Sadda Haq 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Misra says whoever fails this task will not get foreman’s panel for next three tasks. Raghu says i would like to use my advantage. I won foreman’s panel and I want to back out on basis. Mishra says okay so this is between sanyu and kunal. Go and get ready. They go to the furness room. Mishra says get ready your 6 hours start now. sanyu takes her sheet. She starts hitting her sheet. Agarwal sees her. He sees sanyu in trouble. kunal is exhausted as well. Agarwal says mishra i told you tell me if you cant do this. See how stubborn she is. Randhir comes wearing a hoddie and turns off the vent. kunal and sanyu find it hard to breathe. SAnyu keeps hitting. She faints and falls on the floor. Kunal says is anyone here. He takes her out. The workers help. Kunal asks worker to bring

water. Mishra says is fainted because of heat she will be fine sir. She will get to know this place isn’t for her. kunal makes her drink water. She starts going back to the room. Worker says where are you going? She says to complete the task. Mishra says you are disqualified. you fainted during the task. What will you do now? sanyu says it was because of heat. He says you have lost this task. The foreman’s panel goes to kunal. Because they both have won on task each. It would be better for you to back out. sanyu says i want to participate. Mishra says go and rest at your house. Kunal says lets her participate. She wont win. SAnyu says the most important thing in participation. Mishra says you are so delicate. sanyu says that is not your problem i signed the agreement that i am responsible for whatever happens to you. Mishra says now matter how good you perform you are not going to get anything. He leaves.

Agarwal gets a text and tells him how hi turned off the vent and sanyu fainted. It was not due to hammer or tiresome. Agarwal says who is he? What wants to bring her down?

Randhir is in library ishika comes and hugs him. She says you said in anger its all over and it would be? no. I came back to you. Randhir says what i have to do that you dont come back. ishika says what is in that sanyu? you like those aunty type of girls? i will become like that too. randhir throttles her and says you can never become like her. He leaves. Ishika says you both are gonna pay for this.

Agarwal comes on the floor. He hears workers talking i have never seen a strong girl like sanyu. She was hurt but she didn’t back out. She gave a tough competition to those boys.

Scene 2
Vidushi comes and hugs parth. She syas my day was awesome in office. I completed my task before all the interns. my boss was so happy he said, i will get the advance soon. we will return the money of vardhan sir. Parth says thats so good. I have to go somewhere. He leaves. Vidushi says please stop. Are you angry because i and varun.. parth says yes. i cant accept it. Vidushi says it was a mistake, whole of that relationship. Parth says he is your ex-husband its nothing new but. I can’t forget it. I thought i am not conservative and I love you so i will handle it but tell me what to do.

Agarwal ad ankit are home. Anju says what are you thinking? She gives him medicine. Anju says are you strict with sanyu? is she fine? ankit says she has troubled us. She can’t do anything. She has made fun of us in front of workers. Don’t worry papa i will send her out soon.

Agarwal calls on that number. randhir says very good. I am glad you took right decision. agarwal says who are you? why are you using machine to talk? why dont you use the machine. He says the important thing is that you want to break sanyu’s ego, agarwal says how can i trust you? randhir says okay then hire more people for this and waste your time. after that i might change my mind. Agarwal says how can i hire you without meeting. randhir says i have no doubts on me. Meet me. Agarwal says okay then.

kabir sees sanyu coming in and says what are you doing here? Sanyu says i wanted some books from library. how is your internship going? from face it looks stressed. sanyu says actually.. he says gt back to your room.

Scene 3
Next morning sanyu is waiting for auto. Randhir stops her bike. He goes to her and holds her hand. sanyu steps back. He says come let me drop you. sanyu says like you shoved me last time? he says i didn’t do it deliberately. i was going there come let me drop you. you asked me to stay calm now i am calm. sanyu says why i should live according to your mood. randhir says because you are right. i thought about it whole night. Sanyu sits. They reach the factory. sanyu says is he mad? why didn’t he fight?

Mishra explains the machine to interns. Agarwal comes and says we have a new intern. Mishra says we already have three we don’t need another one. Agarwal says we do need. He says come in. Randhir comes in. sanyu is dazed. Mishra says what is your name? Randhir says Randhir singh shikhawat. Agarwal says he will work with you three from today. He asks randhir to come in his cabin. Mishra also goes with him. sanyu says what are you doing here randhir? randhir says i promised a girl that i will do internship with her so i am here for that. kunal says so they know each other? raghu says they are both from FITE and same batch. kunal says they are making a team here? they two and us two. raghu says lets see who wins.

Ankit says to agarwal you hired this randhir. have you forgotten that he hit you in engagement. sanyu said she loves him. Randhir says i hate him, we both hate each other. ankit says you can’t make me fool. I wont let you play this game. randhir says call me when he stops talking. Ankit says calm down. Randhir sits on sofa and says i came here to get sanyu out of internship. agarwal says you have time till evening, prove it or go by yourself.

Sanyu is tensed. Randhir comes out of the cabin. Sanyu says tell me what are you here for? He says to fulfill my promise. sanyu says i am not fool. He says yeah you are smart and selfish. you didn’t let complete my dream i wont let you complete yours. this is your dream right? the cabin besides your dad’s? I will destroy you in front of your eyes.

Vardhan comes in staff room. A teacher says this time there will be a new branch of FITE. we will all be in different branches. Lets start working on the mutual research. Kabir comes and says you dont need to work on it. we are getting funds on hold, teacher says why? Kabir says because we want your time somewhere else. In administration. We are opening a branch in London. PKC says my class is worst. They are playing music all the time. I think they are on drugs. Vardhan says kabir doing medical of students is more important. if its a drug issue your reputation will be ruined. PKC says he is right. They go to class room and sees them all high. Rana comes. kabir says see there ? is this okay in your eyes? Just make it correct. i cant endure this in my college. Rana goes in class and shouts whats happening here? kabir says there is a change in schedule. i will take two of your classes. be prepared and focus on your studies. kabir says rana we need their blood samples. i give you authority search their room. rana says i will work on it alone. Kabir says there should be a teacher and warden with you.

PKC comes to kabir and says sir i wanna talk to you. I found a number with him. This is of the drug supplier. Kabir calls on that number. rana puts his hand in the phone and puts it on silent. kabir says is the number right? PKC says yes. we can trace him. Rana says i will trace him.

kunal says to randhir are you fite topper? you should have been in some top university. didn’t you get admission there? randhir says if you want to keep our reputation fine here give me my work suit back. Kunal asks him a question. He says what happened don’t know the answer. kunal says these things are too high for FITE students. randhir answers it and asks him a question. kunal answers it and leaves.

Parth says to a boy you gave a number to kabir sir? Don’t worry i am with you. give me that number. He says Rana has taken my phone. Another boy gives him that number. Parth dials it but its switched off. Parth says i will find you. Vidushi comes and says where are you going? He says i am busy i will talk to you later and leaves.

PKC says kabir is still dean. people have started talking about it. after jiggy’s death the hostel has change. Teacher says i have even changed randhir and parth’s room as well. rana comes in. pkc says what about the number? Rana says that number is fake. admin says why is the number off? ranaa saysyou keep an eye on everyone. why are you running from your work. Admin says don’t tell me what my work is. rana says now i will check the room.

All interns are on floor. mishra comes and says you must know that i called you for task. you have to take care of two things. this is RND floor. the task today wont get you foreman’s panel but the one who wins will get a chance to go to germany with agarwal sir. you have a machine. you have to find defect and rectify. your time starts now. randhir says competition is just between three people because i wont let you win. sanyu says what if you lose while stopping me.

Precap-mishra is checking the machine. randhir says to agarwal your work is done. Sanyu’s machine sparks and is on fire.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. {☾♛☽}

    My last warning Max. JUST BACK OFF U FOOL. This is d last commnt 4 u. Dnt utter my name in ur dirty mouth. GOOD BYE 4EVER.

  2. Max

    @knight Who ever u r?? Jst stay away. I just wnt 2 speak to my queen. Queen plz reply me. Im nt tat bad plz….

  3. Max

    @knight Do u hve copyright 2 suport queen?? No na. Im nt speaking to u r any oter person k! Im speakin to queen only queen.

  4. SS

    qween max is irritate u so just ignore him …………..tum mujhese to baat kar sakti ho na ………….so just talk to me ok

  5. {☾♛☽}

    Hey u brainless max. Wen did i cum near 2 u?? An u r takin abt going far. CHEAPNESS AT ITS BEST.

  6. Max

    @Shazana Hey I think ur good frnd of Queen. Plz tel hr to accpt my frndshp tat’s al! Ntin else.plz plz shazana

  7. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    OMG max!! Tumko kya ho gaya?? Recommendation for frndshp!!!! Hve u lost mind r wt??
    @Queen Wt’s wrong wit hm dear?? Aisa bhi log h kya iss duniya main?? Frustratin.

  8. {☾♛☽}

    @Shazu Dnt ask me dear! Pichle 2 gante se pareshaan kar raha h!! Jst ignore hm. He wil calm down automaticaly.

  9. Knight

    @queen….Well in that case i need a small information about wonderla….d amusement park there…hv u been there???

  10. Max

    @queen No dear. U dnt knw abt me. I wnt 2 becum ur frnd & i wil becum.
    @aisha I already tld u dnt act lyk gud person. Jst shut up & gt lost.

  11. Tami

    No offence to sandhir fans but I think this plot is kindda.. I dont know.. dullsome.
    it was my opinion.
    Dont know what have gotten under Randhir.. hes acting like a devil.
    revenge has gotten better of him making his heart froze with apathy 🙁

  12. Queen di plz ignore that Max…..
    N dont take tension k…..
    Yahaan aise stupid logon ki kami nhi hain
    Remember naina di & luci???
    Just ignore
    Epi ws ok…..
    K bye

  13. Max

    @my Queen Wait 4 me dear. U r goin to gt a frnd in ur lyf. Yeh sirf mera zid nahi balki mera JUNNON h. Dnt undrestimat me k. Luv u tak care.

  14. Knight

    @queen what is the difference between normal ticket and fast track ticket???is it worth paying the double of normal

  15. Aisha

    Don’t try to act oversmart max ! Ek to khud pagal ki tarah bina matlab bole jaa rahe ho aur mujhe chup rehne ko bol rahe ho !!! Just shut up ur mouth ! Just shut up ur blo*dy mouth !!! N don’t cross ur limit u blo*dy damn fool ! blo*dy hell site !!! I m not going to come here again !!!!! And shazana and queen i guess u both come here daily so just convey my message to noopur di , sanyu di , samairaa di n shraddha di that i will never come here again …. Bye

  16. {☾♛☽}

    I dnt knw abt fast track tickt. Bt wit normal tickt we wnt 2 al rides and evn food ws provided. Sinc it ws fm school i dnt knw mch abt it. School authorites took d responsiblity na.

  17. {☾♛☽}

    No aisha dnt do tat. Tt max is irrtatin me nd i dnt care for it. y r u carin. Plz cum bck jst onc plz

  18. SS

    guyz am going ………..i will come soon ………… tak ke liye carry on …………………and ha nice to talk with all of u guyz

  19. Max

    No buddy. Jab tak mera jaan hai. I wil nvr go knight. Queen stil challeng is ON K. u wil becum my frnd 4 sure.

  20. Kasturi

    A cha kaal maina jau realisation bhaja tha usa 10 likes aur 2 dislike mila islia likes dekh kaar mai next tuesday bhi realisation post Karu gi next part

  21. Max

    So my queen is 4m bangalore ! Guess wt baby?? Evn im 4m BANGALORE. u wre sayin tat u r far 4m me. No dear u r close 2 me. Wait 4 me. I wil meet u soon. AND DNT TAKE DIS AS A JOKE.

  22. {☾♛☽}

    Max tum paagal h kya?? Jst gt lost..
    @kasturi sry i cnt say my name. It’s nt safe to say. u cn cal me queen

  23. manan

    how many times dat RD plays same prank against sanyu.. always ruining her work… now a days I feel dat sandhir s d worst pair ever… I like both of dem separately.. but they r not fit to b together

  24. Max

    Jitna bhaagna chati ho bhaago meri rani. Finally u wil cum & fall in my armz….luv u queen.
    Dnt gt scared of me. If want 2 reach u , i wil reach whreevr u r?? So b free & speak wit ur frnds.
    By d way wt’s ur name?? Evn kasturi wnts 2 knw so say dear

  25. {☾♛☽}

    U hve crossed al limits Mr.max. DNT MESS WIT ME. U dnt knw abt me k. Challenge my foot u stupid??? I feel lyk usin filthy language 4 u bt im controllin becauz many kids cum hre k. So just shut up & gt lost 4m hre.

  26. Max

    Im talking about both of us dear. In the matter of both togethr limit dosent cum in between baby.
    We are togethr alwayz 4 evr & evr. Jaise pariyon ki kahani

    • Max

      @knight yes knight she has guts and lot of it. Tat’s y i like hr. Bt she is nt undrstandin na.
      Go nd c yestrday’s update dude. She screwed me compltely nd i lyk tat attitude.
      @myqueen yes i am mad, bt mad abt u. Wt’s wrng?

  27. ###

    Max agar tumhe uska frnd banna hain to ache se baat karo
    give her some time. U cant force anyone to accept ur frndship
    n first say sorry bcoz this not the way of talking with any girl

  28. Max

    Your attitude, guts nd finally U. I like evrythin in u. I feel im connected to u. So tat only i tak u for grantd. my queen
    @### Sry nd thank u is said in formal relatinshp. Ours is diffrnt

  29. Max

    Plz Queen mujse ek baar baat karo na? Wt wil u lose by doing dis. Just one littl chanc. Ek chanc to banta h baby.

  30. ###

    Hey max
    wo tumhari frnd bhi nahin bani hain
    n u are talking about relationships
    just think yaar she is not comfrtble
    cant u see that
    agar tum use ek baar sorry bol kar starting se start karo
    n ache se baat karo ache words use karo may be then she will start talking with you agar tum aise hi bolte rahe to wo site chod degi…
    n i think she is really nice girl use ye sab pasand nahin hain to aisa mat karo
    think about it
    i dont have any problem with u or anyone else here just giving advice as a frnd
    ok bye!!!

  31. {☾♛☽}

    @knight Hre we hve moderate climate. Only early mrngs we feel bit cold. Ur nativ Kota, whre it is situatd??

  32. Max

    U r right ###.
    K wt’s wrng in askin sry to my queen.
    My Queen muje maaf kar dhijiye.
    Aur mere dosti ko qubool khijiye.

  33. {☾♛☽}

    Hw is d climate in kota?? I heard rajastan is hottst in summr nd coldest durin wintrs. Is tat true @knight

  34. Max

    Oh god my queen. I askd sorry right. Nw wt prblm u hve? Am i so bad tat i dnt deserv evn 1 chanc.
    ### tld tat ur good grl. Bt u r stil adamnt? Plz sweethrt agree

  35. Max

    @knight Maine kaha stay away 4m dis. Tu in sab nahi aao to accha hoga.
    @my queen Itna bhi adamant mat raho plz accpt na

  36. {☾♛☽}

    Yes ###. knight is right. He ws flirtin wit evrybdy. So i sclded behalf of my frnd nd mad fellow. He strtd flirtin wit me.

  37. ###

    Knight i read
    but she is not a kid
    use pata hain uske liye kya acha hain
    n see usne sahi descision liya
    sorry agr tujhe bura laga toh

  38. {☾♛☽}

    @knight Im stdyin in a college 1st year. Bt I cnt say d college name. Becauz dis max tld he also belong 2 bangalore,. Wch class r u stdyin?

  39. {☾♛☽}

    I hve fav in all genre. Lik darr film in romantic thirllr nd Hauntd movie in horror so on. Wt abt u knight?

  40. ###

    Ritu mein badhava nahin de raha hu
    yaha pehle hi queen n max ke bich me problem chal rahi hain aur agr knight bich mein bolta to unke bich bhi shuru hojaati isliye meine bola
    aur tumhe kya lagta hain mujhe pata nahin wo kaise baat kar raha hain??
    Abhi dekho wo thoda thik se baat kar raha hain queen ke liye kiya kyuki usko uncmfrtble feel ho raha tha agar ye nahin bolta to max ko samajh nahin aata
    use ur mind yaar…

  41. {☾♛☽}

    Arey yaar tumhe kya ho gaya max? Kyun pareshan kar rahe ho? Jst gt lost.
    Luv is lyk a doll 4 u. Ab to pyaar shabd fashion ho gaya? dont name ur lust as love.
    It’s waste max plz go.

  42. {☾♛☽}

    Yes 3 idiots is gift 4 studnts espcialy engneerin studnts. Bt i hve nt seen PK yet. @knight.
    @### Wt r u tryin 2 say?? Im unabl to undrstnd

  43. ###

    i was just trying to help you
    but its just waste of time
    its your life tumhe jo karna hain karo
    meri sis samajh ke bola tha tumhe

  44. Max

    LUST??? U r namin my feelin as lust. Dis u hve tld wrng dear. I may b bad nd i dnt care 4 it. Bt aleast im nt actin lyk gud person. Y dnt u undrsnd my sweetheart.

  45. {☾♛☽}

    Max I jst askd ur age k plz dont say ur lyf history. So ur matured enough 2 undrsnd things. C im nt intersted means im nt interstd k. Plz dont waste ur tym. bye.

  46. Max

    Just 1 littl chanc baby plz. I am beggin u so mch bt stil ur adamant. Wt shld i do to win your heart??
    Shld I sacrfic my life 4 tat? plz plz my queen

  47. Max

    Tune mere jaana
    Kabhi nahi jaana,
    Ishq mera , dardh mera
    Ashiq tera bheed main koya rehta h,
    Jaane jahan pucho to itna kehata h
    Tat i feel so lonely yeah.
    Der bettr place than dis emptiness.
    Luv u queen. gud n8 tc.

  48. Max

    Hve u guyz gone mad? Who is tat lucifer?
    ### plz dnt put bames on me. Queen is upset wit me already so pls no roumors .

  49. {☾♛☽}

    Wonder no 1: A mad is studyin pshcology
    Wonder no 2: Tat same mad is callin others mad.
    Wonder no 3: Tat mad all girls dear, darlin nd sweetheart.
    Wonder no 4: He misbehves wit my frnds nd act lyk a good person infrnt of me.
    Wonder no 5: He says he wnts to b my frnd bt says luv u in ech commnt.
    Wonder no 6: In yestrdy update he ws abusin me bt nw he is lovin me.
    Wonder no 7: Sumtimz he treatens sayin tat he wil cum in 2 my lyf nd nxt min he pleads to accpt his frndshp.
    O GOD???? WT R U MAN???

  50. Max

    It’s lyk u hve written a essay abt me dear. Tum mere baare main itna jaanti ho. really tat’s y like u a lot my queen.
    Gud mrng my dear queen. hve a nic day.

  51. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    @Max I dont hve any rights question bt u r forgetting it’s a public place!! Pls dnt dont behave in such way tat all wil forget tat ur human. Such a inhuman you are!! It is also a harrassment Mr.max. Apne aukaat pe aana. Stop misbehavin wit queen. Im warnin u. Back off Mr.max

  52. the spectetor

    I agree shazana if one of us complains abt him or reports him he would be warned or at d banned from using d site

  53. the spectetor

    So max if u wanna stsy on this site b in ur limit n keep it a healthy conversation place or else well b forced to report u

  54. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Respect??? U??? Aisa lag raha he ki ek ghandagi safai ke baare main baat kar rahe h. Cum on max ,hw cn u b so insensitive. U r sayin ur givin respct to me bt wt abt queen?? Dont u giv respct 4 hr?? Aise public main chumma dena respect kehte h kya?? CHEAPNESS AT IT’S BEST!! Agar dhimaag h pls bhagwaan ke liye thoda use karo??

  55. Max

    Shazu c i tld tat only 2 queen. Becauz i lyk hr a lot. Bt she is nt evn ready talk 2 me. so i did tat stupidity. at least 4 scldin she wil speak 2 me na? Bt if i ws wrng im sry 4 tat.

  56. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Wtevr max i dont care a bit 4 it. Tum jo kiya vo bahut galat kiya. Nd pls maafi mat mangao. becaus dis is neithr church nor im jesus to forgiv al stupid peopl. Forgivnes is akd for mistak u hv don without intentin. Bt it ws a plannd prank. So ask sry 4m queen nt 4m me.

  57. sanyukta

    wer u from shazana dear n ignoring wat u did would like to become ur friend bt u ain’t replying so

  58. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Max u kutta kamina?? Wt’s ur bloddy prb mr?? Zindagi bar mere samne mat aana kyuki main tumra zubaan khat dhungi.?? Jst gt lost u pervert.

  59. sanyukta

    m sanyukta don’t use sanyu coz some oldie uses dis name bt now she is not coming it may cause confusion m 18

  60. Max

    O my sis. Plz calm down. Hamesha tum muje galat kyu samajti shazu. I mean 2 say ur HOT MINDED.
    Arey yaar? I like only queen k. plz undrstnd

  61. sanyukta

    max u shd not use such words dear dis is not a dating site i requested u earlier too someone may complain

  62. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Arey chod vo natak kar raha h!! He wntd 2 impress Rudra na ?? So he is lyin. gt lost u mad

  63. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Nt again Mr. max!! U r torturing tat grl 4m yestrday nd u dont hr name?? Jst stp it u mad

  64. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Of course tat mad max is callin me den y cant u [email protected]

  65. Max

    Really shazu i ws nt knowin my queen name is rudra. Nt only me nobdy aware of it. Thank u shazu a lot!!!

  66. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Wt d hel r u blabbrin mr max?? Queen didnt say hr name 2 u?? Omg vo muje maar dalegi!! Queen im very sorry dear. I didnt mean to do tat.

  67. sanyukta

    Well i uused to tslk to nupur n i know few oldies
    i cum here every day bt never comment coz oldies r gone n nupur jyada nahi ati

  68. sanyukta

    Well i uused to tslk to nupur n i know few oldies too
    i cum here every day bt never comment coz oldies r gone n nupur jyada nahi ati

  69. Max

    Cool down shazu. Im sure u will BP. Pls go & hv a check up. R els it wil b serious. Ur my sis nd i shld tak care of u.

  70. well wisher

    Oh come on shazu kitna pakayegi asli naam nahi batana to mat bata at least bichare ko wrong name to mat bata

  71. well wisher

    M just saying she wants u to believe that queens real name is rudrs by showing dat she accidentally told u bt it is not rudrs

  72. ritu

    well wisher ………..kyun use samajh me nahi aata ………… ki vo buddhu hai ki use samajh me nahi aaraha hai ki rudra kisi ladke ka naam hai ladki ka nahi

  73. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Yes well wishr. I cant say hr name witout hr permission!!! U r right well wishr. Hr name is nt rudra

  74. @sanyuktaa i know u !!! i dont know that as GC di never told anything about that day if she told also na i have short term memory so i forget things really easy 🙂

  75. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Just shut up max. Wt u think ur innocent?? Agar tum kisiko pyaar karte ho uske kasam ka kar bol!!!
    R u really 4m bangalore?? U tld dis 2 queen nd threatend hr right?? Bhool gaya ya phir yaad dhiladu??

  76. well wisher

    M not here always max so beware
    n i support d right not individual so remember if i c u wrong somewer i could just turn dis game up

  77. Max

    No shazu tat was nt a lie. Really believ me Im 4m bangalore. Tu hamesha mere baare main galat kyu sochti ho?

  78. sanyukta

    Oh achi baat hai isi bahane me yaad to hu
    shazu i think u misunderstood well wisher read again u will get it

  79. Max

    Yeh tumne bahut galat kiya shazu? Im controllin myself just becauz ur frnd of Queen. Plz try 2 undrstnd a persn k. Both u nd queen r adamnt in dis mattr.

  80. sanyukta

    Hy samaira do u remember d last time i came it was a similar situation just nupur was being suspected

  81. Shazana(Cute Princess)

    Wt happnin hre?? Al r supprtin tat max!! U knw sanyukta he ws abusin evrybody yestrday nd espically queen.

  82. Well wisher

    Welcome bt everytime it wont b d same just b sure u r not wrong or else i might b on d other side b careful i support right not d individual

  83. sanyukta

    Old things let it ho shazu i don’t wanna reveal ur real name if dis is a fake so just message to zyeisha roy

  84. Max

    I agree shazu i ws misbehavin wit all. Bt queen gav ans in such way tat all my attitude got broke. Tat’s y i strted lykin her. pls shazu believ me.

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