Sadda Haq 21st February 2014 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st February 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 21st February 2014 Written Update

Vardhan continues telling Sanyu that she disappointed him. He thought she would do something different, so he allowed her to work on her own project, but she proved him wrong. It’s good that the sarpanch asked her to step down from captainship. He leaves.

Sanyu’s team and Randhir’s team meet. YoYo tells them it’s better if they work together. Jiggy and Sahil blame Kastuki and Sanyu for opening separate teams. Sanyu says her idea was better and her project at least worked unlike Randhir’s. In their argument, Randhir tells Sanyu if she is really intelligent, then why she didn’t think of making a fan that runs with wind instead with hands. Sanyu smiles and leaves from there. Randhir says in his mind, crap he gave her the idea. He too leaves, leaving other

FITE members confused. Parth comes and tells FITE students that tomorrow is finale and they all will go back to their colleges and they don’t even know each other. He asks how about a party so they can know something about each other, just in case if they work in same company tomorrow. Vidushi is smiling looking at him. She says they all will come.

Randhir is walking and he sees the villagers cutting grass manually. He thinks of making a machine that will cut grass automatically. He’s testing it on his cycle. The villagers comment on it and Randhir realizes that it’s too small thing, it won’t be helpful to the villagers.

All CITE students and FITE students, except Randhir and Sanyu, are gathered for the party. Vidushi joins Parth and his friends. Randhir and Sanyu arrive there after some time, and they just stand on a side. They both remember them dancing and getting closer in college. Vardhan also comes there. He stands on a side and feels Niharika touching him. Right then Kabir comes and shouts at Parth. He asks him what he’s doing with the rivals, is that how he will compete. Parth says he thought to befriending as they may not see each other tomorrow. Kabir says to hell with friendship. They are enemies and will remain enemies. Kabir then tells FITE students to be friends with students of their own status. Randhir and all FITE students go in front of Kabir. Randhir says they were invited by Parth. Kabir shouts at Randhir and Vardhan comes in front to defend his students. He tells Kabir, if he wanted, then he could have said no to his students, but it’s better if they let students make their own decision. Kabir tells Vardhan that he doesn’t have to take decision for CITE students. They are like his army students and he has his sight on their every moments. He orders his students to leave from there.

Kabir then tells Vardhan that this is getting messy and he always loses whenever he meets him. First he took away his Niharika.. Vardhan asks him to stop and asks all his students to leave from there. All leave. Sanyu and Randhir walk very slowly to hear their conversation. Vardhan tells Kabir that he has forgot everything and told him to forget everything and move on as well. Kabir says how easy it is to say for Vardhan, he was crazy behind only one thing and Vardhan took away that from him as well. Vardhan says he also lost, he also felt the pain. Kabir says mistake was Vardhan’s, because of him, Niharika is not here today. Because of him, she had to leave. If Vardhan didn’t make that mistake, then she would have been here today, she would have been alive! Randhir and Sanyu look at each other. Vardhan screams, yes, I did everything, because of me, she is not here today. It’s all my mistake. Are you happy now? Vardhan leaves. Kabir says it took 12 years to you to realize your mistake. Tomorrow accept your defeat too and after that defeat, you won’t be able to win anything. Tomorrow’s defeat will be your the end.

All FITE students have gathered. Sanyu tells everyone that they have to keep their internal issues aside and work together. During presentation tomorrow, they all will stand together as a rock solid team. They shouldn’t forget that they have come here to represent their college. She tells Randhir that she knows that they have too many differences, but they have to look at this honestly. His project is on very initial stage, and her project is almost complete. She never thought of it, but it’s because of him, her project was able to complete. Main engine became possible because of Randhir, and he has equal contribution to her chimney project. She requests him to keep aside their differences and stand up for their college, stand up for Vardhan sir. She says let’s become a team and “CITE ki band bajate hai”. She forwards her hand. Everyone joins in. They wait for Randhir. He quietly looks on a side. Vardhan sees them and says Kabir’s students couldn’t become friends with his students, but they brought his students together. Watch out now.

All start working on their chimney project (Randhir doesn’t seem to be there). Kabir and his students come there. Kabir looks at them and laughs. The villagers and leader come there. Kabir goes to the leader and provokes him saying there are girls in other team and they were teaching wrong stuff to village women etc.. So he knows to whom he has to favor.

The leader asks both teams to show what they have made. Parth first shows his project and everyone is impressed seeing lights coming in the village. Kabir says this is nothing, this is just an example, he’s planning to bring a big TV in this village so everyone can enjoy movies. Some ladies say, they don’t get free from work, what they will do with TV. Sanyu now gives demo of their chimney project. She says it’s simple and explains its importance to everyone. It works smoothly and everyone is impressed with chimney project as well. Kabir interrupts and says it’s useless. To make the fan run, they will need to know wind direction and if there’s no wind, then will there be no food that day? Randhir comes with his cycle and says, there will be food every day and wind won’t be needed for it. It must be an idiot to call this chimney a waste. Sanyu feels happy.

Randhir says the village will benefit a lot from this chimney. And it can run two ways. If there is no wind, then they can use what he brought. He shows a demo and says he made it with cycle’s chain and wheels. Once they roll the pedal, wheel will run for 15 minutes. If it takes an hour to cook, then they will have to roll the pedal just 4 to 5 times. Sanyu looks up confidently now. Everyone claps for Randhir and his team including Parth! The village leader says, the collector will make a final decision tomorrow. He leaves. Kabir follows him and they talk about something in muted voice which leaves Vardhan, Randhir, and Sanyu wondering.

Precap: Vidushi calls Kabir and asks why he’s ignoring her. She says he must give her what he promised. Kabir says he doesn’t need those who are not loyal to their teams (LOL).
In morning, CITE team is declared as winners by the village leader.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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