Sadda Haq 21st June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sumit hit the glass the tasks because Sanaya distracts him. Joy says this is cheating. sanyu says to sanaya calm down. Sumit kneels. Kritika says is he proposing her? Sumit says I have been thinking to do it since time. Can we dance? Arjun says what kinda punishment is that? Sanaya says sure why not. Sanaya and Sumit dance. Sumit says I don’t know how to dance. Sanaya says I will teach you don’t worry. Sanaya says you are so cute like a teddy bear. Sanaya says in heart I know randhir you will do something good.

Next in Kritika she throw one in the ball. Joy misses.
Sanyu says to Kritika I know you will win. Kritika says he has to be worried. She hits the glass and wins. Sanyu says punishment time. Sanaya says what have you decided? SAnaya says kick him where it hurts

more. Kritika says I can’t embarrass him. Sanyu says you know why you can’t? Because you really love her. Kritika says like you can’t embarrass Randhir right? Kritika says to joy give me your phone? He says why? Kritika says just give me. She uses his phone. Kritiak shows him something and says read it loud. He reads you are like my sister. I wonder whether I like mountains and roads. She says now send it to all girls in your contact list. He says what are you trying to do? She says so no one sees you the way I see you. I like you joy. She hugs him.

Arjun plays with Kritika she loses. Arjun asks her to do catwalk. Kritika does. Arjun says to joy better now? He says yes.
Sanyu and randhir are next.
Sanyu takes Randhir;s hand. She kisses his cheek. Sanyu dances with Randhir. Randhir was dreaming all this. Joy says what are you thinking. Sanyu puts the ball in glass. Sanyu says your turn randhir. Randhir misses. Sanaya says loser. Arjun says we lost because of you rnadhir. Sanyu says in heart I know you lost by will randhir. Sanyu says give him punishment that reminds him that girls are better than boys.
randhir says I don’t care give whatever punishment you want. Sanyu says its easy, you won’t ever lie to me. Randhir says i saw a dream that we were dancing. Do you wanna do that in real? Kritka says say yes sanyu. Sanyu says yes.
Sanyu and Randhir dance on ishq wala love. He hugs her.

Precap-Randhir says to sanyu you are not like other girls you are different and difficult. You are better than me in certain things that is why I used to fight with you. Sanyu says why you crashed cars? Randhir says that thrill kept me alive. Sanyu says what you did in those two years? Randhir says in those years I just missed you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. sanyukta rathor

    Guys hii hw r u all

    Wase to mene last comment kr diya h but but but ek kushi h jo muzee sab ke saath batni h mene last comment me kaha tha na ke me training ke liye Ahmedabad gae hui hu

    So so so me top 3 me saleted hu and jaldi hiexam dene wali hu exam ke liye me puri trha se prepared hu and jaldi hi aap sab ke dua se mera sapna pura ho jaega

    Thanku everyone

    For such a beautiful friendship

    Love u aalu karu richu aishu bro shivu sheenu sheryu di revu and all my sweet sisters

    Hii dhruv bro thanku for your lovely words may God bless you bhai
    raj bro vishal bro and all my brothers

    And nishu tumne muzee es sweet se family me welcome kiya uske liye ummmmmmmma dear i never forget u and my darling aalu tum Rajasthan jarur aana ham mele ya na mele par ek bar ple Rajasthan me aana or zhilo ke nagre aana mt bulna karu dear love u soooo much dear whenever you visit india pls come in Rajasthan ok pls dear i never seen 3 girls like u mera tum sab se kuch jada hi lagav h .

    Love u all fairs and sweet brothers

    Ghani Kamba to all of u

    Es princess of Rajasthan ko koi mt bulna ok

    Love u alllllllllllllllll??????????????????????????????????☺???????☺??????????

    1. Khamma ghani dii…. ?????
      kavi kavi ffs pe ana…. And bst of lck fr ur career dii… Lovveee u vrrryyyy Mccchhhhhh…… Agaar fb accnt kholti ho to is Nam se hi kholna!!!! kismat me likha ho,, to zarur milenge….

      Agar kahipe 5 ft ki chashma peheni thodi lambi face ki Kali aur gori ki medium skin color ki MBBS padne wali bangali Tripura ki ladki dikhi,,, to sidha puch Lena,,, “r u Aaliya,,my Aalu???”☺☺ lov u dii…. Ab Now Apni description tht I can recognize u also…

      And lovveee uuu alll my swwwtttt frnds…. Tum mese kisi Na kisise to milna banta he hay!!!! Now everyone pls describe urself if u hv no problem!!!!

    2. gani khanma dear all the best future come back soon and miss u rajasthani princess

    3. Mayurii

      Dear … U forgot me … I m really happy for u .. Its so good that u r selected in top three .. Study hard .. Dear sure I will come to Rajasthan to meet u dear … Have a bright future ahead 🙂
      Will miss our Rajasthan’s princess 🙂

  2. Richu

    Sanyuuuu luv u too dear
    Happiee for u


    Nice episode and randhir ko koi hara sakta hai toh voh khud rd hai .oh he intentionally missed it for his love first time in this season his love overcame his ego .cute dance

  4. Missing Nirman sir……. Nd also Mars mission nd the most myy aryyaannn!!!!!! ?????????

  5. No one commenting this days, wu is incomplete without your comments,pls come back guyz…talk abt sh. Just 1 week 2 go for show to end

  6. hello loveles h r u all ? after a long time im here…missed u all so much :*
    where are u all ?? Sheenu Nishu and all ??
    Sanyu my sweety from what i could understand from ur msg (i used google translate 🙂 ) u got selected in top 3…cogngratz dear and best of luck for future….awww thats so sweet of u dear…actually i do want to visit India someday so who knows i mighe even come to Rajastan 🙂
    Richu Richa Dhruv Mukti Aalu Kushagra and all h r u gusy ?

    I must say sandhir are just awesome…im so sad the show will end 🙁 and i would have wanted them to bring vidarth back at least for some epis now coz its going to end…im gonna miss SH a lot…its the best show i ve ever seen…its unique and motivational purpose really got me glued to it and Parsh’s chemistry was like the cherry on top…im sad the show will end but im glad to see a lot of ppl writting ffs on SH and i ll be here on ffs pages even after the show will end 🙂

    Love u all guys 🙂 take care

    1. hi karu you after long time.miss u dear without you page becomes boring

      1. Aww my sweety Shivu i missed u all so much too…so sweet of u that u always remember me…love u…

    2. Richu

      Hello karu nice to seeya

    3. Richu

      Hello karu missed u nice t seeya

      1. hey Richu i also missed u h r u ?

  7. Mukti

    helooo my bubbly frnds how r u all????
    hey sanyukta sweetheart i am very happy for u dear..all the best for ur stds dear….

    mayu cutie thnku for ur kind words babe….ya i rembr my behenji wala atitude…

    hey guysss only 7-9 days remaining aftr tht everyone will be gonee naa..
    it was a really beautiful journey for me….i got such caring n true frnds here…
    so i will describe all my frnds in 2 3 sentences aftr tht i dnt know i will get time to come here or not..some promises of my loved ones need to be kept na guyzzz so it will be difficult…bt i will nvr frgtt u guyzz

    1. hey guys m leaving I got scholarship for higher studies in abroad so m preparing
      m decribing in short sorry guys
      sheena-a very humble and nice person and I consider her as bae .don’t change and stay happy always luv u.
      mayu -you are such a cute girl who always understand other situation and I consider u as my little sister .thanks for being there.
      karu-such a nice name you have I have just joined sadda haq bcoz of your conversation as I am not regular viewer .you have a golden heart even enemy can melt
      nishu-no words to decribe I love the way you talk with everyone keep going dear and never forget me
      dhruv -I have found a brother and most important quality of your is you are talented guitarist and very kind hearted person .much people have tried to bash u but you had not lost temper
      mukti I have already described your quality
      kushagra -as I already told u you have talent of writing so keep writing about sandhir
      alu-khoob bhalo sorry I don’t know bengali but I know some are very nice girl and friend if mine .miss u dear
      richu -my sweet and cute friend just be. happy
      richa -my cutiepie keep smiling
      bye luv u and miss u all .

      1. Shivu dear thank u so much for ur lovely words…all the best for ur future dear 🙂 will miss u

      2. Mayurii

        Shivu dear !! Thank u for your beautiful description … U r a beautiful from a beautiful place .. Wherever u go u change the person for good .. And u r a rose in a garden who will bloom and will make u fall for it .. Love u dear and take care …
        Study hard and don’t forget me

  8. Nice episode.awesome

  9. Mukti

    sheena-shenu you are like a sister to me who stand by me when all were bashing n also during fight with ur realy remarkaable dear..frnds like u are very few dear…ur so mature n frndly dear.alwz be like tht…n u want to becm a dctr na…std hard n smrt dear u will definitly reach ur goal dear…lvuu dear alwz remain like this babe..n yep ur little hyper also.hehee

    mayuri-mayu ur the mature queen..when i 1st talked with you i thought you must be 19 20 but ur 13!!!!!!i was like really…dear ur very sensible n mature ..n secondly very kind n calm .u told me tht i m strong na sweeti now u will also be like me dear strong n fight for ur right dear frgt everythng n folllow the truth sweetheart..i will missuuu.

    shivani–shivuu my besti ur very cute n inocent dear..i love ur atitude dear…just rembr tht everyone is unique in there own sense n dnt go to those insta loooks dear thy are be happy trust ur ownself n nvr bend infront of anyone dear even if u love tht persn..u know na wht i m tlking…n yep plzz tc tht ur accounts are secure sweeti…lvuu somuchh

    karina-karu dear ur the jan of this page n i am glad tht ur back dear..u dnt know dear we missed u everyday..ur veryy sweet dear…the way u welcomed everyone here n replied to each n every person is fab dear..all the best n how was urthesis dear?

    nishu–nishu the words are less to describe u sweetheart….thnx for everythng dear..keep smiling dear..once a friend alwz a friend…..lvuu

    aliya–aluu 1st of all i good description dear…i loved it…hehe..take care sweeti dnt take stress of stds n do ur best u will deifintly come out with flying colourss…

    kushagra–kushu know we had so many differences still dear i must say tht ur writng skiils are too good…keep writing dear..i will defintly read ur ffs plz write..n yep all the best for ur future dear..i know u will be a success whrevr u went…keep smiling dear..lvuu tcc

    richu–richuu 1st of all take care of urself dear.howr u now???
    n secondly ur a bubbly cute girl dear…so u dosnt suit in hospital..sweethreat lvuu alwz remain bubbly n cute like this…

    astha-ur like small kid dear asking questions inocently dear…so cute…all the bes for future dear

    1. Mukti dear thank u so much for ur lovely word…i ll miss u too a lot dear but guys we can still meet on ffs pages after the show ends so guys pls try to come frome time to time here on the ffs…im gonna be here if u wanna come 🙂 and my thesis went really good dear…my teacher said i did an amazing work 🙂 thank God all went well 🙂

    2. awww muku thank you so much for being my friend .I love your brave nature .don’t change yourself for anyone .don’t wry dhruv bro will be with you always .have faith and I hope your bonding will remain strong foreever

    3. Mayurii

      Muku dear !! A big thank u from my heart dear … I really cherish my memories with u … Dear!! U really r my bestie !! U r a brave girl who always encourage me to do good and to fight for right … Really !! I deeply thank u for it .. Love u dear !!
      dear please be here till this show ends … Its just only a week far .. Please dear .. And love u .. I will never ever forget such a cute and precious girl … 🙂 🙂
      Will miss u dear 🙂

  10. Mukti

    okk guysss asishu raj bro richu dia nishu karu shreyu vishal sanyu mayu shenu shivu revu anu astha n everyone take care n dnt forget meee…lvuu guys tcc…

    dont be sad
    because you are saying goodbye
    you should be happy because you have memories
    with them that you will cherish forever!!!
    so guyssss good bye keep smiling lvuu missuu tcc..hope we meet againn..

    1. Mayurii

      Yeah!! Dear .. I m happy as well as sad .. We all have traveled long .. We all were just like a family who is going to depart .. I will never forget my beloved sh family … Never ever 🙂

  11. TU Team why cant we post comments on today’s update of Sadda Haq ? Pls fix the problem so that we can comment on the episode…thank u.

    Msg from Team: Fixed.

    1. Thank u TU Team for fixing the problem.

  12. I miss everyone bye

    1. Mayurii

      A big big big good luck to your future .. Be a fighter and a girl u always wanted to be … Love u dear … Really !! I m gonna cry this moment … Love u dear .. I m really thankful for this site and sh that I met such wonderful persons … I m really happy for u dear .. I m gonna badly miss u dear .. Please try to come here time to time .. Love u dear !!

  13. all the best for future everyone .keep smiling and mujhe mat bhulna bye bye

    1. Mayurii

      Dear … There is no chance that I can ever forget a beautiful person like u … Inner beauty matters than outer beauty that is why u r the most beautiful girl … Dear love u .. And have a great future aheah 🙂

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