Sadda Haq 21st July 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya says students you have five cars in front of you as you knw you have to repair theri engine. Sponsor says you have 15 minutes you may start. Each of them goes to a car. Randhir is not focused much. He gets a text from cahcha that says that he hasn’t found any costumer for his bike but he will send the money as soon as the bike sells. All others are busy in rectifying the engines. They recall the lecture Vardhan gave them last night and according to that they are fixing engines.
Randhir gets a text from harsh that says i asked you to support me in the court. What that selfish woman gave you ? Even your fees is not paid. Still you have some time support your dad.
Sanyu is done with fixing her engine. Sanyu looks at says Randhir what are you doing problem is so basoic.

You can do that in moments. Rnadhir is busy in thoughts. sponsor says you have five minutes left. Randhir starts. Parth starts his car its working well, so is Kaustuki’s and Sahil’s. Suddenly some fire blows from sanyu;s car. parth and kaustuki ask are you okay ? The engine is burnt. Sponsor says we were about to sponsor you why you had to do this ? Maya says i just wanted you to be sure about our team and their practical work. Sponsor says yeah we were impressed for nothing. They are very weak practically we can’t fund your dream team. It was just a minor problem and they couldn’t solve it.

Sanyu is in corridor she recalls that randhir was so disturbed and if everyone was to blame he he would get more depressed. She recalls connecting the wires delibrately.
Randhir comes and asks why did you blast the engine ? Why you did this ? Snayu says by mistake. he says not by mistake. you told me that its a minor fault then why you did that ? You did so no one can blame me ? I know that. i asked you to stop this friendship drama.
Sanyu says i was geniunely concerened. He says you called me in lab i came so you don’t consider me your friend. he leaves in anger.

Maya, pkc, vardhan and all the dream team students are in lab. Maya says in these years FITE hs been humiliated like this. Those sponsors are gone and no one wants to fund you. International competition is so near and i am not going to divert college funds which mean that dream team is dissolved. Vardhan says FITE’s identity id dream team. Maya says dream team is identity of just few students. I want FITE to be know for all of its students. You gave a lecture to these, what if you gave a lecture to all of the students. The decision is final there will be no more dream team.
Vardhan leaves and so do the students.

Scene 2
Vardhan is in his cabin. Sanyu comes there. He asks the mechanic could fix that fault why couldn’t you ? Sanyu says i couldn’t focus because i couldn’t sleep last night. I connected wrong wires in battery. Vardhan says look at me tell me why you did this ? The same engine blasted in the lab and you had some lame excuses. you knew that it could ruin dream team’s future. Sanyu says i did that to save a friend i am ready to accept all your punishments. He says get lost. Sanyu says sorry sir and leaves. He says in heart i knew you did to save Randhir. i have to maintain bonding in my team i will get sponsors anyway. I will look you maya.

Scene 3
Yoyo says i can’t believe that dream team is dissolved. I feel so sad. Vidushi says don’t go in the wrong direction with wrong people. Parth says we know whats right and whats wrong. She says you should be worried about sanyu, vardhan talked to him yesterday. Sanyu comes there, sahil and kaustuki asks what did vardhan says to you sanyu ? Vidushi says she must have been suspended. oh i forgot that he doesn’t even have the power to suspend someone. He must have insulted you.SAnyu says no he didn’t he just asked me to leave.
Some juniors come and says finally dream team is dissolved and we are all on the same level. Sanyu says vardhan sir will not let it end this soon.

Vardhan hs called a meeting of techers. He says we have to save the dream team. Sign this petition and the dream team will be alive. PKC says what will we get ? We will oppose the board. Vardhan says you all have this name after FITE because of dream team. PKC says its because of the ranking of FITE. vardhan says the ranking is because of the dream team as well. A teacher says you mean that our merit and all the hardwork is useless. All of the FITE’s name is because of your dream team? Vardhan says you know th truth don’t deny it. You all are connected to deram team dircetly or indirectly. PKC says you never even talk to us because you never needed us. You exoect help from us because you have no more dream team. Maya comes there and is listening yo them. PKC says we can adjust without dream team but with this attitude you can’t adjust anywhere. PKC says dean is revising the salary of all the staff from the money that was being wasted on your dream team. They all leave.
Maya says i thought you would have accepted your defeat by now. this is new FITE. A piece of paper can’t ruin anything. Vardhan says i believe in making not ruining. And i will make my dream team.

Precap- Sanyu and Randhir are out in rain. Sanyu sits with Randhir on his bike. The song, ‘main tenu samjhawa’ plays in the background. they go for a ride.

Update Credit to: Atiba


    • AN

      ok bye aur ha record thodne ke liye toh hum bane hai agar hum ek centuary 2 ganto me kar sakthe hai toh agla reacord toh hum 700 bana lethe hai

  1. To save randhir, sanyu took all his blame on her poor dream team I just hope tht the team just come back on its feet again πŸ™‚ I feel bad fr vardhan sir I just hate maya :@ but xcited to see tmrrw epi can’t miss it at all πŸ˜€

  2. Amrutha Nidhisha

    wishing dat epi cums soon wen rd and sanyu r on a ride in raind dat would be osome simply isnt it….???


    atiba plz do upload pictures everyday plzz………hope so u’ll understand…plzzzz……:)

  3. AN

    yeah i frgot all abt 2days epi sanyu did all this 4 rd wow !!!!
    oh that maya is too much 1st time i’m feeling bad 4 vardhan sir πŸ™
    bcz he is an intresting and commanding person ……..

  4. rojina

    Frnds aap sb muje rojina ki jagah rose keh sakte ho mere sb frnds muje isi name se bulate he ok

  5. Pranay

    ahmedabad..nd pls dont say aap..buddhe log wali feeling aati hai..nd ya me too big fan of sandheer nd so SH

  6. rojina

    Pranay me bhi bahut bari fen hu sandheer ki wo to aap jake dekh hi sakte ho 18july ki update pe

  7. rojina

    Nid me bhi cricket ki bahut bari fen hu…ind ne eng ko hara diya…ishant 7 wicket le gaya i can’t belive this yaar

  8. Rojina

    Yaro dosti bari hi haseen he,,,,ye na ho to kya fir bolo ye zindagi he……….this song dedicated for all sandheers frnds

  9. Pranay

    nai i do only study..jst as a hobby juniors ko physics bio padhata hu bt no salary for that

  10. Pranay

    actually ek charitable tutn institute hai toh waha pe free service deta hu.main as a tutor

  11. Rojina

    Salman khan or uski movie ka hi wait kar rhi hu ‘kick’… bar record tutne wala he sb movies ka

  12. rojina

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  13. rojina

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  16. rojina

    Zindagi rhe na rhe yari rahegi….pass hm rhe na rhe yade rahegi…apni zindagi me hamesha muskurate rehna…..kyou ki…? Aapki hasi me 1muskan rose(rojina) ki rahegi..

  17. rojina

    Tuj pe khatam sari chahat hogi….fir na kisi pe inayat hogi…kuch es tarah se yaad karege tujko….na tuje khabar hogi…na jamane ko shikayat hogi….

  18. Aaj bhi 500 cross karne ka plan haibkaya arrey nxt weelend le liye bhi toh kuch chodo
    Mai toh school gayi thi. Abhi phone mila. Aur cmmnts delha toh i was shocked!
    abhi nxt weekend ko 1000 karneka sharth lagao….
    Abt epi,jithna ghaati epi tha, uthna hi awesum precap tha..
    Eagerly waitin for fridays epi…..rd proposes sanyu!OMG!!!!

  19. AAJ KA TARGET: 200 comments or up.
    Btw, how dare enyone think ki rojina meri jagah le sakti hai???? Mujhe bus half an hr cmmnt karne ko milta hai, tumlog ki tarah sarah din acces nahi hota hai toh kya hua?? Mai uss half hour me hi rcrd todhne me hlp karungi!!
    (no offence,yaar, just kidding)

  20. HI GUYS LONG TIME NO SEE!!! Wish i was in sanyu’s place to go on that bike ride with randhir!! Congo on 500 ka target !!
    So many new ppl- rojina, pranay, nid and ofcourse shqrox bhi toh nw hai!
    Maine ussey bola ki otna bada naam mat le, kuch chota le. Magar kabhieri batt maane tab na?

  21. Nahi nahi, bas 200. 1000 ka toh nxr weeoend koh bye guys, me sone jaa rahi hu. Yall plz continie.
    BTW piyali ka cmmnt dekha ya nahi?
    Pranay, i m a girl, my name is noopur. Welcum to the group!

  22. Amrutha Nidhisha

    aaj ka epi tho osome he kal keliye bohoth jyaada hi inthjaar kar rhi hoon……………kya hoga kal sach mein bohoth excited hoon i can also relate my story wid Sadda Haq so………….flng osome ……………;)

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    arre i hav an idea ..hum sab milkar fb pe b ek grp banate h..badhiya followers honge humhare..what say?

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  29. Game changer

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  30. Game changer

    and one more thing AN it seems u have bcome an intrnet addict and itz nt gud for u at dis age….luk i think ur posting comments by mobile…so it will harm ur brain alot and after some time u wnt be able to study well as mobile emits radiation wich r hrmful for brain

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    nai its true u r concrnd..nd i hav no wrong intensions wid me..main 3 saal mein doctor ban jaunga..toh abhi se main.sidha sada ladka hu

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