Sadda Haq 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir says to parth we have to kick ranawat from our position. He doesn’t do anything and get the credit. parth says we won because of him toady. randhir says tomorrow sanyu will says that we won everything because of him. he keep taunting on us. we need to get rid of him. We have to prove the team how useless ranawat is.

Sanyu call anju. The team comes to canteen. they all celebrate together. Judges are sitting there as well. randhir says the task was exciting it would be awesome if the mentors partiicapte as well. sahil says wow good idea. Vidushi says we will know which team has better mentor. Judge says to other does this happen? the other says the idea isn’t bad. mentors are part of dream team.
Anju is not picking up the call. anju calls her back, she can’t

breathe. she says sanyu my head hurts, she faints. sanyu goes running to the house. she calls randhir. She says please drop me home its urgent. Ragini comes, randhir says i am busy sanyu i cant come. raghini asks who was it? he says an old friend. she says what did you want to say about karan? Randhir says i talked to his surgeon he is recovering very fast but he will stay there until he recovers completely. i know this is strong and you can do this. whenever you feel low you can have me. Raghini says thanks randhir. Randhir says karan was like my brother? She says was? he says he is not with us right now.

Sanyu is on her way, she says nothing will happen to you maa. randhri calls sanyu she cancels the call. sanyu comes home and sees that anju is fine and truv is sitting with her. anju says i feel like i am sitting with my mom in law. sanyu says thank God you are fine. Anju says thruv is here to take care of me dont worry. thruv says to sanyu her tumor has spreaded we have to operate very soon. sanyu says do whatever you think is right. please will do what you want. He says you have to put in efforts as well. sanyu saysa thanks a lot, she is sobbing. Thruv hugs her. He says calm down it will be fine. sanyu says i am really cared Anju sees them hugging. he says i know its tough but can’t give up, he leaves.
sanyu comes to anju, anju says i will be fine. my soldier daughter got emotional. why did you call me? sanyu says i won the take. anju is glad to know that.

sanyu comes and hears the team planning against ranawat. sanyu says what the hell is is. yoyo says yes we have this plan, sanyu says we have won the task because of him. randhir i dont need to learn from loser. sanyu says you are arrogant and self obsessed. he says go sit with him if you are on his side.
Sanyu comes and sees ranawat working on the team. he says there shouldn’t be in mm gap. sanyu says if you had not asked us to make the nest we would not have wont this. you are important for us we need you. I dont know your past but you have to win the task for us please. if you dont win they will fire you, i know you are a genius, i want the world to know that.

Scene 2
next morning, judge says the mentors will have to increase the speed by 200. Ranawat is not there. dean says pkc where is he? randhir says sir do you realize how tortured you i request you to hire a new mentor. judge ays chauhan yu can start working now. Ranawat comes in and says dont be hasty. he says to chauhan are you making the engine or the engine is making you? Chauhan says i dnt make people wait. ranawat starts working on the bike. Ranawt has some grease on his hand, he starts being strung up. he throws that away and screams.

Preacap-judge says pairs have to melt the tasks and their hands will be bound. Randhir says sanyu come from here its on fire. sanyu says i wont come without completing, she faints.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. rohan

    As expected anju tell sanyu to marry thruv ….randhir deserves better girl than that selfish sanyu….

    • shenaz

      C rohan sanyu ko koi sapna nahi gir raha hai ki rd ki lyf me itna kuch ho gaya OK n sayu ki lyf me bhi bahut kuch ho raha hai par vo rd ko tho apne lyf me personal problems me involve kar rahi hai na par rd ne usse indirectly involve kiya hai aur jab rd ko kuch ho gaya tho raghini ki sari jimedari sanyu par aa jaygi to keep her safe anyhw randhir jab usse indirectly itne badi problem me involve kiya hai tho vo directly kyu nahi kar sakta ha wt does he think of himself ha problem me sayu bhi aaigi just bcoz of him she will b in huge troblem n she is not knowing only d main reason of being in dat trouble I mean wowh ryt n u r calling her selfish u r thoroughly grt

  2. shenaz

    Haaaaw rohan sanyu selfish rd is dat n anyways thruv n raghini r not going to marry sandhir dey r going to bring dem more close dujoy datta said dat by tweeter

  3. shenaz

    New entry in shw

    Rohit sharma as namit in shw will b parths cousin n a big firlt in d shw n will flirt with vids n parth will get jealous seeing dat n will rome shirtless in d shw. He is a newcomer n is a fantastic dancer

  4. shenaz

    Rd is not saying anything to her about karan bcoz doc told rd to not tell her she is still not dat well to listen to his death news otherwise she will also die n rd has promised karan dat he will tc of raghini so he is doing all dis I know dey have created a new difference scene for sandhir I m also not lyking it I want my sandhir back n always happy

  5. shenaz

    I mean rohan u r progressing here n ha if I remember 1st tho u was not also chating with any1 here but 2dy u chated with me tk u for dis

  6. shenaz

    Tk u for saying ki nyc track is going on warna itne sare rude comments sun k tho I was feeling really sad for sh team dey r doing so much n every1 wants dem to close d shw saying it all rubush I mean y

  7. shenaz

    Yup niha she according to d new promo she will faint she is really very stubborn n hard to b handled by any1

  8. shenaz

    Anusha u r asking d same question agn n agn I think by mistake it s OK it happens sometimes

  9. shenaz

    Anusha u know very soon dere will b a new entry in d shw of parths coursin bro naimit he is a big firlt in d shw n will firlt with vids n parth will get jealous seeing dat hahaha really waiting for dis to cum

  10. shenaz

    Hi Nisha n anusha sry but I have to go it is my job par going ka time
    Anusha its OK sweety tumhare tension lene se results change nahi hoga some1 really said dis n I feel it is ryt don’t think about past it bring tears don’t think about future it bring fears so live in present n enjoy d day fully from ur heart as it is also ur part @ anusha I hope dis will work for u

  11. shenaz

    Yes swthrt I had my lunch
    Nisha meet my old friend Aisha
    Hey Aisha feeling so gud to see u aft so many days hw r u ? wtsup? N did u had lunch sweety

  12. Aisha malya

    Me too shenaz … M fine dear n had my lunch too … How r u dear n ya where are the oldies yaar i miss my sisters very much !

  13. shenaz

    I m also missing dem all sweetie but no1 cums here only me n Nisha r available over here everyday hahaha
    I m to gud sweetie

  14. Aisha malya

    He is really handsome …and u know his real name is manik talwar which gave me a big vaala shock !

  15. shenaz

    I know only 2 from ur list noopur n afra n missing dem but mostly I missed sanyukta named girl

  16. shenaz

    Y his name gave u a big shock n I now every1 real name swthrt which is on sh set u know very soon a new entry in shw n he has coregraph d dance for d new entry

  17. Aisha malya

    Actually there were many people named sanyukta here … One of them was sanyu di i miss her very much …

  18. shenaz

    I m saying about her only she stays near Mumbai central na den she is d 1 if not den no

  19. Aisha malya

    Shenaz do u have an account of india forums ? I guess noopur di is a member there …

  20. Aisha malya

    Ya i have read some one shots of sandhir … But i don’t understand them yaar they r really difficult to understand …

  21. shenaz

    OK den read a os suggested by me LOVE STORY OF ANGEL N DEVIL its awesome n I think u will understand it n 1 more CHINESE WHISPER dey r really gud 1’s

  22. shenaz

    No no Nisha u also can chat with us sweety u can ask Aisha about herself as u know me all hahaha

  23. shenaz

    I asked bcoz some1 named dat came n said hii n den vanished see above comments for dat n ha v r not vanishing away dr

  24. shenaz

    Actually I’m talking to sana on mails now n u both over here so my reply can cum late drs

  25. Liya

    Yeah sis nd [email protected]…oh k shenaz.

  26. Aisha malya

    M back … I read chinese whisper shenaz … It was really awesome thanks for tellin dear … Hey nish m from bangaluru ..

  27. Liya

    Sis u [email protected]

  28. shenaz

    I know it was perfect first but bcoz all were drunk so dey said anything to any1 sabse funny was tho jiggy he said kisi ke chacha ne kisi ki chachi ko chata

  29. Aisha malya

    So sorry i commented on the wrong page … I will kill bhai he is irritatin me ! Huh

  30. shenaz

    I was lyk wt was dat chaha a dog hahaha really funny
    But d other 1 is emotional dr I’m sure u will cry in it
    OK bye liya swthrt c u soon sweety luv u ummah dr

  31. shenaz

    Hey Nisha y don’t u also try Chinese whisper n love story of angel n devil dese r really gud onces

  32. shenaz

    Its an os just type on Google sandhir os on Chinese whisper n aft u get dat read it it is lyk fan written stories of sandhir

  33. shenaz

    N aft u finish dis 1 den type sandhir os lovestory of Angel n devil it is a emotional os os means one shoot OK n it is written by fans OK

  34. shenaz

    OK dr enjoy reafing n ha also finish ur work n meet me soon swthrt aft all dis tc bye luv u see u soon jaan um ah tata

  35. Aakash

    hey guys i love this show but have problem watching the video. can any one provide me good link from where i can download or watch it online all the episode

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