Sadda Haq 20th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Sadda Haq 20th March 2014 Written Episode, Sadda Haq 20th March 2014 Written Update

YoYo is lost in thoughts as his gang cleans the college. He remembers his accidental kiss with Kastuki.

Dream Team students read the notice board and they are shocked to know that Parth has divided team in 3 groups. They find it strange Parth picking up students who don’t get along at all. Randhir says what a bad luck he has. Sanyu says same for her.

Vidushi is talking with Parth when Sanyu disturbs them and Vidushi gets irritated. Randhir asks Parth what he’s trying to do by doing this. Parth says he’s doing this to unite team. By working in a group, everyone will get more time to spend with each other. They can learn from their partner’s strengths and they can help them with their weaknesses. He tells everyone to meet in the lab where they will learn about

engines to make their basics strong.

Parth is going to the lab. Vidushi stops him and tells him that she wants to be her partner. Parth says he will be learning and helping all groups.

In the lab, all students work in pairs. Kastuki’s mood is still off after what happened yesterday. Jiggy and Vidushi are together. Jiggy keeps looking at Kastuki, and Vidushi at Parth. She goes to talk to Parth. Jiggy follows her. She gets mad and asks him to study the engines. She needs to talk to Parth about something. Vidushi asks Parth for tea. He says he doesn’t drink and right now he has to work. Vidushi tells him to take some advantage of being captain. He says he’s captain and that’s why he has more responsibilities.

Sanyu gets irritated as Randhir starts working alone. She asks if he forgot what their captain said. Randhir says, yes he forgot and tells her to go and complain him. He asks to learn from him as well and she should have made team with him. Parth is teaching something to Vidushi and she gets closer to him. Sanyu again disturbs them and Vidushi gets angry. Parth tells Sanyu to ask Randhir as he’s her partner and he knows answer. Sanyu says she will just stand there and hear him teaching Vidushi. Parth says fine. After a while, Sahil calls Parth for help. Sanyu returns to Randhir and asks him a question. He asks her whether the captain didn’t explain that to her. She says he did, but she wants to learn how to fit that part. She challenges his intelligence and he says he will teach her the way that she won’t realize she got intelligent all of a sudden. He gets shocked as Sanyu doesn’t even know basics. Parth comes to them and says even he is interested in learning that. He praises Randhir for teaching so good. Randhir says really? Then let’s do one thing, I will teach all. All Dream Team students really come to him to learn and he can’t believe it. He goes ahead and teaches everyone. A peon comes and gives a password that Dean gave for Dream Team purposes. YoYo waits for Kastuki outside the lab. Jiggy asks Kastuki why she didn’t tell Parth to let them work together. Kastuki is not in mood and gets mad.

Later, Sanyu stops Randhir and thanks him for explaining so well. Randhir gets irritated and tells her to go and tell entire college so they also come to him. Parth comes and tells Randhir he is really good that he can teach to entire college. Randhir just leaves from there. Sanyu asks Parth for tea. He agrees. Vidushi comes and tells Parth he told her he doesn’t drink tea and now going with Sanyu. She says she wants to talk to him alone. Sanyu leaves.

In night, Jiggy is talking with Kastuki on phone. She is still not in mood. She tells Jiggy she’s sleepy so let her sleep. Parth is going to library. Jiggy asks him what important work he has this late. He says something and leaves. Other side, Vidushi is getting ready. Sanyu asks where she’s going. Vidushi gets mad and shouts at her. Sanyu wonders what happened to her.

Vidushi meets Parth. She says she didn’t want to get embarrassed in front of all so she called him here. He says there is nothing wrong in learning. She starts talking about how Randhir and Sanyu are from rich families, Jiggy and Kastuki are always with each other. She is only the lonely one. She can only relate Parth with herself. Parth asks what’s point of talking all that now. She says she likes him. He gets shocked.

Precap: Police come to arrest Parth. Dean says he transferred all FITE Dream Team funds to CITE. All students are shocked. Parth says he’s innocent. Vardhan watches everything quietly.

Update Credit to: Nishi

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  1. luks lyk vidhushi has traaped parth in since she was along with parth on his working table and might have seen the pass word which dean gave to parth just to take him away from the captaincy and so that she could get closr to him by consolation… shez just such a cheapskate alwayz wearing such shorts and else

  2. Yesterday d episode came early so l was dammed sure that today it will take along but this long didn’t expected

  3. Yesterday d episode came early so l was damm sure that today it will take along but this long didn’t expected

    1. I mean didn’t expect n sorry for same comments

  4. Ya……Adnirv ….i m agree with u….

    Plz nishi update fast dear…….

  5. When randhir and sanyu will fall in love… Off this fight is making d story so boring….

  6. Aaj itnaa late kyu..hum kab se wait kar rahe hai..

  7. i 2 wnt 2 c dat

  8. Offf.. Yaar jaldi karo.. Come on ..pufff..

  9. guys…i dont knw who is nishi but one thing i can say to all of u that he/she has his/her own life then updating the serial epi for us . he/she must be busy in guyz wait….bcoz sabar ka phal choclate hota hai!!!

  10. Yah u r correct..i think v shld wait fr some time.. 🙂

  11. I agree with zil but àñy way i think parth is only cheater…. if not it is sahil for sure…. as i like parth i think he will not do anything like that .
    ….but ye to serial ha dost… turning point to banta hai….. ant there cannot be two hero in one serial…so second hero ko to bura dekhana he hai… so that viewers get attarcted to main hero randhir……

  12. ya..i agree wid u esta…nyways nic epi…bt d fights shud end yar…aur thori luv-shuv to banta hai yar…aur kitni wait karenge….

  13. Ya nancy…. randhir was fall in for sayu …… now watch what happen….. but i cant see parth in negative roll….. let see what happen

  14. i think vardha has done dat transfer

  15. I didn’t get it l. Party said he don’t drink tea but when santu offered he agreed. But he said he never lies ….Something is fishi

    1. yup! i too agree..

  16. I didn’t get it . Party said he don’t drink tea but when sanyu offered he agreed. But he said he never lies ….Something is fishi

  17. Not again two comment sorry for dat.but About d transfer l think Vidushi has done it

  18. I think that kabir has done some thing.bcoz he obviously will be jealous that parth left CITE.. Bt i really wish ki parth ko negative character nahi milna chahiye..

  19. guys randhir’s heart is melting…
    love to see both randhir n sanyukta..
    infact sanyukta is also talking to him very politely
    hope everything gets settled between them..

    nd i think someone is against parth n so took the money…
    maybe renuka sanyal..
    coz she wants randhir to remain as captain..

    nd coz of this randhir will get mad on her again…

  20. Hey Anyone is watching sadda haq right now?

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