd rd search fr sanyu….
    Woow evn rd its gonna be gud to see caring rd… idea what nirmaan is upto….

    Woow a party planned fr sanyu I think thus will be the pool party……

    Fri..I nevr saw sanyu jealous it may be interesting but the main fact is rd is itself jealous of aryukata…..
    That means nxt week

    hey niru its my pleasure to welcm the new comers…….
    Sahanki dear im seeing u afrt such a long tym..
    Hey sheena same here wid me…evn im connected to u all….
    Bhai aapki exams postpond!!!!! Wooow
    Achha hai……hey mukti ritss vishuuuu madday aka sanket where r u. .
    D exams r postoned….
    Shreyu how r childrens studies goin on
    Mayuri nd shivu where r u…..
    Heyyyy karu no wonder where is suru..
    Sanyu dear cum bak yaar fast…
    My rockers….liyu aalu bk raj how r u..
    Where are three sissys…ayeesha princy rakshi. ……..
    My sh queens… nishu aparna aishu miley….hiii everyone….

  25. yogiraj

    gud epi…tnx for d spoilers bk,richu…i think nxt week will be osm..n guys hv nyc day..:-) I’m free today b tmrw ..lets talk guys…n last week 600+ cmments…lets break dis record..common any 1,online.?

  26. ayeesha

    show is really going good….. Well many new comers hv joined… So welcome to all….

    Guys i really missed u all so much…. I was bzy wit my studies so couldn’t cmnt…. Bt seems so much has happened since i last cmnted….
    Well now I’m here..
    Hey mukti dear h r u??? Well i should say that ur way of dealing wit ppl like esha is too good yaar…
    My best buddies rakshi n princy i’m back guys…. H r u both???
    Hey richu sheena karina nisha shreya dii mayuri mahak sanahki shivi bk dhruv raj vishu sid maddy aishu liya sanyu aaliya shubhi swarna niru n all a biiigggg….. Hiiiii…… To all….

  27. Mahak

    Heeee…..richu di ,you forger my name …..just joking
    heee karina dii.. nishu dii….richu diii…..mukti diii…sanyu diii…..mayuri diii….sheena diii …, liya diii…..aaliya….princess….himanshi…..sanakhii.
    aishu…..dhruv bro…vishal bro….yogiraj bro…sid bro…how are u all


  28. edge

    The best moments of today’s episode – Sanyu and Rd’s eye lock. Then the moment Rd save her from falling but later make her fall intentionally (Typical RD ). The best thing about this particular scene was the old Sandhir’s background music which I really miss. Next rd and Sanyu’s fight….they look so adorable together even when they fight. Great job by both Param and Harshita. No offence, but Aryukta can never match up the the chemistry shared by sandhir…….they are just perfect…..For me, their chemistry, the bond they share is really contagious….you just want it more and more…..
    For Precap….I just hope Rd found her sooner than Aryan…I really want some emotional scene betwen them (even if its for some minutes) and I really wish sanyu do get jealous of whatever Rd do and confrnt her like she did in season one (when Rd was helping his dead best friend’s girlfriend). Hope to see a week ahead….:)

  29. edge

    If you people don’t mind I can give you topic to discuss…

    What will be the one thing you want to add and one thing you want to delete from all your favourite characters of Sadda Haq (Season 1 and season 2) and why??

  30. sharon

    Hiii frnds how r u..
    Hey karu whre r u???
    Thnx Sheena..I too like Sharon raiprakash
    Bt Sharon is my real name..:-)
    Hey dhruv good u didn’t go..

  31. nisha

    oh goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    finally found out Randhir in Pool party

    check out the pics guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    hey mukti yes , Sweety take ur Randhir in the link

    and waiting for the party a head

    and I so love to see Jealous Sanyu

    o m g

    luv u liyu and Bk

    U know a secret I always open this place on sat eagerly to see the spoilers and I have always faith in friends

    that spoiler gonna came here surely

    coz we all love sd a lot

    but this time I need it more

    hey bk liya karu friends find out more infor about sd

    Next week is gonna be rocking week

    so Lets make it more interesting


    grab more and more news about sd

    any news any pic any single thing

    what we love about sd

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sheena offcourse we are soul sisy dearsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss always smiling and do share ur heart always
    keep smiling and yeah to make friends happier same same thing love u dear

    guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz don’t u think time will increase more aryukta fans here

    there are so many wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I also love aryukta but always he he he sandhir more.

    hey mahak darling how r u dear




    yeh kaise ho gayaa

    kab ho gayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    socha tha maine ye kya ho gaya

    Till now I think that Bk aka bicky darling you are a girl sorry sorry sorry

    but it is shocking we doesn’t ask u and coz I thinking from the day 1 that u are a girl

    well its ok bicky buddy but can I call u bick from now actually bick is cool for boys what say

    well its ok buddy I always love u as a friend bicky

    hey ayeeshu dear don’t worry study harder and whenever u find urself stressed come here read update talk to us and u will get charged to get good marks in ur studies love u dear keep smiling and always be happy.

    hey richu very good morning to u dear exciting for the upcoming week luv u dear soooooooooooooooooooooooo much keep smiling

    hey liyu what u wear on wedding do share . Explain it fully

    Well my favourite work on wedding Group Selfie with friends after all we dressed uo so much it gonna be worth it too.

    hey raj Beat the comment last tartget for sure but is it happend now. Lets see
    but yeah choose the topic too buddy keeep smiling always

    hey shivu mayuri my morni sorry sorry sorry actually I just wanna share u something I saw for the first time mayuri in Naagin serial and she is so beautiful Morni god why your comments are so colourful and rejoiceful just like the character of Morni aka mayuri lovely dear love u

    hey shivi I have a dear one in my life name same to urs dear and I love u so much keep smiling tight hugs to u shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hey mukti My mumbaiya queen dear this one for u look at his expression param pic
    no doubt I like him more than aryan love u dear
    above also a pic of Radhir
    keep smiling
    smiling param just param pic

    love u mukti

    hey sanahki I also so much love sanyu meets randhir at night
    and the most loved part when sanyu hit him hard on the bed after freezing task and said

    RAndhir : you are a looser

    Sanyukta: I am not a looser ( sherni jaag gayee hai, Don’t mess with her , Mr hubby)

    and exciting waiting to see sanyu jealous wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow love u sanahki

    hey amritha welcome dear here

    Me too love each and every pair but doesn’t get it sarth

    who ????????

    sanyukta and parth kyaaa

    if yes than me too love a lot sarth dear

    and wish to came on the boat once again love u

    Hello twinj fan , hmmmmmmmmm Twinkle kunj fan on sadda haq welcome dear Keep smiling and we also love tashneishqaaaaaaaaaaaaaa keeep smiling

    hey pari don’t worry I don’t think cvs gonna take time to make sandhir meet once again
    luv u pari such a nice name
    and yeahhhhhhhhhhh arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sometimes something makes me to saying this
    love u dear keep smiling

    hey aliya aryukta fan you are hmmmmmmmmmmmmm its ok well I like both aryukta and sandhir Loving the current track also sometime
    I like to see more darker shades of Arjun kritika too actually they are actors too need a great script that’s it but all the best hope u too get some aryukta scenes next week luv u

    hey shubhi welcome such a cute name same to sanyu real friend shubhi dear nice to have u here luv u and me too love somewhere aryan untold feelings that’s cute

    hey anzum wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww aryukta hmmmmmmmmmmm hope u get lots of aryukta next week luv u and the reason is coz aryukta is cute too.

    wow nia shinning star aryan hope u too get aryukta a lot dear love u keep smiling

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    what’s next

    hey ayana, ena , opshora, zarin, helooooooooooooooooooooo to all friends
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    you all love aryukta more , keep smiling

    hey niru no doubt niranjana niru looks damn cute on u dear and waiting for the upcoming week awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww me too exciting love u ‘

    hey dhruv same sandhir is always on the top dear but can’t hate aryukta also coz actually to see joy and others it is good to see aryukta at that time than that but also always love parsh a lot

    hey shreyu choclates himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    hey friends I also do love choclate but some time just one choice from always Kitkat

    hey vaishnavi respect dear wowwwwwwwwwwwww aryukta always the best hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm all the best for upcomiing episodes hope u get lots of aryukta scnees love u and vaishu looks cute can we call u .

    hey swarna after so long time how ru and me to love the scene when rd hold sanyu and when he drop her down the dream gets broke awwwwwwww when we gonna see real romance between sandhir

    hello nav07 welcome dear shocking toh thaa precap but damn interesting to watch too love u dear

    hey by the way what’s ur name actually we please to know ur real name dear or any name u choose for here luv u

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how r u dear

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    and this is for all my sweeet heart friends
    There are some people in life

    that makes u laugh a little louder
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    ok ok ok now lets make it more interesting

    What is the one thing you can kill someone to not have

    I mean asssume you get one thing in your food which you love the most and for that you can kill me if I snatch it from you and eat it too.

    Think think think

    luv u buddy keep sharinng ur heart

    hey maddy sanket dear all the very best well exam postponed may be urs too.

    still all the best

    keep smiling buddy

    • Bk

      Ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa……’s OK nisha………frgt dt……bdw next week I think Sanyukta will b jealous coz till now only RD jealous on seeing aryukta together….so I really hope this tym Sanyukta jealous. .wt say!!??
      And may b next week on Friday episode sanaya ki toh balle balle…..LOL

    • Hey nishuuuu I nvr knew u write ffs plz write yaar. ……everyobe would be so happy….nd thanks for askin dear…
      The pics r very nice..

  32. nisha

    hey anu I write ur name before too dear how ru

    love u dear how ‘s u like yesterday episode share ur heart

    keep smiling

    hey sharon how r u dear

    wow sharon rai prakash I too ask u the same dear

    but anyway get the answer now sharon is ur real name cool very cool name dear

    and I too like a lot sharon aka vrushika a lot from D3

    keep smiling

  33. nisha

    hey edge

    I think most of us wish to have

    vidushi and parth adding in sh and want to delete all kritika joy ashu, arjun and

    add yoyo , even tanya , and kousthuki too.

    the new gang is not such good I like the old gang of dream team

    loved it a lot

    love u edge such a nice question.

    • edge

      if I have delete some one from season two then that would be definately Nirman….because he is nothing like all the old mentors of Sandhir…be it Vardhan or Rathore…both of them were great…they always pushed them to work harder, encouraged them to achieve their goals and also taught them the importance of team work. On the other hand, this Nirman is so selfish, evil, and manipulative who could cross any limits to achieve his personal motives.
      To add………I would like to add ofcrs Vidharth and a sweet girl for Aryan so that he can leave Sandhir alone….

  34. yogiraj

    Guys wt us dis moderation..? it taking too much tym to view cmments n most of my cmments r deleted also…

  35. yogiraj

    Guys wt ‘s dis moderation..? it taking too much tym to view cmments n most of my cmments r deleted also…

  36. Come on come on come on guyssssssss….
    Comment as much as possible reply as much as possible…
    Yeh toh sach hai….
    Dhruv bhai ke wajah say hi ee were able to cross 600 but not buck up wel hv to do it 1000.
    Speak out whatevrr is inside u….
    About sh any othr serials movies hobbies our somthin about us……
    Plzzzzz buddiesssss fast

  37. hey guyz i am back…. So sorry… Yesterday i missed u all… Little busy ystday…… Helloo hii 2 all, my dr , cute frnds……… πŸ™‚

    • mayuri

      Hii dear aishu… We also missed u…. And its alright for being busy dear … Hope u r fine dear πŸ™‚ good evening πŸ˜‰

  38. Ohoooo dhruv bhai so u thought ill not get to kno….shes the one who u r talking about rittt…….

    But seriously im gonaa miss sanyu karu the most cum bak soon dear…
    Hey aalu where r u all without ur support it is kind of impossible. ..

    • mayuri

      Yes dear sanyu… Please come and Karina plz… Dear… Come fast as u can .. Aaliya u too … Invited everyone πŸ™‚

  39. NISHU thank u sooo much 4 pics. luv it, if some1 share dont beware…..
    EDGE u r ri8, they dont play bg music at that eyelock sen. If they played it would be more romantic one…….

  40. nisha

    Want to know

    Any music lover here ?????

    and which

    Old or new?????

    me both

    sometime when u need silence and feel relax need old songs

    and sometime when u need to party or in a party mood

    I prefer Mashups to dance and listening the song

    which song ur favourite do share.

    • yogiraj

      Mostly…I like silent songs…really Dey r heart touching…n dj songs also do be energetic..sumtym..:-):-):-)

    • Mahak

      Heee nishu diii……yes i love music…….me too love both!!!!

      My favourite old sad song is mere mahbub kayamat hogi

      My fav new sad song is bolna and dancing type song is manma emotion jage re

      Love you diiiiiiiiiiiii?

  41. hi MUKTI , u asked 4 me….. Aww thats so sweet of u…..
    n u r 21 yrs old… then u r my dii…. i am 17 yrs old. Can i call u dii??

  42. shivani

    Luv u all nishu karu mayuri liya aishu ayesha bk princess dhruv mukti sanket richu sanyu shubhi sheena aliya and sorry if someone is remaining bye I will be back after few days till that miss me .

  43. can i share something 2 all ??

    i am alone at home….. I have No bro n sis….
    sometime i feel so sad abt it…. πŸ™ If u have it then u r so lucky n plz take care of them….. Luv them …. Dont try 2 hurt them even with a single word…

    • yogiraj

      Yes aishu ur ryt…I lv my sis v.much..she is in my hometown bt when we together we njoy a lot…:-):-)..n dnt think urself alone we r always with u..

    • Aishu dear dont say u dont hv any sissy or bro we r here fr u…
      Honestly im very luck that I hv a family with many sissys nd bros…

  44. can i share something 2 all ??

    i am alone at home….. I have No bro n sis….
    sometime i feel so sad abt it…. πŸ™ If u have it then u r so lucky n plz take care of them…. Luv them …. Dont try 2 hurt them even with a single word…

    • mayuri

      Aishu dear … I m also alone but I live with my small cousin so its fine and don’t say that u r alone because we r there for u πŸ™‚

  45. To add…….
    Oh goddd I think CVs should add a brain in randhirs mind. ..
    A brain of best moments spent wid sanyu….hope he understands her uniqueness aftr seeing her freezed..
    What may be his reactions…

    • mayuri

      Hii dear nishu … May I call u nishu … Have u seen the valentines special episode of sadda haq… There were two dance with each of randhir and Aryan …. Both were awesome …

  46. nisha

    comments taking so long time in moderation 2 hours can u imagine

    hey richu dear so much love to u i will try if circumstances allow me to continue it love u dear

    hey shivi luv u dear we wait for u to come here once again always waiting for u eagerly luv u keep smiing and lots of hugs for u dear :):):)

    offcourse bicky shanaya ki toh balle balle paki hai and Sandhir ki bhi

    coz pool party ho and without sandhir performance

    I can’t digest it .

    Just waiting for their sizzling performance

    just like Suraj hua madham or Rain dances or Ishq bulawan

    waiting eagerly luv u dear.

    hey edge totally agreed to u dear No body has replace the charm of Vardhan Suryanvanshi

    The first and last famous mentor of Sadda haq

    Nobody can replace the charm of him

    there has been so many teachers in the journey

    But if somebody can beat the popularity that it is only

    Sandhir and Vardhan alone who can grab max, trps at the same time.

    love u dear

    • Same hrre with me nishuuu u kno whn my comment awaits moderation I cannot evn see the new comment..
      I wonder this ia all goin on wis me or everyone…..luv u…

    • killed killed killed
      nishu dii how many times u killed me……
      aww, omg …. Such a cutee pic of sandir… luved…..
      dii this type of death is the best 1 …. Haa naa ?? πŸ˜‰

  47. nisha

    this is a video of bas tera song the part of ARyukta for specially mehak and also for all aryukta
    sandhir scenes on sab tera when sanyu bit his ear such a bliss

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a cute pic
    sandhir bit each other ear

    First time when they said I love u to each other
    damn cute while they drunk awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    ok ok ok
    this aryukta pic
    aryukta pic

    love u all

  48. ayeesha

    i’m also fine dear….
    I think everyone here should do the same when someone says bad to u…. By this way that matter will b solved quickly…

  49. nisha

    love u aishu richu mahak richu raj

    I hope

    Randhir and sanyukta upload lots and lots of pic with each other and we are going to dead again and again and again

    what to say yaar

    U know coz they are bffs most of the pics of sandhir is off camera

    shows what parsh bond is

    Onscreen sandhir is awesome and offscreen Parsh is fire .

    What say .

    That’s why I never say I hate aryukta but I just start liking aryukta coz I watch videos too and

    I can’t see some chemistry between aryukta offscreen even not on set or any vacation pic

    even parth is closer to harshita more than ashwini koul

    But I can’t deny the fact that

    Aryan is the tadka on screen for sanyu which bring fire in life of sandhir time to time .

    and moreover when we bore of seeing aryukta and sandhir

    then we get to see the bond between randhir and aryan -ranan.

    so its too good .

    may be I can’t be able to watch that video of aryukta offscrean

    if you think I am wrong then kindly provide me the pic or video

    so that we also get to know about it.

    love u all.

  50. Heyyy everyonee I just opened ashwini kouls insta…on pikore nd I hv soo many doubts…
    Plzzzzzz anyone help me. ……
    Y is ashwini always behind ranveer who is he……….
    Y there is no pic of harshi neither param or nothin related to sadda haq but stil so many fansssss…..
    More than harshi or param….

    Plzzzzzzz anyone help mee get out of these. …

    • mayuri

      And me too dear … Please call me mayuri dear … πŸ™‚ … U r so sweet πŸ™‚ just like ur name

      • sanyukta rathor


        I have a little time

        Hi richu , nishu, karu, aalu, mayuri,sherya di,sheena,mukti,rashmi,ayeesha,liya,himanshi,princess,mahak :what a nice name dear how r u all

        and my sweet brother aishu kase ho

        Sab bhul gae muzee ????

        Don’t worry richu 1000 comments ho jaige

        Hey where r u my sweet aalu

        Nishu how’s u sweetiii
        karu love u dear
        love u richu

        Love u all


  51. This times sh…

    Sanyukta is the story……..
    Nirmaan is the villain. ………
    Arjun becky are boring………
    Kritika isssssss………
    Sumit nd joy just for fun………
    Aryan is the bakbone……………
    Sanaya is a fun twist………
    RANDHIRRR is the climax…..everything is depended on him……..

    Plz if anyone has better example plzz feel free to give ur opinion. ..

    • mayuri

      Yup dear .. I agree with you richu.. But I think lets see .. Maybe the shocking truth came out that sanyukta is new leader instead of randhir which makes randhir hate her… Or something like this … πŸ™‚

  52. nisha

    hey ayeesha how ru dear

    very nice to meet u after so long

    Stay here and share ur heart lol

    hey richu there has been so many fans of Ashwini coz of his old show on Mtv

    WArrior high

    he is in the lead in the show with another girl

    He plays so young role that’s why dear he is famous

    and may be he also has been in splitsvilla

    26 years old punjabi

    and also working in big magic serial boys

    get the info on internet

    so yeah anyhow he get famous so much with warrior high

    and now with aryan

    love u all friends

    love u aishu richu me too wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to see some sandhir

    drunking secens on pool site.

    luv u all

    • Ohhh I see thanks sweetie…..u helprd me vrry much…
      One last question who is this ranveer he was talking somtin about fanaa…

  53. Liya

    Hello guyz…!!how r u all? Everything is fyn nah??
    Hey nishu di,well I wore a full lenght black gown with white borders which is half sleeve…even we take grp selfies after we dress up!..?
    Yup raj we shud make break our record from 600…we shud try to make it 1k!?
    Mahak dear…am not so old dear…call me liya..!! πŸ™‚
    Hey aishu,I have an elder bro who s in his hostel…son worry dear we r here as ur sibling nah!!
    Ayeesha… u came back after so long…!!Hw r yu dear??
    Karu di,shreyu di…where r u???
    Hey mukti dear and dhruv bhai..both of u r in same college ?
    Sheena,mayuri,richu,princes,niru,swarna nd all…everything all r8?
    Hey edge,I wud luv to delete nirman and add vidharth,yoyo,Tanya and also a gud girl for Aryan!
    Hey shivu….come back soon dear..
    himanshi,sanahki,shubhi…waiting 4 u guyz!
    Hey bk, i am from south India..(i donn lyk to b specific abut my personal info…sry)
    Hey aparna dear,u again went????
    Again a BIG HI to alllllllll…….!!!??
    Hope evrythng s all r8…!!
    Luv ya….be happy
    With luv,
    Liya(lil pari or babu…??)

  54. ayeesha

    hey aishu even i don’t hv any sis or bro….i can understand hw it feels to b alone…. Bt when i came here i never felt lyk that…. So jzt enjoy dear…. Here v all r one family… So never think that u r alone….we all r wit u… Keep smiling…

  55. ayeesha

    nisha dear i lyk slow n romantic songs lyk ishq bulava bolna n soch na sake….

    Hey edge if i hv to add some to the show then definitely will add vidarth yoyo tanya…. N i would lyk to remove nirman from the show…. He is sooo… mean n selfish…. I jzt hate his character…. Ranawat was much more better than nirman….

  56. mukti

    Hey frnds hello
    Hey aishu nup u call m mukti..
    Cz it feels like ur little aged..:-):-)
    N I m just 21 na…young young;-)

    Hey shivu come fast ok waiting for u dear….
    Do ur work fast fast:-):-)

    Awwwwww thnkuuuu nishu for thesee cuteeeeest pics of pram.thnku πŸ™‚

    Thnx yogiraj bro..yaI too like my name a lot brother.:-)

    Dear aishu I have brother younger than me…
    Babe don’t feel alone we r with u naaa…
    Whenever u feel alone come here..:-)

    Hey mayuri how r u dear..u r name is like peacock u kno mor..very sweet..

    Oh karu n sanyu are the jaan of this page…
    I want to talk with karu..
    Hey karu whre r u???

    Hey richu I meant best frnds forever…:-):-)

    Hey mahek u can call m mukti sweetheart:-):-)

    U rit richu Prfct rhymes:-)
    This moderation time takes so much..

    Hey aysha dear rit everyone shd do like tht so no fights πŸ™‚

    Anywgas guys I need to go now….dads freind coming n we r going out…
    So u know babes bahot tayari krni padte jab bhr jana ho.:-)
    So guys kl subha milte hai. .
    Shub ratri…

    Sory if I forgot to wrote any1 name sory…:-)

    Luv friends..byeye

    • mayuri

      Hi dear mukti … Thank you for your compliment .. And best of luck and come as soon ad possible because I am missing everyone here and we have to break the record also naa…. πŸ™‚

  57. nisha

    hey ayeesha aishu deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    when we all are here then did u feel that u need a sis

    whenever u feel we can come here and talk dear

    Love u forever

    hey mukti how r u dear hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wish to get more parsh pics seriously he he he

    hey ayeesha me too like romantic but I like all kind of songs the jonour of love songs is epic for all the time .

    well yeah choices will get changed time to time in new songs there are few songs we remember in these days

    but always a song which i adore a lot

    for all my friends

    hope karu when u came for u allso dear busy bee

    love u all this is for all friends

    there are so many things which we wish to tell to all our friends

    bas itna hai tumse kehna , the importance of friends the bond of friendship the relationship.

    Love u so much to u .

    no matter for which time I am here what matter is when I left how much you all going to love me and I got hiccups at home

    Sign I am getting missing by someone

    I also miss my some tu old friends a lot how importance are they how importance are you all.

    Very much

    love u all.

    Main rahoon ya na rahoon
    Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna
    Mujhe neend aaye jo aakhiri
    Tum khwabon mein aate rehna

    Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)

    Main rahoon ya na rahoon
    Tum mujhme kahin baaki rehna

    Kisi roz baarish jo aaye
    Samajh lena boondon mein main hoon
    Subah dhoop tumko sataaye
    Samajh lena kirno mein main hoon (x2)

    Kuch kahun ya na kahun
    Tum mujhko sada sunte rehna

    Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)

    Hazaar baar socha, keh doon
    ki friend nahi meri girlfriend hai tu
    Par sapne toot jaane ka darr
    Kabhi dil se gaya hi nahi

    Hawaaon mein lipta hua main
    Guzar jaaunga tumko chhu ke
    Agar mann ho to rok lena
    Thehar jaaunga in labon pe (x2)

    Main dikhu ya na dikhu
    Tum mujhko mehsoos karna

    Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)


    Bas itna hai tumse kehna (x4)

    Main rahun ya na rahun
    Tum mujh mein kahin baaki rehna..

    Video of this song

    I forget myself too when I heard this song

    love u all keep smiling

    need to go meet u tomorrow

  58. Thank u every1 for supporting me…
    Yup well do it this tym….
    Hey nishu aishu shreyu di mayuri liya bk raj sheena ayeesha rakshi miley princy bhai maddy ritss mukti mahak sahanki aalu vishuuu…………
    It would be qn honour to celebrate the 1000th comment…..wid u all….
    I wish karu suru sanyu u were here…

  59. shreya

    Hey guys how r u I m soooooooo happy coz 2mmorow is sunday ,plz guys come online the way nishu I also know a lil bhojpuri coz yha Lucknow m aide bahut log mil mate hai station bus stop n specially my milkman, n u know this language is so sweet year.
    Babu how r u?

    • Liya

      Hey shreyu di…I was a lil tired after a wedding…but now am all r8!
      Wbt u di??teaching,skl nd all going fyn?

  60. dhruv

    Heloo guys how r u???
    Sory I couldnt reply cz little busy…
    Ya we wilk make record of 1000..
    Hey richu toooo smarttt:-P:-P
    Hey nishu ya I wil pool party video..:-)

  61. karina

    Heyyyyy my lovely friends h r u all ???
    Missed me ??? πŸ˜› i missed u all alot…

    Suru dear where are u ??? missing u dear and i donno if u ll see my msg but i ll post the link of Anda’s ff here…her new chapter is amazing…its full of SanDhir & VidArth…im sure u will love it dear…pls come back here…me and Nishu are missing u soo much πŸ™

    Hey my dear friends h r u all ??

    Hey Mukti dear nice meeting u πŸ™‚ welcome…hope we can talk soon

    Love u all Nishu, Richu, Aishu, Liya, Mayuri, Mahak, Shreya, Ayeesha, Himanshi, Shivani, Bk, Dhruv, Raj and all the other friends πŸ™‚

  62. mayuri

    And dear I love songs…..
    Sometimes those songs in Japanese language although I font understand Japanese but I love their tuning and I like the song sanam re … I always forget myself and some dance songs also like of khoobsurat u know….

  63. mayuri

    Hey guys let’s do one task….
    Its a task given to all that you have to make the sweet names or ur own formed name for our friend and the same name shouldn’t repeated like sweetheart in one name it can’t appear again and we have to use a little imagination like we call Karina as karu
    Aaliya as aalu… Etc. πŸ™‚ Go for it

  64. shreya

    Yup skl is going fyn ,hey babu I have 2 go in a wedding I m confuse what 2 wear I lyk gown BT ma wants me to wear anarkali plz babu help me what shud I wear ,job ki wajah se mostly Indian attire hi pehna Pdta hai. I can’t wear a dres of my choice coz of dis job,plz help me

  65. rakshi

    hello guys!!!!!!!!
    hw r u all?????
    I missed u a lot……..
    Sry ..I was bzy wid my studies! so no cmnts hre.
    hi ayeesha!!! glad u r back again.N whre is our best buddy princy??????
    princess…..come yaar!!! I missed u..
    hlo liya,nishu,karu,shreya di,richu…thanx fr remembered me!! N i too missed u!.one more thing dat u r rite richu!!! me,ayeshu n princess r three sisters (three roses- jzt fr fun:) ….bk,dhruv,sid,vishal,yogi,mahak……nice name!,mayuri,rits,sanaki,suru,sheena,mukti, aishu,Maddy,roshni,…..n all my SH family members(Sry if I missed anyone)

  66. Guyzzzzzz check out
    SanDhir and ParSh FC on facebook.u can get detailed info on upcoming epiiis……..its gonna be fun..

  67. sorry if i missed any1.
    now i am feeling well. happy πŸ™‚ After all i am from a large family (SH), who have so many bros n sissyz…..
    omg i am so lucky….
    thank u 4 all, 4 being with me , thanku 4 ur luv,care n attention ……

  68. rashmi

    Hii guys no one missing me na…
    Just kidding dears..
    How r u????
    HiI dddhhhhrrruuukkktttiiiii-P:-P:-P:-P
    Hii karuuu nishu ayesha richuu bk princess liyaaaa mayuri( peacock:-))
    Shivu raj mady vishu swarna miley Sheena aishu..
    I was busy with viva..thts why couldn’t reply..

  69. dhruv

    Hey mayuri I have already given many names:-)
    2)liya-little pari
    3)sanyukta-Rajasthan ki rajkumari:-P
    4)princess-rosey princess

    • mukti

      Very very cool names u hv given……
      Now it’s ur task Give for remaining of usss…
      Let’s see howw sweet names u give now dhruvv

  70. Sheena

    Helllloooo ppl !!!
    Sry i was a little busy so couldn’t come..
    How r u all?? Nishu, rits, karu, mukti, dhruv, maddy, liya, princess, richu, shreya, aaliya, ayeesha, aishu, bk, yogiraj, mayuri, mrunali, rakshi, rashmi, mahak, sanahki, sid, vishal, swarna, miley n all the new members!!
    N sure we’ll reach up to 1000 comments..

  71. dhruv

    N abt,songs dear I like all emran hashmi songs..
    They r so emotional…
    My fav is yalli,jarasa dil mai De jaga n tumse hi…
    N party,song yoyo honey singgg πŸ˜‰

  72. shreya

    Here i go mayuri-
    Karina-queen of hearts
    Liyu n richu-titlis(butterflies)
    Dhruv-the most wanted munda
    Nishu-our poet,friendly n d coolest frnd
    Bk-our reporter ( coz he brings evry breaking news first)
    Sanyu-our cutie princess
    Abhi itno ka hi nam aya sorrysorry
    N me-i leave it on u guys coz i really wants to know whats ur opinion abt myself.

  73. Tomorrow is a mystery yesterday was a history. is a gift thats why its called present. ..

    Hugs and kisses to my sissys nd lots of luv for my dashing bros…

  74. Hello here r som tips to make on more comments. …..

    1 type small comments
    2 say whatevr is in ur heart…..
    3 reply to mostly every one……
    Plz follow these and we may be successful in hitting the target of 1k……
    Last and the most funniest. …..

    Bring dhruv bhai and al the boys online….

  75. ayeesha

    never think abt past… don’t worry abt future…. jzt enjoy ur present… do only wat ur heart says n make every moment memorable……

  76. Kyu bhailogs sahi kaha na maine …..
    Kyuki toh yaha par gtls se zada boys talk karte hai………
    Bhai maddy raj vishuuuu bk……….
    What say grls its ritt naaa…..
    Lia karu sheena shreyu aishu ayeesha rakshi mukti ritss mahak…
    Nishuuu where r u…….suru…….
    Sanyu mere rajasthan ki sherni..kaha hai…

  77. sanyukta rathor


    I have a little time

    Hi richu , nishu , karu , aalu , mayuri , sherya di ,sheena , mukti, rishmi , ayeesha,liya himanshi, princess, mahak :what a nice name dear , how r u all

    And my sweet brother aishu kase ho

    Sab bhul gae muzee ???

    Don’t worry richu 1000 comments ho jaige

    Hey where r u my sweet aalu

    Nishu how’s u sweetiii
    karu love u dear
    love u richu

    Love u all


  78. Todayyyyy isss a verryyy special day for meee coz I am finally 21 todayyy very happieeeeeeeeeee………….
    But thus time I get a chance to celebrate with u all………….
    Im damn luckyyyy yaaaaaarr……….
    Everyone luvyaaaaaa…….

  79. Guyzzz hurry up yaar…….
    Seeing u all and the comments r sooooooo less still not evn passed 350 in three days…………
    What is everyone doing………
    Hry reply comment do something about it. ……….fastttttttttt
    With this speed I dont think we can evn beat 650……….

  80. Hey everyone lets play a game…….so there is no winner or looser u just have to express our feeling about evryone here……
    Hmmmm wat say……u can just guess fav things of ur sissys nd bros….

    • sanyukta rathor

      Nice game

      Karu – very sweet , good , perfact girl

      Nishu – very macture and cute , pawerful girl

      Aalu – like a baby girl

      Richu – very friendly , so much funny

      Mayuri – very nice girl like her name

      Princess -like a real princess

      Sheena – nice very nice

      Dhruv – acha h , sahi kaha eske bare me most wanted mundda

      Rits – caring

      Mukti – so much cool , morden girl

      aishu – my sweet bro

      Me – i think very bad soooo much bad girl

      baki sab bahut achee h

      Sunday katam

      Byee byee love u all

      Keep it up

  81. Liya

    Hey richu dear…hppy bday dear…
    I pray that today on ur special day,u get what ur heart desire dear. …
    Luv ya!!

  82. Liya


    The members of sadda haq tu page??? cum my bros and sis..we all want to make our comment section into 1k…but as we can see it with the current speed we didn’t even reach 400…so guys…plz do comment and be online
    Take care and be +ve!

  83. mayuri

    Sanyukta dear …. Or I should say vanshu…

    A very big welcome to u dear … Missed u a lot … Welcome back … And why r u going tomorrow πŸ™ we will miss u dear πŸ™‚ …

  84. mayuri

    Hey guys !!!
    U haven’t named everyone yet … Shreya my name .. Bhai (Dhruv) aap bhi bhoolgaye mujhe …. Please make everyone’s sweet name and the time limit is till 6 in the evening and there is no copy … Of the same name …

    Everyone start

  85. Liya

    well guys to make u more activ,here is a sml discussion thread…


    its just 4 fun guys..
    so bro nd sis…do co-operate….

  86. mayuri

    Here I go πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    Santukta – Rajasthan’s princess
    Karina – karu
    Aishu- angel
    Shreya – rock star
    Nisha- True heart
    Dhruv- cool guy
    Mukti – Titli
    Liya- sweet heart
    Richu- b’day girl ( my dear)
    Next I will tell u on my next shift … Means next time today only before 6
    And sorry who r left I will make your name dear

  87. mayuri

    Moderation takes a lot of time…. Is anybody online dear … Come fast after all we have to break the record of 600 πŸ™‚

  88. mukti

    1)dhruv-loyal n tooo much caring
    2)rits-emotional babe
    3)richu-happy go lucky buday girl
    4)sanyukta-double role player…
    5)nishu-very matured
    6)aishu-pretty Angel

  89. yogiraj

    Here guys here I go see ur funny names…
    Dhruv-dairy milk
    Richu-b’day grl spcl.(maha munch)

  90. Sheena

    Hey richu dear !!!! A very happy n blessed bday to u…have a splendid year ahead !!
    Stay happy…enjoy ur day

  91. nisha

    sorry sorry sorry

    I read all the comments but don’t know get time

    or not to comment more

    Love u all.

    Today is hectic guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    but lovely songs I read all the songs

    happy birthday richu birthday bumps for sure dear be ready hey what do u want sweetoo bubly

    actually i have a gift for u a link

    but first tell me you love sandhir or not .

    shreyu nothing say to u just I love u shreyu Rockstar u are dear so many tight hugs to u

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz songs se kuch nahi hoga

    u need to dedicate songs I love all the songs u all wrote

    and dhruv shocked me

    Imran hashmi

    he he he

    well respect for u dear no offence

    you know what that song main rahoon ya naa rahoon I love of imran hashmi

    and another one is

    Jo bheji thee dua wo jaake aasman se yu takra gayee

    I love it at least these 2 songs are clear and we can see it in front of family others are not like that even
    and the characters are also very good. such a different character.

    well in some films he play saaf suthra role.

    I love all ur choices sweetheartsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    well I talk to u all

    oh god I never stop

    I need to go

    I give u link richu my sweetheart u are the owner of today

    Maang tujhe kyaa mangnaa hai meri jaan.

    U said I do

    U master I slave For today richu meri jaan.
    open this link

    this is the video of sanyu vids and tanya drunken dance

    From tanu weds manu returns song gandhi bawri

    I love the video a lot

    love u karu meri jaan sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

    love u rakshi after so long

    love u ayeesha aishu sweet lileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    Always smiling shreyu my friend also from teaching line always telling how much difficulties she gonna faced to handle the small kids

    I know dear Understand love u shreyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hey mumbai indians group how r u all
    in this group all the mumbaiyaaas are there dhruv maddy , mukti , rits , vishal I don’t know if he is from mumbai , but heloooooooo to you alll.

    hey my sweet sanyu all the very best meri sweetheart do smile always dear achi lagti ho.

    hey swarna

    hey sanyu liyu vanshu how ru dear sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    hey rakshi guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud morning and gud afternoon to u too sweetheart luv u

    hey raj buddy sid after so long

    how r u all. keep smiling guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    hey mahak dear sweetheart loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u keep smiling

    so happy birthday richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u always

    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    I want to do something special for you,
    It’s your birthday, and you’re special too.
    So I brought some guabs from the outter guab zoo.
    They honk (honk) and squak (squak) and sing just for you…
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Open your eyes, here’s a present.
    More crazy creatures; don’t worry they’re pleasant.
    They’re upside down weets on inside out swings,
    They do things backwords, and backwords they sing…
    Yppah Yadhtrib, Yppah Yadhtrib, Yppah Yppah Yadhtrib Ot Ouy!
    Which means:
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    There’s a party, a party today.
    A once a year occasion!
    A party (party), it’s comin’ your way,

    Your birthday celebration!
    The grandest present I’ve saved ’til the end,
    ‘Cause you’re the bestest of all of my friends.
    Here’s Mickey (Oh, Hi) and Donald (Hellllo) And Goofy too (Ahee-uh)
    To celebrate your birthday with you…
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    I wanted to tell you in my own special way,
    But you’re extra special, so have a great day!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday To You!

    keep smiling always

  92. karina

    So my loveable friends i got some free time so i ll help u increase the comments….i ll give names to u all

    Himanshi-baby doll
    Dhruv-crazy friend
    Richu-bubbly girl
    Rakshi-lovely girl
    Aishu-cool girl
    Sanahki-my soul sister

    Sorry for not writting everyone but u all are so many…i ll try later to write the rest πŸ™‚

    Love u alllllll

  93. nisha

    hey bk mayuri


    new pic of group on pool party

    why sanaya expressions never changed goddddddddddd


    check this hot pic of yesterday party of parsh with ali merchant aka nirman
    sanyu with ali
    parsh with ali

    waht not liked ok
    just parsh edit same pic
    these 2 are forever cutieeeeeeeeees harshi with shubhi

    oh god ab aur nahi bas bas karo

    My stomach ache after reading this smiling a lot goddddddddddddd need to control

    ool party k songs

    Rd – high heel te nache toa tu badi jache! ??

    Aryan – dil esa kisi ne mera toda ek bhale maanush ko amanush bna kar chora ??

    Sanyukta – prem ratan dhan payo…..

    Sanaya- I am barbie girl in the world… Life been plastic its fantastic! ???

    Nirman – nirma.. Washing powder nirma dudh si safedi nirma se ayi rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaye, sub ki pasand nirma….
    Kritika – main kamli kamli mere yaar di!
    Joy & Arjun – papa kehte hai bada naam karega beta esa kaam karega…
    Sumit – zindagi Gulzar Hai Humko ise pyaar hai

    love u all friends

  94. karina

    Nishuuuuu thank u for the video…thats one of my fav scenes of all times….Harshi and Nisha nail it with their persormances…really Sanyu and Vids were hilariouse…and Param aka Rd the great πŸ™‚ was amazing as well…in this scene i missed Ankit aka Parth…if he would have bern in these scene too than it would have been perfect πŸ˜‰ love uuuuuuu πŸ™‚

  95. rits

    U all must hve watched Harry potter rit guys..
    So give the names of characters..

  96. nisha

    love u too karu its my favourtie song too

    and more than that i get this video nowhere

    but I think today is richu birthday naa

    so to give her gift somehow I get this

    This link is richu birthday wala gift dear

    Enjoying the dance a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    both 3 are looking gorgeous

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u karu

    Me too mad about these scene and when param enters

    mai tumse dartee nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    and vids saying oye shekhawat

    it looks more coool then sheku even

    oye shekhawat the cool witty vids

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx karu for all the names dear

    thnaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx muktiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dear for so sweet namessssssssssssssssssssssss

    thanks raj for all the choclateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee dear
    loved ur name a lot nestle

    thanx mayuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sweethart you are always a colourful personality just like ur name every colour you have loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u mayu sweethearrt

    love u all friends

    sorry if I forget to write any name

    no rashmi never forget u dear how r u soooooooooooooooooooooooo long
    how have u been dear stay here

    the track is too god for the upcoming week and we all gonaa have so much fun

    love u rashmi

    love u all friends

    keep smiling

  97. nisha

    gud after shubhi

    i luv ur name coz the same name harshi friend shares what a sweet name dear

    luv u

  98. Sheena

    Hey guys !!!! Good noon !!
    How r u all?

    Okay ummmm….my fav. hobbies are-
    Reading novels
    Swimming n playing tennis
    N spending time with frndzz…

    N now names-
    Dhruv- gentleman
    Nishu – my soul sis
    Rits – emotional girl
    Mukti – smart
    Liya – cutest girl
    Maddy – loyal frnd
    Mayuri- (peackock) soo…piku
    Princess – name says it all
    Richu – bday girl?
    Karina – Firangi babe
    Sanyukta – rani

    Sry guys…couldn’t name u i’ll come with with some more names….

  99. dipshikha

    Hi, guys I am a silent reader , I need help , if any of u know d link to see d videos of season 1 of year 2014 $ 2015 , den plz suggest me as it shows deleted on YouTube n on hotstar of some mins are only available. I always read urs comment , its commendable . u all really rockz n I also want to join ur group can I ?

  100. dhruv

    Thnkxxx for the cool names frnds..
    Now it’s my turn.
    Nisha-always their to console u
    Karina-always their to support ur any decision like a true frnd
    Sanyukta-alwys their to play pranks bt very pure by heart
    Mukti-always their in ur bad times sweetheart
    Liya-alwys their to cheer u
    Raj-alwys their to take ur side.
    Sheena-alwys their with u when people abuse u
    Richu-special buday girl has all characteristics.:-)

  101. dhruv

    Mayuri-alwys their to welcm u
    Shreya-alwys their to care for u
    Maddy-u r bestest brother so u r their for making my life worth living thnx brooooo for everything..

  102. dhruv

    Sory guys.if someone gets hurt but it’s from my heart.
    N this are the things I see u in u all as ur bro budy..:-)

  103. nisha

    thank u sheena love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear Be happy always sisyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    love u sanyu sweetheart came soon luv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu a lot

    I need to say this too mayuri piku is sooooooooooooooooooooooo damn cute name what a name sheenu such a beautiful name ever one has luv u both soooooooooooooooooooooo much keeep smiling

    hey raj keep going dear loving these choclatessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Saare looto loootoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    raj see sari choclate loot loo guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hurry

    kahin khatam naa ho jayaeeeeeeeeee

    and then raj saying

    itna paisa me itna heech milengaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    luv u dear

    hey dipshikha dear yes so many links are gayab on u tube try on insta there are many links available on that too.

    and more than that tell us alll which sceen u need if possible we all try to give u the same here

    luv u dipuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu be here share ur heart and welcome keep smiling

    Dhruvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Need to say what names u choose

    Hats offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff dude

    Need to say it

    Once a friend always a friend.

    and yeah I too like the name suited 100% to u

    Most wanted munda of tu – dhruv

    buddy stay happy and

    keep smiling

    luv u all

  104. dhruv

    N yes guys rits told abt the game na..ok rits I will play..ok then
    1)Shreya-professor mecognacle
    2)raj-Seamus πŸ˜›
    11)Cedric-it’s me…;-);-)

  105. Sheena

    Hey dhruv !! Thnx..

    Okay now i akso have 2 questions for u all..
    1) Name ur celebrity crush
    2) Name the person whom u admire the most or ur idol..
    Common guys…reply asap..

    • Sheena

      My celeb crush is Jesse Spencern the person whom i admire is Hugh Laurie..actually not Hugh Laurie, but his character from the tv series “House md.”

    • Liya

      Well Sheena….
      Hmm I really don’t have celeb crush nd all…coz after I changes my fav celeb aftr each film???
      But fr d scnd qstin my ansr wil b alwyz
      my FAMILY…(my dad,mom and bro)

  106. nisha

    pool party video posted

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm scene confirmed

    but some saying parsh dance in randhir dream

    god knows exactly what gonna happened

    bkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk need infor dera

    take it fast

    yeah me noooooooooooooooooooo on fb but after you all saying go fb something rocking happened

    you gonna shocked

    I go and found this joke and my stomach ache smiling

    so share it with u all.

    normally I doesn’t go on fb

    so whether on fb or any other site share the infor guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    make the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in this whole week

    we gonna enjoy so much

    luv u all.

  107. maddy

    Hey dhruv mera bro bahar se itna happy or andar se itna dukhii..
    Dnt worry bro we r together forever..will climb the steps of heaven or hell together bro…:-):-):-)

  108. karina

    hey where is our bday girl ???? Richuuuuuuuuuu ???

    Sheena dear to answer ur Q…..well dear i dont really have a celebrity crush but for the other Q i can say that my idol is my MOM πŸ™‚

  109. Bk

    Hey guyzzzzzzz go to instagram….n u’ll see aryukta and sandhir(sanaya & Randhir) dance teaser video at pool party……it is awesome me….

    • Liya

      Bk…thanks fr d news bro…u alwyz update us wid the new news…really!!
      Anyway…sure I wil watch the video…
      (But plz pls plz dont refer sandhir to Sanayaa and really hurts me..coz sandhir is alwyz fr sanyu nd Rd naaah!!)
      Again a big thank u fr the news broo!!???

    • karina

      Bk dear thank u for the info πŸ™‚ but dear i agree with Liya pls dont refer as SanDhir for Sanaya and Rd…SanDhir its only for Sanyu and Rd πŸ™‚ thanks again for the info πŸ˜‰ and h r u dear ?

  110. Liya

    This is the second ATTENTION message from me..
    As we can see,we are few steps away from 500…!so hurray!but we are stil steps away from breaking our previous record of 600..
    So guyz do keep commenting….!
    Again with luv,
    Liya Shirin..(yup that’s my full name!)

    • Liya

      Guyz i donno how many of u havr read this but please read it agin to accomplish our goal…
      Tips from RICHU dear…
      1 type small comments
      2 say whatevr is in ur heart…..
      3 reply to mostly every one……

      Guyz do follow this to break 600…!!

    • mayuri

      Hii dear… Everyone .. Good evening come online and start commenting…
      And loya dear u asked my hobby my hobby is dancing. Singing , listening dong, seeing TV , and reading πŸ™‚

  111. dipshikha

    Thanks liya ,Karina , mayuri n dhruv . I want d video of epi when sanyu surprised randhir after planning aid Tania n danced in d rain in I guess pink sari

  112. Sry everyone I was surrounded by my cousins so could not comment. …but now im free….no one is here its fishy….but anyways hope for d best..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.