Sadda Haq 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanaya checks her stuff and says I should make a list. She sees Aryan’s resignation letter. Sanaya is dazed, she says he is leaving ISRC> My mistake has this consequence.
Sumit says joy forgot his phone. Arkin says he is dumb. Kritika says he is sharp. Arjun uses his phone and says he has Krirtika’s number in Nirman’s name. Sanyu comes and asks have you seen Aryan? ARjun says he ran again? sanyu says no one is talking to you. Arjun says show your attitude to aryan or randhir. I am neither. Randhir comes and says what are you saying.. He is about to punch her. Sanyu says to randhir leave him. and if you are so concerned then why you did this? Randhir says I haven’t done this.I am in the video too. I always accepted but i can’t do this cheap thing. Sanyu

says whatever it is, aryan is hurt none of it was his mistake.

Harsh is trying to pressurize receptionist. He says randhir is my son. She says please go or I will call security. He shouts what security. Guard comes.. Harsh says you don’t know who I am. Don’t touch me. He gives money to watchman and says please I just wanna meet my son. Sanyu comes and sees him. Sanaya comes and says sanyu come with me..
sanyu comes to aryan’s room. He is packing. Sanyu says you can’t leave you can’t do this. I should have told you. I didn’t want to hurt you. Please. Please look at me. Don’t give me this punishment. He swipes her tears. Sanyu says you won’t go please? He says I am not going right now my resignation is not accepted but the day contract is over I will leave. Sanyu says you can’t leave like this? Aryan says give me one reason why can’t I? you don’t have an answer? Then go find one because its high time.

Receptionist brings randhir and says please meet him. He is not leaving. Harsh hugs randhir. He says my son, they made me wait. how are you?Dont you miss me? Watchman says is he your father? Harsh says tell him I am.. Randhir says no. He leaves. Harsh is dazed.
sanyu says why are aryan’s questions troubling me. Randhir recalls what harsh said and what he did in past. Sanyu says maybe he is right.. Sanyu and randhir collide with each other. Randhir holds her. Sanyu says sorry.
Randhir hits punching bag, he recalls how sanyu shouted at him.

Sanaya and kritika are doing a shots race. Joy and sumit join them too. Joy says come sanyu play with us. Its called never have i ever, sanyu says no thanks. I didn’t have dinner. I am really tired. Kritka says please come. Sanaya makes her sit. They all get drunk.
Sanaya says kritika don’t tell me you are unlucky like me.. Sanaya says I am unlucky in love. sanyu is the luckiest girl here. Sanyu you are so lucky. No actress is as lucky as you. The new lover boy isn’t leaving and the old lover boy will never get over. Sumit says lets go for a walk sanaya. Sanaya says I won’t go. If I were you I would have keep them both waiting like you. You know sanyu.. Who will you select aryan or randhir? Sumit takes her.
Sanyu leaves, She is about to slip Aryan holds her. He says are you okay? Will you eat chinese? You must be hungry. He takes her.
Aryan says eat it, or I will have to take you to doctor. He says in heart why are you so silent. Aryan says I am so sorry. Sanyu says its not your mistake. He says I overreacted. Sanyu says no I mean.. he holds her hand. Sanyu smiles. She says how can you be so good? Randhir sees them together. Aryan says you should talk to randhir first.All that happened is stressful. Sanyu says what will I talk to him about? Aryan says it was not his mistake and you blamed him. sanaya told me everything. We can’t undo what happened and we have to move on. Go ahead and talk to him. Okay? Sanyu nods. Aryan says in heart I can’t expect anything from you.. you are not my gf but I hope someday.. I really hope..

Precap-Sanaya says I am sorry for last night. You asked me to decide.. I have decided. Sanaya comes to randhir and says Sanyu and Aryan..

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. Whom will Sanyukta choose?
    i wish to get the spoilers of next week!
    and Nirman is leaving the show. wonder what’s going on.last time is being messed up

  2. jasmine

    today aryan rocked..he understood that sanyu didnt love sandhir will be back

  3. mukti

    Nice epi…loved it..guys I reported to tu..n thy said thy will delete all cmnts regarding it

  4. mukti

    So now we can chat peacefully regarding oursandhir n sadda haq….so nice of tu…thy alwys help…
    Thankyou so much telly updates for ur support.. Thankyouonce again…
    Tu rockssssss

    • She Was one of the member of freemasons a secret organizations of super intelligenct people came disguised as teacher in fite who wanted to recruit randhir but these people were illegal she wanted to break sandhir and they were so much technically advanced that they could pause time and even control brains but they used it in wrong way so rd and sanyukta fought against them it was such a different track ever on INDIAN telividion

    • Sheena

      Hey sweety! Ada was rd’s boss i think…i don’t exactly remember but yeah ada tried to seperate sandhir n even planned to kill sanyu

  5. jasmine

    i think..sanaya have heard half convo of aryukta n may think that sanyu committed.but i got to know that sanyu may propose aryan….i am not sure abt it.n also randhir will be jealous n thus we will get back sandhir,………………….dont know if it is true

  6. mukti

    Hey someone asked m wht is reporting….dear its notfoolish to ask frnds:-):-)
    Dear reporting means u hv to send msg to telly updates abt the prblm ur facing…n if its genuine n justified thy solve our prblms by deleting cmnts or else person in concerned acc is it alwys helps innocent people n peace is maintained dear..:-)

  7. Suhana

    Although I am a SanDhir fan..but I dont know why..but I love To see aryan taking care of Sanyu..he is so gentleman.. ??

    Hii everyone!!..
    and thanks for joining me in the Family.. ☺☺

  8. Sheena

    Wow nice mukti!. N a big big big thanx to tu for helping us….
    Okay now regarding the episode…hmm….well, i thought that after seeing harsh, sanyu wld be concerned for rd but nothing as such happened…i really hope its sandhir at the end…

    Hello my lovely frnds!! Mukti, dhruv bro, revu, karu, aastha, nishu, rits, shivu, sanyu, princess, aaliya, liya, ayeesha, mayuri, shreyu di, richu, bk, raj, vishal, sharon, vrushika, dia, ria, devga, nysha, suhana, kushi, pritha, rochelle, stenzie n pari… How r u all?

    N miss kushagra, do u still wanna fight??? Oh common…don’t u realize that we don’t have time for all this nonsense…n its good that u didn’t mention mukti’s name n just wrote ‘M’. Haha…nice to see that u r waiting for her?…common dear..fight is over now. End the matter n be happy okay πŸ™‚

    • Rochelle

      Hi Sheena! Thanks a lot for considering me a part of SH grp. Aryan has 60% of possibility to be Sanyukta’s partner while Randhir, on whom she is not so quite sure, has only 40% possibility of being with Sanyukta. But none that really matters bcoz, end mein sandhir will have to come together..
      No offense aryukta fans..

  9. dhruv

    Shena I am fine dear.howru???
    N I m dischrged n actually I was with my frnds so I couldn’t reply to u sory..dear at thttime I was very sad to see no one due to medicines I was little depressed….dear sory I didn’t even celebrated ur buday….

    Mayu I m recharged again:-P:-P:-P:-P

    Karu so sweet of u to come here..howru oh ce fau???

    • Sheena

      Hey bhai its ok..
      I’m glad to know that u r discharged from hospital :)…ab bike carefully chalana ok?
      N take care of urself
      N bhai, where is our sweet n bubbly revu?

  10. those ppls who are saying that aryan understood that sanyu luvs rd..dats y he asked her to talk to rd then you may be wrong as aryan firstly saw rd’s phone in his hand and gave expression like something is going on in his mind…thn he asked sanyu to talk to rd…i hope i am right….#aryukta

    • Ena

      Does it really matter?
      Aryan RD always picks fight
      none of them wants good for the other. so it’s simple That Aryan has something in his mind
      duuddee he is only good with Sanyu.He is not good either ??
      moreover he cleared that he has no expectations from sanyu

  11. raghav

    Hi nisha howru???
    Hi Madison good tht u reported tu abt this fight….u r the most matured person here who can handle everything maturedly my dear muku….
    N dear if needed report to tu again..or shall I report?? As u say my girl…cz we dnt want to see fake people fighting With u…

  12. Aaliya

    Ooohhhh I wish ki sanyu commits to Aryan!!!!!!! My ARYUKTA may unite…..??????????

    Gn frnds…. Oyyy princy spoilers mat do yrr!!!! It’s a grrrttttt suspanse!!!! Don’t brk it dear…..plsssssssss….

    Guys!!!! Puri suspanse hi khatm ho jayegi!!!!! It’s the result of sandhir and aryukta!!!!

    Though I wiissshhhhhh fr aryukta,,,, bt I think sandhir wl reunite !!!!!!???????? as this show was of sandhir frm d vry beginning!!!! Though aryukta is best and worthy!!!….??

  13. vishal

    Helo frnds how r u all??
    Hi shenu richu dhruv rits liyu sanyu nishuuuuu karuuuuu alu mayuri shivu..
    Welcm nysha astha pritha suhana..
    I miss vidarth badly…bt now no scope for Thm…epi was fine…
    Hi muku thnx for reporting…now peace will be maintained

  14. mukti

    No fights now cz as soon as kushagra abusing me cmnt will be seen it will get deleted..Thankyou telyy updates..
    N kushagra end the matter everyone knows who is better…evn tu
    Hii dhruv…hehe tedy revu kaha hai…:-):-):-)
    Lvu dearrr…:-):-):-)

    • And I had never abused u or anyone as I don’t believe in using wrong words and degrading any language so u better not comment on my vocab and my values

  15. mouni

    Plze someone update the spoilers plze….cant wait any more to see whom sanyu have selected…..

  16. jyo

    l like aryan charectar ….its good to living with whom will love us ….not that person we likes……who does’t have any expectation from us they will caring so much definetely….i wish aryan will be partener for sayukta.

  17. sanyukta will say yes to Aryan ..later she will realize her luv for rd…I think so….. BT season 2 is totally messed up…stroy z mislead itself…, like whts d point of rd’s father’s entry? n sanyukta cnfssd to sanaya det rd will not let her come in isrc…BT in d beginning it z showed det sanaya wantd 2 leave ..n rd came fr her n wantd her 2 stay in isrc…den whts d point to say dis? whtevr it z…m still SanDhir fan

  18. jivika

    I Support sandhir.. hii I m n’re here….
    N I read ur cmnts…n I thnk kushagra is brave cz she is alone still she dnt give up..I m with u kushgra..n
    N yes mukti is the best cz she rocked n very mature ho bahot..I read u frm mumbai…I know Mumbai girls r very brave n thy hv seen world

    • Sheena

      Hi jivika…welcome here!!
      N dear i think u didn’t read all comments of kushagra coz they were deleted by tele updates…yes she was brave enough to share her views but she shld have done it in a friendly way….anyways, u support her thats good …its ur point of view πŸ™‚

    • Aaliya

      Hey jiika dear…. ?? wlcme…..

      GM all the frnds…

      DHRUV VAIYA…. Felt lad to hear u discharged…. Nw u must b careful abt ur health… OK!!! aur revu ki saree batein manke chlna…..

  19. sanyukta felt uncmfrtble when Aryan come near 2 her…n now she fallen fr him… throughout 5 months its never been cleared wht she wants..I mean its abt Aryan n rd….

  20. Aaliya

    Oyyyy…. Sanyu di….kha chali gayi yr?????? Aapi mangoie aapko yaad kr rhi hay!!!!! ????? aa jaw ……

  21. Aastha

    Kaun bola ki sabdheer ka reunion hoga …
    Mujhe nhi lgta ab y hoga
    Mere sare sapne toot gaye
    Dekna mon ko sanyu commit kar degi aryan ko.i am at the edge of crying pta hota s2 m aryan aayega aur y sab hoga tu 3 saal sandheer sandheer nhi karti
    No hopes are left ..all hopes are shattered
    N one thng more still i am sandheer fan bt i gave to say aryan is very cute and he have a heart of gold …
    Aryan said that he knws that sanyukta donot luv him..its only his misconception..he cannot see her concern ..she is fallen for aryan.
    N no spoilers plz i am enjoying the suspense.
    N mukti di ..i asked what happens when we report anyone.
    N khusarga and sheena di ..thnks for telling who was adda.
    N aaliya di i think u are very excited bcauz there are more chances of aryukta.

  22. mukti

    Welcm jivika…
    Ya m frm mumbai dear bt my boldness nt related to my city….
    I thnk sandhir will be togthr n not aryukta…
    I can’t see my rd to suffr…:-(

    • mukti

      Yes I thnk aryan n shanaya will help sandhir to thyboth know sandhir are very much in lv….
      Bt dono abt mars mission.. wht will hAppen…

      • Sheena

        I think sanaya will try to reunite sandhir but aryan won’t …maybe aryan will just accept the truth n go away from their lives or just be frnds with them…i don’t see aryan n sanaya pairing up together….lets see what happens

  23. dhruv

    Hey frnds gm…hv nice day..
    Yes alu n shinchan bike slow…
    Bt dadne exam tak bike ko no bola:-(:-(

  24. yogiraj

    gud epi..wt u think guys wt will happen sandhir or aryukta..? I’m excited to knw..plz spoilers post Kr do na…
    mukti u r too good u handled v.nycly..
    where is richu,rits,sanyukta..
    Gm hv swt day to all guys…:-)

  25. Sheena

    Hello ppl !!! Good morning everyone… How r u all?
    Where r revu, richu, shreyu di?
    N guys, don’t give the spoilers pls…it shld be a suspense that whether its sandhir or aryukta at the end

  26. hey guys sanaya and aryan will look good together what say bcoz ashwini kaul has posted pic with sanaya on insta and they look cute

  27. Revati

    Heyyy frndsssss gud mmrrnggg!!!!!
    I want sandhir….thy will live happily togthr…..plz sandhir only…n spoilers…Givr spoilers plzzz someone…..very exciting week hai…..

    Hii shenu I m here:-):-)

    Hi raj bhai…

    Mukuu dear MY bestest sister lvuuu.

    Howru u alu karu nishu liyu sanyu mayu shivu diiiisssss


  28. Revati

    Mukti di this is for u…
    Arrogancr requires advertising
    Confidence speaks for itself…..

  29. Revati

    Arrogance is thinking you r above someone else…
    Confidence is knowing no one is above u…
    My sanyukta is confident…
    Rit dhruv bhai n mukti di….

    • dhruv

      Ja tu mujse bat mat kr…aisna…dekh mai mere liye pyarese hamesha achi sweet si bat krne wali meri bat sune wali bhen dhund lunga….

      • Revati

        Achaaaa… thk hai..mai bhi achasa hmsha meri tarif krne wala pyrasa gifts dena wala bhai dhund lungi..
        :-o:|:|:|:|:|:| >:)>:)0:):-/

      • Revati

        My brother
        Someone who hides my toys n breaks my dolls….
        But picks me up whenever I fall…
        Someone who stands by my side
        N holds my hand…
        When things don’t go well he helps me understand
        Someone makes funny faces to cheer me up bt remains by my side when whole world leaves….
        Lvuuuu bhaiii…kaisa laga?????

    • rima

      Hey. Revati I knoe u r talking abt kushagra if u r bravetake her name…u r calling her arrogant

  30. aaliya thnks fr ur lovely commnt…i too pray to god for aryukta….aryan has a heart of gold and no one can love her more than him…nd season 2 tagline is my life,my choice…and i think aryan will be her choice nd not rd….

  31. jivika

    Ohh kushagra I thnk mukti knows someone frm tu..thts why thy r doing this to u only…bt I m with u..

    • Thanks but it’s ok now move on because there is a real world above this virtual world in which we will never meet and their is something about which I really happy today so don’t wanna remember all this and you to be happy
      And one more thing


      • Mayuri

        Kushagra … U r in fb also with the name of Kushagra nah ….. In the sadhir/parish FC …. I have seen it but no friends no pic … Just nothing and u have just taken out all your hatred towards aryan in that page ..

      • Mayuri actually my parents don’t want me to make friends in this virtual world they are afraid that id I just created to comment on Aryan only my real id I haven’t created as my parents won’t allow me to operate any id before 18 as they distract students from their careers

  32. BK

    Hiiii guyzzzzzz gd aftrnun…………
    Yesterday epi…. Z good… Rd’ nailed the show. ……
    And all aryukta fan I have a news to all of u………………….
    I think sanyukta will be commit yes to Aryan…..thnn later she realized her love fr RD…………I’m nottt sure……I think this will hppn……bcz on yesterday epi….she says in heart….KAHIN MEIN ARYAN SE…… clearly shows that she already fallen 4 Aryan……may b it happen then she realize her love 4 RD…his importance…….
    Let’s see what’s happen nxt?!!!

  33. nisha
    such a cute relation between the trio

    really gonna miss the trio parth sanyu and randhir

    love u karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu where are you missing

    hey revuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sweetheart how r u

    such a cute convo between bro and sis lovely and cute lage rahooooooooooo sweety revu and dhruv

    hey mukti what’s up

    Tu ka mausam aaj shanth hai

    tufaan ki sambhavnaaen khatam ho chuki hai

    aaj sadda haq mein spoilers ki baaresh hogi ya nahi

    mausam ke irade baemaan lagtee hai

    aapki kya raye hai iss bare mein

    hey aalu sanyu mayu liyuuuuuuuuuuuuu raj shivu sheenu

    love u friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    keep smilinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    I think coz of the proposal of 7 days

    the spoilers will not came on this week


    where are you

    give us the spoilers or latest news

    love u friednssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    keep smiling

    • Sheena

      Hi nishu!! Such a cute pic…i really want a happy ending for sandhir n for parth too

  34. nisha


    retweet if u want a sandhir reunion

    and u know how many tweets for sandhir

    1.1k or 1,153 retweets

    and for aryan and sanyukta retweets

    its 192 retweets


    plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz if anyone on twitter

    then retweet for sandhir ifu are a sandhir fan

    tweet for sandhir on durjoy datta twitter page

    • Sheena

      Well… I’m not much into writing poems but i like reading them… But sometimes i write poems that r inspirational

    • I love to write poems on any topic in english but in hindi I only write patriotic or emotional poems as that language resides in my heart I was asking as I have seen many people writing songs ibstead I thought we can write poetry I life one lime from one person and anotherline from other on sandhir its just like a game

  35. mukti

    Nishu I voted for sandhir.:-):-):-)
    Hey kushagra good of u to frgt everything dear…thts great…n.u r under 18??
    Omg.. afrcrs ur a kid then….
    N good tht ur parents care for u so much…belike a good girl then:-):-):-):-)

  36. mukti

    As u said so I n my frnds forgive u dear..
    Mayu let it be.:-):-):-):-):-)
    Guys retwwet for sandhir…plz
    We know thy will be togthrstill :-):-)

  37. dhruv

    Hii frnds…
    Shinchan dear in public sites dear if someone is using Evn ur nAme it is my frnd dnt get friendly to people u doubt…cz we dnt know who they really are….so my frnd talk with people u trust…:-)u undrstand. Dear cz ur mature..ok

    • mukti

      Ya shena rit….on such sites its very harmful tht someone used ur name….cz anyone can cmnt here frm terrorist to kid…so dear dnt tlk with people who cannot be trusted….

  38. rits

    Omgggggg 15 sal ke bachi etni badi badi bate karti haii!!!!!!!
    Mereko laga ladka hai shyd wo bhi 25 26 ka….
    Guys beware….I dnt believe this….I agre with dhruv….its fishy my frnds….

      • vrushika Mehta

        Afcrse 15 sal ke log dnt bash people…n u r CAN we trust ur a girl or a boy. Or u r 15 or 26….
        Now plz dnt get mixed with my frnds…cz we dnt wnt fake people who can use sehna name n othrs names….

      • rits

        Twinkle twinkle little star…
        Jony jony yes papa…which poem will bring ur temper down….n afcrse we r nt underestimateimg u…
        We care for our safety…who knows u will hack our u r a faker….u took shena name…

      • Mayuri

        Chill kushagra dear !!! May I call u dear … And I m smaller than u … So it’s fine πŸ™‚

  39. karina

    Nishuuuuu my cutie pie love u sooo muchhhh….sorry dear for not being able to come here…actually my life is so messed up right now…i have to submit my thesis coz im finishing my master and im really nervouse about it…i hope all will be well and i ll get my degree soon…love u Nishuuu…

    Hey guys h r u all ? Sanyu Aaliya Liya Dhruv Aastha Raj Revu Vishal Rits Mukti Shivani Princess Richa Mayuri Sheena Bk and all my lovely friends ??? miss u all

  40. Aastha

    Hi all di… I have commented here sometimes and i guess many of u read my comments.. So guess my age .. Just asking.
    And sanyu said kehi mai aryan se and after that see fell in rd arms and u guyz noticed no romantic sng in bg …no eye contact. Is this sanyu luv for rd? I want sandheer bt i guess there are less chances i see .

  41. Egde Black

    This time I want Sadda Haq to end on a happy note with my Sandhir together unlike last time so that we can cherish it always.

  42. Rochelle

    Hi guys! Sorry to interfere in your grp but do you all mind including me in your conversation? Actually even I am a big fan of sandhir but I don’t get to discuss the excitement of next episode with anyone.. So pls,?

    • Sheena

      Yup dear ofcourse…we r a family n u r also a part of it naa…feel free to share ur views

  43. Revati

    Hahaha nishu di we ffight like this alwys bt cnt live without talking more thn a day….

    Hey rima who told u I m talking abt kushagra…I dnt evn know tht boy….I was talking to my brothr dhruv…..
    I dono talking to rima or kushagra cz maybe someone is fake…cz kushagra he is fake….

    Shenu meri closest frnd ho apppp…:-):-) :-):-)involve mat ho kushgr mai..wo shyd hame pgl bna raha hai….
    N akshay n all yad hai na..thts y….lvuu diiiii….u my bestest frnd here…:-):-):-)

    • Mayuri

      Hey revu dear ….. Can you tell me who is akshay and all when I came here , his comments were already deleted .. So I really don’t know who is he and what he have done …. Please tell me dear:)

    • Sheena

      Thank u soo much revu…even i enjoy ur company….u r my closest frnd here. I feel so nice whenever i talk to u. U r so cute, matured n caring …luv u loadssssss….i was so sad knowing that u’ll not be able to come here after 29th…but u’ll always be there in my memories….may u get all the happiness in the world!! ?

      N yeah dear, i wont involve in that kushagra matter now…

  44. Mayuri

    Hii dhruv Bhai !!! It’s good u r discharge from hospital and recharge …. When u r gonna play guitar … Wanna listen it …. And your papa is very smart … And his decision awesome no more bike till exam … Anyway koi nhi guitar hai n aapke paas … And revu dear what a sweet conversation with Bhai … Hahahha … Bhai aapko hamari revu SE cute sis milna mushkil hi nhi namunkin hai … Haan .. We r also your sis but she is d best …. And revu new Bhai …. OK now brother is all yours … Ab tho wo AA gyaye h … Ab aap unko batana how good sis u r and be strict because u have to give dhruv Bhai medicine also ….. πŸ™‚

  45. nisha

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now I know for completing thesis actually need time dear

    masters cool in which stream you do your masters dear

    my dear is doing in H R stream

    all the best dear karu put your best in this

    and yeah we are there dear

    really wish this upcoming month and the last month to just watch sandhir

    hey karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu love u always and will be here waiting for my busy bee karu dear keep smiling dear
    Once a friend always a friend

    hey karu and friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    its been an hour or two

    when I post to retweet for sandhirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    and guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz guess what

    the count down is

    1.2Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk retweetssssssssssssssssssss

    make it more friendsssssssssssssss

    spread this words on facebook and more social sites

    there is a g+ community also working on sadda haq

    if anyone is there then kindly spread the words to vote for sandhir

    I really wish to see the last month only sandhir

    and yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    the thinkgsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssswhat we want in sd

    1. The tatoo to be reveiled seriously bharta bana dia I really think that they gonna show the tatoo with a blast or sandhir reunion etc. bt

    dil ke arman aansuon me beh gayeee

    2. I really thought that some days sandhir ki shaadi jaroor show karenge once again or sandhir romance but

    dil ke arman aansuon me beh gayeee

    3. I really wish ki vidharth jaroor aayenge or crazy vids will come one day

    but dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gayeee

    4. I really wish ki aryan ko devdas ki jagah aryan babu ka saiyaan bana denge and resulted sandhir reunion

    but dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gayeee

    5. I really thought in the beginning that season 2 hume surprises dega for sandhir with lots of romance and mission mars but sandhir ki jagah aryukta chipka diya and mission mars mein bewdo ko daal diyaa

    6. I really wish ki iss week ke spoilers morning mein milenge coz wish toknow whom sanyu will choose

    but dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gayeee

    and again dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gayeee

    this is my wishes from season 2 whats yyourssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    dil ke armaan

    what I expected from season 2 but all gone

    what to say

    well what u are expectingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


    love u all

    keeps milingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    • Mayuri

      Nisha one more wish ….

      Have u seen that episode in which they have to find the secret in season 2 … That tab in which u have to say that girls can also do engineering and then tab opens and have a lot of pics of sandhir …. I want these pics to be seen by aryan and sanaya …. And then their expression … Awesome n.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

    • karina

      Hey my cutie Nishu im doing a master in Sociologi and Criminal Activity….love u and i promise i ll be back soon…

      Love u guys.. stay safe πŸ™‚

    • Sheena

      Haha…lolzzz nishu?
      Yr i want mission mars to b a great success n i seriously want the cvs to show that tatoo yr…n ofcourse i want sandhir to live happily ever after n sanaya n aryan may remain their frnds..
      N yaa, i also want happy ending for parth…i wish he finds a suitable match
      N i also want them to show the whole sh1 cast also atleast in the last episode (except the ones who r now dead in the show)
      Haha sry for the long list …

    • karina

      miss u too dear…im fine h r u ?
      and dear dont worry Kushagra is not a hacker…there has just been some misunderstandings here…but i hope they ll sort them out…

    • Sheena

      No bro…infact majority of our frnds r here…
      But some of them r missing nowadays like richu, ayeesha, rakshi, swarna n shreyu di n liyu also…guys pls comeback naa

  46. karina

    Shivani luv u too dear…
    Sheena thank u for ur wishes dear…
    Mayuri miss u too dear…

  47. Hii everyone… How r u all…. So happier to see u… Did u miss me…. ???
    Guyzzz I’m still busy zoo byeeee

    • Mayuri

      Richu cutie pie …. Missed u …. Jaldi jaldi kam complete karke aao … And I also want spoilers … Please someone please give spoilers πŸ™‚

  48. Revati

    Hahaha…mayu tumhra age 15 se bhi kam hai????
    Thn u nt my dii.!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes shenu di I too wil alwz missu….cz ur so cute caring n understanding….
    Waise dii mai 30 ko ja rahi thi bt bhai Barak pura thk nae hai…n my scl strts in july…so I will go on 15 june or 25 june…so I will BE with u all till the end…:-):-):-):-)

    Mayu ya dhruv bhai jaisabro khi nai melega…tumhe guitar ati hai?????

    N spoilers whre r spoilers plz someone post na….

    N I want ask a question maybe u al will thnk I m foolish bt I realy dnt know…
    If sh ends on tv..thn y some people r saying it will air on hotstar aftr tht…..I mean how it’s possible? Actors will work only for this???I asked bro bt he laughs at I asked..hope u al dnt laugh…
    Plz clear….

    • Mayuri

      Revu dear … Frankly I don’t know how to play guitar but I will be having guitar as my b’day gift by parents …. And just a problem where to learn but in our school music room is there but I m now senior so I won’t be allowed to miss any period and there aren’t Som many periods for music … But I will try to learn guitar for sure … And by the way then u r my di … But let it be it will cause little awkwardness so I call u revu dear … πŸ˜‰

    • Sheena

      Ohhh nice revu…i’m so happy…yayyy!!!

      N dear don’t worry we won’t laugh… Actually some serials feature on hotstar app only…like ipkknd ek jashn…hotstar is similar to tv …its like an online tv… So many ppl watch the serials using this app…
      But i don’t think that sh will air on hotstar…

  49. shahid

    Nisha do u remember me????
    I was busywith my exms…thts y…I see somany New people…
    I remember my frnds nisha karina rits…

  50. shahid

    It seems so many new comers came aftr I went….
    Bt nisha rits karina r my besties….n I m old cmnter here…

  51. shahid

    Hahaha mukti u said to kushagra we r nt punching bags.. Hahahahah… Very witty answer….
    Rits dear the poems r toooo goood. .I remembered my kg days….is kushagra a hacker?????
    bt tu has many strict rules so he cnt hack our accs here…..
    I see something happened yesterday. Team msg to kushagra…n ur 15?????
    Hahahaha..ur Lying…..Hahahaha….

  52. shahid

    Nisha ur beautiful comments refreshed me..its so nice to see u all here…I thought no one will be there….
    Karina howru??????missed u a lot….dnt take tension.. Everything will be fine…yes….believe in urself….

    Rits u r here..thnkgod..
    Howru???n u r nt sad now rit????!
    Hmmm litle naughty the poems….:-):-):-):-):-)

    Nisha dear u r busy….why????come here u all my old frnds….
    Now I am free….

    Hiii revati ur ur comnts r very sweet…I liked ur way of writing….very smart u seems to me

  53. Mayuri

    Nishu u haven’t posted the pics of sandhir … In fb especially sandhir / parsh FC page they r uploading tons of pictures of sandhir and fans and fan letters …. Everybody is waiting and anybody got spoilers πŸ™‚

  54. shahid

    Hey kushagra u bashed people..r u mad???????is this ur personal fb account?????
    U shd not bash…n dnt u dare to bash karina rits n nisha…I am here now to protct thm

  55. shahid

    U gave ur personal account id on last update.. R u crazy???
    I cmnted hi frm ur acc now..btI thnk it is very risky so u chng ur acc…
    N r u a fool??
    How can u give ur acc id here??????
    U dlt ur acc rit now shivani

  56. shahid

    Shivani I am not badperson so I willnot use…bt anyone canuse it now…czall hv seen ur acc id..I thnk u shd immediately dlt ur acc…yes thnk god I saw n told u…
    How can u be so careless…dlt acc ncome here with new account…ok dnt takr tension…bt delete as a big brothr I m telling u…n if u dnt hv trust…u CAN ask nisha karina rits….so u better chng ur acc…
    N nvr do this again shivani…
    N how can u still comnt frm tht acc evn if u knew?????
    World is bad…so dlt…no harm will be done if udlt..opn new acc. N come ok

  57. mukti

    Hi everyONE.
    Shivu dear today I m happy to see u..U agreed me on sandhir lvuuu…sanyu Rocks….n rd too…shivu my baby bhatji… cute doll…I thnk aryan will be thr frnd….
    I want sanyu to delete it immediately…I want to dlt aryan frm my life….
    Hope u undrstand my frnd..wht I m telling u….

  58. mukti

    U shutup shahid…dnt speak..I was telling her in a code language bt u spoilt it u mad….I know u were telling her rit…bt yr u must hv told her in secret way… how can u say directly?????
    Shivani delete ur acc….sory this boy spoilt everything..
    Shivani I was telling u in secert way nt this shahid spoilt everything….dear plz dlt it plz….

    • shahid

      Sory yar muje samaj nai aya…u r rit..we shd hve told secretly..sory….
      Bt I m not as smart as u r….:-):-):-)
      Shivani dnt tke tnsn ok…

  59. shahid

    Yes yogiraj…how r u…
    Sheena yes I remember u…ya u too wre here I dnt remember anyone else..
    N vishal was also here…n elly dipika..suranjana…whre r they?????
    Bt thnkgod nisha rits raj karina n u r here…
    Bt dhruv richu shivani mayuri kushagra n so many r new….

    Shena I had exms n then I just forgot tu…
    Bt I m happy I met u all hre….

    • Hey Shahid u don’t remember me.. I remember u very well…
      U ND rinses had a fight…

      Hii Sheena Mayur bhai Sanyo karu nishuuu ND all…. ☺

    • Sheena

      Vishal comes here sometimes…n suranjana is not coming nowadays..donno what happened…
      Dhruv bhai has been here for a long time…he’s like our bro only…u’ll enjoy his company..
      N richu, shivani n mayu r also our frnds…u’ll definitely enjoy talking to all of them…
      N shahid, i see a lot of positive change in u…u’ve become so polite, talking so maturely…nice change yr

  60. shahid

    U all r brother sisters here…good…
    I m 23 n u all????
    So u are my cute sisters n yogiraj my brother…wht say??

  61. Mayuri

    Shahid …. Welcome back … I m a new commentor for u but it’s been a quite a while …. And just welcome …

    Shivu dear what happened … I mean u r saying something about ID what just happened because I can’t see any ID … Please tell me the matter if u think about me πŸ™‚

  62. shivani

    I.know you all are really concern but I will face problem.I will comment from different account

  63. mukti

    Nathng guys…we cant tell…dear shivani now dnt tlk abt it..ok…or else..n yes if u get suspicious dlt ur acc dear…bt till thn ok..if some unknown mails or u know…n here us anodr acc only..
    Oncr by mistake on fb I posted my no. Instead of id..only for 1 hour…n whn I came to know…omg so many boys strted calling…I changed my no immediately….

    • mukti

      N this site is worst thn we dnt evn know people…n u will be in dngr if urlucky thn no one must hv seen…chil babe..n lets close matter or everyone will ask..wht hpned wht happened…
      N shahid bro no need of sory..welcm back…:-):-):-)

  64. Mayuri

    Hiiii !!! Muku still online πŸ™‚ dear don’t tense shivu I don’t know what happened but it’s OK …. It’s deleted now …

  65. shahid

    miss leana if u r new who r u to say i hv changed bla bla…
    raj is my frnd he knows me…bt u????????
    n if u r knew how u know???fake acc hai kya

  66. shahid

    richu sory bt i realy forgot…how r u…
    revati u didnt replied to me my jaan my new frnd

    • Mayuri

      Revu is just of 15 …. And she is sis of Dhruv so just please treat her as your sis πŸ™‚

  67. vrushika mehta

    n dhruv tht mad was unable to hahahaha u know..

    ur most dashing smart handsome zzzzzzzaaaaaayynnnnnnnnnnnnnn malikkkkkkkk…….n aisha heheeheh..bro plz come on youtube na..we wannna tell u loads.plzzz

  68. princess

    ya dhruv plz come…n insta pics ke cmnts padh..tu bahot bhaw khty.plz ajana…aur ek to reply de..etna rudeeeee…….waise sbse clever adorable handsome smart cool guitarsit bhaw khayega hi na…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    n i liked the way answreed aisha.hehehehehe.she has no face to show..the looser..panga wo bhi hamse….now she will sufferr…!!!!!!

  69. vishal

    Hi r u all????
    Hey shahid dude howru???n whre wre u…afcrse we remember u…:-)
    N ya elly n suru Dono…
    Elly to bahot phle gayi…suru comes sometimes…
    So whtsupp

    • shahid

      I m fine bro..exms the…u???
      So nice to see u elly..whre is she???
      Hey elly if u reading comnt plz….we all misu…

  70. Sheena

    Hey good morning everyone !!
    Dhruv bro, revu, mukti, vrushika, shahid, nishu, karu, liyu, shivu, sanyu, mayuri, princess, richa, aastha, raj, bk, rits, aaliya, vishal, ayeesha, edge black, rakshi, ria, rochelle, suhana, sharon, nysha, leanna n all my lovely frnds…
    Have a great day!! πŸ˜€

    (Shreyu di….where r u???)

  71. shivani

    gud mrng my lovely friends.hi nishu karu mukti mayu richu sheenu revu prinecess liya sanyu shahid vishal maddy sharon
    hi vrushika astha rits shreya di and dhruv bhai come back please

  72. shahid

    Shena I know sh is ending..I watched sh everyday…bt didn’t came here…..
    I m NOT changed….
    Dhruv bro sory….
    Hey u leana u dnt knoe me…why r u tlking abt me….?????

  73. NISHA
















    HOW R U > i AM FINE
















    Just wrote this really sensual scene for them. Who is them? Retweet if you think it’s #sandhir, like if it’s #aryukta





    LOVE U


    HOW R U ALL.


    • Mayuri

      Where were u nishu …. Missed u … And yes that scene … Gosh I just want them to see that … If the dramatic scene between randhir and sanyu caused that much tension to aryan then with those pics …. Gosh he is gonna die ?????????

  74. Revati

    Gud afternoon my frndsssss….howru all??????
    Sandhir or aryukta..only suspense no spoilersssss……..

    Hiii shahid….

    Hii shenu di…di actually I m 14..:-)howru????how is stdprep going???

    Hi karu di.ce fau???

    Helo nishu di sanyu di…… richu di howru???r u still busy????

    Hi shivu di u changed ur acc or ur anothr..oh shivani if u r new thn welcm…sory our frnd has same name…

    Hi shivu dii….mayu dear raj bk alu liyu n all neew people….
    Hope everyone is hapy n fine:-)

    Lvu all tc…
    Cu tomorrow…:-)

  75. BK

    Hiii guyzzzzz gd aftrnun…..
    Are yaar nisha tum kya antaryami ho…..
    Abhi mein sumrit shahi ki ye post yahan comment karne wala tha btt u already posted it…….howww??????

    Man gaye tumko dear…….u r too brilliant…..luv u dear…
    Okk anyways guyzzz just check thus link…..
    Donttttt wryyy guyzzzzz end mein only sandhir… aryukta…….sryy aryukta fans…

  76. shahid

    Hahahahaha….yrs bt I am not chnged….if anyone behaves weired I will now everything is fine…
    Bt leana is there who is a faker so letssee.

  77. princess

    Dhruv. thought u tlk with everyone u r arrogant rude haughty…I thoughtu would accept me frnd bt u insulted me…
    Yes I mnot ur type..I m not beautiful most beautiful n smart girl..most clever n brave. ..intelligent having style..toper of clg….alwys 1st in clg…
    Bt u r….n so r ur frnds..I m simple girl….
    Bt I love you n alwz will…bt u r like randhirsingh shekhwat….yrs ur…
    U hurt n thn get hurted…u r randhir..ok by…sort

    • princess

      Sory for talking somuch..I wanted to get this out bt..I was sad…I know u willlaugh at me…anyways by

  78. NISHA














    Just wrote this really sensual scene for them. Who is them? Retweet if you think it’s #sandhir, like if it’s #aryukta







  79. Mayuri

    Hey can we just play a game … In the last episode of sadda haq … We will confess a truth which very few people know about u …. What say … If u don’t want then u can please say no … And the truth can’t be too loud or something which can’t be tell because u r gonna tell the truth in net which is visible to everyone … So please choose the truth which is OK by u and everyone …. πŸ™‚

  80. It’s Sandhir…
    And thnk u soo much for your love…????
    i will miss u guys..your comments…. fights….

  81. dia

    Hiee guyss…..long time…..

    How r u alll

    nd sm1 plz giv me spoilers of sh…..i hav to complete the challenge given by sm1…..

    Richu di….if u r here…..i kno its no use to say but……plz update soon

  82. No metion shahid…
    How r u al….
    Plzzz a few days mor then i swear il not let u wait…still busy..but promise

  83. Nishuuuu har bar bhul jati ho yaar mujhe….
    Dhruv bhai..aalu sanyu kahan hai….
    Muku vishuuu…how e u ll…
    Sheenu shivu i hope maatr is solved..

    • Sheena

      Hi richu…! ………………
      N bye richu? haha u r so busy nowadays that hi se phle bye ho jata hai…
      But i understand dear work is also important naa….good luck !

  84. karina

    Nishu my cutie pie love u…im so happy coz Vids is comming back…i was missing her a lot…and what about Parth ??? i want him back as well…hope he ll come too…u made my day with this news Nishu…love uu

    No dear i dont wanna be a teacher…actually my master courses are on sociologi and criminal activity like i told u…so basically we train for helping ppl that are passing through difficult time…like the ppl in prision or the ppl in mental assilums…we are somehow like the psichologists but we mostly work with ppl that have criminal background…the psichologists work with normal ppl πŸ™‚

    Love u guys…see u soon πŸ™‚ got to go now…

  85. mark

    Dhruv server down…
    Wht the f**k r u doing???u know we cnt handle without u…comeback to usa as early as possible…n yes try to cnct through tu again…

    • dhruv

      Hahaha..markoni use ure brains…I wanna ce my frnds to help..n my exms yr how can I chnce..hehehe…

  86. dhruv

    Helo frnds..
    Shinchan I m not leaving…dear vrushi was talking abt YouTube..:-):-princess…emotional fool…bye..

  87. shreya

    Sorry guys i do’nt have watched shq 4 last few days coz my uncle(chacha) met an accident on 16 may n he died. m not commetimg coz i want sympathy it was…my suv became happened near raibarelli 60km frm lucknow so guys sorry i m not able to come 4 some days luv u all.

  88. Aastha

    every prsn one this pg …. u all r older then me that means u r more mature than me ..then help me to deal with a situation….one of my classmates is my bestie and she is like my sis now for study purpose i am going in another city and my bestie will remain here….from last 2 months we didn’t met …we talked sometimes on cell but it seems she is not interested in conversation…. when i asked her she said everything is fine. I don’t know what to do… i should avoid communication or i should continue. u all r older… u all have faced situation like this …plz reply

    • Sheena

      Hey aastha sweety….
      Dear this situation is nowadays common….
      Look, she is ur best frnd n now u’ll be living in different cities…so there maybe communication gap but memories never fade… There r so many ways to communicate though, like msging, fb, whatsapp n all that…yaa, although u may not be able to meet each other for quite sometime but u two can remain in touch by all this whatsapp n all…n as of now, like presently, u both r in the same city don’t waste ur time thinking dear. Just go n meet her n hug her n grab some sweet memories…N if u two r really like soul sisters, then u both will still be equally important for each other…even if u r far away from her..coz distance means so little when ur friendship means so much…n u both may grow apart in distace but in heart…
      N i’m telling u this coz i myself have faced this situation….n me n my bestie rarely talk to each other or text each other….but whenever we meet, its like the best feeling ever…
      Ok dear…so as of now, i think u shld meet her n ask her to share whatever is on her mind…n then give her a tight hug…ok? πŸ™‚

    • I would frankly advise you concentrate on your studies than friends because it’s your life and friends are just a small part.u should move on and make new friends and one more thing true friendship never need explanation theirs a understanding and dear best of luck for your future

      • sharon

        Oh tumse aur kon kya accept karega…no one wants u to be frnds.. hahahahah…u call people can anyone be ur frnd faker….
        Astha dear it’s common nowadays…bt u can betogthr through watsap fb forevr…tell hertht u too is sad bt can’t do I thnk she is avoiding conversation cz she gets sad when u call by remembering tht u gonna tell her if frndshp is true distance nvr matters…so u can remain frnds forevr….n now go n meet her dear…..spend time with eachothr..u will feel bttr.. She too misses u dear…:-):-)

    • Sharon firstly I am not a faker secondly don’t bash on me unnecessarily thirdly I advised her for her betterment as friends can we earned back but time to make your careers can’t be earned these fb whatsapp are all perfect ways to distract ANYONE

      • mukti

        Hey astha babe… in life best frnds melna is a very rare gift…cz very few people get the bestest frnds…so I thnk u shd remain in touch with her..n If she avoids conversations she might be sad so just explain to her…cz sorting out thngs is imp remian in touch with her…bt dear dnt get to much attached to kushagra said in this tender age we dnt understand n get drifted away easily…so just let everything in limit….thn it will be easy my dear frnd….

    • Sharon I had,already cleared it earlier that I least interested in making friends in this virtual world and even in my real life I prefer less friends that too of best kind and if you or anyone else again said anything against me then now I gonna complain or report

      • VISHAL


      • rits

        hey u..y u alwz ithink tht we talk abt u…we r frnds on many sites n y shd we even tell u that its our chat…
        n if name is not taken dnt thnk we talk abt u..u r not special…we might hv talked abt shenu or asthu…dnt give much imp to urself…

      • Aastha

        luv u sheena di ..sharon khusarga…. u all made my day… i will concentrate on study and i will also remain in her touch.

    • shivani

      dear try to remain in touch with social sites if she is not.interested you should not talk

      • Aastha

        thnks shivani and mukti di… i was vry tensed yesterday bt after reading al ur replies .. i got to know how to handle this situation.Again thnks sheena di..khusarga and sharon.☺

  89. BK

    Hiiii guyzzzzz gd evng to all……I have a bad news to all of u………
    NEWS] Apparently, Randhir will be suffering from another personal lose, as his dad, Harsh will die in SH2….??

    With Nirman and Aryan leaving, Harsh dying, it looks like the writers are removing all the hurdles of #SanDhir’s reunion!
    Keep watching Saddam haq….a lot of twist coming up….tomorrow I’ll post another twist of SH….till tym wait ………

    • richa (titli)

      heuyyyyy BK if nirmaan leaves then Mission mars kyaaa hoga πŸ˜› ??????
      and new directer will b easily fooled by intruders πŸ˜› amd MM flop
      anywayss y is he leaving has he left the shw??
      i saw a pic stating that he is leaving nw thiss πŸ˜›

  90. shahid

    Guys I will tellu a stry a girl named rusha is alwz bashing people on a fb page….
    Wht say rits vishu???

  91. ritika

    Hi everyone..I want discus something…actually I m.silent reader..n I alwz read ur cmnts…u aal r very frndly…I just got addicted to u…the prblm isguys…
    Dnt get m wrng bt I m 18…
    N I just got addicted to ur frnd Dhruv comments…plz dnt get me wrong…bt I really like to read his comments n whenvr he dsnt comment I feel sad..I alwz opn tu 20 30 Times to see if dhruv has commented…n whnvr he says he is leaving I get sad…I know its fooliSh bt I just wanted to tell u…plshelp me guys wht shd I do???

    • richa (titli)

      firstlyyyyyyyyyyyyy chil!!! we wont let himmm go
      secondly… it’s obvio to get attached to sm1 who is kind nd gooooood and a good cmmnter
      just control a bit bczzz if u gettt soooi sadddd he will get sadddd tooo LOL TC

    • Priya

      Heyyy rithikaaaaa…. ur soooooo cuteee dearrrrr?

      Hiii.. lemmee introduce myself… im also one of the silent reader of sadda haqq dearrr… actualy lyk u hav said.. i also admired deir comments… deir friendship.. deir bonding… deir cutee little fightssssss… wowwwwww how could sumone be soooooo luvinggggg and caring towardss eachh oderr.. especially dhruv, shivani, rithu, shivaniiiii, nishuuu… n soo onn.. i envy u allllll dudessssss?

      Nd yaaaa.. abt talking abt ur probsss…. ohh dearrr ur just curious about knowing mr. Dhruvv daaaaaa… u just curious abt knowing abt his lykes.. dislykes.. friends.. bonding… becoz he s kind, luving, caring, possessive, protective,  easy going(when ur one of d frndz of him) ndd yaaa… sumtymes rude (dnt thnk im judging actualy aftr reading al ur comments.. dizz was my prediction?).. nd above al of tat he s an unknown to u dearrrrrr… so ur just curious nd attracted… tats it darlzzzz

      Dnt stresss it outtt nd dnttt thinkkkkkk tooo muchh… justtttt chilll a chillll pilllll?… nd concentrate on ur studiesssss darlzzzzzzzz

      Nd yaaaa.. aftr reading my comments dnt thnk.. im tooooooooo oldddd?.. haann im old.. bt ly 21….?

      Sry if i hurt anyone ovr theree.. i just shared my POV.. ?

      Can i join in ur grpp??? Shal v become frndzz??? ?..

  92. shivani

    hey guys I saw many girls on insta are they really fair or it is just a magic of make up .I am asking bcoz many girls feel ugly and underestimated.sorry don’t feel bad

    • vrushika Mehta

      Hey babe its a magic of not only makeup bt apps…all insta pics are edited dear….to look fab all types of editings are done.
      N dear evn if ur full black u can be full white on pics:-P
      I mean we can edit our pic to large extent…we cn do makeup on pics to hair wigs to chnge in expressions…
      So fb n insta pics of girls r edited mostly:-)

  93. Mayuri

    Bhai ….. Bhai … Bhai …
    Seriously hats off to u ….????????
    U r awesome and your fan line is double awesome … What we will gonna do when we all will depart and SH will end ..???????
    Guys seriously … I m gonna miss u all ….
    So who is gonna miss me …
    Anyway today was my test of Hindi … It was awesome …

    Ritika dear I too got addicted to it … I open Tu about more than 30 times a day ….but I m not addicted to specific person’s comment …

  94. richa (titli)

    heyyyyy guyss what u trhinkkk arent channnel V justttt doing it alll fast just fastt in all their serials looks like alll will mpack up soon and WOW fast moderation good work TU team πŸ™‚

  95. ritika

    Ohhkk….Thtmeans I m not abnormal:-):-)
    Thnx richa n mayuri….
    Can I join u….n most imp can I become a frnd of ur frnd dhruv….I feel shy to be his frnd…cz I dnt tlk with boys n hv nvr talked…wht shd ido:-(

    • Mayuri

      Ritika dear … U know I have a friend who is also so so shy to talk to boys and whenever we have to give her date we know her problems but still we give her related to boys not too much but just little and she never do that dare …. But chill dear …. It is not the big problem .. Firstly u must have that courage to talk to him … Don’t ask us because he is the one whom u want to talk so talk to him directly … And yes , we can be your friends …
      Hey dear can u tell your age if u like … If u r fine with it …

      And yes welcome to SH family but sadly it is gonna end soon πŸ™

    • richa (titli)

      heyyy welcm dr and dnt minddd buttt 4 every1 the other person is abnormal LOL
      butt ever1 is normalll and sme r gifted

    • nop..we will definitely miss him
      actually no,we won’t miss him✌✌
      cz we won’t watch sadda haq crap anymore… Whole Time torture, but still he will get the heroin, like a saas bahu crap,,moreover, it will be based on sympathy

  96. Hello every one how r u all
    Welcome Aastha and ritika to our group. Love u
    Hi dhruv the above princess is not me she is an another girl. U can get information by tu of her
    Hi Karu how r u where us suranjana and sanahki
    Hi nishuuuuuu Nishu I think u didnt read all the comments that’s why u r not replying me from 2 weak
    Hi sharon how r u dear
    Hi shivu how r u
    Hi Kushgara
    Hi mayuri. Mayuri I also got addicted to a person in tu and she was nisshuuuuu I got impress by her writteng
    Hi richaaaaaa how r u dear love u.
    Hello sheena gud eve how r u
    Hello shahid nice to see U here again
    Hi rakshi of u not reply to my comments so I will never talk to u. Please Come


    • dhruv

      Hi frndzz….
      Hey rosey princi hahahaha I know tht was not u….tht was my frnd no tht was girl frm can u say tht if u hv not,seen me.. Hahahahahchil dear..:-)how r exms..??

      • Princess

        Hi dhruv. Oh so u know i thought all will thought that it was me. Even if i have seen u i cant say that type of thinks. U r my big brother

  97. dhruv

    Hi frnds..hv a nice day…:-):-)
    hey mayu I will miss u too….bt we cn try to cht on ff…bt I dnt read ff.just ada ff..n bt will try to come as shenu said…
    Richu my possessive richu howru?

  98. ritika

    Hey priya yesss I too adore dr frndshp love fights care…so cute.
    Thnku all for considering me as a frnd…
    Mayuri I m 18..n yes I too get nervous while talking to guys..n as u said I shd tlk directly…bt wht??di wht shd I talk to him…I dnt know…he must hv read cmnts n laughed…if he laughs at me or get angry or directly say by n all…omg…:-(
    bt I realy want to be his frnd like u all r…n he is so protective abt u all.. I liked talking to him….plz help me..

    Hey priya yup I m concentrating on stds..I m topper of our cls…:-):-)

    Richu ya he is nice…bt to u na…ur his closest frnd (by reading cmnts I thought)
    Bt to me…guys helppp me..:-(:-
    N thnku prince’s n all of u for ur frndly nature thnnnxxxx

  99. nisha

    hey princess and richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    my two sweethearts yes

    friends true and very true I can’t be able to read much comments from some days

    less timing what to do I came and hurry hurry post a comment to meet u all.

    but that doesn’t mean I can’t love u all.

    I know its been days left and I came till this end .

    hey princess I think I am gonna give a chance to fatimagul to watch after sadda haq

    and not at all star plus serials , I hate star plus coz they mostly end the new serial within months

    it happened to 4 recent serials and not interested in that so gonna give a chance to other shows

    as the producer said

    I am gonna laugh on it

    she said Mamta yash patnayk that find Randhir in Atharva and find sanyukta in vividha in jana na dil se door after sadda haq

    tell me do you ready to find sandhir in both of the lead pair in star plus new serial jana na dil se door producing by mamta yash patnayk

    I am not

    hey my sweetheart princess love u dear you can leave a message and i read it tomorrow for sure love u keep smiling

    hey richuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how rr u dear yeah I ddint’ read any comment

    I am in a hurry try to do something which makes the day awesome both of us you all and me too

    so try to do this and that

    yeah tichu how r u

    It cannot be happened that I can forget u coz u matter a lot to me

    love u dear keep smiling

    love u friendssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    love u karu busy bee feeling immense happiness to read what’s ur dream to become , I really happy that u choose such an honoured carrier for urself . Ur parents proud on u so much and also may u get lots of happiness wellness and strength in life to help other people who suffer this problems

    love u karu keep smiling and always make other smile

    naaaaa this is the thing what u do always to make me and others smile

    my cutie karuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    love u , I know u gonna came once love u keep smiling

  100. nisha

    hey mayu sheenu sanyu liyaaaaaaaaaa, dhruv mukti vrushika maddy ritsuuuuuuuuuuuu, shivuuuuuuuuuuuuuu how r u, raj, aastha sharon

    hey bickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yes dear sometime we all gonna search and yeah i mostly search yesterday for spoilers

    but they didn’t posted as I thought they want us to be in suspense for the next episodes

    and sanyu decision also keep smiling bicky and do share latest news

    I wait always for news from u dear keep smiling and yeah how can i forget

    Jai jagannath , hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this time how can u forget to say

    veery bad bicky , Jai jagannath

    keep smiling

    hey priya ritika heloooooooooooooooooooo how r u all.

    love u all friends

    keeep smiling

    and keep sharing ur heart .

  101. richa (titli)

    iwas alsooo wonderingg ki princuu ki DP kaise ch hooooo gayoooo ?????LOL princuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  102. nisha

    hey richwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa how r u re

    are taneek ee to batawaaaa

    ki dia reporter kiiii kaaaa tayeree kar rahee hai

    chaleengwaa kaaa kyaa huaa

    what the estatusss re

    love u dia


    Marriage se pehle bhainsaa akuch aaisaa deekhat raha

    Most stylish gogole shoggle handsome*xy-funny-cow-photos.htm&psig=AFQjCNGpBpMWEsP7G00ijNcCuI3Y5Ezppg&ust=1464088686850940

    ek din ukeeeee mulakaat ik bhaiseeyaa se hueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    hmreee kaaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee re kalueeeeeeeee heart goggless waaleee

    bas phir kaa thaaa dono ne saadi kee liyaa tayaari shuru kar di

    pheelee too dono bleach karai brown colourwaa ki

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kaa kehat rahee selfie of both bhaisaa and bhainseeeyaaa
    kissingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg pic of bhaisaaaa with bhaiseeyaaaaa

    Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weddingggggggggggggggg pics

    and then u know

    are kaa tum bhi kaa bat karat ho aage humee dekhat alloowed nahee reee

    phir kaa thaaa


    chota chutaaaa chutkaaaaaa

    bhainze unkee zindgi mein aawat rahaaaa

    happy family family compleetwwaaa

    aajakal dairy buisesss karat rahe saare milkee

    aur jaanat ho yahaan bhi uheee

    “hum do humare do ” he he he

    kaaaaaa kehat ho re

    reply must with more bhaiseeyaa pics this time

    I need aa story from your side of bhainseeyaa

    kaa kehat ho chaleengewaaaa


    jeeti raho

    kush rahoooo

    1000 bachee ho


    kheep esmilingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  103. nisha
    most cute harshita aka sanyu pics

    sanyu and randhir pics

    sanyu and yoyo pic
    sandhir cute pic

    and my two favourites

    chote and uski barbie doll sandhir
    sanyu latest pic cool she lookssssssssss

    thank godddddddddddddddddddddddddd bickyyyyyyyyyyy

    aryan babu goes now huffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    now only sandhir for next month

    love u all friendsssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    keep smiilinggggggggggggggg

  104. Mayuri

    Who is in fb guys …. We can contact and be in communicating with each other in fb as well as ff’s …. If u ready so .. Tell me guys … Reply me up … If u r not interested then it’s all right cause me can meet on ff’s or any other program may be ….

  105. richa (titli)

    ooo niswaaa iss mehangaaiii k Zamaneyyy mainnn 100 bccheyyyyyyyy u fund me kkk ;P lol BHSINBSIYAA PE STRY KA FILAMMMMMM BNAUNGIII

  106. richa (titli)

    nishaa bby u need invi tation kyaa?/?
    i posted link o f ficc next part on lastt pageee u r missing????y?? c i didnt cmmnt for sooo many daysss so i cud rite 4 u nd minnal nd etc…… nd u missing tussiiiiiii mere naalll iddan nii kar sakde………..

  107. richa (titli)

    nywayss niswaa 2 linkss not openingg redirectingg hoch pooichhhhhhh.. sooo bahisiyaaaa bsaddd nddd gro\wnnnnnn thin…

  108. richa (titli)

    AWWW thatt calff picc sooo cutee dr i lovd it it reminded me of our calff……
    alsoooooo muahhhhhhhhhhhh
    alsooo i asked bufallow u postt coww animal blindnes huh?/

  109. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hey guys Hw r u all

    Hii karu , aalu , nishu , richu , shivu , sheenu , sheryu di , revu , mayu , muku , raj bhai , vishal bro , dhruv bhai and all of u

    My mango pai u missed me ooo sweet

    wowwww aishu bro i read ur comment kaha the aap jokes ka pizza ban cuka h


    Wase mene sare comments pade and yr aalu ke alava or kisi ko Hamari yad nhi aai


    Barry pai tumhe to hamari kabhi yad aati hi nhi h na


    My pratical exam is finish so free now or ab to hollydays bhi aa gai h so ab to mera kam bas tv dekhna h hahahahahahahaha

    Ritu i mean ritika dear so sweet of u dear … but dear u shuld be careful because ese atraction kahete h sorry dear if i hurt u

    And a big welcome here love u be happy always

    Love u all be happy always ?????????????????

  110. Sanyukta Rathor

    Hey yaha cricket kis kis ko pasand h ????? Or pasand h to aap ke fav team konsi h ???? And fev player ?????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.