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Sadda Haq 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Randhir and parth are drunk. Parth says sanyu can be right sometimes. Randhir says so I am wrong. Parth says what you did to engine is right. But if car goes out of control what will you do? Randhir shoves him and says you are on her side as well. Randhir goes out and says I am going where intelligent people live.
Sanyuu calls randhir and says why is his phone off. Vid says to annoy you. Sanyu says i guess i was rude. Vid says all guys are same. Sanyu says he kept arguing. Vid says you create problems. now shut it i have to sleep and study in the morning.

Randhir is driving while he is drunk. He says we need speed not safety. He says i can’t be slow. Randhir car crashes.
Randhir is in OT. sanyu comes in and asks the nurse. Nurse says please understand and wait

outside. Sanyu says nothing will happen i know. Renuika comes there as well. Sanyu says ma’am randhir is inside. Nurse says you can’t go in. Sanyu says don’t worry he will be fine. Renuka says stay away i dont wanna talk to you. Sanyu says what i did? she says you fought with him and that is why he drank. Sanyu says it was just a professional argument. Renuka says why you always insult him. sanyu says i never did. Renuka says dont be diplomatic. You can’t fool me like randhir. How could you do this. Sanyu says I care equally for him. I can’t support him when he drinks and drives. Renuka says you can back out from captaincy. He hates career oriented women. Sanyu says how can you say that. Will you change everything about me. You know he will never change. Renuka says you have changed him enough already. Sanyu says i never tried to change him. renuka says i can do anything for my son, even ruin your career. Renuka says randhir kept hated me all his life. but he wont anymore. Sanyu says i used to wonder why he talks so rudely to you. But now i know. Reneuka says you dont know what can i do. sanyu says you have lost all your respect i had for you. Nurse says only one can enter the room. Nurse says Randhri is calling Sanyu.

Sanyu goes in and slaps him. Harsh calls renuka and says our son is going away from us. Renuka says she doesn’t know what can i do to her. Harsh says i dont want what happened to me to happen to him. he says do what you can. Renuka says we have to think. If something happens to sanyu now, randhir’s health be risked.
Randhir says you are hitting the patient. Sanyu says couldn’t you see. Randhir says I was in my senses. That man came in front. Sanyu says yes you are never wrong. Please dont do this again. Randhir says I am sorry. I wont do this again. Now are you here to depress me? sanyu says i was so mad. Promise me you wont do this again. Sanyu says i love you. Randhir says i love you. She hugs him.

Scene 2
next morning, randhir gets up. Sanyu dresses his wound. She says when you were flying that car, didn’t you know that you feel the pain. Sanyu says what is your plan for placements? He says i will work in some company then i will start something of my own. Sanyu says i will work in agarwal industry. He says if that hitler agrees. sanyu throws a cushion at him. he says ouch. sanyu hugs and kisses him. randhir says one kiss is not enough. Parth comes in and coughs. He says okay i will come later. Sanyu says no i was leaving. Parth says at least place dont disturb board outside. Randhir throws a pillow at him.

Sanyu calls agarwal and talks to him about placements. He says i will never hire you. Sanyu hits punching bag. randhir says this not for you. This might fracture your hand. SAnyu says why would you tell me what is for me and what is not. he says you cant be so disturbed by one company’s rejection. sanyu says my family my dad rejected me. It has been happening to me always. I never get what i deserve. Randhir says you should have been expecting this. sanyu says i thought maybe this time he will realize my value. And that ankit, he gets everything. Randhir says okay calm down. Sanyu says what is wrong with it. he says you are not wrong. sanyu says i wish one day all women vanish from this world and then you will see how world stops. Randhri says relax please. he says you are not wrong. We can apply together.It will be fun working together. But no one knows. nothing is sure. I will get a job. but you by chance.. sanyu says what you mean. he says i will do something for you. sanyu says you all men are same. I will find a better job than you. Randhir says lets see.

Precap-Randhir checks harsh’s phone. He sees the text in his phone. randhir tells sanyu my dad has an affair. My family can never live together. sanyu hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Amazing epi…sandhir is just mindblowing…i want vidarth scenes as well cozi miss their chemistry….

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  3. Sameer u better mind ur language…who gave u the right to call us stupid ? If u dont like this show why are u commenting on this page in the first place ? Go watch the shows u like and let us enjoy our show coz this show is far more better then others and u can learn a lot of things from it….but again u dont have to watch it if u dont like it but pls respect others choices…thank u…

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