Sadda Haq 21st November 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vidushi comes to library, librarian says library will close in 5 minutes. Parth comes in. He says I will just take 5 minutes. Librarian ays I have to o. Peon will come to lock up the library. Leave before he comes. Peon locks the door. Parth knock it and says we are In here. Vidushi is worried. Parth says it was not my intention. Parth breaks the door. His hand bleeds. Vidushi syas your hand is bleeding. He says I don’t need your attention.

Sanyu goes to Pg. She says I can’t come this late. Suddenly the lights turn off. She says I am late that is why they are punishing me this way? She slips while looking for the torch. She goes out to check the fuse box. A guy syas what are you doing here at this time let me help you. Its shaureya. He says I ama good neighbor. sanyu

says I can do it. He touches her and says let me do this. sanyu says behave yourself I said I don’t need any help. He says you can sleep in my room. SAnyu slaps him and says stay in you limits. He says you will have to pay for this. Owner comes and says what are you doing here? Sanyu says I was chechking the meter box. Ask him what he is doing here. He says shaureya was just trying to help you. Sanyu says he is drunk. Shuareay says yes I went to the party and had to drink because boss asked me, so I had to drink. owner says sanyu stay in your limits. sanyu says in heart bloddy mcp.

Scene 2
Next morning randhir calls sanyu and says I had a fight. sanyu says are you okay? He says yes I am fine that guy is hurt but they have thrown me out of college. Sanyu says what? He says chill. He says I wont be able to pcik you up today. sanyuu says where will you go? He says I will find some place. He says I can live with you for a day or two. sanyu says I am already having a lot of problems here. He says okay come to college then we will decide something.

Rajveer is in vikram’s office. He says I am leaving and goodbye to your TCC. vikram says sit down she will come in 2 minutes. sanyu comes in. vikram says good, come on apologize, sanyu says what have I done wrong? Why should I? Vikram says I don’t have time to explain you. rajveer is special and you have to apologize. if yhe leaves you will be kicked out. Rajveer says don’t ask her to apologize she can just give a smile and say that wont happen again. Sanyu syas better you told yourself I was never going to apologize. Just because he is intelligent he cant be treated special. He has no manners. He says stay the same. He can’t repsecvt teachers how can he be special. I am sure he talks the same way to h8is mom. rajveer gets angry and says don’t you dare to drag my family. Vikam calms him down. vikram says apologize to him. sanyu says he was late and I threw him out. That’s the rule. Vikrma syas you are no more part of TCC get lost. sanyu ays try to understand. sanyu says there are a lot of potential students. He says I know how to do things. sanyu says my focus can defeat your experience. SAnyu asks priyali to come in, Sanyu says priyali has more intention and focus than rajveer. she has a lot of interest in engineering. Rajveer says you are made to be receptionist. sanyu says its her bad luck that she cant attend classes but she can beat you. Vikram says have you lost your mental balance? Sanyu says I will teach priyali and she will beat rajveer. Lets see who wins priyali or rajveer. vikram ays done. If you and your student couldn’t beat rajveer you will apologize to rajveer. priyali says I cant do this ma’am.

sanyu goes out and says to priyali I have seen your passion I will train you try to understand. She says I cant go against vikram for you. I will lose my job. sanyu says you will to college and study with me. she says I need this job. Sanyu says I have seen the passion in you. follow your dreams. priyali says I cant help you. Please go and let me do my work. Sanyu says I know its not easy but its true if you don’t help me my life will be difficult but I will never apologize rajveer. vikram comes there.

Rajveer is on the teacher’s chair. sanyu comes in the class. He says I thought sitting her would get me some manners. sanyu says go and sit on your seat. He says teacher should only use tongue not hands. Let me see what can you teach. SAnyu starts teaching. Rajveer throws a chalk. SAnyu writes a question and says answer it. SAnyu says why is your brain in slow motion now? Now sit on the chair it might help. You will never be able to find the answer because the question is wrong. Priyali comes in. rajveer says I asked her to come. I have an ache in hand so I asked her to write for me.

Precap-sanyu comes in her room, randhir is there. sanyu syas what are you doing here? He says I climbed the wall. th owner says you are the noise came from her room? She says I am sure. SHe goes to sanyu’s room and rings the bell. randhir is about to open the door.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. nid

    Rd in sanyu’s room :-* :-* wish puri ho gyi …live in πŸ˜‰
    Btw kisi ko yad hu me ya sb bhul gye sab naye naye se dikh rhe h

  2. [email protected] changer

    @nid..kitna miss kiya yar tum ko aise hi bina bataye gayab hogayi…

  3. [email protected] changer

    aur @meera pata nahi yar yar few weeks bol kr gayab hogayi..i m missing hr so much..pata nahi kab aayegi

  4. Tami

    @steffie talking bou big bang theory? Ah I love it! I also like game of thrones, prison break, death note nd friends and himym. My list will go on actually

  5. [email protected] changer

    meri exams hai isliye yaha abhi zyada nahi aati u know its addictive….

  6. [email protected] changer

    @nid kya hamari frndship itni weak hai..k agr kuch din yaha nahi aayi to tum ko bhool gaye…..ofcourse nt yar hum sab ne tum ko bahot miss kiya vm queen..

  7. nid

    @Gc thank u so much dear..Exams the na isliye nhi aa payi,miss u guys so much
    anyway baki sb kaha h,nupoor n an or sb log??

  8. RS

    Shraddha main tumari hi baat kr rhi thi tusi dita hai sandhir area naam tu ko…
    Okk means changa in punjabi so Okk for all

  9. Daksh

    I m sad here as noone evn u nt talkin to me & whn I didn’t talk to u thn u say y I m nt talkin to u bt u cn talk to me yr

    • Thnk u fr d info….that v r brainless ppl.
      V r vry much obliged 2 u.
      but Plz go n show this gr8 samaaj seva smwhere else we dont want it thnk i so much may leave now.
      Never cum back

  10. Daksh

    @ sc jst mind ur tongue, it’s non of ur business wht I do here .
    If I speak abt u thn u jst hv d optn of gettin lost frm here …..mind it

  11. Ok guyz srry in advance coz this is gonna b a very long one but plz read 2 the last u may just find ur name in here-
    WELCOME 2 TU!!!!!!
    Myself- official welcomer. Sorry i wasnt here 2 welcome u ppl b4…..
    2) Nidhi dii, u have ANY idea howmuch i missed u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost every day i used 2 remember u.
    3) gc di, aap bhi kahaan gayab ho gaye the. Mujhe akale hi chod diya tha sabne in groupbies n newbies ke saath πŸ˜‰
    4) All goldies who r missing meera di, i cn understand. Me ws actually crying yesterday coz i ws just missing her SO much….especially the way she used 2 handle unwanted ppl here…. πŸ™
    4) Guyz, plz b carefull…..v hv already crossed 100….remember guyz, limit is 1400 coz 1500 is our target….please b carefull ok?
    5) To all newbies-
    On 25th nov, v r having a target of 1500 cmmnts, our largest eva, coz tht day is our dear shq’s b’day. So, no comments will b done on 24th nov. On 25, as soon as the w/u comes up, start cmntng and continue till 26th nov w/u comes up. V shud reach 1500 by then.
    1) Commentors award-
    For the one who commented d most
    First) golden cmmntr
    Second)Star cmmntr
    third) excellent cmntr.
    Os comp.
    A) write ur own os
    B) post one tht u like
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    B) utube sufrs- post links of ones u like
    Plz guyz ensure max participation in these events.IMPORTANT***********
    PLZ MAKE SURE THAT ON 25TH NOV NO OTHER DISCUSSION EXCEPT HI-BYE AND SHQ TAKES PLCE.Ek din toh guzaar sakte ho na baaki chattos ke bina? Shq ke bday pe bas sirf shq!

  12. nid

    Hey Nupoor,chalo atleast tum to ho yaha par,mujhe laga sab chale gye….btw tum log bhule nhi mujhe πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ anywy feeling better after coming here

  13. [email protected] changer

    oh ho my innocents frnds…guyz seriously tum log kitne innocent ho ye mujhe abhi pata chala…haha..wat do you all think???is it really SH teams cmnt…haha very yahi k kisi bande k creative mind ka kamal koi SH team ka username use kr raha k such me SH team ka cmnt hai

  14. Don’t discuss here personal things, discuss here only about SH. Leave your comments about serial only rather we have to think on giving update.

  15. But dii better v stay on safe side na……nai toh updates hi band ho gye toh hamaari toh lifeline hi chali jaaegi!
    Nidhi di,
    U know, i missed this. I missed our old grp. N u. Missing meera di too. No doubt, these newbies n groupbies r like is, chattos, lekin uss grp ki baat hi alag thi, ni?

  16. [email protected] changer

    oh ho dear @nupoor tum bhi bahot bholi ho…iss site ko zyada se zyada membrs chahiye..isi liye to hr time is site ko improve kr rahe me spoilrs etc add kr k…so just chill aise hi updates band nahi hoge…aur u know jab team ka koi member cmnt krta hai ya koi updater to us k niche ek blue line hota hai..

  17. [email protected] changer

    hi mr.india

  18. [email protected] changer

    or nahi to kya yar mai to AN meera ko bahot miss kr rahi hu…u know wo SH se realted sare links yaha pr post krti..or hr d
    episode pr apna POV share krti thi..
    i m missing hr and hr cmnts too

  19. [email protected] changer

    daksh gayab hogaye phir se…

  20. [email protected] changer

    hey parsh howz ur exams r going on???

  21. rukhsar

    Wat r u guyz doing yaar
    sadda haq rate is gettng down
    nw kaisi yeh yaariyan is at no1 positn in youth frictn

  22. [email protected] changer

    yar mujhe to koi bhi serial sirf tab tak achcha lagta jab tak us k lead pair me confession na hua ho….baad me sare serials bore lagte hai….

  23. randhir

    That duffer serial is duplicate of one american tv serial. Ab storyline american hoga to show accha hi hoga. But SH is far better than copycat serial. Atleast SH have their own storyline.

  24. [email protected] changer

    sandhir confession se pehle SH bahot achcha tha…bt abhi thoda boring hogaya hai..aur ab to kuch creative bhi nahi dikha rahe

  25. [email protected] changer

    bt still i luv sadda haq..and waiting for a gud track…

  26. randhir

    KHY ke sath sath ek hasina thi aur laut aao trisha bhi foreign storyline he. they r named revenge and missing respectively

    • sc

      So what’s wrong it’s not a dubbed serial k!!! It’s remake k!!! It’s not tat easy adapt a american series and remake according to our culture!! In what SH is different story? A same old girl having same old orthodox parents!!! Same old love story b/w two lovers????
      Bt there is only one Revenge and one Ek hasina thi!!! If talent is there outside our country, What’s wrong in appreciating it???

  27. gary

    guys, it’s high time that someone reminds you all…that comments should be on the topic posted, i.e. the serial/episode. But you guys have made it your personal non-sense messanger..

  28. randhir

    Yes gary baki sare updates pe sirf serial pe hi chat hoti he aur yaha personal SH ke baki kafi fans iss personal chat ki vajah se yaha nahi aate he. Inhe baki logo ne bhi kitani bar samzaya, datta par inpe asar hi nahi hota.

  29. randhir

    Now they are going to do 1500 comments. Apni phaltu batte lekar. SH ke baare main to yaha sirf 5 percent hi comments hoti he shaya vo bhi nahi.

    • parsh

      Friends yaha sabko hamse problem he to hum chat keliye D3 ke update pe ja sakte he, vaha 0 comments hoti he kisiko problem nahi hoga

  30. Ritu

    Ppl over here hav creatd a kind f bond between them wch is nt seen on any update page. Dis is a kind f fun n this cnt be said as nonsense evn I tot d same b4 bt wen I got in touch wd these ppl I feel hpy

  31. parsh

    Samairaa,RS, daksh, aisha and gc i will miss u all after this show also. You all r my best buddies here πŸ™‚

  32. Daksh

    Gud mrng to all SH fans !!
    Hv a nice day & keep njoin my compny till I m here —so keep smiling πŸ™‚
    @ Ritu answered well, gud job

  33. parsh

    gc di exam acchi ja rahi he, and i agree with your above comments. SH pahle se thoda boring ho raha he lekin as a loyal SH/ Sandhir/ and parsh fan main isse dekhungi end tak πŸ™‚

  34. Hey sab ko hud wala mrng!
    Hi achu
    C ppl, v may b using this as a personal chat,but v hqve created a sort of bonding of friendship here. U cant c it in any other serial w/u.
    And those r finding shq track boring- arrey yaar, ab itna romantic ho raha hain aur aap log….dont worry, i think jaldi hi twist aaega.
    But keeep watching ha?
    And guyz, please go slow……slow…..slow…..
    Weekend hai re baba….last weekend u have 2 do this….plzzzz….iss tue ko hi 25th nov hai. Once v do 1500 on 25th nov, u cn do till that or more.

  35. parsh

    Noopur agree with u, on 25 th nov only hi, bye and SH comments main 10 min me 10 comments to kar hi sakti hun and accounts is so easy rather than other subs so i can be here for 10-15 mins.

  36. parsh

    And i have lot of time because i can’t watch tv in college day, i can onlywatch it in vaccation. And for watching serial it takes half hour and for reading update only 5 min na.

  37. afra

    Hi guys gud mrng!! πŸ™‚ u guys gave a good answer for them. Ab dekhinge kiski jurrat hoti hai is cmnt page par ungli uthane ki πŸ˜‰

  38. sc

    I agree with gray and randhir
    Daksh u better mind your business and keep talking to stupid girls here.Ritu I know u are innocent bt keep yourself away from this people orelse u are also a stupid and brainless
    Saddahuqrox you dont behave as if u are producer of show

  39. afra

    I agree wid u parsh mai bhi sirf TU par hi update padhthi. Waise toh mai aaj tak tv par SH sirf ek baar hi dekhi πŸ™

  40. Daksh

    Wht do u think of urself —Supreme Court ??? Thn do hell wid dat. I think u jst came here to see our conmnts nt to read written update & if u r so intelligent thn y r u wastin ur so called smart mind by commntin on brainless ppl (wht u think abt us n exactly v r nt cz its u).
    N wht do u knw abt producer of d the shw …r u 1 ??? Dis shw & site is running cz fans like us made dis possible nt bcz such stupid n dumb ppl like U.
    I advise u to jst watch d shw or read update n use ur mind @ which u r bst don’t waste it here by saying nonsense…as I think u mst b a grl who has many dreams to follow so 4 thm bst of luck .

  41. RS

    Hiiii sc & Tu team !!
    How are you guys ??
    Busy in making new strategies….
    Aur tamari himat kaise hui girls ko stupid khne ki ?
    I think tume sh jroor dekna cahiya MCP

  42. randhir

    Samidha name ki ladki sirf SH ke tu pe aati he because of u all people. Uski comments padhne jesi nahi hoti. And saddahaqrox usne tumhare bareme itana kaha fir bhi tum yaha personal batte share karti ho. Friends this not safe place for personal discussion.

  43. RS

    No reply πŸ™
    It’s Okk
    Parsh all the best for exam πŸ™‚
    Hv a nice day guys πŸ™‚
    Be happy sc & tu team 1 member is going 4 ever & no need to thanks me !!

  44. [email protected] changer

    @Randhir,sc…i know u guyz just want us nt to chat is this the way to keep ur point…randhir ,samidha yaha sirf apni cheap mentality ki wajah se aati hai aur wo yaha tab bhi aati thi jab koi prsnl topic pr baat nahi krta tha aur wo koi yaha hume kuch nahi kehti balke apne cheap thoughts yaha pr share krti thi just for the sake of fun….
    and @sc u cant say something like diz about anyone…dnt u have lil manners…

  45. randhir

    This is not safe place for personal discussion, can’t u understand. This is open place. THINK ON IT. Mostly girls are here, can’t u think about your safety.

  46. randhir

    Par samidha yahi kyu aati he baki serials ke TU pe kyu nahi. Yaha aap log chat karte ho isiliye na. Main SC ki tarah aapse fight karna nahi chahta. I am telling you this as a friend.

  47. [email protected] changer

    @randhir i know its nt safe place…bt agr aap log ko apni baat kehni hi hai to aise kya samidha jaise ladki ko beech me larahe ho…ham log yaha chat krte hai bt we r nt like samidha..i just hate the people like hr..mujhe to samajh nahi aata yar k kisi (samidha) ki mentality itni cheap kaise hosakti hai

  48. [email protected] changer

    @Randhir samidha jaise log sirf yahi nahi aate pehle bhi beinteha k wu pr bhi aise log aa chuke hai …hum log sare wu to nahi padhte na

  49. [email protected] changer

    ok randhir…we will take care of it next time no more prsnl chat..

  50. randhir

    I want to say that usne saddahaqrox ke bare me jo kaha vo usse kisi ayr ke bare me bhi kah sakti he. We know the reality but some people believe that.

  51. [email protected] changer

    ok rd i m sorry…..i could nt get ur point..

  52. [email protected] changer

    @randhir mujhe pata tumhara irada kisi ko hurt krne ka nahi tha ……bt u should say sorry to @saddahaqrox ur cmnt rgrding samidha will hrt hr a lot….
    and she is my frnd to kisi wajah se hrt ho mujhe bilkul achcha nahi lagega

  53. randhir

    Ok, i am really sorry saddahaqrox, mera intention tumhe hrt karne ke nahi the. I am really sorry but aap logo ko samzane keliye maine kaha.

  54. Sabse pehle toh @sc, Thank u fr reminding me tht im not the producer of the show n im a brainless fool. The ppl who stood up fr me- thnx a lot guyz but unke kehne se main brainless ni ho iaaungi. And i may not b the producer of shq, but i AM the director of 25th nov celebrations and every1 here supports me so there mr sc!
    Guyz, c, ham yahaan koi itni bhi prsnl baate share ni karte…..thank u @ randhir fr being concernes abt us, but i dont think anyone hs gotta worry. The most prsnl things we hv shared till now is our state where v live! Ussey kya hoga?
    And for all the MALE CHAUVNIST PIGS like @sc, i cn only reccommend u to watch the show.
    And plz, no one is gonna leave the forum bcoz of such stupid MCPs…its my order!! Hehe
    Bhai, u ok na? Plz calm down….
    Noopur πŸ˜‰

  55. randhir

    Thanks saddahaqrox. And agar 25 th ko only SH par chat hogi to i am also there πŸ™‚ can i come director of celebration.

  56. No, u can not come on 25th as director, coz u have 2 come as a participant!!!!!!! πŸ˜€
    And it us imperative that u participate in the competitions. Me and @sandhir fan r d judges n i expect 2 c sum of ur entries tht day!
    All d best!

  57. sc

    @Randhir So what’s wrong it’s not a dubbed serial k!!! It’s remake k!!! It’s not tat easy adapt a american series and remake according to our culture!! In what SH is different story? A same old girl having same old orthodox parents!!! Same old love story b/w two lovers????
    Bt there is only one Revenge and one Ek hasina thi!!! If talent is there outside our country, What’s wrong in appreciating it???

    • sc

      Even SH is a same old love story of a classmates!!!! Just changing name and some situations it doesn’t mean tat it’s original!!!

  58. @Apple,
    WELCOME 2 TU!!!!!
    Myself- noopir. Official welcomer of TU.
    A male chauvnist pig doesnt NECESSARILY have to b a man. Even females who degrade other femeles can b called mcps n they r worse thn other male mcp. But as i dont wanna waste my time n our precious cmmnts talking to u, i will stop.
    Whoever ws asking where kaustu went-
    Kaustuki’s mom apparently is terminally ill so she has gone home

  59. Aisha

    ARe you mad @sc ?? If you don’t like this show atleast don’t talk bad about it !! K !! * lol i hate writing k instead of ok *

  60. nid

    Spoilers Alert

    Monday/Tuesday: RD crashes at Sanyukta’s place as he has nowhere to go. Sanyukta may get into trouble if her neighbors spot him

    Wednesday: Priyali is intimidated by Rajveer. Randhir is spotted leaving Sanyukta’s room by someone in the society.

    Thursday: Sanyukta is made to cover extra classes at TCC, and Rajveer messes with her.

    Friday: RD spots Rajveer messing with Sanyukta, and fights with him. Sanyukta’s job is in danger.

  61. steffie

    Daksh u got me LOL sc- supreme court:) God knows who gave such people (sc) 2 pass such derogatory comments

  62. sc

    u guys are just pigs k.
    N many bit*hes are here who are back of a dog like daksh
    There are many pm sites k go n do chat there why bark here
    Steffie stand infront of mirror and open your middle fingre I mean **** yourself !LOL!

  63. Nidhi di, lemme thank u fr d spoilrs b4 i start my shouting.
    1) Ritu di, U R NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!!!
    Dont leave bcoz of such ppl….they r not worth it.
    N i think i guessed why @sc is coming here.
    See, this person may belong 2 some other w/u….where not many ppl comment.N he/she wants 2 bring down our comments as well by making ppl like ritu di to leave. So, NO ONE IS GONNA LEAVE THIS FORUM, UNDERSTAND?????
    Ps-Guyzzz! Comments! Slow down please!

  64. Daksh

    @ For dear SC
    I think u tried it many times wht u r askin to do to Steffie.
    1 thing is 4 sure u observed a lot abt me .
    A/w u r getting jealous of me here bcz of my frnd following …..u r welcm if u wanna join us or r u jst a attention sick ??

  65. U r right afra dii.
    And ab 299 cmmnys ho gye hain. Jo bhi 300th cmmnt karega usse meri tarafse DAANT PADEGI!!!!

  66. sc

    Aisha you don’t try to become innocent I have seen your comments in which you spoke about mother-child relation cheapster
    And suddahuqrox dont dare to warn me.Ritu you just run away bi*ch
    And you daksh keep barking k so that someone will feed you pedigree!!!
    And you people AN and afra just run off k dont freak me out

  67. Daksh

    Hey sc I knw I can’t match ur level in dis bullshit or rather ur low mentality cz I m nt frm such a background u belong to, who don’t even tell u hw to talk to others.
    Jst think abt it —
    If u treat well to us thn v feel happy to welcm u bt if u can’t thn jst b quiet we respect it,
    if u belong to a sensible family thn do it otherwise we can understand y r u here not more thn a cat dog fight .

  68. Bhai, please keep calm,k?
    He’s not worth it. He, coz no woman can degrade other women. Its ok, ham sab usse ignore karenge toh woh apne aap chala jaaega.
    U dont need 2 speak to him bhai!!!!
    Hey aaj if pe kaun kaun hai? Lets create a new thread and chat there!

  69. @AN and @parsh, its ok dont freak out…..such ppl r not worth it. Just ignore him
    Bhai is handling him na let him do it. Aisha, dont take tension of sc’s cmmnt whn u read it. Ppl who cant respect the relation of a mother n child do not deserve any relation with anyone.
    (Ofcourse jab baat hamaare randhir singh shekhavat ki ho toh baat alag hain πŸ˜‰ )

  70. smart boy

    @sc tera problem kya hai..q abuse kr raha tu in girls ko..bhai izzat nahi krta girlz ki to abuse to mat kr……abhi sorry bol in ko

  71. saddahaqrox

    Hey!!!!!! Fawad, right?! Long time!
    I remember u……..
    toh bataiye…..aaj kaise aana hua? Iss baar hame join kar rhahe ho ya phirse koi kaam hai? πŸ™

  72. saddahaqrox

    iss khushi me toh koi thread pe aa jjao maine pichle pg pe link diya hain

  73. smart boy

    yar @sc mai ne tujhe bhai q kaha tu mera bhai nahi hosakta.kitna shameless hai yar tu koi aise kuch kisi ladki k bare me wo bhi open forum pr.kaise keh sakta hai yr.shame on u..

  74. smart boy

    no @saddahaqrox mai yaha join hone nahi aaya.bus thoda bor raha tha isliye aaya tha pr is sc ki comments dekh kr mujhe achcha nahi laga is liye comment kr diya..

  75. gary

    @everyone, guys i was not aware that my comment will open a pandora’s box… my only intent was to suggest you all to talk more abt the SH n less abt other things…

    @ritu, by nonsense…i meant what’s is this race of being 1st, 2nd, 3rd… Comments on almost all updates start with this race..i’m not sure what device you use, but for me reading it on a phone is real pain…u know, what i mean..turning pages again and again..

    @TU Team,
    Thanks for maintaining this website… I started watching SH only this August n was so captivated to know abt the past of this show… Thanks to TU, i read the entire story here in flat 3 days πŸ™‚ it’s was like reading a novel…

    @sc, though you supported by comment, like others I also condemn this kinda conversation which you started. For God sake, pls stop now…

  76. saddahaqrox

    category ‘c’ under ‘creatives’
    C) The Episode Review Award- Write us a funny or a serious episode review, on the episode of 25th or 24th of November…..or else, post a review frm if or fb…..but it must b mentioned clearly that whether u hv written the review urself or posted frm if or fb. Same goes fr the os comps the must b mentioned clearly and also fr d vms

  77. saddahaqrox

    I know, this race kinda irritates me too, lekin kya kare, they like it na, n they r all our frndz only so let them have their bit of fun….we’ll just skip those cmmnts!

  78. saddahaqrox


  79. RS

    Hii frnds !!
    Parsh or Daksh koi b hai to please help me muje batao k If par login krne k bad kya kro pleaseeeeee ???

  80. Aisha

    what the hell !!! @sc can u please tell me where i have written bad about mother – child relationship ??? U cheapster !!! R u mad ?? I think u r really a mental patient !!! Its such a bad blame on me !! I can’t even think of doing that ! What r u saying cheapo …. blo*dy damn ediot !!

  81. Daksh

    guys nw plz stop all nonsense abt SC as she is no more here. I think she understood wht I told her .
    So fr nw don’t forget ur manners & behave like a nice human being.
    “keep smiling wid Micky :-)” as I m here nw .

  82. rihaan

    Hi guys good to hear u after long days…….oye punjab ki kudi rs “oye ki haal oye!!”….punjabi nahi sikhayegi???…shraddha kaisi ho????….

  83. saddahaqrox

    shraddha r Uthere??? aapki behen aai thi….IF pe…….
    plz aap bhi aa jaao na IF pe bohoth bore ho ra hain
    lekin yahaan cmmnt mat karna,
    iss page pe maine jo bhi linksdiye hain who dodo dekhna PLZZZZZ

  84. rukhsarguy

    Guyz cn any1 tel me kaise yeh yariyan khnse american story ke copy h
    I dnt thnk ke yeh copy hai
    agr hai tho i wnt to knw it
    Tel me plz ……waitng 4 ur rply

  85. sc

    And one thing Aisha you were asking where did u comment that.
    it is seen on the page of bigg boss8. 14th nov k
    So dont act smart you used slangs f***ing b***h

  86. afra

    Hi evry1 πŸ™‚
    thank god ye dog bark karna band kiya πŸ˜‰ society me sab ko relieve hogaye πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  87. Ash

    Noopur i really never expected u to say that to me !!!! I never thought in my dreams also !!! That was not me ! I never wrote that comment some1 else copied my name cuz he / she saw that i hate gutam ….

  88. Aisha

    And if u still don’t believe me u can go to bb8 tu and read 18 nov comments !! And yeah bye guys cuz here no1 believe me …. And don’t understand that i m afraid n thats why i m going ….

  89. Aisha

    If any1 still has doubt go to ye hai mohabbatein tu …. And see !! I have never written a single bad word to any1 ….

    But wait first i have a news 2 share-

  91. WW

    Hii Guys
    Hum sab ko pta hai Aisha is 12 years old, Abi vo bachii hai usne agar abusive language use ki hai bb8 tu par to vo usne kisi k comment ko copy kiya hai,
    Use us comment ka meaning b nhi pta hoga so please use galat mat samjo
    & u Aisha tum bachii ho so b like that jab tak kisi comment ki samaj na aye don’t copy that…

  92. Aisha dear,
    C, i neva said anything 2 u. I was just so irked by the negativity in that forum. I was just shocked ki apparently-pls note, APPARENTLY- u had used such bad words. And i just said, here also n in IF also 2 every1 that OUR forum is so much bettr thn forums tht spread such negativity……. M sooooooo sowwie that hurt u Aisha plz dont go or else even i will leave pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  93. Aishaaaaaa
    Please na dont misunderstand me i trust u a lot dear maine woh unke liye kahaan tumhare liye mere aise koi feelings ni hain i m really sorry……mujhe maaf ni karna mat karo lekin plz jaao mat….

  94. Ye SH writer TCC aur randhir sanyukta ko hostel ke baher dikhakar show ka rank nicche la rahe he. Vardhan is necessary part of SH but he is on maharana pratap’s shooting. SH boring hota ja raha he plz change the story line.

  95. saddahaqrox


  96. Achu n every1 else,
    Ek baar bolne se baat samajhme ni aati?
    Yahaan koi ni hain aap ko chodke….and IF pe sablog chat kar rahe hain jaao aap bhi yahaan kya kar rahe ho???

  97. Daksh

    Gud mrng frnds
    Hey punjabi kudi ki haal h tere ?? N
    y don’t u join us @ IF ???
    & Noopur bachha mujhe kon reqst bhejega ??? πŸ™‚
    Keep smiling πŸ˜€

  98. Daksh tum aur rihaan bhai ho kya, dono bhi Mr india ban jate ho, sirf vo tumse jyada der gayab hota he. And tum dono bhi RS ko panjabi kudi bolte ho πŸ˜€

  99. RS

    Hii frnds
    Mera haal vadia ne Daksh πŸ™‚
    Guys pehla TU ki lat (addiction) lgi hoyi hai & ab main IF ki addicted nhi hona cahti thi so…..that’s why I didn’t join u on IF
    Best wishes for exam Parsh

  100. saddahaqrox

    arrey @RS ,,,,,,,
    TU ki addiction ham sabko hain n IF pe jo log hain unhe IF ki bhi addiction hain
    toh aap samajhlo na ke IF doosra TU hain coz sab waha bhi jaate hain!
    u hv amazing self-control, I must say
    Bhai, aapka username pata ho toh mai request bheju na aapko!

  101. afra

    Sab juniors(i mean in age) toh tareef ke khaabil hai, yaar tum log is age me net use karre πŸ™‚ aur hame aap ki age me books, books aur sirf books hi surround kare hue rahte the πŸ™ πŸ™ am i ri8? maine kuch galat bola seniors??

  102. saddahaqrox

    haha bet u guyz thought @bulbl was a newbie hehe
    THAT WS MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    actually, @samaira n me have thought up pet names fr each other….she is titli n I m bulbul. So I thought o having sum fun with u guyz XD
    c! this tme I did not let the cmmnts get past 500 EVEN THOUGH It was a weekend… so smart na!
    ab DT ki mentor hu toh smart banna hi padega na?
    hehe just kidding lol
    got my STUPID Dance class now s gotta go guyzzzz
    afra di, aap correct bol rahe ho though I m one o the juniors… 13!!!!!!!!
    hahaha lol
    bye guyz c u in 2dayz written update!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.