Sadda Haq 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Sadda Haq 20th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The boys get ready. Joy says why are girls not here? Randhir says they will come.Stay in attitude. Lets drink till then. Sumit says I have tortured my liver so much. Arjun says there is nothing left in this party. Radnhir says lets go and ask them but we will say we were passing my so we came.
The girls are playing truth and dare. First is sanyu. She says truth. sanaya says I will ask. She says sheikho is is so hot haven’t your feet tremble ever? Sanyu says we kissed a couple of times. Sanaya says I am asking something else. Sanyu says no never. sanaya says you are boring. If he was mine I would never have left him. Its sanaya now. Sanaya says truth. kritika says who was your last crush? Sanaya says I won’t tell. Sanyu says you have to. Sanaya says you will laugh at me.

Kritika says you have to tell us. Sanaya says he is from ISRC. Kritika says randhir? Sanaya says eww no. He is mother in law plus boyfriend. Sanyu says Sumit? Sanaya says that kid no. Sanaya says Nirman sir. Sanyu says how could you.. He tried to kick me out of here. Sanaya says he is so hot. His perfume got me high. Kritika says you are awesome. Sanaya says vardhan.. Sanyu says he was like a father figure to me. He always supported me. We lost him. Sanaya says he was hot. Kritika says show me his photo. Sanaya shows his photo. Sanyu says he is no more. Sanaya says next. Its kritika. Kritika says dare. Sanyu says you sure? Sanaya says who would you kiss in both of us? Kritika says no never. I have never even kissed a guy. sanaya says let me tell you. She comes close to Kritika the boys come in. Sanaya says what are you people doing here? Randhir says we were passing by so we thought we should ask. Sanyu says make a sensible excuse at least. Joy says to sumit she is not making eye contact. I think she is embarrassed. Sanyu says we are having fun here we don’t need you people. You can go. SAnyu says the night is so interesting we are playing truth and dare. Some people only play lie and dare. Randhir says what games? Sanyu says we know your and Joy’s game. Kritika says I know what you were doing to fool me Joy with randhir. Randhir says you people are so complicated. Sanyu says then go have fun. Sumit says girls lets go. Who will drink all that wine? Rnadhir says one bottle is enough for them. Sanyu says better not talk about capacity.

The boys sit and drink. Joy says I miss girls. Randhir says they will come. Arjun says I said lets go back to room. They wont come. Randhir says I know the most complicated girl. They will all come.
Sanyu and girls come in. Sanyu says now you will know girls can party better than you.
Ready to see the other side of girls. Sanaya says ready to lose? Arjun says you get ready to lose. sanyu says let the game begins.
Sanyu says they are looking at us like lions but they sure are scared.
Randhir says they are sitting like mannequins.
Sanyu says what to do randhir? Rnadhir says lets do a bear competition. Sanyu says so predictable. We have to put that small ball in bear. It requires concentration.
Randhir says let me tell you rules or you will start crying later. You have aim opponent glass with this bear if it hits you win. Otherwise you have to drink a glass. Sanyu says lets start now. Randhir says we will do it in pairs. one guy and one girl. Sanyu says we have no problem.
The game starts.Sanaya couldn’t hit so she drinks a glass. Sumit is next.

Precap-Sanyu hits the glass but randhir misses. Sanaya says losers. She says Sanyu give him a punishment that reminds all boys girls are better than them, sanyu takes his hand. She kisses his cheek. Sanyyu dances with Randhir.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Richu

    Yahaay Im the first one today

    1. Sheena

      Hehe ya richu! U r the first one to comment today 😉

  2. bas itna he hai kya

  3. Just love Sandhir Just love them remember their completion of drinking shots in season 1 when Rd challenged Sanyukta

  4. are yr update in progress ke bad kch nhi hai kya???????????????????????????/

  5. Sheena

    Hey guys! Update is in progress…hope to have some gold scenes of our beloved sandhir…
    How r u all?

    1. Aastha

      i am fine di.
      dr had removed my plaster..
      di seriously when he was using machine i was scared a lot..
      bt all’s well that ends well.
      i am learning to walk will take some week..
      bt i am better frm before..
      i just wanted to tell my i told u what happened with me this evng and di u knw in clinic there was a aunty whose plaster was also removed 2day bt her husband didn’t supported her in walking then i thought that i am very lucky bcauz last 25 days my family pampered me a lot..
      enough of my bak bak
      i missed today epi waiting for update.

      1. Sheena

        Hey aastha! U must b feeling so nice..after so many days u’ll walk…take care dear..n b careful..firse fracture mat hone dena.. 🙂

      2. Aastha

        no di never second time fracture.. oh god
        let me tell u one thing .
        u knw when i was in class 1 .. I slipped from bed when i was taking a book from shelf.
        And doctor said there is a minor fracture..
        He he
        Two times this happened with me.
        Bt the previous time there was no plaster only cramp bandage.i was able to move.
        And u knw the book was my hindi story book.
        reading is my hobby from childhood.
        Gud n8.

      3. Sheena

        Haha! Even i fall so many times…but i never had a fracture..thnk god! I cant even imagine being immobile for almost a month!!
        Gn dear! Sweet dreams!

      4. hey dear astha how r u??

    2. Sheena

      Haha sry its good scenes *?

      1. Aastha

        feeling better shivu di ..what abt u

    3. hey bae I hope u don’t mind if I call I bae

  6. omg again update in progress wt d hell is hapening

  7. wen ll it b fully updated

  8. oh god ab w8 nhi hta abhi b update i progress

  9. Plz update next part also



    1. Sheena

      Yaa…vids was so fun…n i miss parth so much..n yoyo too…he used to make everyone laugh even in tensed situations.. I love sh1 cast more than sh2 cast…ppl in sh1 had better acting skills n acc. to me, they were smarter..

    2. Aastha

      yup … sh1 was far more better than sh2.
      i miss vidarth a lot..
      vids was very nic…in starting of the show i used to hate after entering of parth assge became +ve i luved her.

  11. Shekhar.yash01

    Awesome scene of kissing Sanyukta and Randheer in Precap
    Excited for Tomorrow’s Episode

  12. friends I have written a one shot on sandhir named sandhir foodie romance..plz read that and give me ur precious reviews…plz

  13. Richu

    Hey sheena mayu aastha shivu dhruv bhai muku aalu anyu Rochelle where r u all…..

    1. Aastha

      I am here di

    2. hllo richu

    3. Mayurii

      Present dear 😉

    4. Sheena

      Hiii richu dear!!


    Good morning everyone .their is a dare to all those who think they are not afraid of their dark side .you have to share the most wicked thing you did in life and answer that about it you have regrets or not .

    1. Mayurii

      I think in my last class .. I used to argue with my teachers too too much regarding increase of marks …
      I m totally regreting it .. And the teacher whom I had the hardest argue there is my class teacher and she always pinpoint me where these things got mentioned …
      I really feel so bad … Really regretful … ????

    2. Aastha

      Khushu nice dare,
      my dark side is i can do and say anything in anger .
      In anger i have hurt my frndz.
      really it is regretful
      * i am unpredictable … i also donot knw in the nxt moment what I am going to do.
      * i am careless also.
      * i am chatter box.

      Is it enough or i have to tell u more points.

      1. KUSHAGRA


      2. Aastha

        Khushu sweet ..
        Thnx u regarded me as ur frnd .
        Getting true frnd is very diffcult .and i got it here…i didn’t thought this site will give me sis and frndz..
        u r r8 dear d time spent here will be one of the sweetest memories..

  15. here is the link of my one shot on sandhir…plz have a look and let me know how was it…

  16. Mayurii

    Revu dear !! A big farewell to u dear … I rarely love u 🙂 .. I m really gonna miss u .. I can only say one thing u want to become a business woman … Be that one … Have a great future … God may bless u dear … Byeee .. Love u gonna miss u

  17. Mayurii

    Aastha dear …. U r also going dear .. I will never forget such a sweet girl like u dear .. And I m really happy your fracture and plaster no more there …. Dear !! Studies r important so … Love u dear 🙂
    Will miss u a lot 😉
    Sweetie .. U r so special for this family gonna miss u

    1. Aastha

      omg dear…such a nice comment ..i will miss u too

  18. Mayurii

    Guys !! Everybody is going ….
    In few days we will be also going .. So guys let’s share our encounter with our friends …
    Mukti – because of her behenji style we were a little annoyed but we warmed up to her and now she is the strongest anf a very beautiful part of our family .. We all love her ….

    Kushu – at first she picked a lot of fights … But now she is so so sweet .. She understand us very quickly .. She i s very good … We love to be with her …

    Me – what u guys think when I came in the family how I was or the new comers like kushu , aastha , muku , Sheena , richu .. U can also tell dear 🙂

    Good game or not 🙂

    1. Aastha

      when i read ur comments i never thought u will be younger than me..
      ur comments were mature cute and friendly.
      All ppl on these pg r best who are not here now they also..
      i really luved aishu di and aaliya di comments regarding aryan..
      i am missing them a lot

      And karina di she was the first prsn who wlcmed me here..
      i cannot forget her.

  19. Mayurii

    My first impression of Karina –

    Actually because of her wonderful comment I decided to come here … She has a wonderful skill of commenting and at that time she used to reply almost every one .. I really miss those time …

    FI of shreya …

    Actually I haven’t talked too much to her but I really like the moment when dhruv and shreya used to have chats of teacher teacher … I remember it too well … I really loved it …

    FI of sanyu – actually I started to talk her after the incident of “Dhruv Bhai ka swamwar “…. I remember it very well ??
    I helped her a lot 🙂 … I love it sanyu … Our Rajasthan’s Queen … 🙂 😉

    FI of nishu –
    She is a very very good girl … I remember her … She used to write long and most beautiful comments and the most significant thing is that in her one comment .. She used to cover whole matter just in single comment .. She never forget even a single person even the new comers … I really admire her .. Love u dear .. Miss u 🙂

  20. hey my lovely friends.I want to bid farewell.for astha revu rochelle .just explain their qualities
    astha-i have found little sister in you .I have no real.sister but when u regard me as sister I felt that a little sister is asking are too cute
    rochelle- you are very good writer.I appreciate your work and keep writing whenever you have time
    revu-you are so mature dear .your explanation give a glimpse of your
    maturity and understanding nature
    miss u and luv u all

    1. Aastha

      Thnku di… Tmrw i am shifting in my hostel.
      I am in class 11 and from tmrw onwards i will live in hostel
      And i will join classes the day after tmrw.

      1. all the best for future

  21. Aastha

    idk what is std call rate ..plz tell me anyone..
    let if i called someone from orrisa and he lives in Rajasthan…than std call rates will be charged or roaming.

  22. hey sanyu tc all the best for future..u toobe happy alwz dear..

  23. hey astha all the best for future n tc…i wanted to ask u smthng…now ur leaving so i just thought to ask u who is DAKSH…u were tlking abt it somedaz back regarding me….so i just thought to ask u who is he?hope u dnt mind

    1. nathng spcl astha bt i just had curiosty to know with whom ppl relate me..actualy i was litl busy so didnt get time to ask u..hope u will tell me so i will get…
      n dear how is ur fractue now?

  24. Richu

    Hmmmm wht about me

  25. Richu

    Mere baare me kya socha he

    1. Aastha

      i thought that u r cute girl di.

  26. Aastha

    first of all sry bhai i doubted u
    second daksh was a boy who used to comment on this pg during sh1 and he cheated all his frndz by using multiple names.
    plz donot take it otherwise
    i also said it before that both logos are not same so we cannot doubt on u.

  27. Aastha

    if it hurted u extremely sry Bhai…i said u bhai and i doubted u and i associated u with daksh..SRY

  28. Richu


  29. Sheena

    Hey guys!! Good afternoon to everyone! I hope u r enjoying ur day!

    Kushagra, my dark side is.. :-
    Sometimes i laugh soooo much..n earlier ppl used to get offended sometimes…but now they know ki me aisi hi hoon…? i donno what happens to me..but whenever someone scolds me, i burst out into laughter..although i apologize later…but my elder sis asks me to rectify this habit coz when i’ll go to medical clg, i’ll b in grt problem if i laugh infront of my seniors…n i think i’ve worked upon this habit to some extent…hhehe!! Now, i control my laughter by crossing my fingers? my best frnd taught me this..
    N another habit that i dont like about myself is that i cry so much…me hasti b bht hoo n roti b bht hoon..i mean real life situations never make me cry..but when i see movies n all…i cry sooo much ..n even some advertisements make me cry…i know its kinda funny?…but yaah, i cry only when i’m alone n no one’s watching…coz i dont want anyone to see me crying..i like to show my “laughing budhha” wala attitude.. 😀 nkt the “cry baby” side of mine.. But haa, real life me kuch b ho jae i always remain strong..bcoz i think that if i dont remain strong then how can i handle the situation..

  30. Sheena

    Haha…n one more thing about myself…sometimes when someone misbehaves with me..spcly a bo, i scare him n tell him that i’ll complain to the police or any other authority..? aaahh! There r many such incidences… But this has actually hapled me..coz now defaulters stay away from me n only genuine guys dare to tlk to me n b my frnd.. N i can judge that who is real frnd of mine n who is fake

  31. hey kushagra you have very good.writing skills please continue even after end of sh .your ff is really very humuorous



      1. welcome

  32. Richu

    Achaa mere baare me nai batana na

    Plzz yaar koi toh bolo
    Sheena mayuu a

    1. Sheena

      Hey richu..really sry i cldn’t reply earlier..
      Well, about u i’d say that ur first impression on me was that u r a sensible girl, sometimes a bit scenty…n to be frank, i was kinda angry when u told that u’ll leave…remember that akash wala episode…i was angry coz we supported u n then also u were backing out…but then i realized that it happens…i later on understood ur situation so i calmed down..
      N yaa, when anu told that u were in icu, i was damn scared…coz during that time, many of our frnds had been to hosp…u, aatha, sanyu n dhruv bro also…anu told that nothing cld b said about ur state which scared me more n i was literally praying for ur good health…
      Aage se dhyan rkhna aciidents naa ho ok dear? 🙂

  33. my dark side I am envious of that instagram girls but now.I realized that there are various which.makes pic beautiful and fair

  34. Sheena

    Hey guys!! Why today’s episode is not updated…i’ve been studying for so long n when i thought to refresh myself, i see that the episode is not updated…what is going on nowadays???!!!

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