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Sadda Haq 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The team is working on the car, the engine starts. Ranawat asks on speaker what is most important to win race? sanyu says engine and driver both. Parth says driver. Randhir says speed is the most important. He says I agree with randhir. How can you win without speed? Do you know on what speed will you be driving? sanyu says 12Km/h. Ranawt asks what is the speed of this engine? Sanyu says its already 100 we will touch 120. he says randhir come on i want to see this engine at max speed. Randhir sits in the car and starts it. Sanyu says randhir please stop the engine will crack. The engine breaks down. On speaker, he says it cracked down. Sanyu says I asked you to stop. Randhir says we didn’t refine it. sanyu says now you do. Parth says we told you its not ready. Ranawat says start

from beginning. Parth says he did this intentionally. Sanyuu says this has given us a lesson. We will work hard on it. We will make it better.

They all starts working again. Randhir takes a tool from sanyu. He says you could burn your hand, dont waste your night on that fuel. sanyu says I wont give up. Randhir says go to hell then don’t come to me when you are injured. sanyu says i wont. Parth says we need new parts for it. sanyu says we have to arrange something.

Scene 2
Next morning, Vid sees a missed call on her phone from ankit. He texts her something. She gets ready and comes on skype with him. Ankit says you look good. How was your day? Vid says it was normal. vid says i was about to call you. You are very understanding. I never thought I would get emotional support from you. He says you can call me whenever you want. Vid says I need to take a shower, I have to go. I will talk to you later. She goes in.

Randhir calls someone. Sanyu says you wont do this come what may. Randhir says i cant let team suffer. Sanyu says you don’t have to bow down. Randhir says you are supporting my ego? Sanyu says its about your self respect. Randhir says there is no solution. sanyu holds his hand and says we will work out something. Randhir says no one is ready to sponsor us. sanyu says we will call more. Ranhdir says this is because of. I gave them hope. sanyu says its not like that. you did what was right. I can help you in arranging funds. Randhir says i can do this alone. Why would you do this? Randhir says you wont interfere in this. You and team are my responsibility. I can take care of you.
We will work out. Sanyu says in heart i have to complete my fuel project.

Sanyu sees vid’s phone ringing. She picks it up its ankit. Sanyu says bhai? Its you? Ankit says yes. She says why you called on vid’s number and where you got her number from? She says what with vid.. Vid says why did you touch my phone and whom are you talking to? She sees the screen and says call your brother on your phone. Why are you talking to him on phone. Vid takes the phone and says give your sister a phone. sanyu says your phone was ringing. Better take it with you next time.

SAnyu is studying. Admin says its 2 you should go, I have to close the library. sanyu says i have to study. Sanyu tests the fuel in room. It vapourizes. vid says what are you doing? Let me sleep at least. Sanyu tests more fuels.

Scene 3
PKC asks lab in-charge where is the material? He says sanyu used them all. Parth and yoyo see students talking about sanyu testing the fuels. They say we will talk to ranawt sir.
Parth goes to sanyu in lab. Parth says team will be in problem because of you. You are not focusing on the team work. You are using things for personal use. sanyu says you people are discouraging me. parth says you are doing this for yourself? sanyu says this is important. This is for team.. Parth says what you mean? what are you doing?

Precap-sanyu says to randhir if you were chef i would come to your restaurant every day. He shows her more dishes. sanyu says best fiance.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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