Sadda Haq 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun is in cafe, a girl says get lost creep. I have never seen someone like you. arjun says you are lucky joy you didn’t get into this.
Peon asks kritika to open the door, he says Kishor agarwal has sent it. Kritika says. I am in a hurry. Randhir says I will take it in, you can go. Kritika says yes please I am getting late. Thank you. She leaves.
Randhir takes the parcel in and opens it. He finds some sport like clothes, engineering files, books, photo albums. He says why would he send her all this? This is of no use now. He sees the ring he gave her. He sees the gift he made for her. Randhir says I need to find something useful. Sanyu knocks on the door. Open it, ssanaya are you in? Randhir says I can’t get a better chance than this. HE calls sanyu from his phone. Sanyu wonders why would he call me. She picks the call, randhir doesn’t say anything. He packs up everything and leaves from window. Randhir says you never used brain on right now.

Randhir checks the file has has taken from that parcel. It has some x rays. He finds medical bills of 2 years. He says I am sure something has happened that no one knows. He finds discharge letter, these bills are all of parth. He says what is all this doing with sanyu? I am sure there is something going on. I will find her intentions out. He gets a call, he picks and says if I am not picking that means I am busy sanyu. Sanaya hangs up and says sanaya not sanyu.
She comes in and sees sanyu checking her parcel.

Sanyu comes to aryan and says are you spying on me? Yes I went to shikhawat mansion. I would have told you if you asked because I am doing this for my task. You will know any way what I do and where I am. she leaves. Aryan says I am doing this for your safety. Sanyu says why doesn’t he understand. Anyway I have to focus on my task. I have to find that workshop.
Randhir calls hospital and tries to connect to doctor but they don’t. He says I think I have to go there. He collides with sanyu. He hides the file. Sanyu says I am sorry I didn’t know.. He leaves.

Precap-Sanyu comes to the place. The man says its a car crash site. Randhir was different from others. It looked like he used to go on suicide mission every day. Like he was mad on cars because of someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. karina

    The story is getting interesting day by day i like it…cant wait for sandhir hug…i wish the CVs bring parth and vids back in the show i miss vidarth a lot…

  2. Rd must also find out about sanyu. Even she was not happy at that time ryt. And if PG is needed in isrc then even Rd don’t have it ryt.

  3. Aahna

    I m really disappointed,,, I usually only read the written updates but today I watch the show specially for sandhir hug but it doesn’t happen???
    But alteast it was confirmed that rd love our Sanyu only ……
    I m waiting eagerly when rd get to know the truth …surely after that he will try to win his Sanyu love and regrets and never ever doubt on Sanyu again?
    sry for long comment

  4. Feeling really really bad for Aryan yaar ?? what is is mistake I really wanna kill cv’svright now .. Ashwini is a brilliant actor he doesn’t deserve to be a parallel lead we all know that at the end it will be sandhr only then why they forcefully make sanyukta moving on with aryan ? I just wanna ask you guys didn’t you feel it’s just unfair I don’t know about others but for me Ashwini is just like Param ! I like both but seriously he doesn’t deserves Sadda haq. He is brought for a love triangle but now it’s just going unfair .. It’s totally OK that sandhir is on but w all know at last aryan has to be paired up with that irritating Sanaya ?
    Why if they can replace her then pls for god sake replace her or replace both of them by Parth and Vidushi .. Otherwise sadda haq has come to its track now .. Loving sandhir but hating Aryukta spilt ? love Aryukta ??

    • Poor Aryan…………….
      But Sanaya is acute grl

      Hopeeee she will be happy with him too

      Right now it’s a confusion fr all.
      Cause Aryukta is a good couple.they understand each other.

      But Sandhir were d best……
      Are the beeeest
      Will be best…..

      Don’t know how Sanyu manages to cntrll him………
      Good going SH
      Missing Vidhart…………..
      Luv u guys priya, aahana niraja, karina, nikki, princess, suranjana, himanshi, aish hey wlcm to our group….
      Sonam, aditi, pihu, roshni, anshu, ayeesha, sreelaxmi, sahanki, megha, sindhu, preeti, shreya , naresh and nisha……..
      Sry fr such aong comment

  5. U guys were rite the hug seen will come at Friday
    So boring ep. Once again no parth and vidushi scense I m really missing them. Sh written make biggest mistake by get vidushi and ankit married.
    Any way the precap look interesting

  6. Himanshi

    Hi gys m also a big fan of sadda haq, i know love never dies. Im happy to see sandhir together. But m sad for aryan as well bcz he will be going through the feeling that I have gone through, thats one sided love which is never possible, i can totaly understand the pain. But m happy as i moved on in my life. Anyways i love read your comments. I m going to 12th, i hope ull not mind my long comment! Sry.

    • karina

      Dear the link is not working πŸ™ at least for me is not πŸ™ but thanks for posting though…

  7. aish karthik

    hi…. i wanna join in this group … i like to read your comments daily and has changed in to my usual habit day by day…

  8. sonam

    The scene which is shown in last episode’s precap is not shown in this
    I had madly waited for sandir scenes since two days and it is not shown

    • karina

      It will come on friday dear…according to spoilers sandhir hug is on friday…so we have to wait πŸ™

  9. Aditi

    precap mein sandhir ka hugging scene tha na..but aaj k epi mein to aisa kuch nhi hua…??can any1 plz tell me about it

  10. wow !! the part where rd finds the gift made by sanyu was awsome …. he still has feelings 4 her !! πŸ™‚ :*

    but aryuktha….. will miss them… πŸ™
    i thought that in today’s epi there will be fridays precap … but no… πŸ™

  11. Pihu

    Sandhir hug????
    Waiting for it… Want some aryukta scenes n jealous rd… Really missing aryukta… Feeling sad for aryan…
    Want vidarth back in SH…
    And yipieee rd still loves our sanyu… πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  12. Suranjana Bhattacharya

    I thng the biggest mistake is being a vidarth or parth or vidushi fan..majority only cares fr sandhir..n wants parth bck only to tell randhir the truth..or vidushi to spice up thr story…
    I m so done with this show…

    • karina

      Hey dear i know ur dissapointed and u are right the CVs are just dumb for removing vidarth from the show…honestly if i wouldnt have been a sandhir fan i probably would have stopped wathing the show coz they dont show vidarth anymore…i love vidarth as much as i love sandhir and im so pissed off coz CVs arent showing them πŸ™ my only consolation about vidarth is when i read the ff posted here….i feel like im seenig vidarth again when i read the ff although its not the same as when u see them in the show…the CVs need to wake up and bring vidarth back…dear the fans of vidarth are still messeging the CVs for bringing vidarth back or they stopped? pls dont stop guys spam their twitter or fb acc till they get our vidarth back πŸ™

      • Suranjana Bhattacharya

        Dear on twitter thr r some fans who still fr parth or vidushi’s return??majority are only asking fr sandhir..vidarth fans r jst done with the show

    • Heard that ankit will be playing as lead in vishkanya in zee tv show.. its not yet confirmed but he has auditioned for it. so maybe he will not continue in sadda haq

      • karina

        No dear that news is from long ago…and as far as i know Ankit didnt take up that show…someone correct me if im wrong…Suranjana dear u read something about it lately ?

      • Suranjana Bhattacharya

        No ankit is not doing the show n vir rana is the lead of the show vishkanya
        secondly ankit n nisha’s name r still in cast list of SaddaHaq.
        And this is what I know

    • karina

      Thanks for clearing my doubt Suranjana dear…lets hope for the best although im starting to think the totally forgot about vidarth πŸ™

  13. Pihu

    Sandhir hug??? Now on friday…
    Missing aryukta…
    Want some aryukta scenes n jealous rd….
    Missing viidath too…
    N yipiee rd still love our sanyu…. πŸ˜‰ :-X πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • karina

      Sandhir hug will come on friday as per the spoilers πŸ™ and im also missing vidarth badly πŸ™

  14. ayeesha

    what is this…. they didn’t show the hug scene,why????
    god… we all waited so long for that scene….
    feeling very bad….

  15. Himanshi

    Sorry gys i had a break fr some time helping mom in kitchen! Haha..
    thanx karina di(sis) fr asking ill definitely join u gys

  16. Himanshi

    Actually as parth said life is pretty unpredictable, and s2 is also very unpredictable!
    I think show is on d right track now, so we have to wait a little bit.
    What say all of you?
    Ya i know i m new here, bt if u wann we can be frieds.

    • karina

      Of course we can be friends dear…thats why i welcomed u πŸ˜‰ and sure hope ur right and Parth will come back in the show but im really not so sure coz the CVs totally forgot about vidarth πŸ™

  17. Sanahki

    I don’t understand you guys. How can u love Sandhir and Aryukta. Are u really happy to see Sanyukta with 2 men she’s a woman with integrity she doesn’t need men in her life. Aryan loves hr but Sanyukta doesn’t feel the same way. For me the best thing for Sanyukta is to stay away from Aryan and not give him false hope.. They better hook Aryan with someone else cause he’s really getting obsess. Seeing today’s episode I wonder which gal will want a man who tracks her all the time! I know I don’t!! Is too creepy for me.. I miss Vidushi so much

    My poor Randhir has suffered so much to the point were he wanted to kill himself. I hope this time he’ll be happy

    I’m just enjoying Sandhir falling back together and this time forever.. I miss Vidushi so

    • karina

      Hey dear i get ur point and i totally agree with u…i also love sandhir…i dont have anything against Aryan as long as he remains only as a friend for Sanyu…and about Vidushi and Parth i also miss them a lot…im really dissapointed with CVs for not giving them scree space πŸ™ its such a pity…

    • ya sanakhi u r right … i too hv no prblm with them being frnds ! as sanyuktha i would also not be ready for another relationship…. but it will be cute if they were more like parth and sanyu… i mean like friends πŸ™‚

      • karina

        Yeah dear Nikki and thats why i miss Parth so much…him and Sanyu’s bonding was very special and missing Vids as well

  18. Yograj ,bk,screelakshmi,shreya. And all the members of sh family
    ….take out the blank
    ….turn off the light
    And gud nite
    Have a sweet dream
    . ,

  19. Megha Bisht

    Didn’t watch the shoe for a month. Really don’t knows what’s going on. Can someone tell me in short. Please

  20. preeti

    i want aryan to b with sanyu. nd sanaya n rNdhir to b togethr. dey r happy with each oder…. if rNdhir n sanyu comes back same things will repeat. ego clash etc etc…..m

    • I understand ur opinion. ….
      But if dere is no twist in the story How will it work……….
      Sandhir is our fav couplr not only bcoz of d scene but twists, turn nd masala

  21. Aishu karthik

    Yaar I thought sandhir couple was the best in season 1 but when after watching season 2 i changed my mind aryuktha is the best cause the way he comforts sanyuktha and the way he respect the women is too good… I like aryan very much.

  22. Himanshi

    Good morning to all of you, I am sorry preeti bt I know that they r happy even i also wished the same thing when s2 started but only aryan and sanaya love them bt not rd and sanyu. Because they already fell in love with each other so its impossible to forget their 1st love. Especially when they are face to face. I m feeling bad fr aryan yr such a good man. Sorry if i hurt u

  23. Himanshi

    Can all of u plz help me, here many people are elder than me, like karina di i m not asking your age but i m going to 12th so just tell me who is bigger than me? Princess rabia right? U don’t need to tell i know ur going to 10th

  24. Himanshi

    I love parth. And I wish if he could be back. And if cvs can see these comments i would like to inform them plz don’t hurt aryan like this i can’t see him crying like this. I wish understand randhir s love for sanyukta.

  25. Himanshi

    I mean if aryan could understand the situation and love of sandhir. Because he thinks rd doesn’t deserve sanyukta. But its not like that. And also i wish if aryan could get a nice pair

  26. Himanshi

    Hey megha i think if u want to see the previous episodes u can refer to hotstar and u will get every information there. I have also seen it.
    One more thing gys what about the trp? Coz i can’t watch it on TVno cable. I watch it on hothotstar

  27. yogiraj

    Yeah,sadda haq is on ryt’s interesting day by day…waiting for sndhir romance…nw definitely they knw each other… wt abt Aryan guys..??

  28. hi everyone ! i β™₯ reading ur comments !

    ….so friday’s precap we’ll get to see only on friday…. !! πŸ™

    & nisha nice pics yaar πŸ™‚

  29. Hey guyss m new in this grp n u couls say i might be the yougest out here jst 13.Bt ya m a great sandhir fan n love them both v much.hope u wont mind me joining the grp

  30. Hey guys!!!!!!i have been reading ur cmmnt since a v long time n want to join u people if u allow.I think i m the youngest one out here jst 13bt a great sandhir fan.The precap in not full it also has this part -sanyukta goes to randhir to talk abt his past where ranghir gets hurt by the machine’s spark n sanyukta gts concerned fr him.

  31. nisha

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo aparna himanshi karu

    Love u all deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    and yes himanshi you can call me di dear

    hey I ask something guyssssssssssssss above I give a link

    this is a spoiler of telly reviews for the first time telly update page they give us a sadda haq spoiler

    and I give the link the language is so mechanical

    can anyone describe it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  32. nisha

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ragini age doesn’t matter sweetheart

    What matter is we love sadda haq and each other too a lot

    love u dear and welcome

    • karina

      Hey cutie πŸ™‚ what u dont understand? Let me try to explain u…so Sanyu finds out that Rd’s mom passed away and she goes to give her support to Rd…at first he doesnt want her around him coz he thinks Sanyu is there only coz of simphaty but later on Sanyu hugs him and consols him and they come closer to each other…but now it comes the twist coz Aryan might find out that Rd is living in an orphanage…i guss its the same orphanage where Sanaya met him so now probably coz of Aryan we will again see misunderstandings b/w sandhir but after that i guess Rd will find out about Sanyu’s past coz he has to complet her task and i guess he ll find out what actually happened with Parth’s accident and then boom sandhir will come close again πŸ™‚

  33. nisha

    Maar daala alaah

    Maar daala alaah

    Iss latest promo ne gazab ye dhala

    khushi ne humaree hume eee eee eee e ee

    Maar daala alaah maar daala alaah

  34. nisha

    lovee u richu karu miss u suru jaldi aaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    sweetheart I give u parth pics

    what say

    suru: 1 pic see kaam nahi chalegaa

    nisha: ok 2 pic me adjust karlo yaar

    suru: no no no, aaj parth nahi aaya I need some more pics

    nisha: Ok aaj ke liye 1 se kaam chalaa lo tomorrow I give u another sweetheart

    hey suru I give above a gang pic in which ankit aka parth is also there

    they 3 are on goa trip enjoying holi

    Parth is coming dear now or in future episodes

    we should be thankful that sd if on air

    what if it is going off air then we can’t get any scenes whether it is parsh, parth vids ,yoyo, even ashwini aryukta

    neither any scenes nor sadda haq

    so I am happpy at least we can share our happiness and what we want in sd

    Smile meri jaan

    keep smiling


    Love u suru karu

  35. Himanshi

    Hey cutie nikki, plz tell me every one
    elder or younger?
    If u wish bcoz i really respect those who are elder

  36. Diya

    Hey guys. I’m Diya from kerala n addicted to sadda haq. It was so nice reading ur cmmnts. so can i join u all ?

  37. nisha





  38. Nisha ….
    U all can check the spoilers at tellyreviews of 21st March 2016….

    Fabulous.SanDhir share an emotional scenein SH 2…..

  39. Himanshi

    Nishu di link is not working, in my tab, wese unka matlab tha dat rd n sanyukta r meeting after so long so they will share an emotional moment may be in which they console each other.
    I think.

  40. Sanyu comes to met Randhir after coming to know about Randhirs moms demise…………………..continue reading on tellyreviews…..

    Pls do read

  41. karina

    Hey guys i know im probably sounding annoying but pls guys its a kind request pls check the ffs on Sadda Haq here on Tellyudates and pls comment ur views there…we have to support the authors to keep writting more coz its such a shame that an amazing show like SH doesnt have more ffs…other shows are full of it and SH only has 2 πŸ™ pls guys encourage the authors to write more and also enourage other ppl to start witting ffs on SH πŸ™‚

  42. nisha

    hey friends

    yes I have read the telly reviews and promo also its awesome and thanx karu himanshi richu

    heloooooo diya

    love u all

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz comments is 133 now make it to 200 guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    what say sweetheartssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  43. Himanshi

    Karina di i have read these ffs they are dam good. U r right the more people wil read n comment it will encourage more authors.
    Thanks princess fr telling me.
    I m also inspired by engineering and so my sub (pcm).
    Because of that only i started to watch sadda haq and fell for sandhir

  44. Chinnu

    Amazing start to the Sandhiricious week..
    The moment Randhir said, “Ladkiyaan engineering kar sakti hai ” the pictures changed on digital album… sandhir moments..he was emotional..

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