Sadda Haq 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanyukta practices climbing up a rope wall but keeps failing though the other members of DT tries to give her confidence. Randhir comes there and Sanyukta sees him. She is finally able to climb the rope wall. Randhir wishes her all the best.

The Pakistan captain fumes as he remembers how randhir had slapped him. He vows that he will destroy FITE team. Before the competition starts Vidushi quietly shows best of luck to the South Korea captain. Parth notices it and questions Vidushi, but vidushi makes an excuse and ignores it.

The competition starts. Sanyukta struggles to complete all the hurdles.But in the last hurdle which was climbing the rope wall she keeps failing. Finally she manages to cross it but falls down and hurts herself. She reaches the finish line in 4th position. Sanyukta faints. The other DT members come to revive her. Randhir picks her up in his arms and carries her off to the tent. He bandages her feet and scolds her saying that this was the reason why he kept telling her not to become the driver and make him the driver instead. Randhir tells her to take rest and goes.

Sanyukta thinks that Randhir can never understand him. She then recollects how she had decided to make Randhir the driver.

Recap: Vidushi tells the DT members that Sanyukta is still very hurt and cannot drive and Randhir will have to drive. Sanyukta is driving the car and she suddenly stops the car as she sees Randhir standing infront blocking her way.

Update Credit to: Wrackspurt

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