Sadda Haq 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya checks her stuff and says I should make a list. She sees Aryan’s resignation letter. Sanaya is dazed, she says he is leaving ISRC> My mistake has this consequence.
Sumit says joy forgot his phone. Arkin says he is dumb. Kritika says he is sharp. Arjun uses his phone and says he has Krirtika’s number in Nirman’s name. Sanyu comes and asks have you seen Aryan? ARjun says he ran again? sanyu says no one is talking to you. Arjun says show your attitude to aryan or randhir. I am neither. Randhir comes and says what are you saying.. He is about to punch her. Sanyu says to randhir leave him. and if you are so concerned then why you did this? Randhir says I haven’t done this.I am in the video too. I always accepted but i can’t do this cheap thing. Sanyu

says whatever it is, aryan is hurt none of it was his mistake.

Harsh is trying to pressurize receptionist. He says randhir is my son. She says please go or I will call security. He shouts what security. Guard comes.. Harsh says you don’t know who I am. Don’t touch me. He gives money to watchman and says please I just wanna meet my son. Sanyu comes and sees him. Sanaya comes and says sanyu come with me..
sanyu comes to aryan’s room. He is packing. Sanyu says you can’t leave you can’t do this. I should have told you. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please. Please look at me. Don’t give me this punishment. He swipes her tears. Sanyu says you won’t go please? He says I am not going right now my resignation is not accepted but the day contract is over I will leave. Sanyu says you can’t leave like this? Aryan says give me one reason why can’t I? you don’t have an answer? Then go find one because its high time.

Receptionist brings randhir and says please meet him. He is not leaving. Harsh hugs randhir. He says my son, they made me wait. how are you?Dont you miss me? Watchman says is he your father? Harsh says tell him I am.. Randhir says no. He leaves. Harsh is dazed.
sanyu says why are aryan’s questions troubling me. Randhir recalls what harsh said and what he did in past. Sanyu says maybe he is right.. Sanyu and randhir collide with each other. Randhir holds her. Sanyu says sorry.
Randhir hits punching bag, he recalls how sanyu shouted at him.

Sanaya and kritika are doing a shots race. Joy and sumit join them too. Joy says come sanyu play with us. Its called never have i ever, sanyu says no thanks. I didn’t have dinner. I am really tired. Kritka says please come. Sanaya makes her sit. They all get drunk.
Sanaya says kritika don’t tell me you are unlucky like me.. Sanaya says I am unlucky in love. sanyu is the luckiest girl here. Sanyu you are so lucky. No actress is as lucky as you. The new lover boy isn’t leaving and the old lover boy will never get over. Sumit says lets go for a walk sanaya. Sanaya says I won’t go. If I were you I would have keep them both waiting like you. You know sanyu.. Who will you select aryan or randhir? Sumit takes her.
Sanyu leaves, She is about to slip Aryan holds her. He says are you okay? Will you eat chinese? You must be hungry. He takes her.
Aryan says eat it, or I will have to take you to doctor. He says in heart why are you so silent. Aryan says I am so sorry. Sanyu says its not your mistake. He says I overreacted. Sanyu says no I mean.. he holds her hand. Sanyu smiles. She says how can you be so good? Randhir sees them together. Aryan says you should talk to randhir first.All that happened is stressful. Sanyu says what will I talk to him about? Aryan says it was not his mistake and you blamed him. sanaya told me everything. We can’t undo what happened and we have to move on. Go ahead and talk to him. Okay? Sanyu nods. Aryan says in heart I can’t expect anything from you.. you are not my gf but I hope someday.. I really hope..

Precap-Sanaya says I am sorry for last night. You asked me to decide.. I have decided. Sanaya comes to randhir and says Sanyu and Aryan..

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hiiii guyzzzzz a very hot aftrnun to all of u……
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    Anyways guyzzz JUST CHK DS LNK….

    By by dark shadow…..we won’t miss u…..yipeeeee DS leave…..wooooooo

    1. nop..we will definitely miss him
      actually no,we won’t miss him✌✌
      cz we won’t watch sadda haq crap anymore… Whole Time torture, but still he will get the heroin, like a saas bahu crap,,moreover, it will be based on sympathy

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