Sadda Haq 21st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 21st March 2014 Written Update

Vidushi expresses her feelings to Parth, but he rejects her. He apologizes to her in case if he gave any wrong hint to her, she has always been his friend since very start. Vidushi blames Sanyu for Parth rejecting her. He tries to tell her it’s nothing like that, but in vain. Vidushi cries.

Randhir is getting restless thinking about Sanyu and Parth’s closeness. YoYo is looking at Kastuki’s room’s window in hope to see her. Randhir joins him. He gives him tea. Randhir also looks at the window and wonder what’s wrong with him, why he’s looking at Sanyu’s room window. He wonders if YoYo mixed anything in tea. Parth passes from there and Randhir sees him.

In morning, Sanyu wakes up and doesn’t find Vidushi. Just then she comes. Sanyu sees

her upset and asks her if all okay and if she even slept. Vidushi says she didn’t wash her face properly last night, so she’s looking stressed out, but all okay. Sanyu remembers about Parth’s message and says she forgot about reviewing material that Parth asked her. Vidushi hears and doesn’t like it.

Randhir and Parth are doing their exercises. Jiggy is trying to do push-ups. He says one is superman, other is hitman, and he can’t even do one push-up. Parth tells him keep trying. Randhir taunts Parth (in normal tone) telling Jiggy if captain said, then it will surely happen. Nowadays he’s busy distributing knowledge among others. Parth can’t find his laptop. Randhir says to ask whom he was teaching last night.

In a classroom, he asks Sanyu. She says she didn’t see and tells him they will search properly after class ends. She goes to Randhir and asks him to let her work. He asks her to back off. She asks what happened to him now. Yesterday he was fine. She asks how many mood swings he has in a day. She still works on it, and sparks come. Both start arguing again. Vardhan comes and finds it interesting that Dream Team got divided in three groups. He asks Sanyu a question which she blows up. Vardhan tells Parth it’s more important to make basics strong first. He leaves. Parth asks Sanyu why she didn’t review when he told her to. Randhir taunts if there is time pass in night, lovely talks in lab, then shock circuits are sure to happen. Class ends and Randhir leaves.

Sanyu stops him and asks him not to talk anything about her character. He talks about love story between Parth and her, and she gets mad. Randhir says he doesn’t care what she’s upto and leaves. Parth hears it. Sanyu asks why he didn’t say anything. He says let it go, people keep saying. When something is not possible, one shouldn’t care. Sanyu says she can’t let it go. He says in his mind, love only happens once which has already happened with him.

All are back in the classroom. Parth’s hands are dirty. He calls Sanyu to take out a book from his bag. He reads. Sanyu then says she will do it for him, he says no and doesn’t let her touch engine parts. Both get close. Randhir and Vidushi get jealous. Sanyu’s hands are also dirty now. She loses her balance on Parth and his t-shirt gets dirty. Sanyu says she will clean it. He tells her to clean her hands properly first. Sanyu cleans it on his chest with his t-shirt. Randhir and Vidushi look shocked and very jealous. Sanyu then smells her hands and Randhir just cannot believe it. Sanyu then says she likes that smell of grease/oil.

Police come to arrest Parth. He’s taken to Dean’s room. Everyone goes there. Dean accuses Parth for stealing and transferring FITE Dream Team’s money to CITE and planning to go back to CITE. Only he had access codes. Vardhan asks Parth if that’s true. Parth says he’s innocent and even he’s searching for his laptop since morning. Police forcefully take him. Vardhan wonders how he made mistake in identifying Parth.

Precap: Randhir questions Sahil where he was yesterday night. Sahil says he was studying with his friend. Randhir thinks none of the Dream Team student from Sahil, Jiggy, Kastuki, Sanyu was with Parth. Only one left. Police is taking Parth away. He tells the cop he can’t call him a thief until he’s proven guilty in court. The cop gets mad and asks him if he will teach him the laws. He raises his stick to beat Parth, but Randhir grabs it from back.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. pls update fast

  2. Post detail update fastly

  3. Please update soon. Plz..

  4. update
    we r waiting

  5. Yesss yess yess yapiii randhir is jealous…… but i am worry abt parth…… this stupid thing is done by sahil or vidhushi ….. if not then this is a dramma vardhan is going to see that how much team trust their captain… my dought also go to radhir also as he is jealous and did this to get rid of parth and he is also not worry abt fund as he know his mom wealthy rich person is their to invest again for dream team..

    1. I think its not vardhan or randhirs work.bcoz i have seen at the ending of todays epi.vardhan was thinking “how could i make a mistake in understanding a person.” nd randhir was trying to find out real chor.he was questioning to every one.i think ki ye kaam kabir ya phir vidhushi ne kia hai..nd by d way this is starting stage of randhirs he cant do this may take some time..i hope so ki parth accha ho.kyu ki his character is soo good in the serial..

      1. this work is done by vidhusi itself …pakka

  6. no wayz randhir can never never do such cheap thing yeah he express himself as a bad one bt he is nt .from inside he is very soft and caring.

  7. i agree wid u nandini k parth character negative nahi hona chahiye i like parths character

  8. Everyone is fond of parth….. so as i agree with u guyz that randhir have not did thid. Then …….it may be sahil….i think….. kahani maye koi bhi twist a sakta ha… who know what will happen next except the family of sadda haq….so chillll go with the flow

  9. Pls full update first… i dont want to disturb u much but first pls

  10. ya ur rite without wasting our energy in thinking bakwas thingz we shud wait and watch

  11. guyz ye sahil face se kitna dukhiyara aur bechara lagta hai na.poor guy…

  12. What full episode still not updated!¿!!

  13. is dis nt the full epi??¿?

    1. Now it is. Earlier it was just summary.

  14. Thanx fr updating 🙂

  15. hey guys i think its renuka sanyal’s work coz he wants randhir to be the captain… anyways lets go with the flow of the story..
    eagerly waiting for monday..
    i cant believe that randhir is jealous n also helping parth..
    he’s soft from inside..
    love randhir’s character…

  16. Luv u randhir..its so good dat u jealous of parth and sanyu,means u luv sanyu..u both look perfect together.

  17. yeah randhir luv to can sanyu luv randhir ever?

  18. Ofcourse zil sayu will love randhir….no tania it is not renuka… coz how come she will get parth’s laptop….. or maybe.. how know what will happen.. let see .. i am waiting to see the turning point

  19. ThanQ nishi for updatng fast……

  20. i think ye uss Vidushi ka hi kaam hai…Parth cant do such a thng..Vidushi did it to take reveng frm Parth bcoz Parth rejectd her…Moreovr wo puri raat hostel mein nhi thi…i’m sure she is d Culprit

  21. It may be vidhushi ya sahil or ya renuka

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