Sadda Haq 21st March 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Arjun is in cafe, a girl says get lost creep. I have never seen someone like you. arjun says you are lucky joy you didn’t get into this.
Peon asks kritika to open the door, he says Kishor agarwal has sent it. Kritika says. I am in a hurry. Randhir says I will take it in, you can go. Kritika says yes please I am getting late. Thank you. She leaves.
Randhir takes the parcel in and opens it. He finds some sport like clothes, engineering files, books, photo albums. He says why would he send her all this? This is of no use now. He sees the ring he gave her. He sees the gift he made for her. Randhir says I need to find something useful. Sanyu knocks on the door. Open it, ssanaya are you in? Randhir says I can’t get a better chance than this. HE calls sanyu from his phone.

Sanyu wonders why would he call me. She picks the call, randhir doesn’t say anything. He packs up everything and leaves from window. Randhir says you never used brain on right now.

Randhir checks the file has has taken from that parcel. It has some x rays. He finds medical bills of 2 years. He says I am sure something has happened that no one knows. He finds discharge letter, these bills are all of parth. He says what is all this doing with sanyu? I am sure there is something going on. I will find her intentions out. He gets a call, he picks and says if I am not picking that means I am busy sanyu. Sanaya hangs up and says sanaya not sanyu.
She comes in and sees sanyu checking her parcel.

Sanyu comes to aryan and says are you spying on me? Yes I went to shikhawat mansion. I would have told you if you asked because I am doing this for my task. You will know any way what I do and where I am. she leaves. Aryan says I am doing this for your safety. Sanyu says why doesn’t he understand. Anyway I have to focus on my task. I have to find that workshop.
Randhir calls hospital and tries to connect to doctor but they don’t. He says I think I have to go there. He collides with sanyu. He hides the file. Sanyu says I am sorry I didn’t know.. He leaves.

Precap-Sanyu comes to the place. The man says its a car crash site. Randhir was different from others. It looked like he used to go on suicide mission every day. Like he was mad on cars because of someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Actually this serial is very famous among teenagers. I m really impress of engineering by seeing this drama

  2. Karina di i have read these ffs they are dam good. U r right the more people wil read n comment it will encourage more authors.
    Thanks princess fr telling me.
    I m also inspired by engineering and so my sub (pcm).
    Because of that only i started to watch sadda haq and fell for sandhir

    1. Yup dear thy are really good 🙂 thanks for the support sweety 🙂

  3. Amazing start to the Sandhiricious week..
    The moment Randhir said, “Ladkiyaan engineering kar sakti hai ” the pictures changed on digital album… sandhir moments..he was emotional..

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