Sadda Haq 21st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nirman says you have beaten joy sanyu. So joy is out. Sumit says sanyu you have stamina. Randhir is mad. Nirman says in heart I wont leave you if it is what I am thinking.
Sanyu says to aryan I am fine, go sleep. I am so happy I made it. And thanks for motivating me. Aryan says it was rigged. Randhir. Sanyu stands up. He says no. Your health is more important. We can expect this from him and nirman was with him. Sanyu says he supported randhir. Aryan says this is easy for him. He knew everything. He let randhir do it. It wont blame him. sanyu says but why? Kick me out if I am not performing well. I have to talk to nirman. He says you wont go anywhere.
Aryan tells her jokes. She laughs.

kritika gives joy a drink. He says I could do this I dont know what happened. Arjun

says chill. It was a competition. Kritika says you are still in team. Your health is more important. Arjun says even I am eliminated. Don’t overreact. Sanyu comes it. She asks how you feel now? He says how would I feel after eliminating? sanyu says it was not your fault. Joy says it was. Sanaya says hi to sanyu and asks how are you? Sanyu says you better worry about randhir because he would be worried that I am fine. sanaya says why are you saying that? sanyu says because he is more concerned about my failure than his victory. She recalls how he behaved about sanyu’s plan and ditched in the end.
Sanaya sits with randhir and says same black coffee. You are bitter lik this. I know you are upset. Randhir says sanaya leave me alone please. She says I had a friend. Really close to me. He used to be mad at me. He didn’t smile, or talk to anyone. Because people were scared to talk to him. but I annoyed him, he went mad but never hurt me. He can’t hurt anyone. He can’t harm anyone because he is a wonderful human. Randhir says he showed you that way. but you know there are things that you don’t know about him.
Nirman is solving something. Mrs. Subri comes. She says its important. We need your sign on these. He signs them. Subri says when sanyu got to know that she did better than joy I was sure she has potential. She is so determine. Nirman says I would respect you if you do what you are asked to. She says sorry sir.

Aryan throws the med bottle at randhir. Randhir says you find everything after it all hapapned. but you can’t stop me. Aryan says I am in front of the girl you are trying to hurt and will always be. Randhir says i am not interested in who you are. Aryan says I am like this bottle. keep things in control. When people cross limits I bring them back. Oh but you are alone. Randhir says i know and I am enough for you and sanyu. Aryan says dont mess with me.

Precap-Doctor says you are not fit for the task. sanyu says I am fine. Nirman comes and says enough sanyu.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shreya

    I am very exited to watch 2mmorow,s episode n i love aryan’s cocern towards sanyu but i wish rd wd in the place of aryan

  2. shreya

    Hey my dearest frnds(karu,nishu,dhruv ,babu,richu,mayuri,sanyu,bk,yogi,vishal,aaliya,ayesha,mahek,sheena n all others sorry if i forgot some1 good night .
    I just wanna talk 2 u guys bt it takes so much time in moderation n some of my comments got deleted.miss u all.
    N Dhruv plz don’nt go yaar u r among the best frnd of mine,if u go i really feel bad.

    • dhruv

      Shreya di I wil come soon:-)
      Let my exms finish..
      Cz,now we need to wake whole night n no distractions..:-)
      N its very very imp,exm..:-)
      Thts why I wil come in May…
      U al dnt go anywhere ok..guys..
      Wait for ur dhruv bhai:-)

    • mayuri

      Hey dear shreya … How’s your school going (teaching) … It sure is hectic… How r u .. I am glad I met u πŸ™‚

  3. mayuri

    Neither update nor episode is completed… What’s wrong …. I have seen a little but missed it because of electricity had gone but seen the precap… Its not completed … Please anybody who saw it can tell full :0

  4. yeap..bla bla bla..Writter ji u r being funny
    RD hurts sanyu by crossing all d limits and thn shows concern…
    i never saw anything like dat
    seriously i thought sadda haq is different.. actually it’s being now fool…
    making me laugh..plz change d concept… either Sandhir or Aryukta…be d one n only…After all we r sadda haq fans…????

  5. abbeyy yaaar aab baas kar?
    I’ve had enough
    khamakha randhir ko bura banaya
    banaya to banaya aab Aryan ko helper bana diya
    please yaar cv track ko change kar do
    don’t like randhir anymore
    don’t be partial
    Aryan is better then randhir
    bring sanyukta and Aryan closer
    please please please
    SH kabhi itni irritated nei lagi
    yaarr m a die hard fan
    please show something better

  6. Hi every one how r u all hi rakshi sorry I was not online yesterday coz I was so busy. Let’s chat now. I m online. But only 4 half an hour. Dear quickly come
    Ayeesha why r u not commenting yar
    Today ep was so bore.

  7. so what don’t like shanaya…she is a good girl.
    Randhir doesn’t deserve shanaya even.i mean on base of current track
    nd as always Aryan was just superb…..

  8. Liya

    Uff…am really getting angry now with CV….
    Hating the current track…anywayz I hope they will soon change the track and make it more wonderful than s1…!!

    Please please guyz…..don’t start leaving from here again…y r u doing this??plz guyz…in a friendship there will be f8s nd all…its natural..but 4 that don’t leave from here nah…will really miss u guyz…AO plz come back…plz be positive and don’t leave from here…just try to ignore the messages which u don’t lyk…plz guyz..

    And hope all here are fyn though am feeling sad coz of this daily f8s
    hey aparna…missd u dear…glad u r back!where were u??
    Hey shreyu di…Hello karu
    Hey rits nd dhruv,come back plz
    Hi nishu,princess,sheena,aaliya,richu,rakshi,sanyu,
    Aishu,mayuri,shivu,bk,raj,swarna,vishal,tejas,…(hope I wrote everybody’s name…sory if I missed someone)
    Heh ayeesha,sanahki and Miley…where are u??
    Anywayz guyz,keep rocking and do be happy….
    Have a goood n8 N’
    do stop all the f8s…?(pleaseee)

  9. Nia

    Param is a Shining Vampireβ˜…
    Ashwini is a helperβ˜…
    Harshita is in between ‑
    is being crushed †
    Aryan k ath acchi lagti hai Sanyukta

  10. karina

    here we go again…the CVs are just mad…they made Rd like a villain…and for what ??? coz they also made Sanyu weaker then she was befor…at least if they ruined Rd’s character and made it more like a villain they should have at least make Sanyu stronger…it isnt that the porpose of the show…that girls can be as strong as men…but no CVs even ruined Sanyu’s character by making her so dependent of Aryan…she is enought to handle Rd all by herself…im really dissapointed of CVs…and to not mention they mess they did with Parth and Vidushi’s characters…they totally ruined VidArth…such a shame…

    • Liya

      Yup….Karu di…I compltly agree wid u!
      Not only they ruind Rd, but sanyu too…even they forgot abut vidharth too…

  11. FiNaLlY cV sHoWeD sOmEtHiNg lInKeD wItH SaNaYa.I lOvE hEr
    bUt Rd wAs rUdE tOwArDs hEr
    AnD I aLsO lOvE ArYaN SaNyUkTa NiRmAn ToO πŸ˜‰

  12. dhruv

    Hi sanyukta..
    I wanted to say sory to u..
    I doubted u.
    Sory dear..
    I lviu sister..
    N dear plz come back early..waiting for u..
    N on 3 may we will celebrate ur buday come fast n all the best doctor:-)

    • Heyvbhai im glad finally ur bak plz say rits to com bak yaar..
      Evn if one mmbr misses we eould not hv mucb fun aar…
      Aisa lag raha hai saari raunake wapas aa gayi…

  13. pia.angel

    Guys episode start with…. randhir put his foot in front of sanyu… she she could fall….and the bottle containing that medicine ‘ll fall on the floor but…. his plan was flopped by aryan he came in between them and told he is cheating by make sanyu fall….. sanyu drink that medicine containing energy drink…. while she start running randhir make hard his hands…. he was worried…. I was like wow…. after that sanyu’s heartbeat terribly became high almost 111….. every one told her to let it be…. but aryan came and encourage her….. I was like..awwww…… he told her…. you can do it… you just have to beat joy’s record….he us thinking and asking how could he distract her… she said joke… your joke…. he started speaking joke fastly…. don’t remember the joke but the last was just ant want elephant out of pool to see whether the elephant don’t put ant’s swim suit……. fun…… sanyu at last beat joy’s record….. she came down and drink a little that drink and gave aryan too by saying time sde sde joke sunakr gla Sikh gya hoea n.a……. he take a sip… and found something weird in taste…… and said in mind agar ye vhi hua jo mai soch raha hu then I wound leave you….. by looking at randhir….. and randhir said in mind….. facing toward aryan…. pebble khud ko air apni frnd ko to smbhal lo with a taunting smile…

  14. Ashika

    Saw the new promo of sh hope it brings some excitement and punch in this boring track and hope rd realizes nirman’s intentions plzzz a huge request to the writers stop potraying him in a negative character plzz orelse u will lose your huge fans

  15. Guys very gud mrng..
    How r u all…….

    Mmmmm I think in the frezing task sanyu would be saved by Rd not aryu always…..
    Theyll hv to bring som climax yarr….

    Nd the precap was so mindblowing….really lyked it…..

    Hey dhruv bhai shreyu di whats up…..
    Hii princy nd liya…
    Karu once again missing…….

    Hey neq entered sweeties ty fr ur provs…..nd yaa ty fr d full update darling..

  16. mukti

    Omg mere behenji word se etna kuch hogaya???
    Hey rits dntgocz of me..
    Dhruvvv soryyyyyy I hurt ur frnds:'(
    Hey sheena thnx for ur support.
    It means a lot to me..thnx..
    Hey guys sory for misunderstanding..

    • mayuri

      Hey guys !!!
      Sorry I couldn’t comment before because I was busy…. Karina I hope u will get away from your hectic schedule soon… And dhruv and visual … Best of luck for ur exam …

      And a very cool welcome to all the new comers … The weather is hot so I have used cool so that u won’t feel hot …

      And finally everyone came and everything is fine…

      And mukti dear your most welcome … We judged u wrong before because of esha but now everything is good and a very good welcome to u dear….

      Nisha dear u r correct .. And thanks…

      And shreya how’s everything going …

      Hi richu , bk , sanyu , princess,liya,dhruv,Maddy,karina,nisha , shivani , sheena , mukti , shreya , stuti , aparna , raj , etc sorry if I haven’t written someones name …

      And dear mukti I again welcome u dear … U can join us πŸ™‚ ;),

  17. Sheena

    Thank god everything is fyn now n dhruv, i’m glad u came back…n i request everyone that pls neither leave this grp nor threaten to do so…ever…
    N rits dear everything is fyn now so u also come back na…missing u..

    N yaa, the matter b/w esha n mukti is also ok now…they are not talking to each other anymore…
    Soo back to normal !!

    Anyways guys good morning to everyone !! Have a nice day?

  18. Hey but did u notice rd was really upset seeing sanyus hrt lvl high…that shows he still has care left fr sanyu…
    Nd the cvs r dissapointing me yaa how could they do wid sanyu this…..
    I kno sanyu cannot die but if sumting serious may hapen in Sh…

  19. mukti

    N u esha u will be reported cz of ur words…
    We have sent email to tu..
    Yes u can’t mess with me..
    Hey shreya nisha karina mayuri shivani sheena aishu richu omg ur so many
    Babes I m a frnd of dhruv n Thts why he got angry by reading esha…
    Sory for tht word

  20. mukti

    N yes we Have got message of tu..
    N if u use these words again or try to abuse me by ur comments u will be reported..
    My sweet frnd dhruv has reported u dnt tlk like that n it will be fine.ok

  21. dhruv

    Guys listen plz
    1) give mukti a chance she is very sweet bt a little rude..she only told me to come back. .
    2)sanyu sory for doubting u..come back first..I know u will be hapy n there will be no misunderstandings.
    3)dnt tlk abt esha..
    4)richu u asked na how is mukti she is like tht..accept or not ur decision dear
    5)finaly guys I cant live u..
    I got connected to u..:-)
    6)I hate u Aryan .

    • Sheena

      I agree with all the points except the last one…
      I know he’s not better than randhir but still he’s smart

      Anyways, glad to have u back…n of course we accept mukti as our friend..everyone has flaws, but a friend accepts another friend with all his flaws ryt?

  22. Hey mukti welcum bak sweetheart..
    Sry I was just a little angry on esha thats y it may be I hv said u somting rong plzzz dont mind….s
    Shabaash mere bhai weldone…
    Ty fr cuming bak I hope shell nit bothrr us again.

    • mukti

      Oh’s a,very very bad word..
      I can’t write its meaning here..but u can see on net..
      It’s very bad word

  23. Hey is anyone online…..
    Seriously gettin bored….
    Where r u ayeesha karu rakshi miley..
    Sanyu aalu…..
    Is anyone there. ….
    Nishu liya bhai raj sid vishuuuu
    Shreyu di mukti shivu sheenu mayuri…nd anyone plz..

  24. karina

    Hey guys h r u all ? Have a nice day

    Welcome to all the new comers..

    Dhruv im glad ur back…pls tell Rits to come back as well..

    Richu dear sorry but for some days i ll be a little busy so i wont be able to comment very often..

    Love u alll…

  25. nisha





    Dhruv came again in the boat with all of us

    and very soon sanyu also came dhruv for sure loving u dear

    Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx mukti dear as I told u before u have a very beautiful name

    and more than that tumne sach me hume world war 3 se mukti dila dee

    thanx for talking to dhruv and make him came here once again

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww dhruv


    you have got so many friend of u here

    rits mukti , you and maddy ( sanket) ,, and how many more well we are happy to see our friends happier

    Stay happy guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    luv u

    hey sanyu my sweetheart came here fast see your dhruv bhai came here to talk to u his sweet sisyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    love u guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    hey karu how r u hope u have a great mood today everything sorted now.

    what say friends

    helooooooooooooooooo niranjana very please to meet u dear and welcome here fully , always share your heart dear keep smiling

    hey sweetheart silence lover of sh2 dear I am sure you have a beautiful name share it with us too. and we are pleased to have a friend like u welcome and lots of love from all of us

    keep smiling

    what happened here

    aaj toh lagta hai

    there are so many aryukta fans commenting for the first time

    hey friends please never think that if you are a aryukta or kritika or arjun or sanaya fan than we are not gonna welcome here

    we all respect each other opinion

    so always be verbal about your heart and your choices

    love u friends and mee too love aryukta but as I said sandhir always more

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for u dear love u loads

    Tumse doori ka ehsaas satane laga,
    Tere sath guzara har lamha yaad aane laga,
    Jab bhi tujhe bhoolne ki koshish ki ae dost,
    Tu dil ke aur bhi kareeb aane laga !

    hey sheena richu shreyu, anu, shivi, dhruv mukti liya stuti,liiya mayuri heloo new friend ashika, piaangel, ahana , zarin , nia , anika, daksha om, ena , ayana, rumali, princess opshora, nadira, anika anzum

    helooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo to all friends and to all new friends tooo

    have a very great day

    and for the first time get to know really that aryukta also have so many fans

    where you all have been till today guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    love u all hey my sweet friends who are not here came soon.

    we all miss u a lot

    love u karu love u all

  26. nisha

    hey dhruv if u came now tell all the friends to also came in

    hope u make them come mukti

    maddy rits, vishal ,

    all belongs to here

    and gone coz of the fights

    make them came and keep smiling always

    love u all

    • dhruv

      Hey nisha we hv exm so I sankya n vishu,can’t come upto 10 may
      N rits don’t listen..
      I told her may be she,wil joinus in june orsmthng..she to hve exms in May.
      Til then u all enjoy..
      Hope when I get back some interesting track will be there in sh.
      Lvu all by karu mayuri shreya di shinchan,pari:-)

      • mayuri

        Welcome Back dear bhai !!!
        And best of luck for your exams and do hard work .. And after exam we’ll be Here for u .. Sweetly so come back fast and again have a good luck …

  27. vishal

    My exms starts from 25 so I too will se u in may..:-)
    Bye misu..
    Richu sory mai jada hi bhadak gya tab..
    Lvu guys

  28. nisha

    hey guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz check this pool party of sadda haq set shot

    there has been some pics too of shanaya and joy and the other gy

    Seems like doesn’t look like an episodic showcasting

    I thought so

    any infor about this then do share waiting and I also tried to get the infor luv u all

    but if sachi muchi really this gonaa bee the seen than its gonna be the first sd pool party on screen

    showing like a on screen party

    offscreen laga to nhi

    lets see and do share

    luv u all

  29. sarah

    what the hell is happening…thought at least season2 would be diff….but no! its the same crap….why doesn’t randhir fight like a man…..he has become a cheap conspirator. always plotting against sanyukta. why is he so desperate to fail sanyu. despo cheap kaika. cheap tricks. cheap mentality. NIRMAN is a foolish, arrogant idiot…..

  30. karina

    Dhruv & Vishal all the best for ur exams guys…

    Nishu cutie thanks for the pics…luv u

    Guys i ll see u soon…im a bit busy right now…luv u all

  31. nisha

    All the very best to you to dhruv , vishal rits , maddy(sanket),

    So much love to all of you.

    And do well in exams ,

    See u soon and yaa dhruv with a nice track too in sh

    hey I know u are busy but take a little time

    I think the pool party track in sh2 is gonna be interesting

    Do study hard but i think u also somewhere doesn’t gonna miss that scene

    love u buddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.

    keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    hey karu meri jaan,

    its ok busy dear come soon when get time

    love u keep smiling

    love u vishu all the best . do well in exams dear

    Once a friend always a friend.

  32. Himanshi

    Hi guys I was busy so I not commented. Hi karina di thanks for the link. Dhruv bhaiya all d best for ur exams.
    I love u Aryan
    I jus6 love the way Aryan works.
    But sometimes his dialogue r not clear.
    Anyway love send hit more.?☺?☺

  33. Himanshi

    I ment I love sandhir more than anybody else ☺❀❀❀??????❀❀❀❀?✌??

  34. Hey bhai…..maddy aka sanket ritsss nd vishuuuuuu bhaiya….
    A big……
    But plz visit here often buddies….
    Im gonna miss u very mucchhhh……
    Dont stop watchin sh or ull miss the fun…it worked fr me as a streess reliever….u can try….

  35. Sheena

    Hey!!dhruv, maddy aka sanket (i’d prefer to cal! u maddy if its ok with u), vishal n dear mukti..u all have exams naa?? All the very best for ur exams…see u soon
    Keep smiling?

  36. yogiraj

    All the best….dhruv,madu,rits,Vishal…n al who having their exams…:-):-) guys rock in ur exams gud luck..

  37. Liya

    Hello mukti dear….nice name u hav..welcome!! πŸ™‚
    Dhruv bhai,am happy that u r bakk!!!??
    And bhai,rits,mukti,sanket aka maddy,
    All the bst for ur xams write d xams well..will miss u guyz terribly!?
    Anywayz luv u guyz..

  38. Hey this ones fr u and only fr u nishuuuuuuu…….
    Oh gosshhhh r u a do u manage things so well dear…….
    Do u kno wat u r sooo cool my coolest sisyy…
    After reading ur comments I just feel lyk to cum nd hug u yaar……
    Plz show me a way to u sweetie…….
    I feel so stressed out….seeing d way u feel fr others
    Lub yaa….
    I think every1 here has d same opinions about u. ……
    What say

    • God sry fr just speaking about nishuuu yaar……..
      Hey bk im waiting fr d nxt week spoilers dear……
      Sheena nd mayuri hii r u there shivu…
      Ahhh sanyu my true soulmate wherever u r cum bak miss u soo much yaar…ur nd my provs r totally same…..
      Bhaio kaha reh gaye aajkal koi nahi aata yaha…..
      Liya aishu shreyu dii kaise ho aap…
      U kno agar koi ek bhi chala jaye na toh mazaa nahi aata……
      Whrre r my rockers yaa….
      Ayeesha rakahi princy miley..nd all who r missing….
      Dear anu plz visit hrre somtimes yaaar..
      Luv u all

      • mayuri

        Dear richu … I am here only yTo rock… πŸ˜‰
        And I agree…. With all the thinyg u said and yes nishu what a writer u r mind blowing …..and here everybody is wow!! Mind blowing …. And without u it’s not fun….

      • Liya

        Hey richu…am fyn dear..u??
        Well yup!!our dear nishu di is an awezom writer and cares for us a lot..luv her very much!
        Luv all of u very much guyz….

  39. nisha

    hey richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu dear

    This hug is for u open the link dear come and hug me

    Love u richu I never knew about this

    Well how do u know did u read older comments ,,,,

    Yes I write before a fanfic in Telly update

    but stop this coz of busy schedule

    and also the inspiration is my old friends the other fanfic writers too readers too.

    And they also gone coz life is running we all have to go with the flow so sometime I left after sometime they all left too

    and yeah do u know

    the titli richwaaaaaaaaaa also a fanfic writer too.

    I to just write 1 story she write 4 to 5 stories .

    and soon going to start a new one too.

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh soo sorry If I making u bore dear

    I seriously speak a lot my heart.

    Luv u dear

    waht more u need tell me

    Pizaaaaaaaaaaaaa , choclates anyother thing madam

    On delivery link sent karun kyaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I don’t know what friends think about me but I always write my heart here a pure truth never a single lie

    and yeah a simple way to be here to kick me out or to take me in is always friends choice
    and I respect all and love all of them till now.

    Till now I didn’t received any single negative commentor on my page

    but yeah a war has been started earlier too when a soon to be doctor nemi came on farha kfar page

    as a negative commentor we all talk to her . and sort the matter , and we ended up like best friends this is an amazing thing

    Nafrat ko nafrat nahi sirf pyaar see mitaya jaa sakta hai

    I beleived in that quote inspite the fact that it is a filmy quote

    and yeah dear LOve u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much richu

    After a long time I talk so much more with a sweetheart friend.

    I never told u but u just so sweet just like an old friend manha

    I told her my saviour coz when nobody here to save u the time u need the most she is there

    that’s why manha the saviour

    and somehow u are the same qualities in you which is very unique and special which makes us all lucky to have a friend like u dear

    Keep smiling alwaysTight hugs for u and lots of kissessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss too

    Luv u dear

    Once a friend always a friend

  40. maddy

    Hey sosowt thnku dear mayuri sheena karina nishu richu raj bro shivani liya for ur best wishes:-):-)
    I will come 100% ti meet sooswt frnds..
    Bt dhruv!!!!!!I I will hardly see him now!!!!:-)
    In the library day n night:-D:-D:-D
    Bta nai etna kya padta hai behna!!:-):-)

  41. nisha

    hey liyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu and mayuri

    Love u sweetheart both of u

    I don’t know about I write good or bad or worse but surely you both are the lovely heartieeeeeeeeeeees of Sadda haq page

    both are lovable
    eye catching
    Pleasant personality
    a little more elegance
    much more attractive and magnetizing
    angelic Stunning kind hearted and very much sensible charming, fascinating cool,

    so yeah I didn’t write names coz I don’t want any other competion start here

    but yeah this is all the characteristics of my friends karu richu liya and mayuri dhruv,

    yeah some of my friends

    eAch and every friend has its own unique quality which makes them special amongst all

    and I love all of u

    love u keep smiling

    Once a friend always a friend.

    • mayuri

      Thanks a lot … Its true once a friend always a friend … And everyone has their own special qualities … And keep smiling dear… Its really good that you write by your heart that is why your comments looks so good … U r so awesome dear and not only u but everyone here is awesome πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ :*

  42. nisha

    Well hardwork is imp. many times to reach miles of ur life.

    and I know u alll came up with the best news after exams

    Love u buddy Keep working hard and give ur best in exams and in between to lighten up your mood came here

    we all can lighten up you all

    Exams buddiesssssssssssssssssssssss.

    and Dhruv hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he need to get top marks , so he need to do study harder

    its ok whenever get time do come and meet ur friends dear

    love u all

    all the very best once again

    mukti this time to u too dear when they all are busy in exams

    then you also had exams do well dear and yeah one personal wish

    Beat all the boyssssssssssssssssss in exams

    Get good marks he he he just joking dear just do well in exams and keep smiling always

    Once a friend always a friend .

  43. nisha

    hey shivi addiction

    yes , I am addicted somehow to tea , I tried to leave it but it doens’t get possible till now.

    Still trying

    love u dear

    hey himanshi wow your heart is such colourful dear there has been so many colours in it
    Very beautiful just like u

    love u

    hey sheena love u dear

    hey raj what’s up buddy how r u dear.

    love u karu

    love u friends ok bye need to go now

    Keep smiling

  44. mayuri

    Hey shivani dear sweetie…
    I am addicted to choclate … I like it but that doesn’t mean that I will be die without that πŸ˜‰ just kidding…

    I love it yo extent that while typing I am eating it now …. Funny huh??? πŸ˜‰

    My favorite chocolate is dairy milk … πŸ™‚

  45. mayuri

    Sorry … So many mistakes …

    Hey shivani dear sweetie…
    I am addicted to chocolates … I like it but it doesn’t mean that I will die without it … πŸ˜‰
    Just kidding …

    I love it to this is extent that now only while typing I am eating chocolate … Funny huh πŸ˜‰

    And my favorite chocolate is dairy milk πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    Sorry… For repeating this comment πŸ™‚

    And what about others shreya,Karina , shivani,liya , others πŸ˜‰

  46. yar ek limit hoti trp ratings ki ab saath sibhana saathiya jesi serial aur sasural simar ka jesi serial top 10 main ati hae aur apna saada haq itna interesting show hae fir 10 main nai ata

    • mukti

      Dear cz,those,seriala,are watched by people of all sectors n are financed by top channels..
      Our sadda haq has fans as youths mostly..thts why..
      But who cares sadda haq will always rock

  47. mukti

    Helo frnds..
    I have msgd telly updates…
    N they replied that due to too many off topic comments they have turned of comments..
    Thts why we can’t reply guys..
    Sada haq rocks..
    Now we can get sandhir back….nirman is,so bad…

  48. shreya

    Hey Richu it is for u dear-
    Friends are gifts forever,
    There is no,now or never,
    Being your friend is such a pleasure’
    It gives me the feeling of worldly treasure’
    Happy Birthday to my dear friend,
    May you get everything that you wish for,
    A true wish from the core of my heart..HAPPY BIRTHDAY RiCHU.
    Sorry yaar its late but i was awake whole night yesterday in a wedding so due to tiredness so i slept whole day.abhi check kia to i came to know that 2 day is ur bday.sorry my titli

    • mayuri

      Hey … Everyone…same problem with me .. Next page open hi nhi ho raha hai… What should we do πŸ™

      • mukti

        Hey sweetheart I asked them..they have deliberately turned of comments..
        I dnt thnk they will on it now..
        Gn frnds lvu

  49. karina

    Hey guys…so TU closed the comments on that page…but i dont get one thing. why they only closed SH page coz ive seen on other page serial like 1k…its on the page of serial Ishq ka rang safed….i saw one time when they reached over 1k comments…anyways im eagerly waiting for todays epi…and yes Sadda Haq rocks…its one of the best shows ive ever seen….love u guys

    • Liya

      Even i am sad that tu closed the commentor section..anywayz guyz..we cant even break pur rcrd too nah..
      Anhwayz keeo watching sadda haq…
      Excitd to see 2days epi…hop 2 see sandhir soonn……..

    • karina

      hey dear…TU turned the comment off coz they said that we posted to many comments that werent related to the show…

    • Liya

      Shubhi dear…its coz as mukti said,due to many out off topic commnts they turned off the commnt section…
      We were not talking abut sadda haq 4 long..thts y…??

  50. nisha

    hey friends helooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    so at least some reach here

    dhruv karu mukti shivu liya

    hope all came here

    hey really a video updated of both odd couples dance

    not exciting deareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

    lets see what gonna happened next

    waiting for something good

    sanaya and randhir no not good to watch them dancing always sandhir rocksssssssssssssssssssssssss

    and I am so angry I so wish to see vidharth too

    I mean instead of that begusarai

    Ankit get good very nice role here

    but may be cvs not gonna give him enough screen space

    so yeah if this track gonna stretch like this

    it may loose the charm of viewers to watch

    the loyal viewers of sd

    love u friends keep smiling

    • Liya

      Hey nishu di..
      Yup…I too guess .any many are gonna start stop watching sadda haq bcoz of d current track….Cv shud bring back vidharth and sandhir r8?hate to see sanaya and Randhir 2gether..really making my nerves angry?
      Anyways howz evryon hre?

  51. nisha

    love u liyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    keep smiling

    nothing new in hand


    ek parsh dance mill jaata in pool episode

    love u all.

    • Liya

      Same here di..
      I felt very sad when I saw d vdio of pool party in twitter…sanaya nd Randhir + aryukta…
      No sandhir nah..?
      Really feeling sad with the CVS…
      Luv u too nishu di…

  52. karina

    Yeah Nishu i totally agree with u dear…the CVS should bring VidArth back ASAP and also they need to get SanDhir back together FAST coz if not they ll loose all the fans.

  53. karina

    hay Liya sweety h r u dear ? im fine just a little busy…i ll see u all tonight…love u all

  54. Hey plz if u dont want our comments to be blocked always write somthin on the topic with somting for us too …..
    Ex everytime sh rocksssss……can be the last statement instead of luv u…
    Coz we kno u all always luv each other. ..

  55. I was thinking this problem is only with me……..they r such boring serials yaar…cant evn believe…u kno
    Height of stretching a serial…sat nibhana sathiya diya aur bathi…sasural simar ka….omg evn balika vadhu is still goin…I used to watch it in my childhood. …

  56. Sheena

    Yaa…now sh shld come up with something new… I mean this show always showcases that that sayu n all always need a mentor..good or bad…cvs shld plot some sandhir scenes n then unite them…it’ll help to inc. the trps…

    Anyways, how r u all??

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.