Sadda Haq 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dream team is in lab. sanyu says he called us here and isn’t here himself. Randhir says is there any task or not? Vidushi says he must be searching for a task online. Vivek comes in and says i don’t care what you talk about me behind my back. I will see how genius you are today. you have to hack a software, when you hack there will be a wrist band on your hands and its temperature will rise with each wrong move. He shows them, they recalls the wrist bombs rana made them wear. randhir says these wrist bands? Vivek says i know what trauma you have been through but my dream team should be strong mentally as well. I want students that can control past. sanyu says what about phd students? wont you check their mental toughness? Parth says this no fair. vivek says i am giving you a

chance avail it. come and take your bands.

The phd students take the bands first. Then randhir goes and takes one, he gives on to parth and says take it. we have to do this. He makes sanyu wear one and says we have to beat chohan and our past. Parth gives one to vidushi, she says i can’t do this. he says we have to do this, for dream team. He makes her wear. He says don’t worry I am with you. Chohan says take your seats, as you know only 5 students will be short listed, the one who hack first. you can quit any time. They all start working on laptops. Sanyu recalls how randhir got fired b rana ad then parth. Sanyu sees that her system has been hacked. Sanyu texts him i am okay, help vidushi. Vidushi screams due to rise in temperature. Chohan says if you don’t complete you will be out of competition. Parth says don’t give up. randhir starts hacking for vidushi.

Chohan says in heart i should mail azan code once again. sanyu wonders what is he doing? Chohan gives azan a sign to check his mail. randhie gives vidushi a look. She says stands up and goes back. sanyu completes and says done. randhir and parth feel hurt. Parth says i am done sir. Randhir and azan are left for last position. They both stand together. Chohan says there is tie between randhir and azan. We need a task breaker. Eklaviya comes in and says what tie breker? sanyu says randhir has clearly won it. Chohan says how dare you to speak amid. she says just as you dared to send codes to azan. She takes his phone and gives to eklavia. randhir says we will tell dream team members and trustees. Eklavia says i will make sure the selection is fair and i know what to do next. Randhir says i hope you be fair.

Scene 2
agarwal says to lawyer you have to name all my property after ankir. lawyer says are you sure? He says yes except that mumbai flat, it will be for sanyu, i will sell it and use for her wedding.

Eklavia says you have committed a mistake this time. Vivek says he is your favorite students. Eklavia says you can’t cheat rest of the students for him. Choahan says i want him in team so i can handle the team. Eklavia says randhir will complain dream team foundation. you are not a dream team anymore. you will be mechanics department’s hod. Chohan says i left my job to mentor not HOD. elavia says thats all i can do. Vivek goes out. eklavia says azan you should go back to your old college, he says i need to think about it.

doctor says to dream team the burn will be okay. chohan says in heart i have to beat this student. The dream team is celebrating the kick out of chohan. sahil says but trustees will send new mentor. Randhir says who will it be? PKC comes and gives them a list of professors, he says you can choose your mentor form this list and convince him.

Precap-vidushi says to sanyu you want to stay with him all the time , still don’t wanna patch up. parth says to randhir if you have forgotten her why have you kept her bangles in your book? He says i forgot to return. vidhushi says you fight and get more close, give each other a chance and go out for a date. sanyu says in heart i should ask him? Randhir says to parth date? no. He says in heart should i ask her?

Update Credit to: Atiba


  1. shenaz

    Get well soon sanyukta
    Bye guys I m also leave really feeling angry on some1 phele apna gussa shant karti hu phir baat karogi bye guys n sry.

  2. Trusha patel

    Hii sanyu & randhir , parth & vidushi
    i miss serial for a long time but i read daily written updates

  3. jyoti

    Well done sahil and vidhush. Finally sandhir patch up is the next tract in the show…dieing to see the sandhir seen …but can’t see no tv

  4. Tami

    Honestly speaking I feel like Sanyukta shouldn’t forgive him too soon. V saw her crying herself to sleep.. which is the worst thing you can do to yourself. According to me thats pathetic. I loved Randhir.. but what he did! He proved that it doesn’t matter who is right or wrong.. if its love or ego, his ego will win. Evn after loving her so deeply, he forgets everything and let his ego take over.. what is the prove that if something ever like this happens in future, he won’t turn into the same beast. I know he loves her but I dont agree with this.

  5. Google?? India forum pe koi hai kya
    N guys I suggest u to read “the unnoticed girl”or “loving Mr bad boy” both r on fb 1wala wattpad pe bhi hai

  6. jaya

    Hi guys m new here.
    can u people suggest some sandhir ff’s?
    I’ve read only two-
    Seven days to woo RSS/SA
    A beautiful Mistake

    I liked them so something like this

  7. Tami

    the one u suggested are quite nice. I read it on wattpad
    if u like read- the bad boy’s girl (the best book so far)
    My wattpad love
    the quirky tale of april hale
    The cell phone swap
    forever and always olive
    puck you

    There r sooooooo many more. Wattpad is one of the best site for reading. Beside I go for content and writing skills nd not cliché

  8. gugu

    Are actually kya hta ek baar jo song aa jaue mind fr usi type k usi tym k songs yad ate rhte hain… my fav singr.. arijit enrique taylor sankar mahadevan n shyane ward n jb…… yr its a damn long list……
    Wt abt tumhate fsv ainger

  9. Deepika uski sari movies achi lagti h

    u knw my anothr fav ddlj
    usika gaana chal rha h
    Na jane mere dil ko kya hogaya

  10. shenaz

    Sanyukta read dis 2 from India
    Love in the air n always together.
    I really loved dem.

  11. shenaz

    Koi nahi phele dekti thi par from last 2 months TV band hai so fb par she SHQ dekhti hu n I think April ke starting tak band hi rahega.

  12. Naino se naina milaye
    khwabo me ake jagaye
    bhola sa chehra bsna ke
    krke sharat sataye
    hosh h kho diya
    usko jo dil de diya
    Haule haule dil me koi ghar kr rha h
    bina gila ya fiye koi u basr kr rha h
    bin bole bin puche esa asr kr rha h
    ye pyar k jahan me ye dil kadam rskh rha h

  13. shenaz

    12th abhi katam hua aur automobile entrance exams ki tayari.bye waise mere papa bhi aa rehe hoge round pe as he knows me well anyways happy guddi padwa. Hope u enjoy it.

  14. shenaz

    Are alia isse site pe hai I talk to her na tho abhi mistake se shayad mene type Kar diya bye. Mere papa aate hi huge.

  15. Mehrbani jate jate mujh pe kr gaya guzarta sa ek lamha daman bhr gaya teta nazara mila roshan sitara mila taqdeer ki kashtiyo ko kinara mila

  16. Aisha Malya

    Phew !!! Finally my exams r over !!! M soo happy !!! Hi all ! Where r my oldies ya ???? Come fast sisies n my bro !

  17. gugu

    Hi guys….. will not be able to cme gor a few days… maybe till 10aprl… iit xam… so byee guyss… tke cre

  18. shenaz

    Sry guys can’t comment today but will surely try my best to comment I m a bit Busy today I hope u all will understand final wala bye guys.

  19. Aisha Malya

    Yuck man …. Bad news yaar …. I will not be able come here *again* till 6th april … Urrgghh going on a LOONGG vacation ya … Mom n dad have taken a leave also… No chance of escape … Chalo bye all … Unfortunately goin tommorow itself … So will come on 6th .. And someone *shenaz di or sana*please tell noopur di i missss her !!! Bohot saraa !!!!!

  20. Max

    Queen ru der? I want 2 say sum thing! I knw Im very bad nd illmannered boy.
    I insultd beyond d limits. I felt tat I nvr askd srry 2 u. Im really srry queen. hope u wil forgiv me. dont think im trappin u saying dis.I want u 2 b happy tatz it. Just a hi nd bye in ur comment 4 me is a boon.Just tak care. I knw ur life partner is d luckiest person.bye hve a bright futre

  21. {☾♛☽}

    max cool down. wt just happnd? I mean Its k. happens some times u know! I 4got all old matters. Dont think abt it.Of course ur my frnd. Concentrate in ur studies.
    U wil surely hve a good futre. Im 2 sorry. becaus many at times I scolded u too.
    bye take care

  22. K.. I know max.. he is actually a very sweet guy.. his heart is too pure.. nd he is too good.. nd he is in luv wide a gal who is more good at heart than him

  23. well wisher

    dear queen max loves u. very much……he is a nice guy……he loves u from his whole heart……..plz accept his love…….

  24. Max

    No O my god:( ghadbad ho gaya. Queen im srry. ignore it. plz dont break our frndshp. @WW plz dont say such things

  25. Max

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  27. {☾♛☽}

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    we wil talk abt dis latr

  28. Max

    Queen beliv me. I cant say anything about dis nw. Im trapped completly.
    Yeah ur rig8 we wil speak about it aftwards. But plz dont leav TU.

  29. Hey guys pls read ff u r mine forever on India forum it is d best ff I’ve read till now
    This is 360 comment wow I completed 2 ¶ comment

  30. Max

    1st tym Im seeing a person who is so happy aftr writng hr xms. Im reading tat comment again nd again. hope she wil b happy lyk dis 4evr

  31. hahah….
    wht r u dng by reading tht agn n agn
    u knw max i think ek baar use bata do
    wo jo bhi answr de wo accept kr lena
    use bolna agr no h to frndshp mat todna agr tum honestly bologe na she will nvr brk frndship

  32. Max

    sana I hurtd queen in sch a way tat nobody would hve hurtd hr. I cant hurt hr more. Itz better 2 keep my mouth shut.

  33. to max use ekdam honestly ek sorry to bol do. pure honesty k saath bolo use bhi acha lagrga n u will also feel light aftr tht

  34. Max

    Do u think tat queen is unaware of my luv towards hr? No sana. she knws vry well I luv hr. Bt she is acting as if she dont knw. cauz she dont want 2 hurt me nd dont want accpet my luv 2. Tatz y she tld we will discuss abt it lat8r

  35. Max

    Sana I wrote a big comment 4 hr hre. I said sorrry. U didnt read it? Nd I came In kyy commented tat my heart is light.I aleady said sorry

  36. u knw she might be happy tht koi uske wajh se itna badal gaya h….itna sudhar gaya h….u r totally chngd max! on a positive note!

  37. Lolol

    What a fool girl you are queen you have written pshycology instead of phsycology i don’t think you are a phsycology student its impossible man and you and max are same i got to know from TU so chill

  38. eager

    queen don’t be so pathetic he’s always blabbering in tu about his purest love towards you ,all kyy members aware of that !

  39. Max

    Leave it sara. He is simply hre 2 fight. Im nt intrstd 2.
    @Lolol We r nt writing english exam hre nd ur spelling of phsycology is also wrong. It is psychology. C evn u did a mistake. Ur r worng 2. mistak happens.

  40. Max

    ranvir hre many jerks cum nd fight wit queen 4 no reason. I thought u also came lyk tat so i was rude. Im sorry again

  41. Yeah end the topic we will move to other topic.. Btw i want to say for nxt 2 days or 3 4 days.. I am bt able to come.. bcoz i am busy these days.. Tab to TU kya koi bhi social networking site pe nahi jaa paongaa

  42. Max

    Nw only u came 2 SH. Nd ur busy 4 sum days. try 2 be in [email protected]

  43. hey shenaz
    sara use pata h we bth r different
    n shenaz me read krti hu bt bht tym se ek bhi read nhi kiya tumne jo bataye the wo bhi nhi kiya

  44. shenaz

    Sana tumhe Jo champ at goa bataya tha it is incomplete. Maine 18 part k lia bahout try kiya par nahi mila.

  45. gugu

    Meri kismat k har ik panne pe mere jiye hi bad marne ke mere har uk kal har ik lamhe me tu likh de mera use…

  46. shenaz

    Aaj kal tere mere pyar keep charche har jaban par sabko malum hai aur sabko khabar ho gai tho kya.

  47. shenaz

    Dry have to go papa is shouting really sry for leaving u alone but I can’t help it bye n sry once agn. Hope u don’t mind bye tc dear.

  48. gugu

    Koi diwana kehra h koi pagal samjhtah .. magar dharti ki baichaini ko bas badal smjhta h.. mai tujhse dur kesa hi tu mujhse dur kesi h.. ye tra dil smjhta h ya mera dil smjhta h

  49. Arjun

    y do people go head over heels 4 ths show i dnt knw. n shenaz, u better stop that wagging tounge of urs, fr ur kind info i hv stoppd watching ths shit. If u think logically u’ll find many plotholes.

  50. shenaz

    N same 2u arjun u think my tounge is wagging but u forgot urs is too if u left d sh TU den wat is ur comment doing over here.

  51. Lafzo me kehna saku bin kahe reh na saku
    lafzo me kehna saku bin kahe bhi rehna saku
    nasha hi nasha rat din h na pucho ye kaisa pyaar h lafzon me kehn saku bin kahe reh na saku
    halki si barsat me pehli mulakat me ehli hi baar me dil ko mere le gayi chaha k ikrar me anjana gam de gayi aayi jab samne jane Q wo darr gayi pagal mujhko kar gayi jane anjane me na jane kya baat h lage k din raat h nayu h subh h o nayi shaam ajb haal mera yaar h lafzo me keh na saakuu bin kahe reh na saku

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