Sadda Haq 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 22nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
PKC hears Ranawat laughing and saying stupid things, when he looks in ground he has 3 people with him. They are all drinking with Ranawat. The three are peons, they get scared to see PKC. ranawat says don’t be scared he is our donut PKC sir. PKC says why are you not signing dream team form? Ranawat says don’t force me i dont like being forced. PKC says we are requesting you, future of our college is dependent of the team. Ranawat says they are team of jokers, they should be in circus, they are good for nothing. PKC leaves, and says what happened to him, he was not like this before.

At night, yoyo and dream team go to ranawat’s cabin. they start looking for document with his signatures, Yoyo stands outside. PKC comes yoyo says good evening sir. PKC says i am going

to meet ranawat, yoyo says he has gone out, lets go out and have some fresh air.
They all look in drawers. Sanyu finds a map and says what map is this? there is no such place in world. They hear some footsteps. The footsteps past by. sahil says i got it. Randhir says give me the form. sahil says practice at least. randhir is practicing ranawat opens the door and comes in with yoyo. he says you are all so talented. Hello everyone, welcome to my cabin. What were you all doing? he writes on sanyu’s writes dream team is donkey. He says read it loud. Should i sign it as well? You are all donkies. The effort was good tho. I am a fair man, I appreciate sincere efforts. i am serious, you deserve a chance. He puts some glass on table and fills them with bear. he says all 3 guys will drink it and if they dont cough i will sign it.sanyu says how can you ask them to consume alcohol. Vid says its prohibited in college premises. Ranawat says so is stealing. They all drink it and cough, ranawat says this is not international tequila shot. you are both out. Lets give you another chance. He gives them another glass, they all drink and go out to throw up. Ranwat says you lost, leave my cabin.

dean comes and sees ranwat smoking. he says what the hell are you trying to do? He says i am having a puff. dean says you have to save this team what are you trying to do? Ranawat signs a paper and says this is my resignation letter, I told you clearly i work in my own way. if you have any problem you have my resignation letter. tell me one day before, i will throw a party for students.

Anju is in thruv’s clinic. He says how do you feel? Anju says i feel okay now. He says i have to do a blood test. She says i am fine now. He says are you scared of injections? She says quite. Anju calls sanyu, anju is busy talking to sanyu. He takes her blood meanwhile and she doesn’t even know. She says you took my blood? he says yes because fear was in your mind.

sanyu looks at the sketch and says what hint is in it? Why is he insulting us on this? ranwat comes from back and says you are looking at this? joker. sanyu says i dont know what you know about us but we are really hard workers, we overcome all crisis. if you dont sign the form we wont be able to fight. our efforts will go in please sign it sir. He says this is significant? Now ou will go and bring you team to lab. let me see how desperate you are for the signs. she runs to bring the team.

Precap- Ranawat shows them real nest and says you don’t get what is it? now you will all make a nest yourself. He throws away randhir’s and says you should all be i circus. sanyu shows him hers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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