Sadda Haq 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu says to anju what should i do maa, a lot is going in my college. Anju looks low. sanyu says are you okay? Why are you taking this medicine. anju recalls they guy who gave her medicine when she fainted, and said come to my clinic at 11. Anju says because of the weather i just had headache.
Anju gets a call from doctor Thruv’s clinic, the lady says you have an appointment with him for tomorrow. Anju says say him thanks but i am fine i don’t need to come there i think.

Nikhil is imitating Ranawat and says would you all like some drinks? Ranawat comes, Nikhil tries to run, Ranawat grasps him by back and says what happened to you all? they all leave one by one.

sanyu says we have to get signatures from him and try not to spoil his mood, then they go to

class, ranawat is asleep on his table. Vid says go wake him up, Randhir says he will teach us? Go yoyo. Yoyo says no i wont. sanyu says parth will you? Parth goes and says sir? he says hmm? He asks parth how many steps did you take to come to this class? Path says what? Randhir says why does it matter? Ranwat says name? Randhir. He asks parth yours? Parth says parth, ranawat go to your seat, randhir sits as well. he says to randhir, stand akash. randhir says i am randhir, he says it doesn’t matter you are just a a student. Now tell me how many steps you need to take to come to this class, all of you go out. He closes the door when they go out. They all are counting steps, randhir says i am not stupid to do this. Vid comes and collides parth. Parth says why you alwys irritate me, i forgot my count. vid says do you think you are tom cruise? sanyu comes and says guys please stop fighting.

when they come to class, ranawat is asleep on desk. sanyu says sir, here are out step counts. Ranawat takes the papers and throws them up in the air. He goes out. randhir says are we his slaves? dont stop me now. sanyu says please stop randhir, he shoves her. She falls on the wall and gets a bruise on her forehead.

Randhir dresses sanyu’s bruise, she says we have saved FITE for dream team randhir,this team is equally important to all of us. Lets go and take other lectures. Vidushi comes to sanyu and asks her how you got this bruise? Sanyu says i slipped in corridor. sahil says lets go get the signs. Randhir says yes and we don’t need him to win competition.

Ranawat is sketching a tree. sanyu goes to him and says sir, this is dream team association form please sign it. He ignores, sanyu places the form on his canvas. he looks at vidushi and asks whats your name? she says vidushi. he asks what is it? Vid says bird nest. He asks sanyu, name? sanyu says bird nest. he asks sanyu what is it? she says bird nest sir. he asks similar questions from yoyo and he give same answer. he asks parth same, randhir says asking again and again wont change it, it will remain a nest. now please sign this form, we will be disqualified, and you wont stay in FITE. Ranawat puts him sketch aside and says sign here? sanyu says yes. he makes circle there and says i wont sign. he says i don’t like to be mentor of idiots. it is not everyone’s cup of tea. he laughs and leaves.

A driver comes in and says ma’am you have a phone? aanju says who are you and who sent you? he says please talk on call. Its thruv, he says why did you cancel the appointment, anju says i am fine now. thruv says i driver will stay there if you dont come.

sanyu says he was giving us a riddle or puzzle through that nest. randhir says he is so useless. sanyu says he was trying to say something. sanyu puts her head on randhir’s shoulder, they all smirk. randhir says we have to gets his sign. vidushi says we can’t cut his hand. Randir says you are not as stupid as you think. Randhir says we will conceal his CV and do his signature. if you don’t trust me i will do it alone.

Precap-they go to ranawat’s office and try to find the CV. randhir tries to trace form, ranawat comes in with someone.

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Yes it is but she has deleted now bcoz of some problem she said she will givea new 1 to me on 30th

  2. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    dat is y askng bcz it hs been deltd see d co-incidence she deltd d mail jst aftr sree’s incident

  3. shenaz

    I m here u now wet at aftnoon my stomach stated paining very badly den I got time to write dat story which I gave u guys it took more dan 3hrs but I completed I m happy with dat

  4. shenaz

    I m doing so refeshing n den seeimg u go through its update n she will give her mail id I have a believe

  5. shenaz

    I wanted u all to know d story so I did n was also bored just sleepy on bed so I wrote dat story

  6. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    hey I am bck dr dis ranawat is too tough to undrstnd he is evn more difficult dan a puzzle or riddle

  7. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    yeah dr I am missing her today aadhya tlkd abt her b4 I cd typ d full coment she had gone

  8. shenaz

    Ya I know dis abhay he is more complicated dan vardhan also u now no.1 peakkads award he will get I mean he is every time drunk

  9. shenaz

    Dekha u also agree with me I think every1 will agree with me wt does he wants to prove by showing a nest n asking wt is it?? I mean seriously he is out of his mind

  10. shenaz

    Ya I know I watch it at night around 1:00 but 2dy my dad was watching a movie so he didn’t allow me to watch my show n said watch it in morning

  11. shenaz

    N see him in starting of d show he was bc sleeping in class parth woke him up instead of taking lecture he sent every1 out of d room to count their footsteps I m seriously wt he was going to do of dat he had a gud nap when he send all of them out of d room

  12. shenaz

    Ya I m also agreeing with rd but I have a feeling like sanyu said dey missed something but wt I don’t know let’s hope dey will find soon

  13. shenaz

    I change when dey show any adults scenes n I luv dese crime shows atleast dey make us aware about happenings in socities

  14. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    vl take rest aftr cmng whole day hehehe by d way I cant say thnx as u said best of luck naa fr dat

  15. shenaz

    OK so for dat u need to go to d studio but when I asked u did u got ur photo u said yes so I got confusef

  16. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    yes I got my photo I took 1 min photo dey vl giv at dat tym nly aftr clicking photo

  17. shenaz

    I know its ok if u dont says th u it means u obeyed my words which I mailed u no tk u no sry to say it by urself I think u really did it

  18. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    as yu knw I ws nt well frst I ws nt regular to schl bt wen I strtd to go wen xms were near I got chickn pox & dat is d reason I dint read well fr kannada science & social I dint do well bt kannada ws vry vry tough

  19. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    it is gud enough naa bt u knw I dnt think dis tym I vl get atleast b+ also in kannada & science evrytym I get an A in kannada & othr subs A+ mostly bt dis tym I fear

  20. shenaz

    Sara gud night sweet dreams tc n sleep well dr tata I m going n plz don’t feel sad or upset dr it happenes dr u must have heard life is full of challenges it is up to u wt u choose to face dem or to run away from dem

  21. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    exactly dr thnx fr encouraging me bt I cant say thnx so taking bck bt I am stil grateful to u fr encouraging

  22. shenaz

    No no acc I was typing so didn’t saw ur reply its OK dr chill everything will b r8 very soon u will do well in next exam dr don’t worry n it happened dye to sickness so it OK dr

  23. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    yes dr nw I am taking my new school year resolution I vl nt bcm irregular & vl concentrate fully on studies & complete my duties too & InshaAllah Allah vl help me in compltng it

  24. Jst came to c whether ur alrite dr.. k i think u feel betr nw.. sory hav to go bye.. tmrw xam for me… gud nite nd vry gud mrng sara

  25. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    oh yes dr ws feeling sad bt aftr tlkng wid shenaz I am feeling betr bt I wish d news is wrong

  26. shenaz

    Sara sleep dr I don’t won’t u to move with ur sleepy head in d class to get ur results n no more comments now bye tc n sleep well dr gud night
    All d best @Daniela for ur exams now bye gud night dr tc n do well ok

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