Sadda Haq 21st September 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The juniors chant at randhir ‘loser loser’. He says shut up i can’t lose. He wakes up. Risahb says you are practicing to lose.
Rishab goes to vid and says what to do next? She says i wont do anything wrong. He says how would parth feel if he sees you making his stripper. And what if i show him that you took out his wheel’s power and that he is not in competition because of you. So do as you are asked.
Vid places balls near the door.

Sanyu and randhir are in library. Sanyu says study it. Vid says next competition is that driver should know about the car, everything. Parth says how know? She says i know. I have learned everything about the car. There are 16 suspension. Parth says no there are 15. Randhir says no 15. Sanyu says let me go and check.

Sanyu goes to the lab and slips. Everyone runs to her. Vid says sorry sanyu i had to do this.
Rishab comes to vid and says nice job. she says stop following me. He says i came to tell you whats next. Vid says please and leaves.

Sanyu is in med room. Randhir says couldn’t you see. She says i didn’t do it deliberately. Sanyu says its competition today. Doctor says she needs 2 3 days of bed. No pressure on foot. Sanyu says i have to participate in competition. Ranawat asks whats happening here? Randhir she is injured. Randhir says can you delay second round. Ranawat says i dont need your suggestion, competition will happen today in an hour. And sanyu wont participate so it will be between you and vid. sanyu says i will participate. randhir says have you lost it? sanyu says i cant back out. He says you wanna break your leg or what? i am there. sanyu says its not about winning or losing. sanyu says I will participate.

Scene 2
Sanyu randhir and vid come to the competition place. Randhir says please be sensible and back out. sanyu says i can’t give up. Ranawt comes and asks are you sure? She says yes. ranawat says i wanna ask you what a formula driver handles? pressure, audience, stress.
He should have endurance, presence of mind and competitive spirit. These are three challenges for dream team driver. Randhir says can you postpone endurance today. sanyu isn’t fit. Ranawat says shut up. A formula driver loses about 3 kgs of weight. You have to show physical and medical endurance. You have 4 objects. You have to take them to finish line. You have to take your tool box with you as well. Be ready everyone.
Ranawat says vid will you tell everyone or should i announce it? And should i tell everyone what you did to parth in previous one. You took out his wire. You are disqualified. Parth will participate in place of you. Parth come in.
They all take their positions. Parth and sanyu pick up the objects, sanyu is having difficult time. Everyone cheers her up. Sanyu slips. randhir stops for her. Sanyu says leave me. Please focus on your randhir says i will finish yours first. He picks sanyu up and takes her objects with him. Sanyu picks the tool box. Randhir makes her do it. Rishab says how can randhir perform for sanyu? Randhir now comes to his own track. He picks his stuff. Ranawat says the winner for today is parth. Second contender was sanyu but she didn’t do it herself. Randhir did it on her behalf so randhir is second and sanyu is third. Randhir says sanyu did it. Ranawat says this is competition.

Precap-there is fire in the car. Parth says who did this? Ranawat says i did this to check your presence of mind. you all started panicing. Your next task is that your partner will be in car and you will have to save them this could be matter of life and death.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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