Sadda Haq 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi comes to library, librarian says library will close in 5 minutes. Parth comes in. He says I will just take 5 minutes. Librarian ays I have to o. Peon will come to lock up the library. Leave before he comes. Peon locks the door. Parth knock it and says we are In here. Vidushi is worried. Parth says it was not my intention. Parth breaks the door. His hand bleeds. Vidushi syas your hand is bleeding. He says I don’t need your attention.

Sanyu goes to Pg. She says I can’t come this late. Suddenly the lights turn off. She says I am late that is why they are punishing me this way? She slips while looking for the torch. She goes out to check the fuse box. A guy syas what are you doing here at this time let me help you. Its shaureya. He says I ama good neighbor. sanyu

says I can do it. He touches her and says let me do this. sanyu says behave yourself I said I don’t need any help. He says you can sleep in my room. SAnyu slaps him and says stay in you limits. He says you will have to pay for this. Owner comes and says what are you doing here? Sanyu says I was chechking the meter box. Ask him what he is doing here. He says shaureya was just trying to help you. Sanyu says he is drunk. Shuareay says yes I went to the party and had to drink because boss asked me, so I had to drink. owner says sanyu stay in your limits. sanyu says in heart bloddy mcp.

Scene 2
Next morning randhir calls sanyu and says I had a fight. sanyu says are you okay? He says yes I am fine that guy is hurt but they have thrown me out of college. Sanyu says what? He says chill. He says I wont be able to pcik you up today. sanyuu says where will you go? He says I will find some place. He says I can live with you for a day or two. sanyu says I am already having a lot of problems here. He says okay come to college then we will decide something.

Rajveer is in vikram’s office. He says I am leaving and goodbye to your TCC. vikram says sit down she will come in 2 minutes. sanyu comes in. vikram says good, come on apologize, sanyu says what have I done wrong? Why should I? Vikram says I don’t have time to explain you. rajveer is special and you have to apologize. if yhe leaves you will be kicked out. Rajveer says don’t ask her to apologize she can just give a smile and say that wont happen again. Sanyu syas better you told yourself I was never going to apologize. Just because he is intelligent he cant be treated special. He has no manners. He says stay the same. He can’t repsecvt teachers how can he be special. I am sure he talks the same way to h8is mom. rajveer gets angry and says don’t you dare to drag my family. Vikam calms him down. vikram says apologize to him. sanyu says he was late and I threw him out. That’s the rule. Vikrma syas you are no more part of TCC get lost. sanyu ays try to understand. sanyu says there are a lot of potential students. He says I know how to do things. sanyu says my focus can defeat your experience. SAnyu asks priyali to come in, Sanyu says priyali has more intention and focus than rajveer. she has a lot of interest in engineering. Rajveer says you are made to be receptionist. sanyu says its her bad luck that she cant attend classes but she can beat you. Vikram says have you lost your mental balance? Sanyu says I will teach priyali and she will beat rajveer. Lets see who wins priyali or rajveer. vikram ays done. If you and your student couldn’t beat rajveer you will apologize to rajveer. priyali says I cant do this ma’am.

sanyu goes out and says to priyali I have seen your passion I will train you try to understand. She says I cant go against vikram for you. I will lose my job. sanyu says you will to college and study with me. she says I need this job. Sanyu says I have seen the passion in you. follow your dreams. priyali says I cant help you. Please go and let me do my work. Sanyu says I know its not easy but its true if you don’t help me my life will be difficult but I will never apologize rajveer. vikram comes there.

Rajveer is on the teacher’s chair. sanyu comes in the class. He says I thought sitting her would get me some manners. sanyu says go and sit on your seat. He says teacher should only use tongue not hands. Let me see what can you teach. SAnyu starts teaching. Rajveer throws a chalk. SAnyu writes a question and says answer it. SAnyu says why is your brain in slow motion now? Now sit on the chair it might help. You will never be able to find the answer because the question is wrong. Priyali comes in. rajveer says I asked her to come. I have an ache in hand so I asked her to write for me.

Precap-sanyu comes in her room, randhir is there. sanyu syas what are you doing here? He says I climbed the wall. th owner says you are the noise came from her room? She says I am sure. SHe goes to sanyu’s room and rings the bell. randhir is about to open the door.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ye SH writer TCC aur randhir sanyukta ko hostel ke baher dikhakar show ka rank nicche la rahe he. Vardhan is necessary part of SH but he is on maharana pratap’s shooting. SH boring hota ja raha he plz change the story line.

  2. But as a sandhir and parsh fan hum ye boring episodes dekh lenge 🙂

  3. We want SH on 1st postion.

  4. Sandhir ke 1st year ke episods awesome the and i think many peoples from here also agree with me.


  6. Hii frnds
    Kaise ho ??
    Sab id ka chaad hi ho gye ho 🙁
    Any way Parsh ALL THE BEST FOR EXAM 🙂

  7. Parsh ur right boring epi bhi ham dekh hi lenge

  8. Achu n every1 else,
    Ek baar bolne se baat samajhme ni aati?
    Yahaan koi ni hain aap ko chodke….and IF pe sablog chat kar rahe hain jaao aap bhi yahaan kya kar rahe ho???

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  12. Daksh tum aur rihaan bhai ho kya, dono bhi Mr india ban jate ho, sirf vo tumse jyada der gayab hota he. And tum dono bhi RS ko panjabi kudi bolte ho 😀

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    Best wishes for exam Parsh

  14. arrey @RS ,,,,,,,
    TU ki addiction ham sabko hain n IF pe jo log hain unhe IF ki bhi addiction hain
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